Dermadry VS Iontoderma | Determining the Best for You

Sweating is natural, but excessive sweating can be annoying and disgust you. Most of us start sweating on our palms and feet whenever we get nervous or scared. Some of us have the natural habit of excessive sweating even when it’s not hot outside or we aren’t nervous – it’s called Hyperhidrosis.

The young blood never backed off when it came to surprising the world with their discoveries and inventions. Currently, two devices are giving cutthroat competition to one another with their ability to reduce sweating. Let’s find the ultimate winner with today’s Dermadry VS Iontoderma.

Dermadry VS Iontoderma

It is entirely natural to feel cautious when shaking hands with someone. When you hug someone, the smelly underarms shouldn’t flee the person away. Dermadry and Iontoderma claim to control these sweaty corners, including your feet, to avoid the stinky smell from your shoes due to excessive sweating. Avoiding excessive sweat makes you clean, more hygienic, and comfortable with yourself. But which one supersedes the other? Or are they both the same? Let’s find out.

Dermadry VS Iontoderma | Winner Of Your Liking?

Hyperactive nerve-sweat gland connections cause excessive sweating, and Dermadry, a dermatologist-tested device, uses a modest current to manage these connections, resulting in less sweat. This technology is convenient to use, painless, and non-invasive. It has no long-term effects on your body and, more importantly, is highly safe for most people. Hyperhidrosis is primarily limited to the hands and feet of some persons.

Others complain about their armpits, while others complain about both. All three groups have devices explicitly designed for them by Dermadry. It permits you to spend as much money as your condition requires rather than overspending on features you don’t require. It also means you can have a custom-made machine for your ailment.

In most cases, patients get effects in as little as two weeks (92.9 percent). It performs its magic in a short amount of time while prioritizing your health and well-being. This iontophoresis machine has been fine-tuned to produce results after just eight treatments. Dermadry device is simple to operate and uses tap water. Tap water also ensures that the treatment is consistent. This device provides long-lasting comfort that can last up to six months.

It’s FDA-approved, and doctors encourage it. Except for a few persons with artificial pacemakers or metallic implants, this machine is highly safe to use unattended as long as the instructions are followed. A 5-year warranty backs it. You can also return the device for a refund within a hundred days if it does not impress you enough.


Iontoderma is another iontophoresis machine that claims to be cheaper than any other iontophoresis machine in the market. It is powered through id-1000, which makes it sufficiently robust and cancels the worry of replacing batteries now and then. It might be uncomfortable for some people as it does not have a pulse current, making the sessions slightly uncomfortable. It’s a safe product and has received happy customers over time. The machine is portable, and you don’t have to worry about it taking up much space.

The machine has shown 90 percent success rates with its innovative technology that works with your sweat glands and the outermost layer of your skin. It’s easy to use and works for every user by leaving your hands and feet sweat-free for longer hours. It promises to return a full refund if the product doesn’t work how you want and doesn’t satisfy you enough. This device will remove sweat and stinky smell with its unique working method. It has a one-year warranty and a 60-day money-back guarantee. 

Dermadry VS Iontoderma | Calculating The Perks and Cons

Dermadry Perks

  • Five years warranty 
  • 100 days refund policy 
  • Safe for every type of customer
  • FDA approved device
  • Eliminates excess sweat over hands, feet, and armpits 
  • The effect lasts up to six months
  • Uses tap water
  • Works faster
  • You can buy features that you need exclusively
  • Easy to use 
  • Painless and non-invasive treatment

Dermadry Cons

  • Costly

Iontoderma Perks

  • Inexpensive device Iontoderma
  • 90 percent success rates
  • Sixty days money-back guarantee
  • One year warranty 
  • Eliminates excessive sweating on hands and feet
  • Keeps you sweat-free for longer hours
  • Safe to use
  • Powered with id-1000
  • Easy to use
  • Portable machine

Iontoderma Cons

  • Found to be uncomfortable by some consumers 
  • Not FDA-approved

Customer Reviews | Dermadry VS Iontoderma

Jennifer commented about Dermadry, ” I have had Hyperhidrosis since I was a teen, neglected it, and never thought of finding a solution. But this device has made me feel comfortable and clean with my hands and armpits, as they no longer smell. The sweating has decreased. It’s painless and very comfortable.”

Dermadry before and after

Joseph added about Iontoderma, “The product is cheap and easy to use. I could see my sweat lessening over my feet and my socks becoming less smelly. It was a bit uncomfortable for a while, but that’s okay if I get better results. It’s safe to use and fits in my luggage if I have to carry it somewhere.”

Iontoderma before and after

Rooney said about Dermadry, “It is comfortable to use but is quite expensive. However, it’s worth it because the results last longer than promised, as I expected from its description. It’s painless, and I bought only the required features without spending on the products I didn’t want.”

Julia added about Iontoderma, “I loved the product even if the FDA disapproves. It works fine and has reduced my sweating quite well. It’s also safe for older adults; my dad and I use this device. I chose it because it was a cheaper rate.”

FAQs | Dermadry VS Iontoderma

Where can I buy an Iontoderma device for Hyperhidrosis?

The product is not popular amongst the common e-commerce sites. You can check it out on their official website or at your nearest pharmaceutical store.

Is Dermadry safe for a person with a pacemaker?

Yes. Dermadry is manufactured in a way that suits every person and has proven to be safe for each of them with its easy-to-use and safe qualities for Hyperhidrosis.

How long will Dermadry control my excessive sweating?

If you use the device once, as instructed by Dermadry, the effects will last up to six months without letting Hyperhidrosis trouble you.

Final Words | Dermadry VS Iontoderma

Finally, we have come to the end of Dermadry VS Iontoderma. The devices are getting consumers’ attention, and most start comparing them to choose a better option. If you are looking for a safer and FDA-approved model for your Hyperhidrosis, Dermadry is the one for you. You have to use the product only twice a year! It will control your excessive sweating and smelly armpits through unique technology. You can buy the features you need without having to spend extra. This is the one if you want a safer and better option for Hyperhidrosis.

However, not all of us have loaded pockets. So, if you want a cheaper solution for unwanted excessive sweating that drops you into embarrassing moments, Iontoderma is the device for you. Its innovative solution will cancel out sweating on your feet and hands.

It is reportedly uncomfortable, but they created a safer device, keeping every type of consumer in mind. Lastly, we hope we have covered everything you wanted about Dermadry and Iontoderma. If you have any further queries, pin them down in the comment section below. We will get back to you as soon as possible.

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