Rodan and Fields VS Obagi | Which Is The Worthy Skincare Brand?

We love to get insight on vanity secrets of celebs, be it that expensive roll-on or lip mask. Everything about skincare will fascinate you if you are a natural, like us. We certainly believe so! Our skin often changes with age, and with this come all the different needs to take care of other skin issues. There is an instant treatment for almost everything, whether pigmentation, spots, scars, dullness, or acne. In today’s faceoff, we have Rodan and Fields VS Obagi, two topmost brands with a high-end reputation in the industry, for their advanced formula that revives your skin to the fullest. 

Rodan and Fields VS Obagi

While both brands have proved themselves to be better than the rest, the question still arises which one is the better of the two? As usual, will Rodan and Fields win the race here too, or will Obagi take away the reward tonight? Can we reveal the truth to you? Absolutely! 

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Rodan and Fields VS Obagi | The Worthy Skincare Brand Is?

Rodan and Fields 

After its lash boost serum became a hit, Rodan and Fields became very popular among beauty experts for delivering a flawless skin tone. The brand is passionate about giving people the best skin of their lives, so they offer a complete set of skincare, including cleansers, exfoliators, sunscreens, toners, moisturizers, and creams that breathe life back into your lifeless skin. 

The formula actively redefines your skin by infusing their 2% hydroquinone, which doesn’t even require you to get a prescription to get it. The solutions help in soothing your acne-prone skin, thereby reducing nasty and pesky breakouts. Rodan and Fields also help target melasma with its damage-reversing technique. 

The Soothe regimen by the brand treats your sun-stressed skin with finesse and is specially crafted for people prone to skin diseases. The star ingredients of their formula include Alpha-hydroxy acid and kojic acid, which strive to make your skin radiant and deliver your skin a plump and refreshed look.

The peptide complex boasts many anti-aging qualities, which help lessen your wrinkles, bring back elasticity to the skin, and repair every skin cell. What may make users hesitant to buy this is only the sky-touching prices that this brand stands by. The complete collection starts from 190 US dollars. 


The brand is known for its breakthrough formula, which has helped users worldwide reconnect with their bright and younger-looking skin. Obagi is the better option because it’s cheaper than Rodan and Fields, so half the battle is won! Obagi consists of 4% hydroquinone, which fights skin discoloration and treats melasma. You will have to get your doctor’s prescription before you dive into the thought of using it.

Obagi offers its clients a plethora of skincare products like vitamin C serum, products dedicated to eye care, hydrating cleansers, and luxe moisturizers that promise to give you that glowing beauty back. Getting healthy skin is now way more accessible, as the brand’s line of products helps combat hyperpigmentation and dark spots and remove them from their roots. 

Obagi’s complete ingredient list is another reason for being a favorite, apart from providing so many more subcategories of products than Rodan and Fields. The products range from 150 US dollars and help fuel your cells with the required nutrients.

The setback includes the presence of hydroquinone, which potentially may give rise to melanin content, which thereby causes skin problems like itchiness and redness. Obagi revives your skin and relieves it from swelling and dullness. If you are still thinking about why to buy this, get this. Obagi works!

Evaluation of Pros and Cons | Rodan and Fields VS Obagi

Rodan and Fields Pros 

  • It helps remedy uneven skin
  • Blurs age spots
  • It provides a calming effect on the skin
  • Peptide complex makes skin smooth
  • Clarifies skin tone
  • Keeps away breakouts 
  • Delivers ample mositurisation 
  • Softer and brighter complexion
  • Forms a protective barrier on the skin 
  • Defends damage done by UV rays 
  • Cleanses impurities from deep within 
  • Reduces the appearance of pores
  • Weakens fine lines and wrinkles
  • It goes with all skin types


  • Extremely expensive as compared to Obagi
  • Sometimes quantity is less in products 
  • Isopropyl cloprostenol present in its formula may cause skin rashes. 

Obagi Pros 

  • Fight and correct discoloration of the skin
  • It makes skin radiant and naturally-bright 
  • Promotes an even skin tone
  • Rejuvenates the skin from sun damage
  • Locks in moisture
  • Elevated levels of hydration 
  • It helps deliver youthful-looking skin
  • Retinol actively assists in clearing dark circles 
  • Heal and repair affected cells
  • Improve cell turnover 
  • Weaken appearance of wrinkles
  • Lighten complexion 


  • Retinol may bring an itchy sensation or make your skin irritated
  • As Obagi has 4% hydroquinone, a prescription for its usage must be obtained
  • Side effects of hydroquinone may cause problems like sunburn, or redness

Customer Feedback | Rodan and Fields VS Obagi 

Anna commented on Rodan and Fields, “Like every other girl, I am a fan of this brand because of their lash enhancing serum. What I love most is how dedicated it is to improve your feels very nourishing, unlike the other competitors whose formula feels very harsh and disturbing to the skin.”

Caroline pinned on Obagi, “How can something be so expensive? I love their Nu derm blend fx, so I have to get it at regular intervals as I am constantly using it. This really empties my purse a lot, and I haven’t been able to find its replacement because it’s so good. But I really wish they would bring down its price.”


Rodan and Fields VS Obagi

Leah said about Rodan and Fields, “I brought this moisturizer home after reading many positive reviews. I was sure it would work on my skin. To my surprise, I waited for four weeks but still couldn’t see any results. At the end of 2 months, I could finally see some improvement. I just wish it wouldn’t take so long to give desirable results.”

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FAQs | Rodan and Fields VS Obagi 

What is better, Obagi or Rodan and Fields?

Obagi beats Rodan and Fields in the pricing factor, as it is way cheaper than the other. Also, there are more subcategories into which the skincare range is divided so that you can find the right solution to treat your problem effectively. Both the brand’s products are formulated and recommended by dermatologists and contain active elements that target different issues with seamless precision. 

Is Obagi suitable for dark spots?

Obagi skincare range has been solely created to improve the appearance of your skin by freeing it from the shackles of hyperpigmentation, sun spots, or melasma. The anti-aging collection boosts metabolism and promotes cell turnover. This repairs the affected cells and replenishes them with hydration. All this contributes to charming and fresh-looking skin. 

How much hydroquinone is in Rodan and Fields?

Rodan and Fields’ Reverse lightning formula contains a significant amount of 4% hydroquinone, which is essential for rectifying problems like pigmentation, and spots left by scars and acne. It also helps correct melasma. The user can receive this FDA-approved skin brightening ingredient without any prescription.  

Closure | Rodan and Fields VS Obagi

As we end today’s Rodan and Fields VS Obagi faceoff, we hope you’ve decided what will suit you the best. Choosing between two good things is always the hardest. Bit this is why we are here to make things easier for you. Both brands claim to give your skin a break from all the damage drama and pamper it with high-performance products that restore your skin’s natural shine. Dermatologists swear by these brands when it comes to beauty regimens because their composition is packed with active ingredients that will heal every inch of your skin. 

If you are strictly on budget, you should choose Obagi in the blink of an eye. However, users haven’t been able to look past the benefits of the 2% hydroquinone to their skin. Getting a prescription is compulsory when you are all about Rodan and Field’s and may feel tempting to users to go with their former. 

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