MDacne VS Curology | Which One’s Best For Acne?

Want instant gratifications while dealing with acne? While getting rid of acne may seem tough, it is not impossible. Just the proper recommendations, and your life may turn perfect! Won’t we all love to be selfie-ready rather than hiding behind face masks all the time? It’s time we clear the air, so we have brought two efficacious brands to your disposal. U

sers have been unable to decide between the steamy faceoff of MDacne VS Curology, which has put a lot of heads into doubt. These brands lower the intensity of breakouts and help improve moisture levels, claiming to be second to none. 

We thought you might want an opinion, so we have laid down everything you need to know before you settle down with your choice between these two and can’t undo it. 

MDacne VS Curology | The Right Choice Is?


You thought your acne problem was gone, but you can see most flare-ups and bumps dumped deep on your skin. You have tried all homemade pastes, scoured through your pantry, stocked up all those pimple patches, but still can’t figure out a sensible strategy? While acne and breakouts are everyday heartaches, you should rethink your decision and take a more natural route for your zit troubles.

MDacne claims to be your best friend and offers a personalized treatment plan to help nurse your irritated skin back to life. The app analyses your selfie and will bring a complete guide to your fingertip. 

The American Academy of Dermatology states that benzoyl peroxide is the most effective ingredient for biding a sweet farewell to your acne. The formula of MDacne products is loaded with benzoyl peroxide, which graces it as the hero element, apart from other blemish remedies like retinol, salicylic acid, and niacinamide.

These are enriched with plant extracts that tirelessly reverse sun-damaged skin, weaken pigmentation, and apparent post-acne scars. Enriched with acne-fighting ingredients, MDacne preserves your skin’s health so that you wake up to beautiful skin. 


If we are being honest, breakout issues have been hovering around in our lives. When we thought it was a teenage problem, it evolved and took a more oversized shape, becoming even harder to defeat. Curology is another respite to such troubles and has taken over pop culture with an exquisite rhythm. Users are offered a single “customized bottle of a treatment cream,” with an option to purchase a one-size-fits-all cleanser or moisturizer.

Their products are fueled with healing ingredients that respect your skin’s barrier and lower inflammation. You receive medical attention from nurse practitioners and physician assistants. However, no board-certified dermatologist is present, which may feel like a disadvantage sometimes. 

Curology products are laced with azelaic acid and retinoic acid, which fight all your acne comebacks and whiteheads. However, studies have found these are less fruitful than benzoyl peroxide and salicylic acid, especially when inflamed acne seems troubling.

The star ingredient of this brand is clindamycin. This element is a known topical antibiotic with a reputation for bacterial resistance. Because of this, the component should not be used as a single acne treatment. 

MDacne VS Curology | Evaluation of Pros and Cons

MDacne Pros

  • Infused with botanical ingredients 
  • Locks moisture inside 
  • It gives supple and moist skin
  • Reduces pores and breakouts 
  • It provides a calming effect on the skin 
  • It keeps irritation at bay
  • Boosts skin elasticity 
  • Weakens appearance of wrinkles, age spots
  • Improves skin texture 
  • Healthy and nourished skin
  • Fights pigmentation 
  • Intemsyl hydrates 
  • FDA-approved topical anti-acne ingredients 


  • It may feel a little pricey at times
  • Some products come in less quantity 
  • Some users said it made their skin feel heavy

Curology Pros 

  • The brand offers a free 30-day trial 
  • Offers personalized skincare plan
  • Promote quick healing of the skin
  • Removes excessive oil
  • A cleanser that is rich in hydration 
  • The goodness of oats delivers smoothness
  • Hyaluronic acid deeply moisturizes the skin
  • Shea butter and aloe soothe irritated skin
  • Dulls wrinkles 
  • Prevents breakouts 
  • Weakens hyperpigmentation 
  • Entirely vegan 
MDacne VS Curology


  • Curology doesn’t offer supplements to support adult acne treatment
  • It may not be very effective for people suffering from severe acne
  • It doesn’t provide isotretinoin(Accutane), which is potent for treating acne
  • Skincare assessment provided on their platform is not as effective as an in-person appointment 

Customer Feedback | MDacne VS Curology

Celine commented on Mdacne, “It’s been two months since I have used this, and I can feel a lot of difference in my skin from before and now. The products are rich in antioxidants, which help eliminate acne with their powerful antifungal properties. I love my skin very much now.”

MDacne VS Curology

Rosie S. said about Curology, “After hearing about it from my friends, I decided to try it. I am disappointed with the results. My acne and breakouts have not reduced slightly, and my skin feels irritated now.”

Kenny pinned on MDacne, “They are a bit expensive, I have to say, and I wish they would offer more quantity. Apart from this, I am happy with everything. They suit my skin nicely and make it soft.”

FAQs | MDacne VS Curology

Are Curology and MDacne the same thing?

No, they are not the same thing. Curology will offer you a customized ointment bottle that fits your needs. You will have the option of buying a cleanser or a moisturizer. On the other hand, MDacne provides a wholly customized acne treatment. 

Is MDacne FDA-approved?

Yes, all of the MDacne products are efficiently approved by the FDA. They don’t include any harmful substances, which may worsen the acne situation on your skin. 

Does Curology clear acne scars?

Curology skincare is extensively known for assisting you in actively treating skincare, thereby controlling your breakouts. The ingredients infused in the formula help reduce the effect of marks and dark spots to some extent. Tretinoin is only found in limited products and helps to treat scars. However, it may not wholly vanish the imperfections and just lead to some improvement in the skin texture. 


We’ve ended the MDacne VS Curology comparison and have the answer to which one to choose. We all have had our shares of battles against acne and scars, and to remain the tough cookie that we are, we like relying upon skincare brands that pamper us with their personalized treatment once in a while. MDacne serves your skin well without triggering acne and can be the ointment to your scar wounds.

So if you want a detailed procedure, you can go for this as it provides many options to let your skin undergo the ultimate repair therapy. Meanwhile, Curology also answers your cry for help with their powerful skincare technology and provides an only one size fits all” option. Now you decide how you want that blemish-free skin tone!

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