Fillhage VS Fillerina | The Real Deal For Your Skin Is?

Every woman’s to-do list consists of bidding goodbye to their wrinkled versions to a more lustrous and youthful self. But this cannot be achieved without making a dent in your purse. Or is it not? With the increasing pollution, repairing our cells has become necessary to maintain a healthy complexion.

Fillhage VS Fillerina

Hyaluronic acid is unquestionably the chicest skincare ingredient beauty editors swear by. And why not? It slows down visible signs of premature aging so that your skin appears plush and cushion-like! On today’s faceoff, we have two leading names – Fillhage VS Fillerina. Let’s find out which one makes all the difference?

Fillhage VS Fillerina | Better Pick for You?

Fillhage and Fillerina are excellent at-home filler treatments that add volume to your cheeks and lips, eliminate wrinkles, and give your face a healthy makeover. They prevent all the fuss of taking appointments at expensive salons without puncturing into your fragile layers. The brand especially incorporates hyaluronic acid in its formula so that you look flawless and have skin that ages backward! We asked users to put their heads together, but they haven’t been able to conclude which one of the two is the better choice for them. Without wasting any more breath, let’s delve in to find out. 


We always look for drug-free options when it comes to our delicate skin. Fillhage assures its customers that they actively speed up collagen production with their iconic mixture of skin-loving ingredients. The brand provides a painless and injection-free treatment at home and has quite a reputation for being a dermo-cosmetic product having Hyaluronic acid in its composition.

Certified by dermatologists, the brand claims that it refills the deficiencies in your worn-out skin, adds volume to cheeks and lips, and gives you flaunt-worthy cheeks and lips. It readily helps get rid of those mulish wrinkles and fine lines that bring down your beauty. Its bi-phased double-action formula also lifts up your neck area and contributes to an overall healthy appearance. Fillhage starts showing effects in about 3 weeks of sincere usage and suits all skin types. The company has got skincare enthusiasts under its spell with its top-notch composition of 6 types of hyaluronic acid which add vibrance to your skin. 


Our skin starts shedding its beauty with age and has to be cared for in special ways. We try very hard with it, going for every other supplement we hear of, every cosmetic treatment, or home remedies. With their revolutionary, dermo-cosmetic treatment, Fillerina claims to plump up your skin to the core. It makes sure to pamper our skin in all the different ways it rightfully deserves. The brand takes pride in its no-needle formula and claims to rejuvenate your face instantly being in the comfort of your home.

With all patents being Swiss patents, Fillerina specially crafts their products with a sensational blend of 6 to 8 varieties of Hyaluronic acid possessing different molecular structures. These molecules penetrate deep to activate their replenishing action so that you wake up to voluminous and younger-looking skin. It is to be used once every 14 days and assures its clients to provide visible results within a week.  

Fillhage VS Fillerina | Evaluation of Perks and Cons 

Fillhage Perks 

  • Elevates hydration level
  • Minimizes creases, wrinkles, fine lines, puffiness
  • Supple and soft skin
  • Adds volume to cheeks and lips 
  • Weakens appearance of blemishes 
  • Suitable for all skin types 
  • Shields skin from pollution 
  • Stops inflammation 
  • Fuller-looking and plump skin


  • It takes longer to show noticeable results
  • It takes time to absorb nicely 
  • Not too much information was provided 

Fillerina Perks 

  • Eliminates expression lines
  • Replenishes empty or ragged cheekbones
  • Prevents sagging 
  • Boosts collagen 
  • Enhances skin texture 
  • Fills up skin depressions 
  • Plump and hydrated skin
  • Promotes even skin tone by smoothing imperfections 


  • Extremely expensive 
  • It cannot be used under makeup
  • Not much information is available on whether it would suit sensitive skin or not

Customer Feedback | Fillhage VS Fillerina

After reading many positive reviews, Anya commented on Fillhage, “I brought the filler. But it took a lot more than three weeks to show good results on my skin. If you want improvement in the appearance of your skin, I must say you have to be patient with this.”

Emily added about Fillerina, “This literally changed my life. I used to spend a lot of money getting those salon treatments. But this product really accentuates your facial lines, and erases your crows feet and wrinkles, giving your face a refreshing boost. I can also see a considerable change in the texture of my skin; it feels very smooth now.”


Natalie pinned on Fillhage, “I thought it would settle gently on my skin as other filler treatments I have used were very rough. But it took forever to blend on my skin. I would suggest going for something that absorbs easily without leaving any flakiness. What I loved about this is that my skin feels very nourishing and moisturized after using it.” 

FAQs | Fillhage VS Fillerina

When can I expect Fillhage anti ageing filler to show results?

If you are diligent with your usage, you can expect to see good changes in about 3 weeks. You must also intake sufficient water to speed up the process before your application.

What does Fillerina consist of?

Fillerina products consist of Hyaluronic acid, collagen, elastic, and a couple more ingredients that instantly lift up your lifeless skin. The ingredients are all-natural and are present in a fine blend, which rejuvenates your skin cells by removing all toxins.

Is Fillhage safe to use?

Yes, all Fillhage products are safe as they contain no harmful elements. They are packed with nutritious benefits and add radiance to your aging skin. 

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Closure: Fillhage VS Fillerina

Hence, we have arrived at the final conclusion, and it has come to light that Fillerina comes into effect quicker, whereas, Fillhage takes more time to kick in. The former takes about a week, whereas the latter may take up to three weeks to fully develop noticeable improvements. If you are desperate for some quick action, then Fillerina is the right choice. It’s a little expensive, but beauty is a luxurious affair!

Fillhage is considerably cheaper and gets the job done too, but it takes quite some time. Unless you are a patient sage like us, we suggest you trust to go with the first! We believe we left no stone unturned and answered every question. If you still find yourself lost in questions, do reach out. 


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