Loving Tan VS St. Tropez | Which One Is Better for You?

Laying on a sun lounger by the beach while the sun beams down on us is undoubtedly a romanticized version of tanning. If done incorrectly, sunbathing can cause rashes, sunburns, blisters, and irritation. You could suggest a tanning bed instead, but while they work well, they are not worth the hype due to their high risk of developing cancer. So, what is the best way to get a glistening, bronze tan without serious side effects? A self-tanner!

They can effectively help you achieve the desired tan safely and at a fraction of the cost of alternatives such as tanning beds. This Loving Tan VS St. Tropez comparison will assist you in determining the best product to achieve the tan of your dreams.

Loving Tan VS St. Tropez

Self-tanners are available in various formulations, including lotions, oils, sprays, and wipes. They essentially contain an active coloring agent known as DHA (Dihydroxyacetone), which combines with the amino acids in the skin to cause browning. Depending on your tan care routine, the resulting tan can last 8-10 days. While self-tanning products are far safer than sunbathing or tanning beds, they pose some risks, such as skin irritation, accelerated aging, and increased free radical production. Fortunately, most of these concerns can be avoided by selecting the proper formulation, using the product correctly, and following up with a good aftercare routine.

Loving Tan VS St. Tropez | Which Is The Best Tanning Solution? 

Loving Tan and St. Tropez are well-known for providing a wide range of tanning products to help you achieve the perfect tan that is easy to apply, looks natural, and lasts a long time. 

The vital ingredient in Loving Tan and St. Tropez self-tanners is DHA (Dihydroxyacetone), a sugar-derived active produced through a natural fermentation process. It reacts with the amino acids in dead skin cells on the skin’s surface layer to create a browning effect.

Upon application of a self-tanner on the skin, a chemical reaction occurs that leads to the production of compounds known as melanoidins. These brown pigments give the appearance of a tan on your skin. DHA takes about 2-4 hours to kick in and continues to develop for 72 hours after washing away the color guide. A tan obtained with self-tanners can last up to 5-7 days.

It is critical to select the correct shade of self-tanner for your skin. Experts advise against using tanners with high concentrations of DHA because they can cause your skin to appear muddy or even orange. While self-tanners are a safer alternative to sun tanning or tanning beds, it is critical to protect your skin by taking the necessary precautions. You must use a high-level, broad-spectrum sunscreen to shield your skin from UV damage and excessive free radical production. Also, you should perform a patch test beforehand to avoid skin irritation. There are also a number of self-tanners available specifically designed for acne-prone skin.

Loving Tan VS St. Tropez | Product Reviews 

In this section, we will compare two popular self-tanners from Loving Tan and St. Tropez, 2HR Express Mousse and Self Tan Express Bronzing Mousse, respectively.

Packaging And Claims 

Loving Tan and St. Tropez self-tanners are packaged in sturdy airless pump bottles to ensure precise and sanitary product dispensing. This packaging helps keep the product stable and extends its shelf life by up to 15%. These bottles are lightweight and spill-proof, making them ideal for travel.

Loving Tan 24 HR Express Mousse promises a natural-looking tan in minutes. Its formulation provides instant color that develops into a deep, dark tan that you can wash off after two hours. It claims to be streak-free and quick drying.

The St. Tropez Self Tan Express Bronzing Mousse promises a natural-looking, streak-free, and long-lasting tan. It is a completely clean and vegan formulation containing natural tanning ingredients. This product is marketed as a 3-in-1 tanning mousse, meaning it can produce three types of tans: light, medium, and dark.


Loving Tan 24 HR Express Mousse comes in two shades: Medium (suitable for light to medium skin tones) and Dark (ideal for medium to dark tones). This product offers a natural olive color.

There are no shades available for St. Tropez Self Tan Express Bronzing Mousse. It is a 3-in-1 tanning mousse that allows you to achieve a light to dark tan as desired. According to the brand, you should wait 1 hour before showering for a light tan, 2 hours for a medium golden bronze, and 3 hours for a deep, dark tan.


Some common ingredients in self-tanners are colorants (mainly DHA), moisturizing and soothing ingredients to achieve an even application, and fragrances to mask the strong, pungent smell caused by DHA. Let’s look at the ingredients in Loving Tan and St. Tropez tanners.

Loving Tan 24 HR Express Mousse employs a naturally derived DHA that reacts with proteins on the upper layer of the skin to aid in the development of a sun-kissed tan. We also find Erythrulose in the formulation, a sugar that aids in creating a long-lasting and even tan.

Loving Tan VS St. Tropez

This mousse contains skin-soothing ingredients like Panthenol and Aloe Barbadensis (Aloe Vera) juice. Both help achieve an even, healthy-looking tan while hydrating and moisturizing the skin.

The main active tanning ingredient in the St. Tropez formulation is DHA derived from wheat and rapeseed. It reacts with amino acids found in the skin’s upper epidermis, resulting in different colors ranging from yellow to brown. Glycerin and Aloe Vera juice are the skin-conditioning agents in this mousse. They are required to achieve a natural-looking tan while also moisturizing the skin.

Pros And Cons 

Benefits Of Loving Tan 2HR Express Mousse

  • Available in two shades (Medium and Dark) and sizes (120ml and 200ml)
  • It contains naturally derived DHA to provide an instant, deep and dark, natural-looking tan in just 2 hours 
  • Has Aloe Vera that moisturizes the skin and gives it a healthy glow
  • It comprises a high concentration of active ingredients to give a dark tan in just one layer 
  • Uses color guide technology to ensure easy and streak-free application 
  • It provides a natural olive tan that is seamless
  • The resulting tan lasts up to a whole week 
  • One 120ml bottle can be used for up to 5 applications, while the 200ml bottle provides up to 10 applications.

Loving Tan 2 HR Express Mousse, Dark- Streak Free, Natural looking, Professional Strength Sunless Tanner - Up to 5 Self Tan Applications per Bottle, Cruelty Free, Naturally Derived DHA - 4 FL Oz
  • Made By Tan Lovers For Tan Lovers – The 2 HR Express Self-Tanning Mousse gives you a natural looking tan with immediate colour. The quick drying foam dries after just 60 seconds and leaves no sticky residue. Our self tanner is fast-acting and the colour guide can be rinsed off after just two hours. Your tan will continue to develop into a deeper, darker tan over the next 24 hours.
  • Colour Guide Technology – The built-in colour guide contains an instant bronzer making the application foolproof. The colour guide technology ensures an easy, streak-free application every time. Our sunless tanner not only nourishes and hydrates your skin but is deliciously fragrant. Experience a healthy, glowing complexion with every application.
  • Professional Strength & Dermatologist Tested – Our products are proudly crafted in Australia using premium naturally derived ingredients. Our salon inspired formula contains high concentrations of active ingredients to ensure you achieve the most natural looking tan. It is long lasting, giving you sun-kissed skin without the sun's rays.
  • How To Use – 1. Apply moisturiser liberally to any dry areas, including your hands, feet, ankles, wrists, knees and elbows. 2. Pump the mousse onto your Loving Tan Deluxe Applicator Mitt. 3. Using circular motions apply to your body blending as you go. 4. Allow 60 secs. before dressing. 5. Shower off the colour guide after 2 hours.


  • Limited shades 
  • A few customers reported blotching a few days after application. 

Benefits Of St. Tropez Self Tan Express Bronzing Mousse

  • It has a 3-in-1 technology allowing you to achieve a light to dark tan.
  • You can achieve a light tan in one hour, a medium bronze in two hours, and a dark tan in three hours.
  • It contains naturally derived DHA and soothing ingredients like Aloe Vera and Glycerin to provide a healthy, glowy, and sun-kissed tan.
  • It contains tinted fast-acting foam that aids in applying an even and streak-free finish.
  • The formulation is quick-drying and non-sticky to ensure easy application.
  • Ideal for weekly, occasional tanners or those with limited time as the formulation develops in just 4-8 hours.
  • This mousse contains a non-irritating mood-boosting signature fragrance.

St. Tropez Self Tan Express Mousse, Fast Acting Fake Tan, Develops in 1-3 Hours, Streak-Free Finish, Vegan, Natural & Cruelty Free, 6.7 Fl Oz
  • SELF TANNER: Customize the depth of your self tan with our most advanced 3-in-1 express tanning mousse - wait 1, 2 or 3 hours for your desired glow
  • BEAUTY PRODUCTS: Choose from a light, medium or dark tan with fast & foolproof results that last all week with this quick-drying & non-sticky bronzer fake tan
  • AWARD WINNING: Enjoy a natural looking, streak-free & flawless tan with our signature mood boosting fragrance and no self tan smell
  • HOW TO USE: Use an exfoliator & moisturizer before applying then simply apply to our St.Tropez tanning mitt & wait 1 - 3 hours before washing off
  • VEGAN BEAUTY 100% clean, vegan friendly & natural tanning actives - makes a great gift for anyone who needs a little self care


  • On pale skin, it may appear slightly green.


The application guides for Loving Tan and St. Tropez tanners are similar, except for the waiting time. Here is a general set of instructions for efficiently applying self-tanners to achieve an even, streak-free tan.

  1. Perform waxing, shaving, or other beauty procedures before tanning.
  2. Start by thoroughly cleansing the skin in the shower with a high-performance exfoliator to remove flakes, dirt, and grime. Pay special attention to rough areas like the knees, elbows, ankles, and heels.
  3. After stepping out of the shower, allow the water to dry off your skin completely. Then, apply a moisturizer liberally all over your body.
  4. Pump some mousse onto a mitt and apply it to your skin in circular or upward swiping motions, do blend it as you go to ensure even coverage.
  5. Allow the mousse to dry completely before dressing. It could take a few moments.
  6. While the tan develops, avoid sweating and water.
  7. After two to three hours, shower to reveal a natural bronze tan. (Wash off Loving Tan tanner after two hours; St. Tropez tanner can be washed off after 1-3 hours, depending on the tan you want).

Customer Reviews | Loving Tan VS St. Tropez 

Loving Tan Reviews 

Cindy mentioned, “This is the best self-tanner available on the market. I’ve tried many tanners over the years, but nothing gives me a healthy, deep, and glowing tan like this one. It is simple to use, dries quickly, and does not stink. Ideally, you should leave it on the skin for 2 hours, but I wait for 3-4 hours before washing it off to achieve a lovely bronzed color. In addition, the resulting tan lasts an entire week for me. I strongly advise people to give it a try“.

Loving Tan VS St. Tropez

Karen said, “For a last-minute trip, I used this express tanner a few weeks back. This mousse is easy to apply to the skin and glides on smoothly. I left it on for more than 2 hours because I wanted a dark tan, but the result was a little lighter than I had hoped. It gives more of a bronzed, sun-kissed look, which isn’t necessarily bad, but for someone like me who prefers dark tans, it was too subtle. Aside from that, it worked flawlessly and left no streaks.

St. Tropez Reviews 

Florence stated, “I had heard so many good things about St. Tropez that I knew I had to try their tanners. I’ve been using the Express tanner for a few weeks and thoroughly enjoying it. The product applies smoothly, but most importantly, it develops quickly, leaving a medium tan. I usually prefer dark tans, but thanks to this product, I am starting to love the subtle tanned look. It appears very healthy and natural.

Loving Tan VS St. Tropez

Samantha noted, “This is a good option for a quick tan. I’ve used it twice and noticed that it instantly gives color to the skin, but it’s far too light for my taste. Furthermore, the color appears slightly green on my skin. I’ll try using more next time and leaving it on for a longer period to see if that helps me get a darker tan.

Frequently Asked Questions | Loving Tan VS St. Tropez 

Is Loving Tan a good self-tanner? 

Loving Tan products comprise high-quality, premium, organic ingredients. They contain a colorant called DHA (Dihydroxyacetone), commonly used in self-tanners and also FDA-approved for external use. After reviewing multiple reviews, we discovered that people were generally pleased with Loving Tan products. They offer a variety of products to help you achieve a healthy, sun-kissed tan in the comfort of your home.

Is St. Tropez better than Loving Tan? 

We believe it is challenging to determine which of the two self-tanners is superior. Self-tanners, like skincare products, react differently to different skin types. Hence, the color of the resulting tan varies depending on the individual. Furthermore, their longevity varies. Both tanners work similarly in terms of formulation and ease of application. Nevertheless, one difference between the two is that the tan achieved by Loving Tan is significantly darker than that of St. Tropez.

Final Words | Loving Tan VS St. Tropez 

So, who wins this Loving Tan VS St Tropez comparison? We think it’s a tie! Both products have their advantages and disadvantages, making them unique from one another. Nonetheless, based on the abundance of online reviews, we concluded that Loving Tan provides a significantly darker color than St. Tropez. So, if you prefer dark tans, Loving Tan is the way to go.

There are numerous reviews of people raving about St. Tropez tanner. While it certainly deserves the hype, some things people seemed to dislike about it were that it appeared a bit greenish and far too light than expected. Nonetheless, it is highly effective in producing a healthy and subtle sun-kissed tan.

These tanners are ideal for those who are short on time and want a quick tan. Both products develop well in about 4-8 hours and can last up to a week. Regardless of your pick, it is essential to remember that self-tanners, like any other product, react differently to different skin types. As a result, the resulting color and longevity depend highly on the individual.

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