6 Anti Frizz Serum For Curly Hair 2022: Best Picks

In today’s world, feeling good about our hair helps to boost our confidence. A good hair day impacts both our physical and psychological health-giving way to a harmonious lifestyle. Taking care of curly hair can be challenging as it is more prone to get frizzy and dry. We have curated some of the best anti frizz serum for curly hair and a buying guide that should be kept in mind. Many customers with curly hair swear by them and believe in the magic that follows! 

Anti frizz serum for curly hair

Our hair is a part of our personality and gives way to others recognizing us a certain way. It is especially true for curly hair since it’s the locks, ringlets, and shininess that speaks so much about the person. Therefore, if you’re in search of the perfect guide for buying a hair serum for your curly hair, you have come to the right place. 

Anti-Frizz Serum For Curly Hair | Do They Work?

Hair serums are formulated in a way that benefits the hair in several ways. With different products having their own goals, it is essential to find a suitable serum that enhances the hair quality. While following a hair care regimen, it is vital not to forget about hair serums. With the daily wear and tear, harmful environmental particles and chemicals damage the hair’s natural oils. Therefore, using a serum can help save your hair. 

anti frizz serum for curly hair

Curly hair brings with it the additional effort to take care of the natural smoothness and shine. A serum works well to condition and moisturize the hair and give it a unique look. Anti-frizz products deliver magical results to up your hair look and make everyone notice your locks.

6 Best Anti Frizz Serum For Curly Hair

Cantu Shea Butter Super Shine Hair Silk 

Cantu Shea Butter Super Shine Hair Silk is a well-known hair serum product for curly hair. They work excellently to define curls, protect hair from a weather disaster, heat or humidity, and keep it bouncy and light. The shea butter in this product plays a crucial role in hydrating and moisturizing the hair and giving it a fresh, natural look—Cantu Shea Butter serum aids prevent hair breakage and repair split ends. The lightweight formula used for the product helps to keep curly hair smooth and shiny. With users embracing their beautiful natural hair, there is an increased desire to style the hair uniquely. The award-winning brand Cantu does just that with this hair serum. 

Even though this is the ideal hair serum for curly hair, there are some problems with it. The serum does not protect the hair and keeps it styled for a long duration. There are also ongoing concerns regarding side-effects caused, such as irritability in the hair and skin after using this serum. 

Why Should You Buy It?

  • Prevents Breakage: The Cantu Shea Butter serum aims to avoid breakage and to repair any split ends that may appear. With curly hair often being difficult to look after, the serum helps to reduce the worry about hair fall and split ends. 
  • Moisturizes The Hair: The shea butter acts as a critical element in the serum. It works well to keep the hair hydrated and moisturized and give it an overall smooth texture. 
  • Protects From Heat Damage: This Cantu serum for curly hair is ideal for customers who often style their hair as it helps to protect it from any form of hair damage. It also helps prevent the hair from UV ray damage enabling it to act as a protective shield when outdoors. 

Anti frizz serum for curly hair


  • The serum has a lightweight formula. 
  • Repairs split ends and help to prevent hair breakage.
  • It gives the hair a natural, shiny, smooth look. 
  • Also, it protects the hair from UV rays and heat damage. 
  • Aids to reduce the frizziness.


  • The effect of the serum is not long-lasting.
  • It has a moderate risk for developing side effects such as irritability. 

Davines This Is An Invisible Serum

This lightweight serum is perfect for users with natural curls. Davines This Is An Invisible Serum adds a long-lasting shine to the hair as an anti frizz serum for curly hair. This paraben-free serum gives a subtle hint of the smooth texture of the hair. The Invisible Serum consists of ingredients that give it a high amount of moisturizing power, allowing it to keep the hair hydrated for a longer duration. By giving way to healthy hair, the serum helps to keep the curls alive with its anti-frizz effect. Overall, as the name suggests, the residual left on the hair because of the product does not have to be washed as it is invisible. 

Davines This Is An Invisible Serum, Leave-In Styling For A Tousled, Shiny And Frizz-Free Look, 1.69 fl. oz.
  • No residue serum
  • Adds shine and sleekness
  • Moisturizes without weighing hair down

Despite all the benefits that Davine’s hair serum brings with it, inevitable downfalls pull it apart. Some customers have been disappointed with how the hair becomes frizzy again by the end of the day. The small tube product is also considered expensive compared to other hair serums. 

Why Choose Davines?

  • Long-Lasting Shine: Davines This Is An Invisible Serum gives a long-lasting shine to the hair. That helps to define the curls and helps them stand out.
  • Hydrates The Hair: The serum works well to moisturize the hair. With the ingredients used to make the product, the brand ensures not to keep the hair dry but somewhat hydrated. 

anti frizz serum for curly hair


  • Keep hair hydrated for a long duration.
  • Works as an anti-frizz product
  • It helps to highlight the natural curls.


  • The “This Is An Invisible Serum” is comparatively expensive.
  • The serum is not very long-lasting as the frizziness can come back after a few hours. 

Tresemmé Keratin Smooth Shine Serum

Tresemmé’s Keratin Smooth Shine Serum is a classic hair serum product that users can wear with curly or straight hair. This product is known primarily because of keratin and the heat protectant qualities it provides. Helping make the hair feel healthier and more robust comprises a formula that is non-greasy and makes the hair look silkier and smoother. The product’s key ingredients are keratin and marula oil that helps to keep the hair nourished and reduce frizziness. Suitable for all hair types, the Keratin Smooth Shine Serum helps keep hair detangled and achieve a natural style for the hair. 

TRESemme Shine Serum, Keratin Smooth, 3.3 Oz (Pack of 2)
  • Pack of 2, Each 3.3 Ounce
  • TRESemme Keratin Smooth System, with Keratin and Marula oil from Africa
  • This non-greasy formula calms unruly hair for a look that's perfectly polished and full of natural movement
  • 5 smoothing benefits: fights frizz, detangles knots, boosts shine, adds softness and tames flyaways
  • For hair that's silky but still full of natural movement.

However, you can say that the serum can sometimes give way to a smooth look, making the hair look sticky and oily. Some users have said that this serum makes an already dry hair dryer instead of moisturizing it. 

Why Should You Buy It?

  • Helps With Frizz Control: This serum works excellently to produce anti-frizz benefits for its users. In turn, it helps to make it easier to manage hair. 
  • Suitable For Types Of Hair: Tresemmé Keratin Smooth Shine Serum is ideal for all hair types, whether curly, wavy, or straight. 
  • Formulated With Beneficial Ingredients: Made with elements like marula oil and keratin, it gives long-term benefits to keep hair moisturized, frizz-free and also reduces the split ends. Marula oil especially keeps the hair nourished from the root to the tip. 

anti frizz serum for curly hair

Extra Bonuses

  • It gives anti-frizz benefits to the hair.
  • Works for curly, straight, and wavy hair.
  • Hydrates the hair from root to tip.
  • It makes hair smooth and silky.


  • It does not always do the job of moisturizing the hair. As for some users, the serum left their hair dry.
  • It can give the hair a sticky and greasy look. 

Herstyler Hair Repair Serum

This hair serum helps to make dry, damaged hair shiny and lustful. It is suitable for curly hair and straight hair, and people claim it to be the ideal hair care solution for its ultimate results. Herstyler Hair Repair Serum is formulated with argan oil and aloe vera, playing a vital role in efficiently de-freeing the hair and giving way to a soft, smooth texture. Along with that, it helps to detangle hair and also repair split ends. This hair repair serum also has vitamin E that nourishes the hair well, including the scalp, and has a pleasing aroma. 

HerStyler Hair Repair Serum - Argan Oil, Vitamin E and Aloe Vera Hair Serum for Frizz Control, Shine and Straightening - Coz Love is in the Hair - 2 Fl. Oz., 60 Ml
  • MANE MAKEOVER - This hair shine serum transforms the appearance of dry, damaged hair leaving it feeling glossy. What’s more is that this frizz control hair product works well on straight or curly hair.
  • IMPROVES LUSTER - The novel mix of Aloe and Argan oil extracts work in this de-frizz hair product leave your tresses soft, shiny and stunning. From de-glam to glamorous in a matter of minutes.
  • COMPLETE HAIR CARE SOLUTION - This hair smoothing serum is a complete hair styling solution. It addresses frizz, tames hair, loosens tangles, lessens split ends and boosts shine to hair.
  • NOURISHES - Aloe Vera in this hair serum for frizzy and damaged hair addresses hair woes. This Vitamin E serum moisturizes and conditions your hair.
  • NON GREASY - Ideal for daily use, this frizzy hair serum can be used by men and women. Its aroma lingers to leave hair fragrant and soft to the touch.

Being the perfect serum for daily use, it is suitable for both men and women. On the other end of the spectrum, Herstyler Hair Repair Serum has fallen short in winning the trust of some users who felt overpowered by the strong scent. It has also made the hair frizzier than usual for a few customers.


  • Nourishes The Hair: This hair serum does a satisfactory job at keeping the scalp and hair well-nourished. The hydration provided to the hair from roots to tips helps to enhance the quality of the hair. 
  • The product is affordable.
  • Essential Formula: Herstyler Hair Repair Serum is formulated with various crucial elements. The key ingredients are aloe vera, argan extract, and vitamin E. These work together to make the hair soft and shiny.
  • This non-greasy hair serum is suitable for both men and women.
  • Effective Hair Solution: The serum is the perfect hair solution for curly and straight hair. Providing a reduction in tangles and breakage and also working as an anti-frizz product.
  • It keeps the hair moisturized and improves the overall texture.
  • It prevents hair breakages and reduces tangles. 


  • The fragrance can be strong and irritating for many. 
  • It can make the hair more frizzy.

John Frieda Frizz Ease

John Frieda Frizz Ease is a unique hair serum that works well to nourish curly hair and make it frizz-free. The serum also helps to protect the hair from any form of UV ray and heat damage and controls frizziness during humid weather. This extra strength serum is helpful to treat dry and damaged hair and retain the natural color of the hair, along with being safe for color-treated hair. 

John Frieda Frizz Ease Extra Strength Hair Serum, Nourishing Hair Oil for Frizz Control, Heat Protectant with Argan & Coconut Oils, 1.69 fl oz
  • ANTI FRIZZ HAIR SERUM - With an updated formula, fall in love with this iconic serum, which can now be used for not just wet but dry hair. Nourishing unmanageable, frizzy hair and leaving locks with a silky, smooth finish
  • HEAT AND HUMIDITY PROTECTANT - Extra strength hair serum helps to protect from heat damage and repel humidity for up to 72 hours
  • HAIR SMOOTHING - Carefully formulated with hydrating Argan, Coconut, and Moringa extracts, this weightless, anti-frizz hair serum is formulated for dry, damaged hair
  • CRUELTY FREE - Our serum is suitable for use on natural, color-treated, or highlighted hair

All in all, this serum helps to restore the natural curls and make the hair manageable. Despite all this, the product has a few drawbacks. There is a possibility that the hair feels heavier after applying this serum. The serum had left their hair feeling oily and greasy without even improving the hair curls for some past users. 

Why Should You Buy It?

  • Powerful Hair Serum: John Frieda Frizz Ease serum is a powerful hair serum that nourishes the hair well and keeps it well hydrated. 
  •  Aids to repair dry and damaged hair and keep it frizz-free.
  • Safe On Colored Hair: This hair serum works perfectly fine with color-treated hair. It also helps to retain the natural hair color without doing any damage to it. 
  • Protects Hair From Heat: The extra strength serum does wonders to protect the hair from heat damage and harmful UV rays. It also helps to keep the hair free from frizz under humid conditions.
  •  Suitable for curly hair keeping it well-nourished.
  • Controls Frizzness: With working mainly for curly hair, John Frieda Frizz Ease serum is a crucial anti-frizz hair product. For the ideal anti-frizz results, it should be applied before styling the hair. 
  • It gives a soft, smooth finish to the overall look of the hair. 


  • After applying the product, hair can become sticky and greasy.
  • It might not feel light on the hair.

Vitamins Keratin Protein Hair Serum

Vitamins Keratin Protein Hair Serum contains biotin, keratin, vitamin E, and other essential ingredients that enhance robust and healthy hair growth. Along with helping to nourish the hair, this serum aids in bringing a salon-like experience by making the hair soft and shiny. The Keratin Protein Hair Serum helps transform hair to make it appear both thick and damage-free by giving a protein treatment. The product helps strengthen the hair and provides it with heat protection while being valued for money as each bottle lasts for a long duration. 

Vitamins Keratin Protein Hair Serum - Anti Frizz Control Hair Oil Repair Treatment - Hair Gloss Shine with Heat Protectant for Frizzy Dry Damaged Hair
  • SALON LIKE SOFT & SHINY HAIR - Keratin Hair Serum Moisturizer with Moroccan Argan & Coconut for Instant Fuller Thicker Hair. Professional Enhancing Treatment Leaves Hair Luxurious Silky Sleek & Smooth
  • PROTEIN REPAIR FOR DRY DAMAGED HAIR 911 - Ultra Recovery Collagen Repairing & Hydrating Therapy for Color Treated & Damaged Hair. Revive, Restore Your Mane from Scalp to Roots & Heal Split Ends
  • PRO STRENGTHENING & THERMAL HEAT PROTECTION SHIELD - Biotin & Castor Oil Nourishing Moisture Infusion Strengthens Hair. Anti Breakage Nutrient Protective Solution Stops Sun & Flat Iron Damage for Strong Gorgeous Hair
  • PERFECT FRIZZ CONTROL FOR YOUR ALL HAIR TYPES - Anti Frizz Curl Defining Detangler Eases & Tames Frizz & Flyaways. Anti Humidity Softener for Thin Fine, Straight Wavy Curly Extra Thick Hair, Men & Women
  • WEIGHTLESS AQUA BASED SULFATE FREE FORMULA - Lightweight Volumizing Water Based Hair Serum Boosts Bounce. Non Oily Light Leave In Product for Daily Use. No Alcohol. Paraben & Cruelty Free

This frizz control product is suitable for all types of hair for both men and women. While talking about how much this hair serum brings to the market, it is essential to highlight some of the cons of the product. After using this product, some users complained of the serum’s consistency being cream-like and giving a heavy feeling to the hair. Many customers do not find the overall results convincing after using the product as their hair still feels frizzy after applying it. 

Why Keratin Protein Hair Serum?

  • Helps To Repair Damaged Hair: This serum brings salon-like results by treating and repairing damaged hair to restore moisture to the scalp and roots. 
  • Heat Protection: Vitamins Keratin Protein Hair Serum acts as a protection shield from UV rays and heat. Biotin and castor oil are two elements that strengthen the hair and avoid any damage and breakage of hair when exposed to heat. 

  • Suitable For All Types Of Hair: This sulfate-free product is ideal for both men and women. It works well with curly, wavy, and straight hair.
  • Made with a lightweight formula, it keeps the hair hydrated and firm.
  • It protects the hair from further hair damage and breakage.
  • Moreover, it moisturizes the hair from root to tip. 


  • Again, it does not always bring the desirable anti-frizz hair results.
  • The serum has a heavy texture.

Anti Frizz Hair Serum For Curly | Buying Guide

While buying an anti frizz serum for curly hair, we would suggest you go through this buying guide. It will help you keep in mind a few indicators that you should consider before buying a hair serum. 

Advantages & Disadvantages

Hair serums are a miracle maker and often a quick fix to improving hair quality and style. The benefits of anti-frizz hair serums for curly hair include protecting the hair from various environmental factors such as dirt, dust, and harmful UV rays. Using a hair serum before any styling product for the hair can help to prevent a lot of damage in the long run. 

The serum layer helps give a shine and smoothness to the hair without harming the natural or color-treated hair. Another advantage of hair serum is that along with hydrating the hair well, it makes detangling more accessible, which in turn reduces hair breakage. 

anti frizz serums for curly hair

Now, coming to the limitations of hair serums, it is essential to keep in mind that while these products help manage hair efficiently, they can cause problems. Applying too much hair serum, for instance, can increase the possibility of hair fall. Along with that, hair serum used in a significant quantity can make the hair look oilier.

Side effects such as unhealthy scalp and dryness are possible when the product is overused. Even the silicones present in these products can cause more harm than good as the chemicals present can cause harmful reactions. 

What To Consider Before Purchasing A Serum?

Finding the ideal hair serum that is primarily for your hair goals can be a task. For this very reason, we have mentioned a few factors that you should consider before purchasing a hair serum. First and foremost, going for a hair serum that does not use any potent ingredients can be hazardous for the hair. Choosing a serum with light elements and especially components that provide the benefits you are looking for is the right one.

Furthermore, there are different types of hair serums available in the market. It is starting from oil-based serum to silicone-based serum to spray serums, and so many more. It is vital to choose the one that nourishes and rejuvenates your hair the way you would like it to from the various options. 

Lastly, while buying a hair serum, it is not always recommended to go by the price. Sometimes high-priced products are not made with the best quality components. On the other hand, sometimes, the best products will be priced at a higher spectrum. Numerous features need to be noted before finalizing the hair serum. Investing in our hair is essential in the long run. 

For this reason, we suggest you research more about the composition and content of substances used to make the product and read a few reviews about the same. The price of the hair serum does not always define the standard and durability. 

What Is Your Hair Concern?

Different hair serums address various hair problems. With all of us having a unique type of hair, we style our hair based on our likes and dislikes. Serums available in the market adhere to control frizz, reduce hair dryness, volumize the hair, act as heat protectants, and so much more. Keeping in mind the type of hair you have and the hair concern, you can narrow down the choices and pick what resonates with you the most.

Ingredients Used To Make Hair Serum

Before purchasing a hair serum, we suggest going through the ingredients used by the products to know whether or not the serum will help you with what you’re looking for. For instance, if you want a serum that helps to make your hair shine, then going for one that has natural oils like argan oil will be beneficial. For anti-frizz results, serums that contain silicone or dimethicone will help bring forward those results. 

Hair repair formulas should be rich in protein to help do the magic. Investing in a hair serum that suits your hair type and your concern will bring forward the best results—also, making sure that no harsh chemicals are there will aid in saving you from any further hair damage.  

How to Use Hair Serum?

For applying hair serum, there are specific steps to follow. Firstly, it is crucial to apply hair serum on drench hair for best results. It is essential to part the hair into two sections before putting the serum. For each application, take only a few drops of the serum in your and rub it gently between the palms. 

how to use hair serum

After rubbing it for a few seconds, you should evenly spread it on the tip of the hair. Avoid applying it on the roots, as it can make the hair sticky and greasy. You can style your hair after using the serum. For shiny anti-frizz hair, you can reapply the product again later on. 

FAQs| Anti Frizz Serum For Curly Hair

What Is The Best Anti Frizz Serum For Curly Hair?

With so many anti frizz serums for curly hair available in the market, it can often be challenging to choose the best one amongst the lot. Going through the features, ingredients, and drawbacks of each product can help to differentiate between what would suit you and what would now. 

The best hair serum for frizzy hair should contain the essential elements that aid in making hair non-frizzy. You can go through the products we have recommended at the beginning of the article to know the anti-frizz serums we love! 

How To Make Anti Frizz Hair Serum For Curly Hair At Home?

Anti-frizz hair serums are a life-changer, and it’s best when you make your serum at home. DIY hair serums will help you be 100% aware of what ingredients are present in them. DIY anti-frizz hair serum recipes are readily available online, making them feasible for you. With the help of argan oil, jojoba oil, essential lavender pol, geranium essential oil, and a dropper bottle, your hair serum is easy to make and ready based on your convenience. 

How to Keep My Natural Curly Hair From Frizzing?

Various factors need to be kept in mind to prevent natural curly hair from frizzing. Firstly, it’s essential to ensure that the locks are hydrated and damage is limited as much as possible. Along with that, to ensure that you do not overwash your curly hair, a hydrating mask (check above to see the ones we recommend) can help you keep your hair conditioned for a longer duration. Taking a break from heat styling and also going for a hair trim now and then. Taking these extra steps to take care of your curls will help get rid of frizziness and ensure smooth, soft hair. 

Cessation | Anti Frizz Serum For Curly Hair

Anti frizz serum for curly hair can do wonders to make your hair frizz-free with a smooth, shiny look to it. Hair serums include natural elements that help eliminate the frizz and bring out the locks ideally. As much as we love styling our hair for every occasion, using a serum can help to nourish and protect it. Investing in a hair serum will surely help save your hair from damage and give way to soft silky curls.

We hope this review was helpful to guide you through some of the best options available in the market and made you aware of other factors that need to be kept in mind. If you still want to ask us something, drop a message in the comment box, and we will get back to you right away. 

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