Navy Hair Care VS Olaplex | Decoding the Better For You?

Previously, we had only soaps or shampoos for cleansing our hair. As time passed, we realized that washing our hair was not the only important thing. Improving hair health is also similarly significant. We have numerous brands that make this possible. The brands up for discussion today claim to fall under the same category. With a detailed report on Navy Hair Care VS Olaplex, let’s find out who wins this battle and your liking.

Navy Hair Care VS Olaplex

Navy Hair Care and Olaplex are two leading and closely-competing haircare brands battling to win a higher position in customers’ hearts. We hope we make things more transparent with this report and let your hair choose its new best friend. We will make your decision-making process less complicated and quicker with our well-researched information.

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Navy Hair Care VS Olaplex | Which One’s The Absolute Best?

We come across many people and websites telling us what to do and what to not. But is everything they blabber true? Will those tips suit your hair? Many of us tried and failed because what works on your friend’s hair does not necessarily fit your hair type. There’s a difference in texture, climate, hair health, etc., that matters when choosing a particular haircare regime. Navy Hair Care and Olaplex brand claim to have everything to offer. 

Navy Hair Care aims to create a brand that takes hair care to another level. Along with the individual’s perfect look, they promise you to enjoy the feeling of great hair. Unlike other brands, Navy Hair Care does not offer a large variety of hair care products. It has got few but claims to be effective products. Both brands have similar pricing, making consumers focus more on how they work. The products they provide are also readily available due to their popularity. Navy Hair Care has clean, eco-friendly, vegan, and cruelty-free products. Their products are also free from pore-clogging parabens and are safe for color-treated hair. 

navy hair care products

On the one hand, Olaplex uses Bond Building Technology to take intense care of your hair. With the help of its products, it carefully repairs the broken bond and rejuvenates hair. It also promises to provide tensile strength and restore hair elasticity. This doesn’t end here; a few properties of Olaplex products will further protect your hair follicle from breakage and other types of expected damage. Olaplex focuses on repairing all kinds of damaged hair. This brand has also got few products because they only focus on improving damaged hair, and they deliver this through primary products like shampoos, conditioners, hair masks, etc. On the other hand, we have Navy Hair Care which focuses on cleansing hair, promoting healthy hair, and safer styling. This becomes possible through shampoos, conditioners, dry shampoos, volumizing sprays, etc.

Product Ranges 

Both Olaplex and Navy Hair Care have a limited range of products, with a few similar ways of delivering their formulas. It’s through unique shampoos, conditioners, etc. These products are compatible with any hair texture and any level of hair health. Navy Hair Care promises to cleanse, protect, nourish and rejuvenate hair through its shampoos and other products. They have various serums and a hair mask for extra moisture and intense hair repair. Navy Hair Care also has safe hair volumizing sprays and styling creams and foams. These make your hair styling safer and healthier. The damage caused to your hair eventually decreases.

Popular Navy Hair Care Products 

Next, we have Olaplex, a brand that focuses on repairing your hair with its different kinds of shampoos. They have got an oil, hair mask, and different shampoos according to your hair type. For blondes, they have designed a shampoo to remove hair brassiness and improve the look of your blondes by making them brighter. The brand has a shampoo that removes hair frizz, split ends, and damaged hair type for everyday stress and lifeless hair. Each shampoo, conditioner, oil, hair smoother, etc., claims to improve strength and avoid hair damage. Here are some products from Olaplex that may be your choice.

Popular Olaplex Products 

Ingredients | Navy Hair Care VS Olaplex

Navy Hair Care uses botanical and natural formulas for treating your hair. Every product has something new in it. Its hair cleansers have cucumber for moisture, witch hazel to stimulate the scalp, and other ingredients that promote better health. Other products come with many potent ingredients, including sunflower seed extracts. Most elements aim at preventing the damage caused by UV radiation. Ingredients and their benefits differ from product to product. Make sure to go through the ingredient section on the product you buy.  

Olaplex has got its customers loving them for doing their job while being safe for hair. Each ingredient is safe from parabens, phthalates, gluten, and other toxins, making it safe for the scalp and the hair. Ingredients like glycerin retain hair and scalp moisture. It deeply nourishes and keeps them healthy. Moreover, it helps your hair grow faster. It also soothes your scalp’s irritation and itching. Propylene glycol is another ingredient that reduces bacterial growth and softens hair follicles. This chemical is safe for hair and is approved by the FDA. There are a few more ingredients in Olaplex products. An important one is Vitamin C. This ingredient adds collagen to your hair and promotes healthy hair by reducing damage and improving healthy hair growth. It eliminates dry hair, and unwanted split ends. Other common things like fighting dandruff, breaking of hair, etc., are also avoided by Vitamin C. Premature graying of hair is also reduced and avoided by this ingredient. It is known for its multitasking properties.

olaplex products

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Customer Feedback | Navy Hair Care VS Olaplex

Julia R. commented on Olaplex’s Nº.4p Blonde Enhancer Toning Shampoo, “This thing smells lovely and has excellent cleansing properties. It repaired my broken and damaged hair. My blonde hair looks more vibrant and healthy.”

Olaplex's Nº.4p Blonde Enhancer Toning Shampoo before and after

Ruby added about Navy Search and Rescue Shampoo and Conditioner, “These two have a good creamy texture, made my hair softer, and eliminated all my tangles. The price is reasonable. Not too high, not too low. One disappointing thing was that it felt heavy after a while.” 

Dairan said about Navy Dunes Black Clay and Charcoal Revitalizing Hair Mask, “It’s a good mask for postpartum hair loss. It made my hair softer, and there’s healthy hair growth. It cleanses the hair by exfoliating the scalp. This thing also made my hair and scalp feel refreshed.” 

Navy hair care results

Jessica added about Olaplex No.7 Bonding Oil, “This oil is moisturizing and weightless. Over time it added up shine, softness, and color vibrancy. It repaired my hair damage which seemed impossible. The quantity is less, and the price is charged more. Anyways, I loved it.”

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Closure | Navy Hair Care VS Olaplex

Here we are, at the end of today’s exciting battle between Navy Hair Care VS Olaplex. Both haircare brands have received great love from consumers. Its reviews on the internet are impressive, except for some who claimed that some products did not fully satisfy them. Navy Hair Care is like a usual haircare brand that makes products with natural ingredients. The cleansing and hair health that it brings through its products is all-natural. The products bring nourishment, healthy growth, and smoothness along with moisture. These products from Navy Hair Care are compatible with daily use too. 

Olaplex is also an excellent haircare brand that does not aim for usual hair care like Navy Hair Care. Their every product has the power to repair and strengthen hair which is also the brand’s core aim. Its ingredients also seem safe and free of toxins. People looking for powerful hair-improving products may go for this brand. Lastly, we think both brands are slowly getting better and more popular. We hope this report has covered every piece and corner of these brands. We will solve all the doubts and queries through our comment section.

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