How To Sharpen Kylie Lip Liner? (With/Without A Sharpener)

If you use Kylie Lip liners, you will know how creamy and pigmented these are. Because of this creamy nature, they apply super smoothly and do not drag or pull the skin around during application. But with constant usage, you are left with a worn down or blunt tip. Here comes the question, how to sharpen Kylie lip liner? These Kylie lip liners are not self-sharpening or aren’t built with their own sharpening mechanism. Hence, you must sharpen them to get that creamy tip back. 

How To Sharpen Kylie Lip Liner

How To Sharpen Kylie Lip Liner?

This is one of the concerns of people who recently started using the Kylie lip liner. Since most lip liners are not twist-up pencils, you must use an external makeup sharpener. But no worries! We’ll show how you can get that gorgeous lipliner back with its tapered tip. 

Kylie Pencil Sharpener

Kylie Cosmetics has thought over each product of its makeup line. The brand has designed a pencil sharpener with two blades and holes of different sizes. It is designed to fit about 3 pencil sizes. One significant benefit of this pencil sharpener is that you can easily clean the blades as it is provided with a removable blade-cleaning tool.


Purchasing the Kylie Pencil Sharpener is a good idea because it is from the same brand and is made for it. So you wouldn’t have to worry about any failures or regrets of buying it.

If you decide not to buy a sharpener from the brand and use one you might have at home, you should check if it is sharp enough. The brand itself says to make sure that you use a sharp-blade sharpener. Using a dull or worn-out one will only lead to the improper sharpening of your lip liner, thereby wasting the creamy pigmented liner in the form of chunks.

After using a good sharpener, hold it on a firm area. Place the liner in the desired hole and lightly press and twist it. Keep doing the same without putting pressure on it. Also, ensure you get it out of the sharpener within a few twists to check how sharp it has gotten rather than over-sharpening it and wasting the product.

Sharpen Your Kylie Lip Liner Without a Sharpener

Life is all about trying different things and several hacks that may or may not be better than the original idea. In this context, there are several other ideas that you can use to sharpen your Kylie Lip liner. 

But before you move forward, make sure you know this viral hack to ‘refrigerate’ your lip liner. Yes, you heard that right. This is primarily for creamy liners that are very smooth. Refrigerating them will make them quite hard and make the sharpening procedure somewhat simpler by not cutting off the creamy part quickly. 

  • Using Scissors

Using a pair of scissors is an excellent alternative to a sharpener. Plus, everyone has this at their home at all times. All you need to do is keep the head of the liner between the blades of the scissors and apply a certain amount of pressure in the upward direction. Keep doing this by changing certain angles till you get a pointed tip.

  • Using A Knife

A knife also comes in handy while sharpening specific stuff. This works like scissors. Place the knife at the base of the tip and start moving it in the opposite direction of yours. Do not sharpen it by pushing the knife toward your body, as you may accidentally cut yourself. 


Just as much as you love your liners, you have to use them properly too. Using a blunt worn-out tip liner will only make you redo your makeup because of improper overlining of lips. So if you were looking for an answer to how to sharpen Kylie lip liner? Here’s your guide to make sure you sharpen your liners the right way without compromising your makeup skills!

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