Seint Makeup Controversy | What’s the Fuss? (Guide)

With new brands emerging daily, it can be difficult for a specific business to stand out. While many factors can make or break a brand, we believe that ethics is the most important. Unfortunately, many brands are only interested in profiting by preying on their customers. However, this is not breaking news; what matters is that you are well informed about such brands to avoid being duped by them. This article will address the Seint makeup controversy, which has gone quite viral on the internet, with many people speaking out against the beauty brand Seint. Without further ado, let’s unpack all the drama.

Seint Makeup Controversy

Seint Makeup Controversy | A Brief Introduction

Cara Brook, a self-taught makeup artist, is the founder and CEO of Seint Cosmetics. Cara is also well-known for her beauty videos on YouTube. In 2013, she launched Maskcara Beauty, a makeup line based on the idea that women should use makeup to enhance their true beauty. She also received Allure’s Beauty Bloggers Award the same year.

Maskcara Beauty’s name was changed to Seint in 2020, with a new mission to help people not only look but also believe that they are beautiful. However, many people are skeptical of rebranding. While there are many reasons for a company to rebrand, many people think that Maskcara Beauty rebranded to rid itself of a bad reputation and poor business.

What’s the Fuss? – Seint Cosmetics Is An MLM Company?

You’re probably wondering what MLM is. Multi-Level Marketing (MLM), also known as network or referral marketing, is a business model in which unsalaried and hierarchical sales teams sell products directly to consumers while recruiting additional company sales representatives. An MLM company mainly involves a hierarchy of roles to be ascended through successful sales or recruitment and is also tied to rewards and promotions for the associates.

Simply put, MLM entails selling products and services to consumers directly. While this business strategy may not appear to be problematic at first, there are several reasons why MLM businesses are considered controversial. Predatory recruiting techniques and unpaid labor of its sales representatives are two of the most common causes. As previously stated, MLM businesses are hierarchical, so if a sales representative at the bottom of the hierarchy makes a sale, everyone above them also earns a portion of the income. MLM sales representatives are not paid hourly but receive structured commissions at all levels.

Seint Makeup Controversy

Critics consider MLM businesses very similar to pyramid business schemes, which recruit members by promising payments or services to enroll others in the project rather than providing investments or selling products. Most importantly, pyramid schemes are generally illegal in many countries. Furthermore, MLM companies are notorious for selling promises and new business opportunities and also benefit from the idea that potential customers trust their friends and acquaintances more than a stranger selling products to them.

What Is the Seint Artist Program? 

Seint Cosmetics’ “Artist Program” allows people to join their company for sales and recruitment. The procedure is straightforward; register your name, select a makeup kit, and start. When you visit the website, you can choose between Basic Artist Kit and Pro Artist Kit.

Seint and its affiliated representatives boast about receiving free makeup, receiving discounts, earning money, and many other benefits. However, they fail to highlight the risks of entering such a business. Networking, communication, monthly fees, investments, and hard work are some factors that MLM businesses keep hidden behind closed doors. They strategically show you only the positive aspects of their company to increase sales and recruitment.

Too Simple To Stand Out? 

Seint sells a wide range of makeup and skincare products. When discussing this brand, people say its cosmetics are relatively simple and generic. They do not provide any unique benefits, nor is the formulation exceptional. A few customers also complained about the ingredients used in their products.

Seint Makeup Controversy

They said that Seint products contain ingredients that may irritate the skin, clog pores, and be harsh on sensitive skin. Furthermore, with so many inexpensive yet effective products on the market, the question in our minds is, “Is Seint beauty too simple to stand out?”

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Final Words | Seint Cosmetics Controversy

While most of this article focused on issues with Seint Cosmetics’ adapted business strategy, it is also necessary to emphasize a few positive aspects of the brand. Its products are reasonably priced, and a few customers report that they work well. Besides the Seint Makeup Controversy, their sales are skyrocketing, and they also have excellent customer service and a 30-day money-back guarantee. If you are interested in at-home red light therapy, then you must check Solawave.

We strongly advise our readers to educate themselves on various business strategies before getting involved in the commercial world. Companies like Seint appear to be a saving grace in times of need, but money is meaningless if your hard work and perseverance go unnoticed and unappreciated. When it comes to MLM companies, people frequently complain about hierarchies, additional fees, not receiving proper compensation, a lack of ethics, and other issues. We encourage you to make informed decisions by weighing all of the pros and cons before joining Seint or any other similar organizations.

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