Hair Glue On Lashes | Should you use it? (Report)

If you have tiny, stubby eyelashes or have had a bad case of false lash extension treatment, or if mascara doesn’t add enough oomph factor to your look. You can apply false eyelashes falsies to glam up your face or even hide mistakes. Falsies can be a great alternative to any eyelash problems mentioned above. There is a perfect pair of false eyelashes for everyone, mainly because brands keep producing newer, fluffier versions of the plain-old eyelashes; all you have to do is find the pair that works for you.  But can you use hair glue on lashes?

Hair Glue On Lashes

But the question of eyelash glue can perplex anyone, which glue to go for, which color glue will perform better daily, and what not. As many falsies are available in the market, we also have eyelash glue options. And then we have the DIY (do it yourself) alternatives. One such choice has been in use for a long time, and that is using hair glue on lashes. This practice has been prevalent for a while now, and today we’ll dive deeper into the world of eyelashes and eyelash glue alternatives. 

There are myriad benefits of keeping false eyelashes handy; they can help glam up any look. They can help protect your lashes after treatments that may have gone wrong and make getting ready more effortless. Lastly, they last all day long till you remove them.

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Can Bonding Hair Glue Be Used On Eyelashes?

No makeup look is complete without a pair of false eyelashes. There is a learning curve to the application, but applying falsies would be a breeze once you have figured it out. Some lashes are better than others; some are flimsy and don’t offer enough support. Then it is vital to use eyelash glue to help them stick nicely to the lash line. Many people struggled with the idea of finding a suitable adhesive for their eyelashes because either the application was tricky or the formula didn’t work.

Thus the concept of using bonding hair glue on eyelashes stems from the fact that good false eyelashes can be expensive and upkeep, like investing in good eyelash glue. And even those are expensive; we could pay half the price of the falsies or even more for a tiny eyelash glue bottle. 

The main question is, “Can we use Hair Glue on our eyelashes?

There is a simple answer to this question, and that is “no.” Bonding glue should not go near the eyes and eyelashes because it is used on wigs, hair extensions, and weaves and is a powerful glue that helps the hair stay stuck in one place. It is a powerful adhesive used to hold the hair down and is specifically made for the same purpose. Similarly, eyelash glue is explicitly made for the eye area. We cannot be sure that every lash glue formulation is top-notch, but it is still more gentle than hair glue.

Some people use wig glue on their eyebrows, so they do not move all day, and people assume it might work on their eyelashes, but that is not a safe option. The skin around our eyes is the most delicate, and it can contact an infection or allergy quickly, so we shouldn’t experiment with the products we use around our eyes and only use eye-safe products. Instead, you can use magnetic lashes to avoid all the mess.


  • When you are out of options and applying falsies is mandatory, you can use bonding glue sparingly to apply them.
  • Hair glue on lashes will provide a firm hold, and falsies will not budge. 

Cons (dangers of using hair glue for lashes)

  • Hair glue contains harmful chemicals that are not suited for the eye area. Eyelash glues are specifically formulated to work near the eyes.
  • Hair bonding glue is not prepared to suit the eye area. Our scalp is quite thick and can handle many more toxins than our skin around the eyes. 
  • Hair glue is very tough to remove. There is a whole process of eliminating wigs and extensions to ensure minor damage to natural hair and skin as they are meant to last for several months. Removing hair glue is not as easy as eliminating lash glue from the lash line, and it will result in permanent damage to the eyelashes as they would have to be ripped out.
  • Hair glue is meant to be used by licensed professionals only, and its use at home by a novice will result in a disaster. 

Hair Glue On Lashes

  • Hair glue, when used on the eyes, can cause irritation and allergic reactions inside the eye sockets and around the eye area too!
  • Using hair glue to apply falsies can make your eyelashes fall out as it will damage your natural lash band, and at the time of removal, you will end up pulling natural lashes out.
  • Hair glue can damage your eyesight because introducing a product made with toxic chemicals will cause damage to your vision. Thus, you ought to use lashes with lash glue only. You can try different lashes and if you hooded eyes, you can check out these.

FAQs | Hair Glue on Lashes

How to remove hair glue from eyelashes?

It requires multiple steps to remove hair glue from lashes, but there is still no guarantee there won’t be any damage. First, you start by taking a shower in hot water, then follow it up by steaming your face to melt and loosen the glue; then, you have to use makeup removal oils and balms repeatedly till you feel the lash band has loosed its grip from the roots of the eyelashes.

How long does hair bonding glue last on eyelashes?

Ideally, all bonding hair glues are meant to last for several weeks, if not months. So hoping for the falsies to fall off on their own is not your best bet. 

Are there any dangers of using hair glue on eyelashes?

Yes, all dangers and no benefits to using hair glue on eyelashes exist. 

Can I use hair glue on my eyelashes?

You can use hair glue on your eyelashes, but we strongly advise against it. THERE ARE A LOT OF SERIOUS RISKS OF USING HAIR GLUE ON EYELASHES!

Closure | Hair Glue on Lashes

We have to mention most bonding glues carry a warning and word of caution “not to be used near the eye area.” The major takeaway is that when a product’s label carries a warning, no one should test their fate by using a harmful product near their eyes. It is best that we leave bonding glues for professionals and not use hair glue on lashes.

We hope we were able to educate you more on this topic, and this post was helpful for those eyeing the idea of using hair glue on their eyelashes. The skin around the eyes and our eyes also are exceptionally delicate, and we should never use products that are not made to be used near our eyes.

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