Iconic Lip Gloss Review | Perfect Gift For Your Lips?

We all love to cling to gloss’s magic, especially the iridescent shimmer it carries with itself. Lip glosses reached their height of fame in the retro age of the 1970s when celebs made the public drool with their influential looks. This Iconic Lip Gloss Review will reveal the truth about the most hyped lip gloss, whether it’s something you need every day or just bogus. 

Iconic Lip Gloss Review

Cushion-soft lips are one thing, and glamorously-lit crescents are another, but how wonderful would it be if your lip gloss had the best of both worlds? The beauty editors desk will say it all, the Lip Plumping Gloss from Iconic London has created a rave among beauty enthusiasts who have been opting for this gloss for its staying power and, of course, the dazzling sheen effect. But is that all a gloss should offer you? Are you eager to find out the truth? Get, set, go!

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Iconic Lip Gloss Review | Perfect Gift For Your Lips?

If we require anything to maximize that pout, it would be some good lip tints, which are a prominent mainstay in the makeup town! The gloss has been romanticized enough in the past and continues to the present, for they work against all odds to let all focus fall on your lips. When we conducted the Iconic London Lip Plumping Gloss review, according to many trusted sources, it was revealed that the gloss has a high-shine solid game, which may just turn all tables!

Iconic Lip Plumping Gloss Peek A Boo has been a crazy hit among users for its irresistible shade, a bright, cotton candy pink color. With just one swipe, you will be ready to impress them at your rendezvous! What we like most about it is its skin-loving formula, which has been incorporated with a healthy blend of biomimetic peptides, aloe vera, and green coffee. Frescolat helps refreshen your lips by infusing them with a cooling sensation that lingers and tingles!

Users said they found the London Lip Gloss on their radar whenever they opted for vegan and cruelty-free stuff. The brand has great value for your safety, which is why no parabens are included in the composition. But does this mean we can rely upon it? Let’s keep looking!

How To Apply The Iconic Lip Gloss To Get The Most Out Of It?

  • Exfoliating is the key! Make sure to scrub out all the dead cells and impurities. This gives a much more stunning look to the lips. 
  • Now you may choose to moisturize a bit or not; it’s entirely up to you. 
  • Take the wand and apply a generous coat, layering your lips thoroughly. Don’t miss out on small corners. 
  • Elevate your pout game!


  • Non-greasy 
  • It has a high-shine formula 
  • Infused with biomimetic peptide 
  • Stimulates collagen, which gives more voluminous lips
  • Accompanied by a fresh scent of mint 
  • Menthol gives a cool tingling sensation 
  • Blend of nourishing ingredients 
  • Cruelty-free and 100% vegan 
  • Paraben-free 
  • Soft and smooth lips
  • Delivers fuller and hydrated lips 
  • Available in 8 exquisite shades 
  • It suits all skin tones

Iconic London Lip Gloss Swatches


  • It may not stay on the lips very long 
  • The formula involves less pigmentation 

Why Should You Choose Iconic Lip Gloss?

Luscious lips 

Picture-perfect lips can be possible when you have Iconic London Lip Plumping Gloss at your aid. The formula is non-drying and non-sticky and settles on your lips like butter. With a high-plumping power, it revamps your Cupid’s bow, amplifying the edges of your lips. This gives you a glossy pout and the right confidence to flaunt it!

Awe-mazing shades 

There are eight queer shades to spice up your lips in their enigmatic silky finish. These shades include colors like taupe, bright pink, mid pink, candy pink, cream peach, brown nude, pastel pink, and dark cherry. 

But first, health!

Featuring a healthy blend infused with biomimetic peptides, the composition of the gloss helps stimulate collagen production, which firms and accentuates the look of your lips, making them lustrous and fuller. Toning green coffee oil supplies moisture to your lips and keeps them soft, while aloe vera extracts coat a layer of relief. 

Safe for skin 

Iconic London takes pride in providing its clients with the highest quality products that are entry safe for their skin. Each product possesses a 100% vegan composition and does not include nasties like parabens. The brand never tests its products on animals. Therefore Iconic London is cruelty-free,  making it a reliable option for your delicate skin.

Customer Feedback | Iconic Lip Gloss Review

Marina expressed, “I love this gloss as it makes my lips feel very moisturized and soft. I usually have dry lips, so I don’t like wearing lipstick too often. This gloss makes up for all that and plumps up my lips. It is non-sticky, so I feel comfortable wearing it throughout the day. I am getting this again!”

Chloe pinned, “I wanted to love this as all my cousins were praising this product like anything. So when I bought it from the store, I thought it would enhance my lips, but no. the gloss came off very quickly, and I had to reapply it. I remember it did not add any plumping effect to my lips like I thought it would. I wish I had gotten something else.”

Irene mentioned, “This baby is a complete wow from all the glosses I have ever had! The formula is very gentle and brings a cooling sensation to your lips which I find amazing. Also, I love trying different shades; this range has many sultry colors to match your skin. I don’t know why I didn’t know about this earlier!”

Becky S. said, “Not satisfied with the price at which this is available. I usually believe lip glosses are suitable for everyday use and should be sold at affordable prices so everyone can enjoy their advantages. This was not the case for me here. I would prefer going for other options at cheaper rates so that I can use them regularly, without indulging in so much expenditure.”

Samantha commented, “Have and always will be a big fan of lip glosses as they add some extra glam to my lips. I like being minimal, so I go for light and subtle shades than bring out my dusky skin tone well. The formula makes my lips appear very fuller and thicker. I love everything about this!”

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FAQs | Iconic Lip Gloss Review

Where to buy Iconic Lip Gloss?

You can buy the Lip Plumping Gloss from a couple of sites like Amazon, Ulta, and even Sephora. Or you can visit the brand’s official website and place your order directly from there. 

What is the Iconic London Lip Gloss Lovestruck?

The Iconic London Lip Plumping Gloss Love Struck is one of the exotic shades in their collection. It features a flirtation mid-pink color, with undertones of peach. It sits beautifully on your lips and compliments all skin tones without moving too much. 

Iconic London Lip Gloss

How many Iconic London Lip Gloss shades are there?

There are eight Iconic London Lip Gloss shades in total. These are named, Not your baby, Peek-a-boo, Sweet talk, Tickle your fancy, Lovestruck, Nearly nude, Feeling it, and Sexy kitten. All of them are in shades of pink, brown, and cherry, accentuating your lips by adding extra definition. 

Is Iconic Lip Gloss cruelty-free?

Yes, Iconic London is based on products that are 100% vegan. The products are never tested on animals, making them cruelty-free. The brand’s formulation is strictly against parabens, which is why the Iconic Lip Gloss is free of toxic ingredients. 

What are the Iconic Lip Gloss ingredients?

Menthol, sunflower seed oil, and aloe barbadensis leaf extract are some of the Iconic Lip Gloss ingredients. Each serves a unique purpose, like nourishing the skin from within by soothing it. This gives your lips a more defined look. 


A good lip gloss will go with all days of the week. Thanks to our Iconic Lip Gloss Review, which unveiled the truth. The lip gloss claims to prep up your beauties in a pleasing way and just requires a little bit. Ditch all those tints that dry up after some time; as the Iconic London Lip Plumping Gloss Swatches tell it all, the gloss range is here to surprise your lips with a shower of hydration. We know what we want this season, do you?!

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