AG Hair Reviews 2022 | Really the Ideal Haircare Regime?

To maintain the healthy hair of dreams, finding the perfect product that understands our hair and serves the best is necessary. This reflects the excessive demand for hair care products in the market. Moreover, the rate of influx of new products has reached its peak. AG Hair has been in the industry for more than 30 years, styling men and women to their best. The care they provide, focusing on the details, understanding its complexities have earned them considerable reputation and reliance ever since. We are with AG Hair reviews to gently glance into their signature products.

AG Hair Reviews

AG hair claims to be successful in developing products that attend to various hair issues. We agree that good research indeed serves as a good investment. Every product has its pros and cons that we should be aware of. Thus, we’ve curated the details about a few products.

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AG Hair Reviews: An Unbiased Report 

AG hair is a Canadian product surviving in the cosmetic industry since 1989. From there on, they have launched numerous hair care products that have been a lifesaver for many. Starting from shampoos and conditioners to advanced hair styling products, they have provided solutions for healthy hair irrespective of its type. Formulas with high-quality ingredients in the best proportion justify their veracity.

They believe in the beauty that comes from the purpose we serve. “One Girl Can” is a charity that focuses on supporting girls by providing better educational facilities. In partnership with them, AG hair is helping girls in Africa to break their chains of theoretical limits.

As mentioned earlier, AG hair launches products aiming at the details. Hence, they have developed different products that attend to various hazards. Their products are peculiar as they are free of parabens, foaming agents, gluten, and other harmful chemicals. They work hard on exploiting natural resources such as marula and coconut oil, Irish moss, and organic pea sprout extract. Altogether, they are safe to use and worthy to trust.

Curl Fresh definer Silicone Free Styling Cream

Beautiful curls crowning your head are adorable until their dryness and frizz turn you mad. This is a product that redefines your hair from root to bottom and blesses you with the deserved charm. It feeds the hair with nourishment and freshness, leaving tamed and healthy curls behind.


  • It releases the curls from the curse of stickiness and prevents them from being crunchy.
  • This product is 98% vegan. Natural formula comprising rice, radish root extracts, olive leaf, tomato, pea peptide, vegan keratin, linseed, and sweet almond extracts are meant to define your curls and aid strength. These ingredients work efficiently on the hair leaving soft and conditioned hair. This also adds reliability to customers who don’t wish to spoil their hair by loading them with tons of chemicals.

AG Hair Reviews

  • The perks of using silicone-free products on hair are well known. Silicone is hard to rinse off your scalp once used. This will block your hair follicles and may cause hair-fall infrequent users. This product is silicone-free, and hence it doesn’t weigh your hair down.
  • It works smoothly on your hair, and it is very light.


  • A bit more expensive than the others.
  • This product has an intense fragrance which a majority would agree with so, if you are too sensitive to scent, then this product may bother you.

AG Care CURL FRESH definer silicone-free soft-hold styling cream, 6 fl. oz.
  • Vegan
  • Silicone-Free
  • Defines and Enhances Curls
  • Nourishing and Hydrating

AG Sterling Silver Mask

It feels disgusting when your hair turns brassy days after coloring them blonde or silver. The help of an expert can get you through this. Hair Sterling mask is formulated with a dark violet base meant to eliminate the unwanted warm and yellow tones from blond and silver hair. It protects the color and keeps it toned and beautiful as ever.


  • As with any other AG hair product, the AG hair sterling silver mask is also the perfect blend of natural ingredients. Shea butter and Abyssinian oil contribute to this product’s instant shining and healing properties.
  • This product combines the most efficient components to level up your hair to ensure excellent protection and care. It promises UV protection. Its mesmerizing antioxidant properties prevent free-radical oxidation, which deals with hair damage.

  • AG sterling silver mask is formulated with a deeply nourishing formula. It is highly moisturizing and helps your hair to look smooth and lovely. It brings life to your hair without costing its natural beauty.
  • This product works into your hair more than aiding with the exterior looks, healing the damaged strands, and protecting from further breakage. Thereby blessing you with beautiful and healthy hair. Being specially made for damaged hair, it serves its purpose.


  • Reviews report that their hair turned a bit dry after using this product. This might be related to your hair and can be rectified using hair gels or better conditioners.
  • The application of this product can be a bit messy that may turn you crazy.

AG Hair Curl Re: Coil Curl Activator

Curly hair is indeed a blessing. It can reveal its eternal beauty once its definition is embraced and taken care of. Recoil curl activator is one of the most popular products on the market by AG Hair. It is an oil-type product that defines, rejuvenates, and moisturizes curly and wavy hair. It deliberately enhances the curls that crown your head and improve your beauty ten-fold.


  • Believing in the magic of nature is one of the most important resolutions that AG Hair applies in its products. Here, the tomato extracts and rice amino acids are incorporated wisely, constituting the unique curl-creating complex. This is what brings the shine out of your hair, adding the advantage of bounciness.
  • The primary issue you may encounter while using hair oil or any other hair product is making your hair sticky and hiding your volume. As mentioned before, AG hair solves problems from the root and finds solutions accordingly. It is non-sticky. Moreover, it adds volume to your hair, making it more desirable.

  • Curly hair looks deadened when it lacks moisture. This introduces frizz which will again contribute to its lifeless appearance. Recoil curl activator is a product that provides the necessary moisturization that your hair needs, hence releasing your hair from the curse of frizz.
  • AG Hair is very keen on selecting the most efficient ingredients. Their unique formulas arise from extracting the miracles from nature and integrating them in the best proportion. This explains the credibility of this product. Hence, they will work for sure, and you can observe the changes from the first usage.


  • While shopping online, people often get cheated by fake products. Be aware while choosing an online platform for purchase. Due to poor shipment, there were instances where customers got damaged products.
  • This product should be used per requirement, not too much or too little. This may affect the results that you would expect.

AG Care Curl Re:coil Curl Activator, 6 Fl Oz
  • It is recommended for daily use; Please store in a cool dry place
  • 6 ounce Conditioner
  • 100% quality product

FAQs | AG Hair Reviews

Are AG hair products too expensive?

They are a bit expensive when compared with local products. But it is worth the value.

Where To Buy AG Hair Products?

You can easily find AG Hair products from their official website or through Amazon.

Does the fragrance used in these products contain harsh chemicals?

No, it doesn’t. More often, fruit or plant-based extracts aid the fresh aroma, while some products incorporate synthetic scents. They are user-friendly and will not cause any harm.

AG Hair Reviews

Can I use the sterling silver mask on my black hair?

This product is meant to regain and protect the tone of the light-shaded colored hair. It may have some moisturizing effect on your hair. But it has no role when applied on darker shades.

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Closure | AG Hair Reviews

AG Hair has provided expert solutions to various hair problems for more than 30 years. They give great emphasis to details. They conduct deep research on every hair type to find rectifications for individual ailments. They have been successful in releasing numerous products relying on the healing properties of nature. As a more significant percentage of the ingredients included are vegan, they assure credibility. AG Hair has built its empire worldwide, earning trust and reliability from millions. AG Hair Reviews have been recorded across nations, including testimonies of happy customers.

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