PMD VS Trophy Skin | The Wiser Deal For You Is?

If you want to purge all impurities from every last pore, we just have one word to say – Microdermabrasion. This iconic way of revamping your skin is a whole new planet of beauty, and if you are a newbie, messing up with your skin might not be a good idea to start your journey! Luckily, we have some advice lined up just for you! The battle between PMD VS Trophy Skin has been the roundtable discussion in many brunches, who argue which the hero is of the two. 

PMD VS Trophy Skin

The obsessed culture of getting a radiant skin tone has tuned many heads towards this therapy, which utilizes unique ways to get your healthy skin back! Rather than spending hours layering your skin with serums, facial oils, and whatnot, these brands believe in extracting and sucking out the rigid and filthy layer of dirt and grime basking on your skin, which often steals your glow. Microcurrent or Microderm? If you are too confused like the rest and don’t know what to choose, given below are two non-evasive ways to get the best skin, so allow us to walk you through them!

PMD VS Trophy Skin | The Wiser Deal For You Is?

Product range 

We all love skincare magic advanced devices offered with just the click of a button. PMD is one of them! The brand has been highlighted a lot for its five revolutionary microdermabrasion treatments like the  PMD Personal Microderm Classic, PMD Personal Microderm Pro, PMD Personal Microderm Man, and PMD Beauty Personal Microderm Elite Pro, and the PMD Personal Microderm Plus with Daily Regeneration System. Together they help eliminate all wrinkles from your face, smoothening your skin tone, blurring the appearance of blemishes, sun spots, dark spots, and pore size. 

At the same time, Trophy Skin has four unique devices it feels most proud of. These are the  MicrodermMD: The At-Home Exfoliator, UltradermMD: The Complete Care System, Rejuvaderm MD: The On-The-Go Exfoliator, and the MiniMD: The Mini Miracle Worker. The brand claims that it helps women find their hidden beauty under that stubborn sheet of dirt and helps uncover it with its trailblazing formulas. 


Talking about the winner of the two when dealing with effectiveness, both promise the same motive: empower you by revitalizing your skin from its lackluster. While PMD achieves this with its unique aluminum oxide crystals, Trophy SKin does the same with its most-raved-about diamond tips. Both methods involve gentle abrasion and suction therapy. They pull out the dirty layer and amp up cell turnover to give you a flawless skin tone! 

Design & Specifications 

PMD may have a better reputation than the two because they are much lighter in weight and assist you better in your comfortable home sessions. While the devices from the brand are easily portable, Trophy’s are a bit bulkier and may make you sweaty! The former is about 6 inches, while the latter measures about 8 to 10 inches. However, users may be inclined more towards Trophy SKin because their products come with an inbuilt auto mode for beginners, which is absent in PMD. 

Price point 

We wouldn’t lie to you, telling you that PMD will cost you around 159 dollars to accentuate your appearance. But if you are bent on getting the best for your skin, you might think about giving away some extra dollars and bringing the Trophy SKin home at 199 dollars! 

PMD VS Trophy Skin | Evaluation Of Pros And Cons

PMD Pros

  • Cheaper than Trophy Skin
  • The machines are easily portable 
  • The suction heads have a patented spinning disc
  • It has aluminum oxide crystals to rejuvenate your skin’s softness
  • Ensure optimal exfoliation of deal cells 
  • Unleash a radiant and glowing complexion
  • Smoothens skin texture and unclogs pores
  • Diminishes signs of blemishes
  • Eliminates aging signs like wrinkles, and fine lines
  • It gives five types of microdermabrasion machines 
  • Enhances absorption rate by making it 20x better


  • It may not be suitable for sensitive skin.

Trophy Skin Pros

  • Removes the layer of dead skin cells
  • It reveals a fresh glow
  • Promotes a healthier skin tone
  • It helps smoothen your visible fine lines and wrinkles
  • Improves the condition of clogged pores
  • Has different modes of suction power levels
  • It has a unique diamond tip to ward off acne scars, sun spots, and aging signs.
  • Offer four different kinds of microdermabrasion machines
  • Enhances blood circulation leading to a renewal of skin
  • It goes with all skin types


  • The devices are a bit expensive.
  • It may not reach all parts of your face like the crevices of the nose. 
  • The product may not work for everyone. 

Customer Feedback | PMD VS Trophy Skin 

Carrie talked about PMD, “This has given my skin another chance to feel youthful again. I always used to be embarrassed by my tough wrinkles and rough skin tone, so I had to skip events usually. Thanks to this machine, it is not the case anymore. My face looks revived and energized than before.”

PMD VS Trophy Skin

Melania said on Trophy, “I wouldn’t recommend spending so many dollars on this when I can easily get a cheaper alternative in the drugstore, which would do the same job for me. Also, my friend told me that it sometimes takes too long to show results, so a big no for me at least.”

PMD VS Trophy Skin

Samantha pinned on Trophy, “My skin used to look very dull now, and no matter what treatments I got, or cleansers I used, it would always look exhausted. This device helped me regain my younger-looking skin tone by removing all the dirty layers on my skin’s surface. It also helped in improving the appearance of my pores.”

FAQs | PMD VS Trophy Skin 

How often should you use Trophy Skin Microdermabrasion?

When dealing with these skin treatments, ensure not to indulge in them too much as they can hamper your delicate layers. According to reports, it has been suggested that one should use the Trophy Skin Microdermabrasion one to three times a week to see promising differences in their skin. 

Does the PMD get rid of blackheads?

The PMD does not precisely remove your blackheads. This popular microdermabrasion treatment focuses more on removing the dirty layer of impurities on your skin’s crust, which is the primary reason for causing ugly breakouts, blackheads, and acne. 

Which PMD device is the best?

According to reviews, users have expressed that the Personal Microderm Classic from PMD beauty is hands down the best the beauty brand has to offer. With a price point that is cheaper than the rest, the spinning disc technology in the devices helps dull your wrinkles, boosts collagen production, and gives you more radiant, bouncy, and touchably smoother skin.

What is the best home microdermabrasion system?

The PMD Personal Microderm Classic, Neutrogena Microdermabrasion Starter Kit, Silk’n Prestige Bundle, and the Michael Todd Beauty Sonic Microdermabrasion Pore Extraction System are some of the stunning microdermabrasion treatments there are in business!


If you have been contemplating PMD VS Trophy Skin, you caught us just in time! Both brands have almost equal benefits in enhancing your skin’s health. They help clear the congestion hiding under your skin so that you spend the rest of the season with a gorgeous and recharged skin tone. If you don’t have to worry about saving every little cent, we suggest you go with Trophy, for it has an auto mode which will suffice the beginners seamlessly. 

At the same time, if you don’t want anything too flashy, you can settle for the cheaper option of the two, which is PMD. in the end, it is up to you on which professional brand you would want to trust your skin with. We hope all doubts have vanished into thin air, and even if there are any, reach out to us, and we will be there! 

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