Jerome Alexander Airbrush Foundation Reviews | Worth It Or Not?

Does your heart race when you realize you brought the wrong foundation home after paying a fat bundle? Beauty experts would understand what a terrifying scenario that would be just getting something only to put behind your shelves. While this situation has haunted almost every ardent makeup lover, your foundation must match your skin’s mood at all times! Meanwhile, Jerome Alexander Airbrush Foundation claims it provides the right approach to beautify your skin from within! But to unfold the truth, we’ve compiled a few Jerome Alexander Airbrush Foundation reviews.

Jerome Alexander Airbrush Foundation Reviews

Foundations never go out of style. They are like a stepping stone to make your makeup stand out. The MagicMinerals Airbrush Foundation asserts to all its users that it helps create a strong base. But should you believe this right away? Do we have enough evidence to back these claims? Let us find out!

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Magic Minerals Airbrush Foundation Reviews | Key To Creating A Perfect Base?

This hyaluronic-infused formula is a packet full of many good things. In summer or winter, get ready to invite that professional salon glam from your home today. The Jerome Alexander Airbrush Foundation is ultra-silky and melts onto your skin within seconds. The powerful formula imitates a natural-looking glow with the help of all its active ingredients, which strove to free your skin from the grip of aging signs, stress, and environmental damage. 

Jerome Alexander Magic Minerals 3 pack is the most extraordinary bestseller of the brand. This is because it comes with a liquid silk primer and a kabuki brush to set the foundation apart. The primer builds a flawless bottom, minimizes pores, and masks blemishes, all so that your makeup can last hours without smudging. It makes your skin glow like a diamond without forming any ugly streaks. 

MagicMinerals AirBrush Foundation by Jerome Alexander - 3-Piece Spray Makeup Set with Anti-Aging Ingredients for Smooth, Radiant Skin (3-Piece Set, Light)
  • BUILDABLE, BREATHABLE, LIGHTWEIGHT COVERAGE FOR ALL SKIN TYPES: Our innovative spray foundation provides full coverage in an ultra-light mineral formula. Light enough for everyday use, this buildable foundation makeup conceals hard-to-cover areas and gives you a soft, matte finish without caking, creasing, streaking, or causing excessive oil build-up.
  • INFUSED WITH ANTI-AGING SKINCARE ACTIVES: A proprietary blend of skincare active ingredients including Hyaluronic Acid, Argireline, and Matrixyl 3000 helps hydrate and brighten skin, reduces the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles, and promotes collagen production and skin elasticity.
  • PERFECT PREPARATION & A FLAWLESS FINISH: Includes LiquidSilk Air Primer which smooths skin and diminishes the appearance of pores plus hydrating, mask-proof AirFinish Setting Spray to lock in your flawless look.
  • EASY APPLICATION FOR ALL SKIN TYPES: Two included brushes – the Kabuki Brush and Slimline Kabuki Brush – allow for precision application and blending.
  • COMPLETE AIRBRUSH SYSTEM: Achieve a flawless finish in minutes with this 5-piece set, including AirBrush Foundation Spray, LiquidSilk Air Primer, AirFinish Setting Spray, Kabuki Brush, and Slimline Kabuki Brush. Plus, enjoy the nourishing benefits of Jerome Alexander Skincare Makeup

You don’t need to do any hard work as the brush will do it for you! It effortlessly glides onto the skin and helps blend the powder uniformly to bring out your facial features prominently. With this foundation at your service, get a bright skin tone like never before!

How To Apply Jerome Alexander Airbrush Foundation To Get The Most Of It?

  • Shake the tin can well
  • Take the kabuki brush head and keep it at a distance of two inches from the bottle head
  • Spray two fluffy sprays on the brush
  • In slow circular motions, apply the foundation gently without rubbing it off
  • If you desire a buildable coverage, dab the foundation on areas you want to achieve the desired look


  • It offers an alluring matte finish
  • Features microfine mist technology
  • Soft bristles to ensure the foundation mixes evenly
  • Proprietary blend of active ingredients 
  • It keeps away too much oil
  • Sweat-proof 
  • Delivers a silky-smooth airbrush look
  • Infuses radiance 
  • Cruelty-free formula 
  • For both days and night hours
  • Suitable for all skin complexions 


  • It may end up being oily.
  • The foundation may turn into an orange shade after some hours, as reported by some users. 

Jerome Alexander Airbrush Foundation Ingredients 

Hyaluronic acid

There’s no doubt that our skin needs this star ingredient as it is a vital humectant that helps ton the skin. The foundation has been incorporated with hyaluronic acid to plump up the skin and supply ample hydration by keeping the moisture sealed within the dermal layers. This potent ingredient also helps in strengthening our lip barriers. 


Argireline acts as the needle-free formula for getting rid of your wrinkles, fine lines, and crow’s feet, making your base look crumbly and broken. Preventing muscle movement, which is the main culprit causing nasty wrinkles, boosts collagen to add firmness to the skin. It also enhances moisture levels and delivers a youthful-looking skin. 

Matrixyl 3000

Exposure to harmful elements in the environment often leaves sour skin cells sucked up of moisture. Matrixyl 3000 helps revive this moisture and gives back our skin’s lost bounce. It is one of the favorite skincare ingredients and stimulates collagen, and hyaluronic acid, which thereby helps in getting a smoother canvas for your makeup. 

Why Choose Jerome Alexander Airbrush Foundation?

Active Ingredients 

The Jerome Alexander Airbrush Foundation formula has been specially designed by taking top-notch ingredients essential to amp up your skin’s health. Hyaluronic acid, which undeniably hydrates skin and diminishes wrinkles’ appearance, is one of the primary elements found. Apart from this, Argireline and matrixyl 3000 are also present. They help increase elasticity and collagen production and reconnect your skin with vibrance.  

Perfect Airbrush Look 

Known for providing weightless and perfect mattifying coverage, this foundation has won many positive reviews. It gives your skin a seamless airbrush precision by mirroring techniques professionals use. Whether day or night, the airbrush foundation will make you look more gorgeous than the rest!

Jerome Alexander Airbrush Foundation Reviews

A Lovely Kabuki Brush 

Did you know that the lovely kabuki brushes are inspired by Japan’s dance drama theatre, which denotes the heavy makeup used by their artists? Kabuki brushes are real cuties and come with dense bristles to use powder on large surfaces, like your face. It helps in even applications which makes it more reason to get your hands on this one!

Kindness To Animals 

Jerome Alexander is about preserving beauty and inspiring the masses to express themselves with the right makeup. Therefore, the MagicMinerals Airbrush Foundation and all other products from this brand have been crafted without hurting or testing animals. 

Customer Feedback | Jerome Alexander Airbrush Foundation Before And After Reviews

Samantha commented, “Being a makeup junkie, I have tried at least seven to eight different foundations in the last two years. I have to say this one left me the most impressed. It gives my face a professional touchup without any sign of wrinkles and fine lines. I am dependent on this foundation for my important events.”

Jenny said, “After reading such overwhelmingly positive reviews, I decided to buy this one. At first, I thought it was working fine, so I forgot all about it. After a few hours, my skin started to feel as if I had dumped a lot of products at once. I have to say I did not expect to see my skin getting so greasy.”

Jerome Alexander Airbrush Foundation Before And After

Elize expressed, “Can’t wait to repurchase this. This foundation is my absolute favorite as it easily blends onto my skin without looking different in patches. I am lucky enough to have stumbled upon this during my purchase.”

Monica pinned, “When I saw myself in the mirror, I thought I saw a clown. My face had turned all orange, and I couldn’t understand why I had applied to this foundation in the first place. I honestly had high hopes for this one.”

Jerome Alexander Airbrush Foundation Reviews

Gloria mentioned, “Buying this airbrush foundation has been the best thing I have ever bought. Its fine mist technology gives me the perfect coverage I need. This is not all. My skin feels very healthy and fresh throughout the day.”

FAQs | Jerome Alexander Airbrush Foundation Reviews

Where to buy Jerome Alexander Airbrush Foundation?

If you are looking to buy Jerome Alexander Airbrush Foundation, then you can make your purchase from retailers like Amazon and Walmart. There are often discounts and good deals to get the product at a reasonable price. 

Is Jerome Alexander Airbrush Foundation safe to use?

Yes, the Jerome Alexander Airbrush Foundation is safe to use, all thanks to its cruelty-free formula, which doesn’t harm any animals. The silk formula is exceptionally light and blends way better than other competitors. 

What are the different Jerome Alexander Airbrush Foundation?

Three different types of sets are available, based on your budget and other preferences. The 2-pice pack contains the foundation and a kabuki brush, the 3-piece set have the foundation, a primer, and the brush, and lastly, the 5-piece set consists of the foundation, primer, and setting spray, and two brushes to give your face a high definition finish. 

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Closure | Magic Minerals Airbrush Foundation Reviews

After going through many Jerome Alexander Airbrush Foundation Reviews, it has come to light that users have been religiously using the foundation, be it for Zoom meetings or everyday affairs. They loved most that it comes with the perfect tool, the kabuki brush, so 10 points for that! We cannot ignore the essential blend of ingredients that charge up your skin with moisture, thereby giving you a beautiful look. 

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