11 Affordable Glossier Generation G Dupes for Moisturized Lips

Lipsticks can be a perfect way to elevate your look. They are a great way of contrasting your outfit and have a bold color on your face palette. Every day we check Sephora or any other website, there is a new kind of lipstick. There are all kinds of finishes such as matte, glossy and balms. Although lipsticks are not for everyday use, you can compromise your lips’ health. Applying lipstick daily may not be an excellent option as you should save them for occasions.

Glossier Generation G Dupe

While glossy finishes look fantastic, a matte finish looks more classy and subtle. Matte finishes are also great for everyday wear. Matte finish balms are easy to find, but they must also be safe and long-lasting. Glossier Generation G is one of these, although people say it is expensive. But we looked for an ideal Glossier Generation G Dupe and found not one but many. 

Glossier Generation G Dupe Just Like The Original 

Glossier cosmetics have yet again came up with the Generation G, and it is not just a matte balm but can be categorized as sheer matte lipstick. It gives a blot on your lips without having to blot it. The lipstick’s pigment is adjustable and can blend with your natural lip color. It will always look different on the model and when you wear it. It does not have a very bold color but looks mellowed down. The not-so-highly pigmented nature makes it easy to apply. 

The ingredients are pretty standard, but they are what makes the lipstick feel so smooth on your hair. The primary components are sunflower beeswax and synthetic beeswax. The lipstick is not drying for your lips and adds a lot of moisture to your lips. Blue agave and safflower oil are the ingredients responsible for it. The color might look very dark if you see the lipstick but it is flushed out when you apply it. It forms a barrier on your skin and does not let any moisture loss from your lips. The lipstick has a sweet smell that is just like a rose.

One disadvantage is that the fragrance is added to the lipstick. It is also vegan, and the brand is cruelty-free. Another major drawback of lipstick is that lipstick is very expensive. This is the primary reason that we need to find dupes for lipstick. The products mentioned below are very similar to the original lipstick. The only difference is that they are cheap and you can also find some of them in drugstores. 

Burt’s Bees Matte Stick 

Burt’s Bees Matte Stick range has many shades available. You can choose from the best but the only shade that resembles the original Glossier shade is the Melted Mauve. This lipstick unlike the original one does not have sheer, but it is a no-shine and plain lipstick. Some of these products are not vegan if they have beeswax, but all are cruelty-free.

It has a soft matte look on your lips. It feels weightless and very smooth on your lips. Melted Mauve is a subtle pink color that can go well with everyday looks. It does not look very bold. 


  • Ingredients: Ingredients like Jojoba Cocoa Butter and Kokum are softening and nourishing for your lips. They make your lips very soft and do not form a coating over them. 
  • It comes in varying shades. 
  • The balm or lipstick as you would want to call it is very creamy and pigmented. It gives your lips a medium coverage and does not make them very prominent. 
  • It gives moisture to your lips and does not dry them out. 
  • The balm stays on for a long and does not smudge off with time. 
  • It has a unique matte finish which makes your lips look notice worthy. 
  • The application process is straightforward, you can choose if you want a more pigmented look and apply a second layer if required. 
  • The packaging looks appealing and the branding goes along the way. It is easy to use and the model does not break easily. 
  • Travel friendly and you can also fit it in your pocket. 


  • Some reviews said that the customers found the color too dull. It also made some lips dry out. 
  • It does not provide enough moisture to the products is the complaint of some other customers too. 

Undone Beauty Matte Talk 

Undone Beauty has another sheer matte finish called Matte Talk. They have a wide range of shades there but the one with the most resemblance is Velveteen. After Red shade also has a good amount of similarity but Velveteen might be the right one for us. This is a vegan and cruelty-free brand.

Undone Beauty has done a great job with the lipsticks as they look very similar to the Glossier Generation G. Some packaging features are identical. It looks fantastic, we also need to check if it looks the same on your lips—velveteen and After Red are two shades you can choose from. 


  • Ingredients: The lipstick is wholly made from natural ingredients; the primary ingredients are aloe and coconut oil. Both of them are incredibly hydrating ingredients, they also provide a great deal of moisture to your lips. They make sure you have enough water on your lips.
  • It has a buildable color and you can adjust the kind of pigmentation you need on your lips. 
  • The texture of the lipstick is very creamy and like a balm. 
  • The finish is not entirely matte, the lipstick has a bit of a sheer finish too. 
  • Its packaging is very appealing and looks almost like the original Glossier lipstick. 
  • It does not leave a cakey residue on your lips and you can wear it comfortably for long hours. 
  • The lipstick has a good staying capacity and is very long-lasting on your lips. 
  • It is made with clean ingredients and hydrates the lips. 
  • The lipstick does not dry out your lips and gives enough moisture. 
  • Vegan product 
  • Cruelty-free
  • Travel friendly. 
  • You’ll probably need 2 coats for the desired color. It is also straightforward to apply. 


  • Customers said that the lipstick feels a little waxy on their lips. 
  • The color of the lipstick is very dull and plain. It doesn’t look as good after application as it does on paper. 
  • Sometimes it may sit on top of your lips, which does not feel good. 

Honest Beauty Tinted Lip Balm

Honest Beauty is a well-known range of beauty products with fantastic products in every category. Recently their tinted lip balm range was their bestseller. This is precisely the kind of product we need. They have made shades in the tinted balm range and Dragonfruit is the closest we have come to the original. The balm is very hydrating and gives moisture to your lips.

We can consider the brand’s credibility as it has been making fantastic products for a long time. They don’t compromise on quality as they must keep up the good name. The balm looks excellent and the packaging also looks impeccable. There is a reason why this has been voted the bestseller and we are about to find out why. 


  • Ingredients: The balm is antioxidant-rich and has Acai extract and avocado oil. Both of them are hydrating for your lips and keep them soft. They can work together to provide a soft and smooth texture to your lips. It also has pomegranate extract which is another good antioxidant for your skin. 
  • It works for all skin types and looks good on your lips. 
  • The shade provides a good texture of fuchsia and looks like a pop of color. 
  • It gives a good burst of hydration and locks in moisture in your lips. This does not dry out your lips. 
  • The balm glides on your skin and feels creamy. 
  • It feels very moisturizing on your face. 
  • Vegan product 
  • Cruelty-free 
  • It has attractive packaging and looks very travel friendly. 
  • The application process is easy and there’s no hassle. 
  • Cheap and affordable. 
  • This is probably the best Glossier Generation G Dupe. 


  • The color is not very prominent and looks very faded. 
  • This does not feel like a lip balm and is more of a chapstick. 
  • It also settled down in the creases of lips and made it look very cakey on lips. 
  • The texture of the lipstick could be better as it does not glide on your lips. It may seem a bit hard for some users.
  • The balm does not last long, and you’ll need to reapply it again. 

Revlon ColorBurst Matte Balm 

Revlon has been in the makeup business for a long time. They know what the customers want and cater to their needs. Unlike other lip balms, this is more like a balm than a lipstick. It does not look like a chapstick but comes in a crayon format. This makes it very easy for you to apply. The packaging may not be very appealing, but it does the job. The range has many different shades for you to choose from.

It’s shaped like a crayon and looks pretty thick. Another great thing about the crayon is that it doesn’t need a sharpener. It has received great reviews and you don’t need to reapply it again and again. The crayon texture helps a lot as it gives you good precision and makes the application process more manageable. The Elusive shade is the right shade for you, it is very similar to the original shade. 


  • Ingredients: It has a complex known as the triple butter complex. This has mango,shea butter and coconut butter. These ingredients are highly nourishing and moisturizing for your lips. They can give a good amount of hydration and make your lips look plump.
  • The hydration and moisture to your lips ensure they won’t dry out. Moisture in your lips makes them look plump and pretty. 
  • It has good packaging as every shade has the color of its packaging. The brand name and other details are common for all the shades. 
  • It feels creamy and soft on your skin. 
  • 1-2 swipes of the balm should be enough for your lips. 
  • Easy to use and well-pigmented balm. 
  • It has a minty fragrance to it which is pleasant. 
  • The balm is very comfortable on your lips and does not transfer much. 
  • The staying power of the balm is said to be 4-5 hours even with eating and munching. 
  • Lips feel soft and comfortable after wearing the balm even for a long time. 


  • Only apply one layer as it feels very thick on your skin after some time. 

Pacifica Color Quench Tint 

Pacifica Color Tint looks just like a chapstick but works better than one. There are many plain and primary colors in their range. However the Sugared Fig is the shade that you need. This is a vegan and cruelty-free brand. It has clean ingredients and does not harm your skin in any way. The balm is not completely matte and has a slight sheer added to it.

This has a very subtle tint which looks very classy and lovely. Many customers are mesmerized by the fragrance of the lip balm. Having an excellent-smelling lip balm is very important to everyone. This might look like chapstick for a 12-year-old but after you use it once, you’ll change your views. 


  • Ingredients: Avocado and coconut oils are the primary ingredients in the blam. Both of them are very hydrating and moisturizing. They can soften your lips and make the surface very smooth. 
  • This can be considered as a lip tint balm that can give your lips a sheer. 
  • The fragrance of the lip tint is unique.
  • It has good packaging which looks attractive. The name of the shade is written just below the brand details. 
  • The balm is formulated without any parabens or harmful ingredients. 
  • Vegan product 
  • Cruelty-free 
  • Travel friendly and you can carry it around in your pocket. 
  • It provides a good amount of hydration and moisturizes your lips well. 
  • The application process is easy and you might only need only one swipe. 


  • Some customers say they don’t like the smell as it smells like sugar syrup. 
  • It may react if you don’t store it in a cool and dry place. 
  • Customers found it to be a little chunky and cakey on their lips. 

Buxom Pillow Pout Creamy Lip Powder 

Buxom Lip Powder is not your traditional lip balm but works the same way. One significant advantage of using lip powders is plumping your lips. It has 8 color options from which you can choose. However, there are only 2 options available; amongst them, Cuddle Me can be a good color option.

This can be an excellent alternative to the original lipstick as it is not a lip balm or a lipstick, but it works like a hybrid of the two of them. It has a semi-matte formula and does not have any sheer in it. They have a soothing effect on your lips and make you feel comfortable after wearing them. They do not have any sheer, but they have a layer of sheen. 


  • The application process is straightforward once you get used to it. 
  • It has a smudge-free, creamy formula. 
  • They might look different but once it dries, it becomes a powdery formula. 
  • It has a buildable formula, one layer might be enough for an everyday look but you might need another layer for a bolder color. 
  • They are not entirely transferring free but they have a good staying power. 
  • It can stay in place for 5-7 hours. 
  • It is hydrating and moisturizing for your lips. 
  • The formula is very creamy and does not dry out your lips. 


  • The application process is not easy and you take time to get used to it. 
  • It is very drying and does not look bold on your skin. 
  • The shade is not very similar to the original product. 

E.L.F Sheer Slick Lipstick 

The e.l.f Sheer Slick Lipstick looks more like chapstick. It does not look like lipstick and looking at its cover. You know that it will have a glossy finish. This lipstick leans more towards sheen and sheer rather than a matte finish. There are eight color options in the lipstick, and two are very similar to the original product.

It feels very smooth on your skin. The packaging is easy to handle and does not require hassle during application. You need to apply it just like lipstick. 


  • Ingredients : It has meadowfoam seed oil which is moisturizing and hydrating for your lips. The balm feels hydrating and nourishing. Vitamin E also helps to make your lips look more lively.
  • There is a subtle hint of color and not too much. Dragon Fruit and Cherry are the two shades that resemble the most original product. 
  • The formula is silky and has a subtle sheen on your lips. 
  • It hydrates your lips and has a moisturizing effect on them. 
  • It makes your lips feel soft and lightweight. 
  • Vegan product 
  • Cruelty-free 
  • Travel friendly and you can carry it around everywhere. 


  • The lipstick may not be as buildable as you expect. 
  • It can be more on the glossy side and we’re looking for something in a sheer matte finish. 

NYX Powder Puff Lippie 

NYX never fails to amaze us. They make the best dupes. The good thing about them is also the quality and the similarity to the original product. However, what people like the most is the price point.

It is very cheap and affordable. This product comes in the lip powder range. It has an easy application process and feels very creamy on your lips. The formula is matte and easy to apply. 


  • It comes in 16 shades for you to choose from but the Nude Rose is the shade corresponding to the original product. 
  • The lipstick is blotted and has a matte look. 
  • It has very user-friendly packaging and frankly anyone can use it. 
  • Cruelty-free 
  • Vegan product 
  • It is suitable for all skin types. 


  • The lip powder is not transfer-proof and bleeds a lot.
  • It can dry your lips. 
  • It is also more pigmented than the original product. 

Canmake Baton Rouge 

Canmake has introduced a good lip balm. The packaging is adorable, and it looks nice. Unlike other balms, this one has a glossy finish. It feels very moisturizing and hydrating on your lips. It comes in 12 shades and the Tiny Sweetpea is the shade we want. 


  • It feels very soft and silky on your lips. 
  • The balm moisturizes your lips and keeps them hydrated. 
  • Cheap and affordable. 
  • It has a semi-matte finish and excellent packaging. 
  • It can stay for an entire day. 
  • The balm has buildable coverage, so you can apply layers if required. 

Glossier Generation G Dupe


  • Many customers don’t like the packaging. 

Revlon Balm Stain 

Revlon has another product that can be considered an ideal Glossier Generation G dupe. This lipstick also comes in a crayon form and makes it very easy to apply. It has a sheer and matte finish. It is moisturizing and hydrating for your lips. It comes in many shades for you to choose from. The pointed applicator of the balm makes it easy to apply without any hassle. The hydrating yet affordable lip balm can be a go-to choice for women looking for a natural hue.


  • It comes in light to medium coverage. 
  • There are many more shades to choose from in this range. 
  • It is affordable. 
  • The application and the packaging are very user-friendly. 

Glossier Generation G Dupe


  • It can make your lips feel a little dry. 
  • The balm has a strong peppermint scent. You may or may not like it. 
  • It also has a shimmery finish. 

Ohii Beauty Lip Smudge 

This is a relatively new brand and looks similar to the original product. It has white packaging and it looks immaculate. It also has a silky texture which is comfortable to wear. It has only one shade to choose from, although it is mentioned that it comes in 7 shades. It can glide smoothly on your lips and give a subtle tint. 


  • It has a very subtle shade and you need to layer it to get a bolder hue.
  • The lipstick does not bleed or feather out on your lips.
  • You can wear it for a long time.
  • The application process is easy and hassle-free. 
  • Vegan product 
  • Cruelty-free 
  • It has a matte finish and feels comfortable. 

Glossier Generation G Dupe


  • The price point is very close to the original product so you might as well buy that one. 

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We found not one Glossier Generation G Dupe but many. Some products look similar to the original but don’t feel the same way and vice versa. Always opt for the product which looks the same after application. 

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