Ardell Magnetic Lashes Review | A Must-Have Beauty Product?

The makeup and beauty industry has never let us down. For each problem, we come up with solutions with even further options. One thing we all hate is lifeless lashes. The market has a few solutions for them, but which ones are the best? Mascaras, fake lashes, and eyelash boosting serums are three leading solutions. Today we will be talking about magnetic lashes from the well-known brand, Ardell. With the help of Ardell Magnetic Lashes Review, let’s find out if they are worth your attention and money or not.

Ardell Magnetic Lashes Review

Putting on fake lashes is time-consuming, but their results are dreamy. But it would be best if you were quick while getting them on your eyes. Types of lashes may differ according to many factors; the way you want to dress up or the consistency of your natural lashes, for example. Some lashes offer lash glue, and the new advanced ones offer a magnetic way to fix your lashes. Ardell Magnetic Lashes are one of them. But how worthy are they?

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Ardell Magnetic Lashes Review | The Only Effective Solution?

Ardell claims to be the leader of false lashes worldwide. Not only do they have high-quality lashes, but they also make lashes keeping in mind different styles and every occasion that their customers would like to go to. This brand has gotten an impressive amount of love from its users, is loved by celebrities, and is recommended by makeup artists and beauty lovers worldwide. It promises every consumer to get their favorite lash style from its brand. Talking about the lashes, they have lashes of various thicknesses and lengths to suit every user. Ardell saw the problem that consumers were going through using false lashes. The adverse effects of lash glue, the infection, and let’s not forget how heavy these lashes make our eyes. To eliminate all these minor issues and avoid fading the gorgeous look these false lashes give, they created their lash line with a better solution for its users.

Ardell Professional Magnetic Lash Accents 001 (1-Pair)
  • Revolutionary Multi - Magnet technology
  • Pre - curved band makes Magnetic lashes easier and contoured to fit the lid
  • Budge proof - no Adhesive needed
  • Made of Human Hair for a soft, natural look
  • Reusable and simple removable

Most false lashes are not reusable. In contrast, some buyers use false lashes more than once to cut down costs. Those lashes are affordable but also come with the same risks. They are not hygienic and not safe. You put them once, and the lash is in the trash can as your day ends. But the lashes that Ardell has to offer are reusable! You can wear them again hygienically and safely as many times as possible. It cuts down your future costs of buying the same lashes repeatedly. Safety and hygiene are also checked.

Ardell Magnetic Lashes

While writing the Ardell Magnetic Lashes review, many existing users claimed that these make you look so natural that no one could ever guess what you have on your lash. Although these magnetic lashes are lightweight, feathery, and silky, they add extra volume and length and bring the desired look by widening your eyes. Lash glues usually have an allergic solution, which has adverse effects on your eyelashes or eyelids. Each of us has sensitive skin near our eyes, and the product we put on should be safe for our skin because we prioritize care before beauty. Ardell knows this and makes safe products. You can choose any lash of your choice. There are various volumes and lengths of lashes Ardell offers, and its current users seem to love them all. These lashes are made up of soft human hair, so the look you get on your eyes is more natural and gorgeous.

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How to apply the Ardell Magnetic Lashes?

Before putting on the magnetic glue or liquid liner, measure the lash length you need in your eyes. Then cut off the excess length carefully. This can make your look more natural and prevent your eyelashes from looking fake and uneven. There are a few steps that can help you get the look that you want. Carefully apply two coats of magnetic gel or liquid liner to your lash line. Before the liquid dries off quickly, press your favorite Ardell Magnetic lashes over it. That’s it, only a few simple steps towards making you look unbelievably gorgeous.

A video always makes things easier for us than reading the steps. We have provided you with both. Here is a video on how to use Ardell Magnetic Lashes.

Perks of using Ardell Magnetic Lashes 

  • Easy two-step application
  • Fewer chances of any adverse reactions 
  • You can also use liquid liner instead of magnetic glue 
  • Lightweight, feathery, and silky lashes 
  • Brings extra volume and extra length to your lashes
  • High-quality 
  • Recommended by makeup artists and loved by both celebrities and beauty artists
  • Widens the look of your eyes
  • Hygienic and safe reusable lashes
  • Made up of soft human hair

What Ardell has been offering is innovation and advancement in the existing product. It makes it unique and is loved by most users. However, one thing that might drag its sales down can be a few reviews where users complained it is hard to put on at first. If you are a beginner, these lashes may take more time than usual lashes to put on, but the process becomes easier as you get habitual to it.

Customer Feedback | Ardell Magnetic Lashes Review

Many reviews showed up in the box; here are some unbiased, honest customer reviews that will help you choose your product. 

Monica B. commented about Ardell Magnetic Lashes, “These are lightweight, no bulk at all, and the best thing is that I can reuse them, and they will give me the same look they gave at first. This maintains hygiene, and they look naturally gorgeous.” 

Ardell Magnetic Lashes before and after

Sherly added, “These lashes are quite time-consuming to apply at first, but time gets easier. The look in my eyes has visibly improved. They look widened and natural at the same time. I liked its volume, and I have already got four different types of lashes from Ardell.” 

Ardell Magnetic Lashes before and after

Nathalie exclaimed, “When I read they are reusable, I thought they would be super expensive, but that was not true. The results they got for me are pretty impressive. They stay secure all day and look great. With the help of a video, I have mastered how to put them on.”

Ardell Magnetic Lashes result

FAQs | Ardell Magnetic Lashes Review

Are Ardell Magnetic Lashes reusable? 

Yes. The brand offers a wide variety of lashes, and they are reusable. You can use them as many times as recommended by the Ardell brand.

Can Magnetic Lashes get wet? 

These lashes are held with the help of magnets, which means they are not much affected by water. They will remain attached if they get a little wet while you sweat or tear. You cannot go swimming while you have them on. This may make the glue or the liner ineffective, removing them or putting them out of position.

Where can I find Ardell Magnetic Lashes? 

The product is quite famous, and these Ardell Magnetic Lashes are available on most online platforms, including Amazon. If you do not find it on Amazon, check on Ardell’s official site.

Final Words | Ardell Magnetic Lashes Review

Ardell focuses on making flawless lashes for its consumers and fully satisfying them with the products they provide. They bring solutions to the market and eliminate false lashes’ risks. Finally, we are at the end of today’s Ardell Magnetic Lashes Review. So far, we have seen both positive and negative sides of Ardell Magnetic Lashes from both consumers and the information we gathered from our sources. The consumers find that the best thing about these lashes is that they are reusable and do not need to throw them away once used. This is cost-effective, and the look they provide is also natural due to the brand’s soft human hair lashes. 

Some consumers claimed that these lashes are difficult to apply if you are a beginner, but they also said it would become easier with time. This opinion was not every consumer review. The product also promises to be safe and hygienic for the sensitive skin on your eyelids. Here we are at the end of this report; we hope we have covered everything you were looking for about Ardell Magnetic Lashes. If you think we missed out on something, let us know in the comment section below. We will assure you that we will answer each of them.

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