Pacinos Pomade Review | An Unbiased 2022 Report

Hygiene, grooming, and skincare are a few industries that have gained popularity in the past few years. Whether it’s a male or a female, both genders are highly concerned about their skin and health. This has led to brands manufacturing certain products concentrating on grooming. With so many products in the market, selecting the one appropriate for us becomes pretty tricky. Over the last few days, the hype around Pacinos made us intrigued about this brand and its specialties. In this Pacinos Pomade review, we will try to unfold every quality of this product and understand whether it’s worth purchasing. 

Pomade is a kind of gel substance used to style hair. They tend to keep hair in place and make them look shinier and silkier. Considering grooming an essential part of daily routine, pomade plays a significant role in this process. Therefore, the research on an excellent pomade always keeps ongoing. Is pomade by Pacinos worth a purchase? Are its ingredients safe for hair? Is it worth the price? Let’s answer all these questions in this article. 

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Pacinos Pomade Review | Is It The Best Option?

Pacinos is a New York-based company founded by Erich Pacino. He was a barber for 15 years, and his experience in this industry led him to build his company producing products for hair grooming. His knowledge of cosmetology and a hands-on experience of 15 years let him make the products suitable for all hair types.

Pacinos Pomade - Flexible Hold, Frizz Control - High Shine Pomade for All Hair Types - 4oz
  • Pacinos Pomade -Firm Hold Paste has a firm, yet flexible hold & a semi-shine to complement hair
  • Our moisturizing hair pomade creates dapper definition & texturing that's fit for men, women & kids
  • Ideal for straight, wavy or curly hair types, our pomade is pliable & strong for lasting style
  • Pacinos Pomade -Firm Hold contains soft wax & oil that enhances a natural-looking hairstyle
  • Pacinos hair products have a water-soluble formula & easily wash out of hair without sticky residue

One of the pacinos bestsellers is their pomade, which shines on hair and makes them stay in position for quite a long time. Pacinos Pomade is an oil-based pomade made with a pleasant cologne-like scent. The consistency of this white-colored gel is accurate. Some of its ingredients are as follows.

Pacinos Pomade Ingredients

  • Castor seed oil- castor oil acts as a fantastic hydrator for skin and hair. It is rich in ricinoleic acid that helps moisturize the scalp and hair follicles. Moreover, it fights off bacterial and fungal infections. This, in turn, promotes the growth of healthy hair. 
  • Pvp- Pvp stands for polyvinylpyrrolidone that adds a fixative property to a product. It helps form a nice coating over the hair that keeps it in position as desired. 
  • Disodium Edta- Its properties of being a preservative and a stabilizer make it a crucial ingredient in many hair care products. It prevents metal ions from depositing onto the scalp and binds with minerals to be broken down into calcium, magnesium, etc.
  • Glycerine- Glycerine adds moisture to the hair and strengthens the hair from its very roots. With the help of glycerine, hair becomes less prone to environmental damage and split ends.

Why Should You Buy Pacinos Pomade?

  • Nice controllable finish- Pacinos Pomade gives a fantastic finish to the hair when applied. Its easy application spreads it through hair and retains them in place. They don’t tend to dwindle and give a fantastic look. 
  • Washes off pretty quickly- It doesn’t take long to wash it off. The gel doesn’t stick to the hair well when it comes in contact with water. Therefore, it rinses off pretty quickly. 
  • It doesn’t harden up- This quality of Pacinos Pomade makes it stand out among other products. It does not harden up the hair, and even after a few hours of its application, one can quickly move their fingers through the hair without any disturbance. 
  • Makes hair look shinier- Castor oil and other significant ingredients in the pomade make hair look more polished. Moreover, they nourish the scalp and moisturize the roots.

Pacinos Pomade Review


  • Easy to apply
  • oil-based pomade
  • Nice consistency 
  • Decent and minimalist packaging 
  • Adds shine to the hair
  • It washes off pretty easily
  • Suitable for all hair types
  • Installment services available 
  • It doesn’t harden up the hair
  • Retains hair in place
  • A dime-size of the product would suffice for a single-use
  • Moisturizes and nourishes the hair


  • A bit overpriced
  • Plastic packaging
  • The shine might begin to fade away after a few hours
  • Artificial fragrances used

Customer Reviews | Pacinos Pomade Review

Dina says, “Pomade by Pacinos is one of my favorite pomades so far. It has such a nice and firm grip over the hair and doesn’t make them crunchy hard. I have a bit longer hair than usual. Therefore, I need a bit more than a dime size of this product to apply to my hair easily. It is pretty easy to use and doesn’t renege. One thing that bothers me is the price of the product. However, the installment service solves that problem too. Overall, the product is pretty amazing.”

Pacinos Pomade Review

Matt says, “I was recommended this pomade by one of my friends. Initially, what disturbed me was the artificial fragrance used in the product with ingredients like limonene and cinnamal. Moreover, I found it a bit overpriced. However, to give it a try, I bought it, but I must say the results are pretty good. It doesn’t harden up the hair and adds a nice shine. Moreover, it has perfect consistency. But still, I am not pretty impressed by the artificial fragrance and want the company to make some changes to those ingredients in the product giving artificial scents.”

Pacinos Pomade Reddit Reviews

Daniel says, “Pomade by Pacinos has a perfect texture and consistency. Since it’s an oil-based formula, it doesn’t let hair dry out and nourishes it. My hand doesn’t stick into my hair even after a few hours of its application. I found the product to be pretty good, but I feel it doesn’t wash off easily. One needs to wash their hair thoroughly to get rid of it.”

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FAQs | Pacinos Pomade Review

Is Pacinos Pomade good for hair? 

Pacinos Pomade is suitable for many hair types. Some of its ingredients are pretty good for hair, but a few ingredients aren’t well suited for hair. Therefore, one must consider the elements and their concentration in the pomade before purchasing it.

Does Pacinos Pomade harden up the hair?

No, it doesn’t harden up the hair or make them crisp. In contrast, it brings in quite a fine texture and feel to the hair and makes them look shiny.

How to apply the Pomade by Pacinos?

It’s recommended to take a dime-size of the product on your fingers. Then rub it over your palms and apply it to the hair while giving them the texture and design you prefer. 


Is Pacinos Pomade worth a purchase? You must have got an answer to this question after reading this Pacinos Pomade review. To be precise, the answer is yes. It’s worth a try. One of the fantastic qualities of this pomade is that it doesn’t harden up at all.

Moreover, the glow it adds to the hair is an add-on benefit. One thing that might disturb you is the price of the product. It is a bit overpriced, but the installment facility also solves this problem. Though everybody has different hair, one must thoroughly go through the ingredients list to avoid unwanted surprises. 

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