Color Oops VS Color Prep | The Verdict Is Out!

Innovations in the beauty industry have not stopped anyone from getting what they want for their hair or skin. But our minds are in a constant war between hair care and hairstyling. Unfortunately, most of us want both. No matter how much we deny it, your hair is damaged while and after coloring them. Be it a dye or highlights. Reversing unwanted hair color is also made possible by many new products now. Here, we will talk about two such products that are currently getting hyped up through the internet for how they work. Color Oops VS Color Prep will help you find out the best pick for you.

color oops vs color prep

Getting rid of your hair color is risky and more damaging when you have bleach or use ammonia-based remedies. The damage caused can make your hair lose its natural shine and texture. People had to find an easy and less damaging solution for washing off the old hair dye or the unwanted permanent hair color. Both the products in our discussion today promise to be a hassle-free non-damaging retreat. But is it true? And if so, then which one is a better product? Let’s figure it out!

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Color Oops VS Color Prep | What’s Unique? 

Color Oops and Color Prep come from the same brand that focuses on making hair products. They come from the same product line from the brand DeveloPlus. It was founded in 1991 that focuses on delivering the best quality hair care and beauty products worldwide. They promise to create products that fit into the right consumer need. With vegan-friendly and cruelty-free formulas, they manufacture their products in southern California that also aim at providing products that are safe for both users and the environment. But we are here to find the difference between Color Oops and Color Prep.

Color Oops

Color Oops claims to make removing hair color easy and damage-free with its Color Oops Extra Strength hair color remover. The formula claims to compress the dye molecules and wash them off your hair, reversing the undesirable permanent hair color. Its bleach and ammonia-free solution promises to remove unwanted hair color without further harming your hair. If you like, you can change the color of your hair again after removing the undesirable one. However, direct-application dyes and bold shades like pink, blue, and green are incompatible with Color Oops.

Color Prep comes from the same product line as Color Oops. It is pretty similar to Color Oops but has some factors that make it different. With the help of its potent ingredients like aloe vera, Color Prep helps eliminate color, stubborn product, and mineral build-up. It makes sure that your hair is left with a clean slate for the next hair color transition. The formula makes it easy for the next transition without creating any barriers. Each ingredient gently cleanses your scalp and hair strands. It also repairs the damaged hair due to previous hair experiments. In addition, it promotes healthy hair growth. This formula will rinse hair with an old dye that has lost its shine and has become dull. It also has nourishing qualities that provide strength to your hair. If needed, a thorough wash or repeating the steps will avoid the color and build-up settling back on the hair. Results of Color Oops and Color Prep may vary according to the hair texture and porosity. Thicker and longer hair may require more than one box of the product. Take a patch test or a strand test before applying the products.

Color Oops VS Color Prep | The Better Formulation? 

Both Color Oops and Color Prep have many ingredients; we have listed a few of them, which play a crucial role in giving what your hair needs. 

Color Oops

Deionized water: Deionized water has been proven to soften and smooth your hair. It also cleans your scalp and hair strands of remnants of mineral residue, reduces hair frizz, and avoids split ends. Furthermore, it hydrates your scalp and hair. It has no harsh chemicals and has no adverse effects on the hair or scalp.

Citric Acid: A sufficient amount of citric acid can aid in your hair’s softening, smoothing, and glistening. In addition, it gives natural hair more thickness and volume. It lowers and stabilizes the pH of the substance, making it safer for your scalp and hair.

Color Prep

Aloe Vera: Aloe is a gentle ingredient that cleans the build-up and color. It clarifies and nourishes your scalp and hair. It promises healthy hair and shines from roots to the end of hair follicles. This ingredient also helps clear dead skin cells and promotes healthy hair growth. Aloe Vera is also a great hair thickening agent that will deliver natural-looking, strong hair.

Color Prep

Soy Protein: Soy Protein helps in strengthing your hair strands and maintaining its health. It mends brittle and over-processed hair and rebuilds damaged hair, and eliminates dry hair by giving hair a healthy appearance. Soy Protein creates an environment that improves the texture by the profoundly hydrating scalp and hair roots. In addition, it leaves your hair with a shiny and healthy appearance.

Color Oops VS Color Prep | Evaluating Perks and Drawbacks 

Color Oops Perks

  • Removes unwanted permanent hair color
  • Easy one-step application 
  • Less time consuming 
  • You can recolor your hair right after using the product
  • Bleach and ammonia-free formula 
  • Cheaper than risky hair treatments 
  • Ensures healthy hair 
  • Does not damage your hair 
  • Removes frizz
  • Provides softer and smoother hair
  • Brings volume


  • Unfavorable smell
  • Takes a long time to rinse
  • Not applicable for direct-application dyes and bold shades

Color Prep Perks

  • Removes unwanted old hair dye
  • Eliminates mineral and product build-up 
  • Prepares hair for an easy hair color transition
  • Gentle ingredients
  • Clarifies scalp and hair strands
  • Repairs damaged hair 
  • Promotes healthy hair growth
  • Eliminates dull hair 
  • Brings shine to hair
  • Nourishes and moisturizes hair
  • Strengthens hair
  • Eliminates brittleness and improves over-processed hair

Color Oops Hair Color Prep System (4oz.)
  • Removes Build-Up from Old Hair Color
  • Neutralizes Color Pigment
  • Helps Prepare Hair for New Color
  • Safe to Use Each Time You Color
  • Bleach and Ammonia Free


  • Led to an irritating reaction for some users
  • Does not smell good

Color Oops VS Color Prep | Customer feedback 

Genelia added about Color Prep, “I had colored my hair long back, and my hair has outgrown it. It has changed my look, and now I want to change the shade into something new. I didn’t want to spend extra on removing the previous hair color. It is when I got Color Prep. It gently removed my previous hair color and soothed my scalp.” 

Diana commented about Color Prep, “My head feels lighter after using this product. The excessive build-up and minerals are gone. My hair felt ready for the new look. It was gentle on my scalp and hair. When I went down for the new look, it was easy to transition them. It smells a little awful, but the results were better than expected.”

color prep before and after

Eleanor commented about Color Oops, “It’s easy to use, and I had my job done within one hour or less. It’s a bleach-free formula that means no damage to my natural hair. Besides, removing my permanent hair color also made my hair less frizzy and softer.”

color oops before and after

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FAQs | Color Oops VS Color Prep

Will Color Oops remove turquoise hair color?

No. The product is formulated in a way to remove only oxidative hair color. It does not remove direct dyes and bold shades like pink, turquoise, blue or purple.

Where can I buy the Color Oops product?

The product is available on every e-commerce site, including Amazon. You can also check your nearest stores for the product. Make sure to check Color Oops’s official site too.

Does Color Prep improve the quality of the hair?

The product aims to remove the old dye, and while doing this, it nourishes and moisturizes hair. It promotes healthy hair growth and slowly improves the quality of hair.

How long after using Color Prep can you dye your hair? 

Your hair shaft is entirely open after using Color Prep, and this can make them soak in everything you put on it quickly. It can make your hair color darker than usual. We suggest you wait for 48 hours before going for your new look.

Conclusion | Color Oops VS Color Prep

It was an exciting battle between Color Oops VS Color Prep, but we hope we have given it a rest with a verdict. Both products are free of ammonia and bleach, which keeps your hair safe from excessive damage. These products are pretty cheap, which pulled many consumers before getting into their new hair look. If you wish to change your existing permanent hair color, Color Oops is the right option. It will remove the unwanted permanent hair color and deliver healthy-looking hair. It has helped consumers remove their hair shade with a few easy steps while sitting at home. Besides cleaning your unwanted hair color, it also removes frizzy hair. It softens them and brings extraordinary smoothness. The amount of damage your hair goes through is reduced while making you ready for your new look. 

If your hair color has grown out and has become old and dull, Color Prep is the right option. This product will bring shine as well improve the appearance of your hair. Within two days, your hair can go for a new look you want with nourishment and moisture provided by Color Prep. It makes your hair ready for a new look by eliminating previous products and mineral build-ups. Your scalp is cleared with gentle ingredients in it. Summing up final thoughts, you have to decide by choosing between Color Prep and Color Oops. We hope our report has helped you in the way you wanted. If you have further questions and queries, let us know in the comment section below.

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