Derol Lip Plumper Reviews | Final Goodbye To Lip Injections?

What comes to your mind when you think of “perfect lips”? For most of us, it is always those beautiful, plump, and pouty lips. However stereotypical it may sound, everyone wants fuller lips because it makes us automatically attractive and increases our sex appeal. But, surgical methods, including fillers and lip jobs, are not just super expensive but can also be really painful. Fortunately, there are other temporary methods to give your lips that extra oomph, including cosmetic lip plumpers, and this article is all about that. We all know how TikTok is bombarding with yet another viral product – the Derol Lip Plumper. But is it worth all the publicity? Let’s dig into the Derol Lip Plumper reviews to learn more about this viral product.

Derol Lip Plumper Review

TikTok comes up with a new “viral” product almost every week. And this time, it is the Derol Lip Plumper sold by Derol Cosmetics. The product is so hyped up already that it is now accountable for above 185K hashtags. But it should be noted not every product that goes “viral” actually works; some fail horribly. In which category does this Lip Plumper fall anyway? This honest overview of the best Derol Lip Plumper reviews will help you determine if this Derol brainchild passes or fails.

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Derol Lip Plumper reviews | Worth The Hype? 

Derol Cosmetics is a full-face makeup brand that manufactures vegan and cruelty-free products. DEROL claims that it is unrivaled in its dedication to technology, research, and innovation and provides all women irrespective of their age and race with ground-breaking, high-quality goods for women of all ages and ethnicities. Derol’s No.1 best-selling product – Derol Lip Plumper is the latest sensation on TikTok. Mikayla Nogueira introduced it in one of her videos, and bloggers and TikTokkers cannot stop talking about it ever since.

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  • [Lip Plumper Set] - Are you craving for plump and glamorous lips? Lip Plumper set provide your need without needles, our system is day and night lip beauty and care.
  • [24 Hours Care / Double Effect] - Use the Minty at night as a sleeping lip mask, result in your lips will be smoother and softer. The Ginger is for the day, simply put it on just as you do normal lip gloss, you het the beautiful and plump lips instantly.
  • [Natural Ingredients] - The Lip Plumper is made of 100% natural ingredients! Our lip plumping gloss is safe . It can also hydrates, moisturizes, and eliminates lip wrinkles. Our lip serum will help you.
  • [Soft and Smooth] - The lip plumper gloss increases volume and outlines the lips, making them visually more voluminous, soft, thick and smooth. Ginger, Mint, Collagen, and Vitamin E when combined will work magnificently to prevent lips from peeling and cracking. It keeps your lips moisturized and full in a natural way.
  • [Benefits] - Active cell viability, prevent lip peeling, reduce lips line, repair lips, promote lips pump, fuller, softer and smoother.

Derol Lip Plumper comes in two different formulas – a day gloss and a night gloss, which the brand claims keep your lips enhanced 24 hours a day without going through painful surgical sessions. When applied to the lips, the glosses produce an exceptional shine, and both of them contain hyaluronic acid and vitamin E to help enhance the lips and make them appear fuller; and hydrate and nourish them simultaneously. It is also infused with collagen, an anti-aging ingredient that might get rid of fine lines and wrinkles around your lips. Talking about the glosses individually, the “night” gloss contains peppermint that not only repairs your lips but also has lip-enhancing properties that make your lips plump and supple for the next day. On the other hand, the “day” gloss is infused with ginger extracts that offer your lips extra vigor and vibrancy during the day.

derol lip plumper

The brand claims that this product is a blend of various ingredients extracted from nature that work synergistically to eliminate cracking, peeling, and chapping of lips. The gloss helps you get the lips you have always desired, healthy, and moisturized throughout the year. The brand also claims that this can be used as a multi-purpose product- daytime lip enhancer as a primer, then top it off with your favorite lip colors to make your lips pop. And use the night-time lip care during your “me-time” to keep your lips nourished around the clock or even add it to your skin-care routine.

Derol Lip Plumper Ingredients

Vitamin E – Vitamin E is used to smoothen out chapped and cracked lips. It also provides hydration and locks in moisture for a more extended period of time. All in all, it is used to smoothen and soften your lips.

Mint – Mint is a beneficial component of the Derol Lip Plumper that repairs cracked lips. Due to the presence of menthol, it soothes your lips while enhancing your lips. Also, it is excellent to treat sun-burnt lips because of its cooling and refreshing properties.


Ginger – Ginger comes with anti-fungal, antiseptic, antibacterial, and antioxidant properties. It removes dead skin cells from the lip and promotes cell regeneration. It heals your peeling, cracked lips and provides hydration.


Collagen – Collagen is a protein that slows down the aging process. It keeps your lips plump and smooth. It treats fine lines and wrinkles around the lips, prevents thinning of lips due to growing age, and keeps lips plumped.

We should note that the mint and ginger may induce a slight tingling sensation, although the brand says that this is due to the product’s effectiveness. The tingling sensation may go away after a few minutes due to the presence of Vitamin E, a cooling ingredient.

Things you might like about the Derol Lip PlumperDerol Lip Plumper

  • Voluptuous after-effect
  • Potentially gives you smooth, soft lips
  • Will leave your lips with a delicious fresh minty aroma
  • Long-lasting effect
  • Waterproof 

Things you might NOT like about Derol Lip Plumper

  • Some Derol Lip Plumper Reviews suggest it is quite uncomfortable to wear

Derol Lip Plumper Reviews | Customer Reviews

Paige says, The lip plumper by Derol definitely works. It shows results within a few minutes of applying the gloss. It makes my lips so plump and soft.”

Lilly says, “I obviously got the Derol Lip Plumper after watching TikTok. And surprisingly, it works. It did make my lips fuller. However, please keep in mind that it is not easy to wear. The tingling effect is more like the after-taste you experience after eating super spicy food.”

Derol Lip Plumper before and after

Miranda says, “It is really worth a try. Although it burns a little, it surely works, and it is all worth it in the end.”

The Derol Lip Plumper has received its fair share of both positive as well as negative remarks. Let’s have a look at some negative reviews to form an honest opinion.

Aaliya says, “The way it irritated my lips. Oh my god! My lips took 2 full hours to calm down after I applied this product. And it does not even last long. Not recommended at all. Try it only if you can bear the irritation.”

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FAQs | Derol Lip Plumper Reviews

Where can I buy the Derol Lip Plumper? 

Derol Lip-Enhancer is available on the brand’s official website as well as on various e-commerce stores, including Amazon.

Is Derol Lip Plumper safe?

Made with natural products, the Derol Lip Plumper is considered to be safe to use. However, it might cause a tingling sensation on your lips in the beginning. If this tingling sensation increases and causes irritation and redness, consult a doctor.

How long does Derol Lip Plumper last?

Derol Lip Plumper, as promised by the company, lasts for about 5-6 hours. However, a few Derol Lip Plumper customer reviews indicate that the effect does not last longer than 3 hours.

How to use Derol Lip Plumper?

The application of Derol Lip Plumper is pretty basic. 

  • Apply the “day” gloss during the daytime just like any other gloss or as a primer before applying your lipstick.
  • Apply the “night” gloss during night time as a lip serum included in your skin care routine. 

Final Verdict | Derol Lip Plumper Reviews

After carefully analyzing these honest Derol Lip Plumper reviews, it can be concluded that this product is a 4/5. It is a blend of all-natural ingredients that give your desired lips and keep them hydrated and nourished. However, no matter how long the brand claims, the product does not last longer than 3 hours. Due to infused mint and ginger, it might also cause an uncomfortable burning sensation. But, in the end, the product does work. It makes your lips look fuller and plump. Besides that, it also makes them healthier.

Lip plumpers are an excellent alternative to surgery because they are neither painful nor expensive. But obviously, they are just one of many temporary remedies to treat your lips. In the end, we just want to make it clear that this product is a must-try if you have a high pain tolerance. And if you do try it out, let us know your experience in the comments section. We hope we were able to quench all your queries.

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