Color Oops VS Color Fix | Which Is Better For You?

When your new hair dye does not turn the way you desired, the only thing that keeps hovering over your mind is to take it off. Salon treatments are too expensive to return to your original hair color. Today our report is based on two such brands that can make things possible. There’s a cutthroat battle between Color Oops VS Color Fix all over the internet. Let’s figure out who stands as the ultimate winner.

Color Oops VS Color Fix

Coloring hair is fun, but nothing should stop you from returning to your original hair color. Highlighting your hair is already harmful to your hair health; going back to your actual hair color shouldn’t add extra damage. We look after our hair like a child and pamper them with goodness; nurturing them should never be questioned. So do the products in question fulfill these requirements while doing their job, or do they add an extra burden on your head? Today we will find out what works better- Color Oops or Color Fix- while also bringing essential care.

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Color Oops VS Color Fix | This Or That?

Color Oops from Southern California is famous for its vegan-friendly and cruelty-free formula. Along with beauty, they assure healthy hair. Color Oops Extra Strength hair color remover makes removing your unwanted hair color easy with a potent formulation of ingredients. Practically, it reverses undesirable hair color by contracting dye molecules. The brand claims that its formulation is bleach and ammonia-free. However, Color Oops does not work on direct-application dyes and bold shades like pink, blue, green, etc. Even if you used Color Oops on dark brown hair dye applied directly from the bottle without mixing it with a developer, it would not remove that color. Some elements in the formulation can irritate; we suggest you take a stand or patch test before using it.

Color Oops

Color Fix comes from a well-known brand, One n Only. The brand focuses on enhancing your natural hair with beauty and care. Argan oil is the critical ingredient in every product, including Color Fix, which promises to remove unwanted permanent hair colors that you want to get rid of. It allows color correction to specific areas; it focuses on both- full and slight color correction. It claims to provide natural care to hair without bleach or ammonia. This formula is suitable for every hair type: curly, straight, or wavy hair. In addition, it tones out your hair and removes unwanted brassiness. It suggests mixing equal parts of part 1 Color Reducer and part 2 Conditioning Catalyst for full-color discoloration. If you want partial hair color removed, mix ¼ part of each mix on towel-dried hair that requires lightening. Color-fix is cruelty-free and targets consumers by fulfilling their needs.

One N Only Colorfix Permanent Hair Color Remover Kit With Argan Oil - Dye Removes Any Level
  • Colorfix Hair Dye Remover; Professional Color Stripper For Dyed Hair; Contains Argan Oil; Remove Unwanted Permanent Hair Color
  • Permanent Hair Color Removal; Can Also Remove Semi Permanent Hair Dye; Hair Color Corrector Remove Dark And Light Hair Color; Precise Control Formula Allows For Color Correction In Specific Areas
  • No Ammonia Or Bleach; Remove Any Level Of Color Without Affecting Natural Hair Pigment; Colorless Hair Color Remover; Cruelty Free
  • Three Part Color Fixer; Part One Is A Four Ounce Color Reducer; Part Two Is A Four Ounce Conditioning Catalyst; Part Three Is A Four Ounce Processing Lotion
  • For Full Or Slight Color Correction; Effective On All Hair Types; Easy To Mix And Apply; Salon Quality Color Eraser

Color Oops VS Color Fix | The Better Formulation? 

There are several ingredients in both Color Oops and Color Fix; we have listed vital ones from them. Make sure you go through the entire ingredient list on the product’s pack and take a stand or patch test before using them to avoid unnecessary damage.

Color Oops Ingredients

Citric Acid: An adequate amount of Citric Acid can help increase the softness of each hair strand, its smoothness and bring glossy-looking hair. In addition, it also adds thickness and volume to natural hair. It lowers the pH of the product and stabilizes it, making it safer for your scalp and hair.

Citric Acid

Deionized water: Deionized water is tested to make your hair soft and smooth and has no damaging effects on hair and scalp. It also removes minute traces of mineral residue from your scalp and hair strands. It also eliminates frizziness and prevents split ends. In addition, it also hydrates your scalp and hair.

Color Fix Ingredients

Argan Oil: Argan Oil is recommended as a helpful remedy for damaged hair. It deeply moisturizes your scalp and hair and acts as a shield from everyday damage. It eliminates breakage and split ends by giving your healthy-looking hair. Eventually, it brings thicker and fuller hair by preventing unwanted hair loss.

Argan Oil

Cetearyl Alcohol: It is a non-toxic beneficial for both hair and scalp. It has hydrating properties that moisturize and give you smoother hair and scalp. It also softens your hair and avoids detangling. It does not irritate or cause redness to your scalp or hair.

Color Oops VS Color Fix | Calculating Pros and Cons 

Color Oops Pros

  • Vegan friendly and cruelty-free
  • Free of ammonia and bleach
  • Ensures healthy hair 
  • Removes unwanted permanent hair color 
  • Easy 1 step application
  • You can recolor your hair the same day
  • Takes only 20 minutes to put it on
  • Eliminates bleaching of hair

Developlus Color Oops Color Remover (Extra Conditioning) (2 Pack)
  • Ammonia and Bleach Free
  • Formulated with Aloe Vera + Soy Protein
  • Removes Permanent Hair Color
  • Simply Washes Away Difficult Colors,

Color Oops Drawbacks

  • Users have complained that it has irritants
  • Not formulated for direct application dyes and bold shades 
  • Takes a long time to get off (rinsing)

Color Fix Pros

  • Cruelty-free
  • Removes unwanted permanent hair color entirely
  • Leaves no traces 
  • Can also remove partial hair color
  • Bleach and ammonia-free 
  • Suitable for every hair type
  • Takes less time to rinse
  • Removes unwanted brassiness 
  • Tones out hair 

The only drawback this product has is its awful smell. Most consumers related the smell to rotten eggs. Except for that, the product has excellent hair color removal qualities.

Color Oops VS Color Fix | Customer Feedback

Taylor added about Color Oops, “This was probably the only way I could remove my dyed hair. I used this on my hair by following every instruction, and it is easy to use. The formula has eliminated my frizzy hair too. However, it did not rinse off even after washing my hair two times.”

Color Oops before and after

Jane says about Color Fix, “Color Fix smells awful but works well. I have a curly hair type, and I thought it would be hard to remove my hair color, but this product made it easy. I did not want to remove my hair color altogether; I just wanted to lighten the existing shade. I got the color I wanted easily.” 

Janice commented about Color Fix, “My scalp and hair feel natural with argan oil’s richness. It does not have bleach or ammonia, so there is no extra harm to hair. It smelled like rotten eggs, but the way it worked was quite impressive.” 

Color Fix before and after

Sutton commented about Color Oops, “This bleach-free formula has removed the hair color I regretted. It took a long time to rinse and irritated my scalp slightly, but the results were worth it.”

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FAQs | Color Oops VS Color Fix

Does Color Oops work on old dye that has grown out?

Yes. The product is effective on the old dyed hair. It will remove the color the way you want with vegan-friendly ingredients. 

Does Color Oops remove henna from the hair?

No. The product does not remove henna or other directly applied hair colors, including bold shading like pink, green, blue, etc. 

Where can I buy Color Fix to remove my hair color?

The product is readily available on most e-commerce sites, including Amazon. You can also purchase it from Color Fix’s official One n Only site. Make sure to check your nearest stores too. 

Does Color Fix also remove hair brassiness?

Yes. The product is proven to remove unwanted hair color along with hair brassiness. It also tones out your hair with the richness of argan oil.

Conclusion: Color Oops VS Color Fix

The time for a verdict is now in this Color Oops VS Color Fix article. Both the products have almost similar qualities and have only one aim: to remove unwanted hair color. If you are looking for a cheaper and more practical option, we suggest using Color Fix. It has the goodness of argan oil, which helps remove your regretted hair color from your hair. Along with this, the product got hype for removing hair brassiness too. The product has obtained impressive results by toning out your hair by providing safe, bleach, and ammonia-free hair color removal qualities. The only thing that may have dragged some consumers down from using it may be the awful rotten egg smell that most users complained that the product has.

Color Oops has quite similar qualities. The product is safe from bleach and ammonia. It’s an easy application, and quicker results have got many consumers to switch to Color Oops rather than spending dollars for bleaching and damaging the hair. It also works on grown-out, an old dye that keeps the natural shine in the hair. One major drawback of this product is that it cannot remove the directly applied hair dyes like henna and bold shades. We hope we have detailed you with everything you were searching for about both Color Oops and Color Fix. If you think we missed something, let us know in the comment section below.

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