Evalectric Hair Serum Reviews | Dealmaker Or Dealbreaker? 2022

Sometimes using shampoos and conditioners is not enough. We need something more to nourish our hair deeply. Hair serums come into play here. Evalectric Hair Serum is a lightweight, non-oily serum that gives you soft and glossy hair within seconds. Positive Evalectric Hair Serum Reviews show that this serum has fared well for many.


Hair Care has changed significantly since the introduction of hair serums. They are well-known for restoring hair vitality. Adding one to your hair care routine can prove to be very beneficial. In this review, we will analyze Evalectric Hair Serum to determine whether it works as claimed. 

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Evalectric Hair Serum Reviews | Legit Or Scam?

Evalectric has been active since 2013. They offer a varied range of straighteners, curlers, and hair care products. Their goal is to help people achieve their desired look with the help of their products. They claim that Evalectric Hair Serum is a non-greasy serum that will give your hair shine and softness within seconds. It tames frizzy hair and conceals split ends as well.


Hair serums are well-known to control frizz, protect against damage, detangle, and provide a healthy sheen to the hair. Evalectric Hair Serum has Argan Oil and Vitamin E. Both elements provide protection and shine to the hair. This formulation underwent clinical tests and got approved in the USA. It retails for $75.

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Evalectric Hair Serum Ingredients

The ingredients list of Evalectric Hair Serum is minimal. But some vital ingredients are– Argan Oil, Vitamin E, and Aloe Barbadensis Extract.

Argan Oil

Argan Oil has many benefits for hair. It controls dandruff, relieves itchy scalp, and reduces inflammation as well. The rich concentration of fatty acids in this oil provides shine to the hair. This oil has Vitamin E in it. Vitamin E makes the hair elastic, prevents hair breakage, and keeps the hair healthy-looking by moisturizing the hair. Argan Oil is effective in protecting the hair against sun damage too. You can use it as a mask, leave-in conditioner, and hair oil.


Vitamin E

Application of Vitamin E to the hair instantly makes it shiny. It increases blood circulation and strengthens hair follicles. As a result, you can see an increase in hair growth and a decrease in hair breakage. It provides intense moisturization, which gets rid of dry and flaky scalp. Vitamin E is suitable for all hair types. People with colored hair can use it too. You can add it to shampoos and conditioners to give shine to the hair. It can be used to detangle the hair or as a leave-in conditioner.

Aloe Barbadensis Extract

Aloe Barbadensis Extract or Aloe Vera is effective in treating Seborrheic Dermatitis aka dandruff. It ceases itchiness and inflammation. It is a great cleansing agent. It washes away extra sebum and dirt accumulated on the scalp to make the hair shiny and soft. Aloe Vera promotes cell growth which boosts hair growth and reduces hair loss.


Salon Finish Hair: Evalectric Hair Serum provides salon-like shine and gloss to the hair.

Tames Frizziness: Due to hydrating ingredients, the hair will be less frizzy and dry. 

May Promote Hair Growth: Improved blood circulation and cell growth can increase hair growth to give you a fuller look.

May Decrease Hair Loss: A boost of hydration and strengthened hair follicles will reduce hair loss and breakage.

Lightweight and Non-Greasy: Your locks will look voluminous and bouncy thanks to the light and non-greasy formulation. This serum will not make your hair oily, nor will it weigh it down.


  • Expensive
  • It contains silicones.
  • There is a possibility of receiving a defective product if purchased from unauthorized retailers.
  • No money-back guarantee.

Evalectric Hair Serum has minor drawbacks. To ensure that it is safe to use, it has undergone clinical tests. Moreover, nobody reported any side effects. 

Evalectric Hair Serum Side Effects | Are There Any?

It is essential to know that overuse of hair serums can do more harm than good. Therefore, choosing a suitable hair serum is necessary. Always choose hair serums that are free of any harsh chemicals or preservatives. One downside of Evalectric Hair Serum is that it contains silicones. Silicone is essentially a polymer widely used in hair care products to provide shine and smoothness to the hair. It is not a toxic component. Its use is generally considered safe. 

However, it could cause a few problems in the long run. Serums containing silicones can cause redness and irritation if applied to the scalp. Excessive use of such serums can cause buildup, which makes the hair look lifeless and flat. For some, it could lead to hair breakage as well. We advise you not to use this serum daily. 

Customer Insights | Evalectric Hair Serum Before And After

Speaking about the serum, Serene said, “I love to curl my hair often. However, my hair ends up looking dry and frizzy often. A friend recommended this serum to me, and I bought it instantly. I am happy with my purchase because this serum works. It reduces frizziness and dullness. Every time I use it, my hair feels very soft. I can never stop myself from touching it. My hair also looks very shiny. I have received many compliments since I started using it.”

Jordan says, “I had purchased a straightener from this brand a while back. I loved it a lot, so I decided to buy this serum too. This serum is so good. It makes my hair shiny and smooth. I recommend it to everyone.”

Evalectric Hair Serum Before And After

Another customer said, “This serum does what it says. My hair looks glossy and feels soft after use. However, for this price, I expect it to do more. I will not be repurchasing it.”

This serum is fit to do its work. However, everyone’s hair differs from one another. It may not be effective if your hair is dehydrated and damaged.

FAQs | Evalectric Hair Serum Reviews

How To Use Evalectric Hair Serum?

You can use this serum on damp as well as dry hair. Dispense a few drops and apply them on wet hair to achieve silky, smooth, and shiny hair. You can also use it before and after styling your hair with a hair tool to seal split ends and reduce frizziness.

Does the manufacturer provide a money-back guarantee?

The manufacturer does not provide a money-back guarantee. If you are dissatisfied with their product, you can contact them for an exchange. You could get in touch with them using their website. If you purchased it at a store, a purchase receipt is required.

Is Evalectric Hair Serum good?

Evalectric Hair Serum contains silicones. Silicones form a thin layer around the hair, which locks in moisture and prevents frizziness. Evalectric Hair Serum has Dimethicone — a lightweight silicone known to add shine to the hair. Based on this, it is safe to say that this serum works. To determine whether or not it is good depends on an individual.

Where Can I Buy Evalectric Hair Serum?

You can purchase it on the official website. You can also purchase it from third-party retailers. However, there is a possibility of receiving a defective or fake product. We recommend you to buy it from the official website so that if you are unsatisfied, you can get it exchanged.

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Closure | Evalectric Hair Serum Reviews

We hope amongst all Evalectric Hair Serum Reviews, this review provides an accurate picture of the efficacy of this serum. It seems potent to work as claimed. It can transform dull, lifeless, messy hair into healthy, vibrant, and manageable hair.

Hair serums are a great addition to your hair care arsenal. They can single-handedly improve hair quality. Although effective, Evalectric Hair Serum is pricey. Moreover, it has silicones in it. You can find many other affordable and mild hair serums in the market. Choose the one that you think will suit you the best to give your hair a new life.

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