Hauteness Blowout Brush Reviews | Worth the Purchase?

Hair styling has become much easier today than it was a decade ago. Gone are the days when you want a separate straightener and curler and a separate blow dryer. The benefits of all these devices can now be taken from a single device. Many companies offer products that give you the advantage of 3 in 1. One such brand is Hauteness, which provides products that take hairstyling to another level. But are these objects worth it? Are they safe for the hair? Are they able to bring in the natural look for curls? Are they easy to carry? Let’s discuss these answers in this article with some genuine Hauteness blowout brush reviews.

Hauteness Blowout Brush Reviews

Hair styling isn’t a fortnight job now. Many people require to style their hair regularly because of their work. In addition, not only just work but to make their dry and flat hair look more voluminous, hair styling is necessary. But carrying different equipment for every new hairstyle is neither easy nor cost-effective. Therefore, there is always a need for a device that is easy to have both at home and during traveling. Is Hauteness blowout brush just like that? Let’s find out. 

Hauteness Blowout Brush Reviews | Worth The Efforts?

Hauteness came into being to make styling limitless. Styling has no limits, and neither should our beauty routine have. Hauteness, as a company, manufactures durable, long-lasting, and multifunctional devices to take styling to another limit. Their tools and products are designed with specialized technology that makes them suitable for every hair and skin type. Diversifying in the skincare range, they offer makeup tools and hair removal cream. Their superior product aims at hairstyling, including one of their recent collections of a blowout brush.

Hauteness Blowout Brush Reviews

Hauteness premium travel blowout brush is an easier, quicker, and healthier way of styling. The brush is designed with ceramic with a tourmaline coating that gives an extra inch of smoothness to the hair. Moreover, a short and round brush makes it easy to move through the hair and bring in beautiful waves. It also helps dry the damp hair and straightens it much more quickly. This 4-in-1 device for blow-drying, smoothing, curling and straightening is a complete travel pack. 

How to use Hauteness blowout brush?

  • Step 1: Wash up your hair and air dry it. You can also use your towel to dry your hair a little quicker.
  • Step 2: When the hair is about 70- 75% dry, apply a heat protector and avoid any follicle damage. Detangle your hair once with the help of a regular comb. Now separate the hair into small and manageable sections. 
  • Step 3: Move the brush through your hair unless they are scorched. Make sure not to let it place in one position for a long time. This will increase the risk of hair burning.
  • Step 4: Alongside drying your hair, once you discover that they are not wet, move the brush in a straight or round motion as you want your hair to be styled. Don’t let your hair get stuck in the upper intersection, as it will hamper the styling process. 

Hauteness Blowout Brush Reviews

Benefits of Hauteness blowout brush

  • It has a ceramic- tourmaline core- Tourmaline coating on the ceramic plates ensures an extra layer of safety and adds an extra inch of smoothing. The negative ions of the plate counteract the positive ions on dry hair and straighten them pretty well.
  • Easy to carry- The blowout brush by Hauteness is lightweight and easy to carry. This 4-in-1 combo evades the need to carry other devices and makes it a travel-safe pack.
  • Round brush- The smaller round brush, usually of the size 35mm, makes it easy to move through the hair. Moreover, round curls and lighter waves are easily manageable with the help of a round brush.


  • Ceramic -tourmaline core
  • Not so sharp bristles 
  • Rounder brush
  • Works like a blow dryer, straightener, and a curler
  • Lightweight
  • It doesn’t damage hair
  • 360 degrees twirl
  • Three stages of heat setting
  • Quick-dry air vents for faster results 
  • It comes in 4 different colors
  • Flawless hair within a nick of time


  • Pretty pricey
  • It doesn’t offer an oval brush
  • Hair might get stuck in the top corner of the brush

Hauteness Blowout Brush Alternatives

  • Adagio California blowout brush- Adagio California is a hot air brush styler and dryer that helps straighten hair quickly. It is a 3-inch-long brush that has enough space to hold onto the hair with more extensive sections. It is suitable for all hair types and has a 1000 W power DC motor that helps dry the hair quickly. Moreover, it offers three temperature settings and dries up the hair in 60% less time than other dryers without damaging the follicles. In addition, it comes in 4 different colors and is pretty reasonable. Altogether, it’s a win-win purchase.
Adagio California Blowout Brush: 2-in-1 Hot Air Brush Styler and Dryer - Negative Ion Round Brush - Hair Dryer Brush with Straightener Function - Hair Styling Tools for Women… (3-inch, Rose Gold)
  • ALL-IN-ONE HAIR STYLING TOOL: We combined a hair brush with a blow dryer so you can dry, straighten, and volumize your hair to achieve that perfect salon blowout at home.
  • NEGATIVE IONIC TECHNOLOGY: The hot air brush was made me with the most advanced technology to create a tool that will reduce damage to the hair by nourishing the hair, eliminating frizz and enhancing shine for silky smooth hair.
  • FAST DRYING IN A FEW MINUTES: This 1000W power DC motor provides just the right amount of power to the 360 degree air flow. Equipped with multiple heat settings to cater to your every need.
  • EASY TO USE & CARRY: This straightening brush was designed to be ergonomic. It also has a 360° swivel cable that ensures you flexibility to move freely without the cord becoming tangled and damaged. This hair brush dryer is great for at home use for maximum comfort and ease of use during everyday hair styling.
  • Drybar single shot hair dryer brush- The brush from Drybar combines nylon and tufted bristles that allow for exceptional tension and control. With three temperature settings, Drybar has a 2.5 inches barrel that emits hot air and creates a smooth and shiny finish while bringing in the volume. It doesn’t damage the hair, and the ionic technology infused within the device reduces frizz to a large extent. One can easily style their hair by straightening or putting in loose curls. Drybar also brings maximum comfort to handle as it is very lightweight and a travel-friendly pack. 
Drybar The Single Shot Round Blow-Dryer Brush
  • Ionic Technology reduces frizz and adds tons of shine while styling
  • Strategically-placed vents provide maximum airflow for a faster blowout
  • Ergonomic, lightweight design provides maximum comfort
  • A combination of nylon and tufted bristles allows for exceptional tension and control
  • Round shape is perfect for shorter hair styles and creating loose waves and curls
  • Hot tools 24k gold one-step hair dryer and volumizer- Hot tools is a versatile oval-shaped brush designed with 24k gold technology that evenly distributes the heat throughout the hair. It has a rotating temperature control with three heat settings and a cutting-edge boar tech charcoal-infused bristle design to bring a smooth finish. The object is lightweight and is also helpful in getting soft curls. In addition, it is pretty affordable with multi-functions. 
Hot Tools 24K Gold One-Step Hair Dryer and Volumizer | Style and Dry, Professional Blowout with Ease
  • ONE-STEP: Quick, even heat and charcoal-infused bristles mean you can achieve beautiful blowouts with ease — in a fraction of the time.
  • DESIGN: The versatile 2.8” oval brush design has gently curved sides created to smooth hair, while the rounded edges help craft volume from the roots down to beautifully curled ends.
  • IONIC TECHNOLOGY: Helps maintain a neutral charge on the hair’s surface, leaving the hair looking conditioned and smooth, while helping reduce frizz and static.
  • ALL HAIR TYPES: Complete with a rotating temperature control and 2 heat/ speed settings providing ultimate styling control. Fast styling, great results for all hair types.
  • COMFORTABLE: The lightweight design and soft-touch finish provide a relaxed grip. Equipped with an 8 ft. professional cord giving you free range of movement and all the reach you need.

Bonus: We recently came across Voloom which claims to deliver Voluminous, healthy, and bouncy hair in 5 mins.

Customer Feedback | Hauteness Blowout Brush Reviews

Lisa says, “I have been using the Hauteness blowout brush for the last few days, and I must say it’s excellent. My hair is fragile, and it has added volume to my hair. The brush is pretty easy to use and easily rotates around the hair without any problem. My hair looks more voluminous and shiny after I use the brush. Overall I liked the brush, but its price is pretty high. But the one who can afford it should buy it once.”

Charlie says, “Hauteness blowout brush is not so good to use. Within a few days of its use, I found many more split ends and damage to my hair. Until the blowout’s effects stay, my hair looks pretty shiny and smooth. But they seem to be rough and damaged once the effect is gone. Moreover, the price is very high for me. One can find pretty good products at this price.”

FAQs | Hauteness Blowout Brush Reviews

Does Hauteness offer any discount on the brush?

No, currently, no discounts are going on their website. But one can find good deals from other websites if they shop.

 Which size brush is best for a blowout? 

It depends upon the length of your hair to determine which size of the brush suits you. A 1 to 2-inch round brush is perfect if you have short hair. A 2 to 3 inches round or oval brush will go perfectly if you have long hair. 

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Is the Hauteness blowout brush worth a purchase? We’re sure you have got an answer to this question after going through these Hauteness blowout brush reviews. This is quite a fantastic product with 4-in-1 multifunctionality. Moreover, the product adds volume and shine to the hair within the nick of time during its use. The ceramic- tourmaline plates are an add-on advantage because they reduce the hair damage to the minimum. What might bother you is the price of the product? The product is pretty pricey with no available discounts. However, if you can afford it, there is no harm in giving it a try. The product’s suitability may vary as every individual has a different hair texture and length. 

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