8 Best Tanning Accelerators to Try in 2024

Don’t we love the bronze tan after a beach session? However, the damage caused by UV rays is always in question. We struggle to get an even perfect tan whilst sunbathing. While there are many artificial ways, like pills and injections, we search for healthier ways. Tanning Accelerators are the widely used tanning lotions that give your body an aspired tan.

They are inclusive of melanin-producing substances that promote melanin absorption growth, thus causing our skin to get darker. Sometimes, we become very gullible when tanning because it all feels merry before we’ve tried it. To help you out today, we will go through The Best Tanning Accelerators.

Our skin has a pigment called melanin, which is responsible for skin color. The more melanin in your body, the darker you are. Melanin is produced by your body to protect against sunlight; this phenomenon causes your skin to get darker. So, how do these lotions succeed in giving us a better tan? Let’s get into it.

8 Best Tanning Accelerators 2024 | Buying Guide

Unhappy lying in the scorchy sun and left disappointed with the tan? It is imperative to look for a solution to this. Tanning accelerators have been around us long, and we’ve seen good and bad reviews. There are mainly three types of tanning accelerators: tan maximizing lotions, tingle lotions, and bronzer lotions. Your skin type is the most important thing to remember while choosing your lotion. It would help if you determined what would be best suited for your skin.

Some tanning-accelerating lotions also have anti-aging properties, as UV rays are the number one cause of fine lines and wrinkles. Were you thinking of leaving your sunscreen behind for a staycation? Never make that mistake. It would help to pair your tanning lotion with an appropriate SPF containing sunscreen so as not to damage your skin. 

Various sites say you should use tanning Accelerators before and after you’ve been out in the sun, and some of them say you should start applying it 14 days before the tanning session. Scientifically your skin can successfully develop melanin and be tan ready if you use it 2-4 weeks before getting out.

Applying before and after the session also helps as a precaution and to curb any after-effects of your day in the sun. It is safer to know all the angles of a Tanning Accelerator before using it. Also, you must always exfoliate before applying the tan accelerator. Let’s get to it!


We should keep clear expectations from our tanning lotions and not hesitate to find one fitting our criteria. After all, it is our skin we want to cover it with. Some lots could go wrong.

Consistency: Tanning accelerators must have a cream or balm type consistency as we want to coat our body evenly with it. It must not give creases or streaks of any kind. An even coat is a step for a perfect tan.

Long-Lasting Tan: Typically, the tan may last for 2-3 days or 7-10 days, according to your use. If you are using the tanning accelerators regularly, the tan may last for a longer duration.

Ingredients: We should thoroughly go through the ingredients in a bottle and make a note of it. Always avoid synthetic substances and choose natural oil-containing tan accelerators. Also, remember to check for allergies and hypoallergenic products.

Hydrating: Tanning can make your skin dry and prone to scaling and peeling. It would be best to choose a tanning accelerator with moisturizing properties. Most of them also work as a moisturizer, and you can use them daily when going out in the sun. Always remember to keep your skin hydrated.


Skin Type: We all have different types of skin. One which is sensitive, rough, burns quickly, does not brown, has allergies, etc. Use your tanning accelerator, keeping in mind all these criteria. Choose your lotion wisely such that you can derive advantage out of it.

Odor: How unpleasant will it be to have anybody odor after a tanning session. Your tanning lotion needs to smell good, and remember, if it smells funny, something is wrong with it. Tanning accelerators have no such ingredient that they smell funky, so review your purchase if you are not happy with the smell.

Look For: In a tanning accelerator, you must always look for antioxidants, L-tyrosine, vitamins, and fatty acids. It would be much better if you purchased lotions that had them in the natural form and not in the synthetic form.

Different Type Of Tanning Accelerators

There is a variety of products that induce tanning, but how do we segregate? Here are the significant kinds of tanning accelerators in the market:

Tan Maximising Lotion: The lotion feels like a high-profile moisturizer with tanning perks. They speed up our skin’s tanning process by inducing melanin production. If you are white-skinned, you will get a deeper skin tone; if you are dark-skinned and use it, you will get a bronze glow.


Tingle Creams: Tingle creams are tanning lotions that create a tingling sensation in your skin like someone gently pinches you. The tingle might last for an hour, and it leaves your skin reddish. These creams are usually used for UV sunbeds. Many people have complained of having panic attacks and side effects which are unsuitable for sensitive skin. You best not use it.

Bronzer: Bronzers are made from natural ingredients like henna and amino acids. They help to darken the skin. Elements could be natural or synthetic. A bronzer boosts up the procedure of tanning, which will only work if you get sunlight exposure from a UV bed or direct sunlight.

Best Tanning Accelerators | 8 Classy Alternatives

Let’s look at the hottest picks of the market, how effective they are, and the positives and negatives of each.

Dolce Black Bronzer Tanning Lotion

Dolce Tanning Lotion works as a tan maximizing lotion and also as a bronzer. It contains high levels of black DHA and is giving results and bronze-looking skin in 2 hours. The bronzer works as a moisturizing conditioner for your skin, gliding smoothly on your skin. It hydrates your skin, retains the skin’s moisture, and functions as the best indoor and outdoor tanning lotion. Moreover, it has anti-aging properties. Absorbs excess oil and provides a clearer complexion. 


  • Instant Tan
  • Bronze Look
  • anti-aging Properties
  • Better Complexion
  • Reduces Fine Lines and Wrinkles
  • Hides Cellulite
  • Makes Skin Firm
  • Does Not Spoil Tattoos
  • Protects Your Skin

Dolce Black Bronzer Tanning Lotion - Indoor/Outdoor for Tattoo & Color Fade Protection - Anti-Orange, Anti-Aging & Anti-Wrinkle Natural Tanning Bed Lotion
  • BLACK BRONZER TANNING LOTION: The world's first 100% natural tanning lotion self tanner treatment with full skin care benefits. Dark DHA, Natural & Cosmetic self tanning bronzers provide deep, dark and long-lasting bronzed results. Superior soft silicone formula allows results to last days longer.
  • ANTI-WRINKLE & ANTI-AGING: This lightweight tanning lotion delivers an instant bronze glow that is fast drying and develops in just 2 hours to a long-lasting tan. Indoor tanning lotion with bronzers & a powerful anti-aging and skin firming peptide that reduces the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles for long-lasting youthful results.
  • ALL NATURAL: Dark self tanner is formulated with only the highest quality natural ingredients. Our natural bronzing tanning lotion formula will moisturize your skin while giving you that stunning beach babe glow. Our Black bronzer tanning lotion is vegan, cruelty free, never tested on animals and toxin free made with all natural ingredients.
  • TATTOO & COLOR FADE: Dolce Black tanning lotion is antioxidant-rich to fight free radical damage. Infused Tattoo & Color Fade Protectors w/ Self tanning lotion formula protects the color and luster of your tattoos. After tan odor eliminator, self tanner lotion proprietary blend of deodorizing and skin freshening ingredients.
  • ANTI-ORANGE FORMULA: Dolce Black natural tanning lotion transforms your skin without any of those nasty streaks or blotches for a beautiful natural looking, golden glow with no orangey tones. Dolce black bronzing lotion allows the skin to develop the darkest results possible. Natural oils and extracts will help penetrate dry layers of skin for deeper hydration.


  • Colour seems to go when shaved.
  • Stains hands even after washing.
  • Darker than it looks.
  • Bad Odour

That’s What Sea Said Tanning Lotion Accelerator 

That’s What Sea Said moisturizers and accelerates your tan. It is a tan maximizer lotion. Not a bronzer, not a tingling cream. With Coconut, passion fruit, seaweed, and hibiscus extracts. It also works towards reversing your aging process and reduces fine lines and wrinkles in the long run.

Coconut helps you naturally add moisture and allows your skin to tan without damaging it. The lotion tightens your skin and gives your skin a supple appearance. Antioxidants enable your skin to tan naturally and prevent damage. Distribute your tan evenly, and Tyrosines promote the production of melanin in the body.


  • Tans Your Skin Naturally 
  • Tightens Skin
  • Reduces Ageing
  • Hydrates Your Skin
  • Promotes Melanin Production

That’s What Sea Said Tanning Lotion Accelerator - For Indoor Tanning Beds and Outdoor Sun Tan - Safe for Face, Body and Tattoos - With Coconut Oil - No Bronzer
  • A Deep Tan: That’s What Sea Said tanning lotion is specially formulated for a rich, dark tan; Our outdoor and indoor tanning lotion contains a proprietary blend of tyrosines to help stimulate melanin production; Achieve a glowing golden bronze faster with this advanced tanning oil
  • Safe: Ideal for outdoor use as well as tanning lotion for tanning beds, That’s What Sea Said tan lotion has undergone stringent quality inspection and many hours of development with leading dermatological experts; This sun tanning lotion is crafted to the highest standards; Our promise is this; if we wouldn’t use this tanning oil for outdoor sun exposure ourselves, we won’t sell it
  • Tattoo Protection: It’s time to say goodbye to tanning bed lotion that doesn't prevent your tattoos from fading; Our advanced tan and tattoo lotion actively works to protect your ink from becoming dull; Show off your best self and tan more confidently with That’s What Sea Said tanning lotion
  • Advanced Hydration: People love how our dark tanning lotion helps prevent against wrinkles and signs of ageing; Enriched with aloe vera, coconut and passionfruit to lock in moisture, That’s What Sea Said outdoor and indoor tanning bed lotion is enhanced with botanical extracts for smooth, luxurious and supple skin
  • No Stains: Tell self tanner lotions that leave unsightly stains on your sheets and clothes to step aside, this premium body and face tanner from That’s What Sea Said is a white suntan lotion and has a smooth touch that’s never sticky; What’s more, our body and face tanning lotion smells like a gentle coconut summer breeze


  • Artificial Smell
  • Sticky
  • Burning Sensation To Some

Millennium Tanning Products 

Millennium Tanning Lotions is a bronzer and tan maximizer lotion that gives you the darkest tan possible. It is an indoor tanning lotion that is very easy to use. Very silky and does not streak. Best to use on a UV bed. This lotion screams of tanning, and you can see the results instantly.

It has a pleasant smell and is highly effective. One important thing to remember is that you must wash your hands thoroughly after applying them. It does not tingle and is hassle-free. Use it twice a week, and you’ll start to notice the difference.


  • Amazing Bronzer
  • Instant Tan
  • Darkest Tan

Millennium Tanning Solid Black 100X Indoor Tanning Lotion for Tanning Beds (13.5 Fluid Ounces)
  • Quick Results - Feel a touch of luxuryーdrive your tan into darkness using tanning lotion w/ bronzer!
  • Easy To Use - Rub the indoor tanning lotion evenly & step inside a tanning bed or lie out in the sun
  • Dark & Black Tan - Achieve intense dark tan using an indoor tanning lotion with bronzer & silicone!
  • Contains Essential Oils & Fruit Extracts - Hydrate & nourish your skin with our tanning bed lotion!
  • Painless Tanning - No need to endure painful tingling sensations with tanning bed lotion 100X.


  • Does Tingle in the First Application
  • Not Suitable For Sensitive Skin
  • Itchy

Tan Asz U Luau Island Black Bronzer

Apart from the super attractive bottle and designs, Tan Asz Luau Bronzer is a bronzer made to tan your skin gently. It has a delicate consistency, which makes its application easy for users. It has a beautiful and robust aroma that spreads across a room. It gives ‘paradise level dark color’. It contains Marula Oil to a great extent which nourishes the skin.

The natural ingredients provide a long-lasting soft glow and leave no streak or uneven patches of skin. Water Resistant, and you do not need to worry about taking a bath. Also, it works as a Natural Tan Accelerator.


  • Doubles as a Good Moisturizer 
  • No Streaking 
  • An Even Tan
  • Silky Texture
  • Absorbs In Skin With Ease
  • Paraben-Free
  • DHA Free


  • Orangey Look On Many Users

Pro Tan Beautifully Dark Quadruple Action Bronzing Accelerator 

Pro Tan is a bronzer with natural ingredients to tan your skin without synthetic substances. It contains Sunflower, coconut, Monoi De Tahiti in an aloe vera base. Furthermore, it conditions your skin and gives you a beautifully dark glow. To use natural ingredients is to not compromise on originality.

Pro Tan’s originality is to provide you with the best tan with entirely organic ingredients. Your skin feels warm and hydrated just after the first use. 


  • Natural Ingredients 
  • Gives a Dark Glow
  • Does Not Streak
  • Does not itch or irritate
  • Smells Splendid 
  • Shows Results in Under 3 Days

Pro Tan Beautifully Dark Quadruple Action Bronzing Accelerator - 250 ml
  • ProTan #1 Selling Tanning Lotion
  • 4X Bronzing Blend
  • Unipertan Accelerating Complex
  • Amaretto Vanilla and Tangerine Fragrance
  • Vitamins A and E


  • Burnt Smell

Australian Gold Dark Tanning Accelerator Lotion With Bronzer

Australian Gold Dark Tanning Accelerator had won the best pick for indoor tanning lotion in 2018. It has a great scent and nourishing nutrients, which provide your skin with a great tan in a couple of sessions. The lotion is cruelty-free and is not tested on animals. Botanical essences and Australian oils set the dark color of your skin.

Hydrates your skin and makes it smoother. Also, it contains Vitamin A and E. Both promote the regeneration of new cells in the skin. SO it doesn’t just tan your skin but also rejuvenates it. 


  • Deep Dark Tan 
  • Cruelty-Free
  • Hydrates The Skin
  • Natural Oils Smoothen Skin
  • Nourishes Skin By Nutrients
  • Fragrance 


  • For External Use Only
  • Prolonged exposure can lead to Harmful Effects 
  • Streaked To Some Users

Australian Gold Dark Tanning Accelerator Lotion With Bronzer, 8 Ounce, New Package Same Formula, B003GX5SSC
  • ACHIEVE A DEEPER, DARKER TAN - This dark tanning accelerator lotion with instant bronzer intensifies your bronze glow & helps you achieve a darker tan. Blends effortlessly and absorbs quickly, allowing for an even sunless tanning or outdoor sun tanning
  • BLESSED WITH AUSTRALIAN NATURALS - A rich blend of Kakadu Plum extract with highest content of Vitamin C, and Tea Tree Oil, a powerful antioxidant, fights off free radicals and gently cleanses your skin leaving it healthy and smooth
  • BIOSINE COMPLEX FOR A LONG-LASTING TAN - This tanning intensifier contains an advanced combination of ingredients that prepare your skin for a dark color development while soothing, smoothening & nourishing your skin. It does not contain sunscreen
  • HYDRATION & SUPERIOR SKIN BENEFITS - Enriched with Vitamin A & E and Natural Oils, this accelerator & bronzer not only helps build a flawless tan but also supplies essential nutrients to the skin, while moisturizing & hydrating it for a soft & supple feel
  • REFRESHING FRAGRANCE - This tanning accelerator lotion takes you on an instant vacation to the beach with its signature Cocoa Dreams fragrance in a delectable and long-lasting scent of Coconut, Orange and Vanilla that keeps you fresh all day long

Tanning Paradise Black Coconut Love Tanning Lotion

Tanning Paradise lotion is multiple tan intensifiers also known as a tan maximizer. Stimulates the production of melanin in the skin due to the presence of Tyrosine and gives the skin an even tone. It has a long-lasting color effect on the skin. Moreover, it reduces the appearance of cellulite. Similarly, it provides intense hydration to the skin.

Coconut milk, coconut butter, and cocoa oil nourish our skin and make it glow. Do not harm your skin for any alterations made to your color.


  • Tan Activators 
  • Without DHA agents
  • It gives a richer color to the skin
  • Smells Fantastic 
  • Best Outdoor Tanning Lotion


  • Does not Work on a Tanning Bed

Tanning Paradise Black Coconut Love Tanning Lotion | Coconut Oil | Age-Defying | Tattoo Protecting Formula | Ultra Hydrating Dark Tanning Lotion, 13.5oz
  • Dark tanning activators deliver golden results without the use of DHA or bronzing agents.
  • Multiple Tan Intensifier + Melanin Stimulators - Stimulate and increase melanin formation to accelerate the tanning process.
  • Ultra-tan Activator - Stimulates tyrosine activity and promotes even and long lasting color production. Skin Tightening - Reduces the appearance of cellulite and promotes firmness.
  • Coconut Milk, Coconut Butter & Cocoa Oil - Provide intense, deep skin hydration.
  • Tattoo & Color Fade Protector - Prolongs the life and radiance of your tattoos and tanning results.

Somewhere On A Beach

All that it has lies in the name. Somewhere on a Beach smells like a beach. It can be used as an indoor and outdoor lotion for both tanning beds and the actual beach. Its silky smooth consistency attracts us to it and the ease at which it spreads on our bodies. However, it works as a moisturizer and a hydrating agent.

When you have moist skin, the tan is said to settle better. It comes with an anti-aging peptide formula that reduces and hides fine lines and wrinkles. Thus, it gives you smoother and darker-looking skin at all locations. Coconut oil present also nourishes the skin and gives it a natural sheen.


  • Tans Instantly
  • Hydrates Skin
  • Doubles as a Moisturizer
  • DHA Free
  • Thin Consistency
  • Smoothes Skin
  • anti-aging Properties


  • Itchy 
  • Causes Red Bumps
  • Smells Different than described

Somewhere on a Beach, Indoor Outdoor, Instant Dark Tanning Lotion 12.25 Ounce
  • Somewhere on a Beach, Indoor Outdoor, Instant Dark Tanning Lotion 12.25 Ounce
  • DHA-Free bronzers provide streak free/stain free results. Sea Buckthorn Berry protects skin from free radical damage.
  • Coconut & Walnut Oils provide skin softening and hydration properties. Enriched with BB Cream to prime, mattify and perfect skin.
  • Can be used indoor/outdoor. FreshTek deodorizes and eliminates after tan odor.
  • Fragrance: Tropical Tantini Product Actions: Tan Enhancer, DHA Free Bronzer Product Specs: 12.25 US fl. oz.

Closure | Best Tanning Accelerators

After looking at detailed reviews of regular tanners, I concluded. We went through tons of options and found the Best Tanning Accelerators available. You must decide the location first. The duo lotions which work for both indoor and outdoor seem to fail in one. Later, you can choose an appropriate lotion according to your skin type and sensitivity.

Tanning is a process that requires patience. As the saying goes, patience will be rewarded. If we do not see the bronze color on our body, all that relaxation and effort seems to go into vain. Tan maximizer, bronzer, or tingling cream, you can choose any of them that suits you the best and is comfortable. Easy to apply and no hassle before or after using. So are you ready for summer?

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