11 Nuface Dupes to Try in 2023 | Budget-Friendly & Effective

Going under the needle to reach the fountain of youth can be too scary sometimes, so the makeup gods gifted us with the exotic idea of microcurrent facial devices. This helps revitalize your appearance in seconds, without you having to take a step outside your home. In today’s time especially when one is so scared to face the horrors of advancing age, a skincare regimen is incomplete without a good microcurrent device complimenting it. According to fashion reports, Nuface has made a stunning entry in this field and reached clouds of excellence with its groundbreaking Trinity devices. 

Nuface Dupes

But while we are all hearts for expensive tools, sometimes our skin needs the goodness of different things. We believe in keeping our options open, so we brought you some of the best Nuface Dupes you can try at home today!

Nuface Dupes | Handpicked Units to Try in 2023

Hailed as the leader in microcurrent skincare, Nuface claims to help your skin recover with its at-home beauty devices, that help channel your raw, and unblemished beauty. The brand’s NuFACE FIX® Starter Kit, NuFACE Trinity® Complete, and NuBODY® have bagged many awards with their skin–transforming innovations, which claim to remove wrinkles, smoothen visible fine lines, and dark circles, and help in the overall painlessly reshaping the face. 

The brand’s formulas are clinically proven and help deliver you the confidence you need. The devices contour, and lift within just 5 minutes so that you feel being beautiful is truly effortless. Microcurrents are not only smart in an anti-aging way but also help in ways needles can. Nuface assures you to correct yall the drooping points of your face, with a glowing promise to firm, tone, and enhance your facial features. The device works on special currents, to amp up your beauty so that you can devote yourself to photoshoots without blinking another thought of doubt. 

This non-evasive procedure has been the most sought-after of many beauty experts, but some of them often hesitate because of the price. So we bring you our top 11 edits of the best Nuface Dupes money can buy!

FOREO BEAR Microcurrent Facial Device

Are you new in the journey of getting a fresher and rejuvenated look? Consider your problem solved, for the FOREO BEAR Microcurrent Facial Device claims to boost your locked glow, by blurring out aging signs. The device is a treat to the eyes with a neat pink bear sealed inside a transparent box. What makes this the best Nuface Trinity Dupes is that it lasts 90 days on standby, whereas the Nuface lasts just ten days.

What makes Foreo Bear stand out is that it will get charged up in just 1.5 hours and help recontour your skin to accentuate its features, whereas Nuface takes a whopping 12 hours just to charge up. Users who tried this microcurrent device said they could see noticeable changes in their fine lines, which seem to be much more faded than earlier. So does this make it worthy of your time? We think so! 


  • It is entirely waterproof
  • It possesses a frequency of 185 Hz
  • The device tones facial features by stimulating muscles 
  • It comes with a T-Sonic massage which boosts collagen 
  • The device helps improve elasticity 
  • Diminishes the appearance of wrinkles, and fine lines
  • Infuses a well-oxygenated glow 
  • It amps up the overall look
  • Promotes a healthy and younger-looking skin
  • It is double the strength of Nuface Trinity
  • Takes only 1.5 hours to charge


  • It may not be suitable for susceptible skin, as even the lowest vibration causes a slight tingling feeling. 

SolaWave 4-in-1 Facial Wand 

We believe that the best skin-revamping tool should be something like a magical wand, which you can just twirl and swirl and get a glowing skin tone in seconds! Many Nuface Before And After reviews assure all users that the Microcurrent Facial device from SolaWave, qualifies to be your best dupe with its unique red light therapy!

Designed specially to add definition to your face and neck, the device emits visible red LED lights to target skin discoloration and aging signs and ward them off. Approved by dermatologists, the SolaWave has a sleek design which makes it the perfect travel partner for all your essential trips!


  • It travels into deeper layers of the skin
  • Emits red LED light to fight discoloration 
  • It offers a relaxing effect on facial muscles
  • It cuts down on puffiness
  • Enhances your complexion’s brightness
  • It helps bring down any redness temporarily 
  • It tones, tightens, and lifts the skin
  • The device comes with a 90-degree rotating head to give maximum precision during the application. 
  • It helps energize the skin from within 
  • Lifts nay signs of dullness


  •  The device stops working in the middle of the application sometimes. 

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ZIIP Beauty GX Series Microcurrent Facial Device

Talking about microcurrent facials and missing out on the name of ZIIP Beauty is just impossible! Including the best of both worlds, the ZIIP Beauty device works on both nano currents, and microcurrents to unleash your real beauty buried underneath. The at-home tool is perfect for your face, and neck areas, and participates actively in firming up your loose skin.

It has reparative abilities, which allow cell regeneration by pumping up collagen and improving your skin texture. Users who had the opportunity to try this beauty said that they were so hooked with the breathtaking results, they might just use this for the rest of their lives!


  • It comes loaded with Energize treatment 
  • Includes the goodness of both nano currents, and microcurrents 
  • Enlivens skin tissues from inside
  • Wards of dullness, and exhausted-looking skin
  • Recognized by Byrdie, Allure, and some other top beauty sites
  • Smooths your fine lines, and deep wrinkles
  • Adds life to the under-eye areas
  • Contours, firms, and tightens your skin muscles to give a lifted effect
  • It adds a radiant glow
  • Makes your jawline, and cheekbones more prominent 
  • A personal favorite of many celebrities


  • It is on the pricey side.
  • It remains out of stock mostly.

4D Microcurrent Face Massager Roller

After beauty experts started singing this facial device’s praise songs, we knew we had to try it out! And guess what? Reviews have revealed that the 4D Microcurrent Face Massager Roller ticks all the checkboxes to be one of the perfect Nuface Dupes. The Microcurrent roller stimulates cellular activity, penetrating deep into your skin, and relaxing your muscles.

This tones your tissue beautifully, de-puffs you under your eyes, and evades wrinkles and dynamic fine lines. The balls rotate 360 degrees to provide a good massage session to your skin. The V-shaped design ensures that your cells get good tightening action. 


  • It has five different adjustable modes.
  • Relaxes facial muscles and helps achieve a smoother skin tone
  • It helps in elevating ATP levels 
  • Promotes tissue repair, and cell regeneration 
  • Boosts amino acids which restores the skin’s natural health 
  • Corrects the appearance of deep wrinkles, and fine lines 
  • It amps up collagen content which remedies sagging skin and lifts it.
  • Available at an affordable price 
  • It contours and tones your facial features 
  • Reduces the intensity of dark circles 


  • Because of the electrical impulses, you might experience a painful sensation if you have silver fillings inside you. 

Tripollar Stop Vx – High Radio Frequency Skin Tightening Machine

We bet the Tripollar Stop Vx – High Radio Frequency Skin Tightening Machine will be approved by every woman out there, who wishes to reignite her relationship with youthfulness. This skin tightening machine is fully dedicated to revamping your dermal layers, and leaving you with a restructured blend of enhanced collagen, and uncompromised elasticity.

The DMA technology focuses on certain facial muscles and helps in tightening them, to give your face a touch of firmness. This tones your current layers and smoothens them out, to give you a refined version of yourself. 


  • It is suitable for your face, neck, and hands.
  • The device features multi-RF technology 
  • FDA-approved, as well as CE, certified 
  • It helps contour the jawline effectively 
  • It features a unique ELV technique
  • Reduces the effect of stubborn wrinkles, and fine lines
  • The device also helps correct skin texture 
  • Rejuvenates the skin from within by increasing collagen production 
  • It targets specific muscles to lift them 
  • It helps in smoothening your skin tone
  • Very easy to use at home
  • It does not include any pain throughout the process 


  • It is too expensive.
  • The device takes time to show results. 

7E Wellness MyoLift Mini Microcurrent Facial Device

Are you dreaming of that plumper-looking skin tone? Your prayers have finally been answered! The 7E Wellness Myolift fulfills your needs, with its needle-free treatment to accentuate the jawlines and other high points of the face. The device stimulates your skin cells by producing vibrations with its special combination of microcurrent frequencies that help in restructuring your skin from every inch.

It creates an optimal lift so that you can flaunt your gorgeous canvas. If you are worried about charging the device repeatedly from time to time, then let us tell you, you can charge it once and then forget all about it for the next three months, for the device has 


  • It is easily portable and lightweight 
  • The device features a powerful rechargeable battery that claims to last more than 3 months. 
  • It promises to deliver a professional-spa-like treatment at home
  • The device comes with a gel itself
  • It speeds up cellular activity to tone your facial features
  • It does not sting or pain at all
  • Helps get rid of wrinkles
  • Restores your skin’s natural bounce 
  • Elevates ATP levels


  • It might take longer to show noticeable changes in your skin.

UNOISETION Microcurrent Facial Device 

Re-educating the facial muscles, the UNOISETION Microcurrent Facial Device has managed to pave its way into the list of Nuface Dupes. The device consists of 7 colors of LED which are re-associated with different, and unique functions to stimulate your true beauty. Red is associated with activating the skin, blue wards off signs of inflammation, green soothes the skin, purple removes any toxic elements, orange balances out any discomfort, turquoise relaxes the skin muscles, and yellow improves oxygen supply, by firming skin cells.

These electric currents mimic the body’s natural process and assist proudly in giving your skin a newly toned appearance. 


  • It possesses 7 coloreds LED photons 
  • Wakes up skin from its lackluster
  • It can be used on the face, neck, and body as well
  • Erases aging signs like wrinkles, fines lines, and puffiness
  • It promotes a healthier-looking skin
  • Double light therapy to ensure your skin bids goodbye to acne
  • Tightens skin, and adds more definition
  • A perfect option for gifting 
  • It offers 5 different choices for the intensity of microcurrent 
  • Can be used every day 
  • It can be used by all age groups


  • It may not suffice the needs of sensitive skin. 

Sofida Anti Aging Microcurrent Face Lift Device

Microcurrent facials rose to popularity with their user-friendly nature, and ability to pamper your facial muscles without any penetration. The Sofida Anti Aging Microcurrent Face Lift Device has been specially crafted to stimulate cell bioelectricity to enhance the production of ATP, which will give rise to collagen, and help sculpt a neat jawline. It breaks down subcutaneous fat piling up on your skin and brings in a soft exercise for your facial muscles.

The current moves throughout your skin, filling up the gap of your tissue gaps and providing a moist, and supple skin tone. Understanding the needs of your skin provides the perfect amount of energy it needs. 


  • It decreases the concentration of wrinkles on your skin
  • Helps in lifting your jawline, and brow bones
  • Improves the appearance of your decollete 
  • Takes just 5 minutes to provide a good workout to your skin
  • It corrects your skin texture by adding some smoothness to it 
  • It fights age-affected areas and lifts the face
  • Boosts skin with energy and vigor
  • Users said that it added a plumping effect to their skin
  • There are six different gears to help sharpen your features


  • The current seems to be fluctuating at times. 

LEFAY Radio Frequency Facial Machine

The LEFAY Radio Frequency Facial Machine has a special ability to rejuvenate your dermal skin with collagen production. The radio frequency waves heat the skin which gives rise to improved elastin. This helps nurture your skin in many nourishing ways. The device has a special eye therapy, and cold therapy, where the former is solely dedicated to massaging your under eyes to remove wrinkles, puffed up the skin, fine lines, etc. the latter takes the help of blue light which prevents skin from swelling up, soothes inflammation, and redness, and corrects the size of pores.

The device is safe and efficient to use, so you can keep all worries at bay!


  • Repairs the damaged elastin 
  • It introduces heat waves onto the skin to enhance it
  • Pumps up collagen levels 
  • Helps in firming, and skin-tightening 
  • It includes both red, and blue light therapy
  • Penetrates deep into the skin to tone it
  • It introduces a refined glow on your skin
  • The device helps in better skin absorption 
  • Shrinks pores, and wards of impurities which make our skin loose
  • Ice cooling function to soothe your face 
  • Removes wrinkles, eye bags, puffiness 

Nuface Dupes


  • It may not remove your dark circles completely. 

MLAY RF Radio Frequency Facial And Body Skin Tightening Machine 

We understand with age, you start thinking of different ways to hold onto your beauty. This is why we have rounded up so many friendly options for you, which have been recommended by professionals themselves! Looks like the MLAY RF Radio Frequency Facial And Body Skin Tightening Machine is one among the lucky lot. The device produces heat, which helps renew your skin, by an amplifying firming action.

Apart from your lovely face, the device can be used to improve your forehead, nasolabial fold, face, neck, arm, belly, waist, leg, thighs, butt, and also stomach. It helps get rid of stretch marks, and even cellulite, which leaves a brighter-looking skin tone. 


  • It automatically adjusts the energy on your skin
  • Stimulates elasticity, and collagen to tone your skin muscles 
  • It gives a smoothening effect to your expression lines too
  • Helps ward off wrinkles, and fine lines 
  • Lifts skin from within 
  • It helps in removing cellulite 
  • Tightens facial tissues to give a cleaner look
  • The device features a built-in safety system
  • It makes rough skin touchably smooth
  • It serves multiple purposes and can be used on a lot of the body parts
  • Takes just two to three months to give good results 
  • It diminishes sagging skin

Nuface Dupes


  • The device may not work for everyone. 

Facial Massager, Skin Care Tools 7 in 1 Face Lifting Machine

There is no denying that facial massagers and face-lifting machines are the best your skin can get without paying numerous trips to the salon meaninglessly. You not only get the will in your own hands but can also do it whenever your heart desires. The Facial Massager, Skin Care Tools 7 in 1 Face Lifting Machine is one such easy-peasy option if you are looking for a Nuface dupe.

The EMS micro electric current stimulates muscles and helps provide a smoother skin tone. While the high-frequency vibration is especially associated with deeply cleansing your pores of clogged impurities like blackheads, dirt, and other things which often go unnoticed. 


  • It is a cost-effective option
  • It also removes impurities stuck in your layers
  • Helps in cleansing pores
  • Blue light helps in shrinking pores
  • Fights acne, and blackheads
  • Red light helps activate collagen production which lifts the skin
  • Gives out low frequency current to eliminate edema
  • Makes skin more defined 
  • Diminishes wrinkles, and fine lines
  • The device is very comfortable to use
  • A constant temperature of 45 degrees C to penetrate deep into the skin

Nuface Dupes


  • The device may feel too complicated to use. 

FAQs | Nuface Dupes

Is there anything better than NuFACE?

The ZIIP Beauty series can be called a better option than Nuface in some cases. Like, the ZIIP series of microcurrent devices that includes both nano currents, and microcurrents onto your face, Nuface uses only microcurrent technology to enhance your skin tone. The quantity of the gel received with the former is way more than the quantity received with Nuface. ZIIP offers a two-year warranty, whereas Nuface offers only one. However, if you are someone who is looking for a cheaper option, Nuface can cater to your needs seamlessly. 

Which facial toning device is best?

The industry has seen a splurge of many too-good-to-be-true microcurrent facial devices in recent times. Some of them are the Bear Microcurrent Facial Toning Device, FOREO, Trinity Complete Facial Toning Kit, and FaceGym Pro.

Can microcurrents make wrinkles worse?

Yes, microcurrent facials can make your wrinkles worse, but only if you overdo them. Excessive facials allow the skin to remain exposed to electrical currents for a long time, which may result in your facial muscles becoming sore. This further contributes to exhausted muscles, which end up making your aging signs and other imperfections look more highlighted. 

Is Tripollar better than NuFACE?

Many users said that the Stop Vx has helped them get quicker results than Nuface. However, you should remember that everyone’s skin is different, and may work differently with different products. It may also happen that Nuface works better for you than Tripollar doesn’t.

Does microcurrent work on jowls?

Yes, the device features strong currents which penetrate deep into the dermal layers and activate their action. This helps achieve a sharp and neatly sculpted jawline. Apart from this, the device also helps in removing wrinkles, fine lines, puffiness from under the eyes, etc. it adds an edge to your facial features and also eliminates the presence of a drooping chin. 

What happens if you stop using NuFace?

When you are not sincere in your usage or discontinue your Nuface facial treatment, it may happen that your facial muscles will return to their original state. because these devices offer you the comfort of getting a pro-level treatment at home itself, being consistent is very crucial if you truly want results. Nuface Trilogy demands you use the device for at least five days of the week for five to twenty minutes per day. 


Improper care of your skin can hurt its future health. To refrain from these unwanted situations, cosmetic industries have witnessed yet another revolutionary saga, or should we call it a new adventure of non-surgical, skin-lifting therapies. These microcurrent devices feature different wavelengths, to remake, and rebuild your skin, correcting all compromised areas. These Nuface Dupes are hands down, the best there is in makeup town, so hurry up before the stock goes out!

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