11 Smashbox Stepping Out Dupes | Transfer-proof Affordable Shades

The perennial demand of bathing one’s luscious lips with extra sensuous color should never be underestimated! And not just any color, the magic of your lip shade is always better when it walks in nude! You don’t want to look too pale, and at the same time, save yourself from the embarrassment of looking too goth. The nude sass is safe and rules all shades, always. 

Smashbox Stepping Out Dupe

From all different hues, we finally landed with something substantial from our buttery-lips journey that gives you anything which is the perfect shade of brown! Users shared their thoughts, and according to them, we chose not one Smashbox Stepping Out Dupe but multiple.

Though the miracle of this nuanced nude is tried and tested. But not everyone is interested in stripping their wallet of precious bucks to get a gorgeous pair of whipped, mousse lips.

We have shared 11 Smashbox Stepping Out Dupes that are sure to be a win and are worth stockpiling! Are you ready to unbox these lovelies?

Smashbox Stepping Out Dupe, A Must-Have Essential In Your Vanity

Lipstick is considered the food of makeup lovers and is something every woman keeps returning to. Every woman loves the timeless power of looking feminine, with every aspect of her skin dolled up to every inch, and depends upon a perfect liquid matte lipstick to give her ensemble finishing touches. When Smashbox’s beauty first dropped on the market, it got people drooling just like their one of the most expensive Throwback Jam, and we understand why!

The Smashbox Stepping Out lipstick is one of the bestselling lipstick of the brand’s Always On Liquid range and takes care of your pout with its premium offerings. Be it super-rich pigmentation, a sophisticated plump look, nourishing blend of oils. 

This eight-hour beauty garnered heavy attention globally because of its shade which looks like a rusty chestnut brown, with fluffy nude undertones. This compliments all skin tones equally and makes it a one-stop solution for all those times when you can’t decide what to wear. The lip shade is budge-prof and does not feather at all. What users loved the most about this was the precision tip applicator, which carries the formula loaded with advanced polymer technology that adds depth to the lipstick’s staying power.

However, the global crush may not cater to all kinds of budgets, so we have brought you a list, presenting you most-loved beauty picks. People said they couldn’t get enough of this, and neither can we!

Maybelline Super Stay Matte Ink Liquid Lipstick (Budget Friendly Premium Option)

Unlike any other bland lipstick, the Maybelline New York Super Stay Matte Ink Liquid Lipstick can instantly make you feel better with just one swift coat of richness! The high impact of the color can help you get the spotlight on yourself whenever and wherever you wish to, for it comes with a formula with super-saturated pigments.

The shade Amazonian mirrors the original’s personality seamlessly, for both of them give your lips a sheet of a nude brown color and enhance your arches grace. The formula is committed to providing you with a smudge-free look and stays fresh all day without causing any mess of transfer. The lipstick dries into an irresistible hint of a mattifying color that will help you ace all those virtual meetings without a doubt!


  • It gives an intense payoff of color 
  • Lasting power of 16 hours
  • Easily Affordable 
  • Offers rich pigmentation 
  • Feels comfortable throughout the day 
  • Does not smudge 
  • It comes with an arrow applicator for smooth precision 
  • You can remove it easily 
  • A total of 36 shades to choose from 
  • It suits all skin complexions easily 


  •  The formula feels very sticky. 
  • The lipstick has added fragrance. 

NYX PROFESSIONAL MAKEUP Soft Matte Lip Cream – Abu Dhabi (Deep Rose-Beige)

It’s time you light up your mood for the NYX PROFESSIONAL MAKEUP Soft Matte Lip Cream has returned with yet another delicious shade called Abu Dhabi. The deep intense shade, which lies somewhat between rose and beige, mimics the look of the famous Smashbox Stepping Out and has got people talking about it.

Available at a super affordable price, the lip cream has a sponge-soft mousse texture, which offers long-lasting effects, and feels weightless on your lips. The tint forms a smooth matte finish, giving your pucker a more voluminous, redefined base. NYX has been certified by PETA as a cruelty-free brand as they don’t run tests of their products on animals, so it is entirely safe for use. The lipstick range has many loyalists, which sum up to over 35k reviews on Amazon!


  • Possesses a creamy soft air-whipped formula 
  • Dries into a smooth, mattified look
  • Acknowledged by PETA as cruelty-free
  • Lightweight consistency 
  • Users can blend it easily 
  • It has a long-lasting mousse texture 
  • It has a soft, sweet scent 
  • Non-drying on lips 
  • Total of 34 breathtaking shades to choose from


  • The product is not vegan 

Liquid Lipstick by Revlon, 075 #1 Nude

Most of us deal with dull and unattractive lips throughout the year. So when it comes to your special days, your lovelies deserve to be touched by something extra and magical. The Liquid Lipstick by Revlon in the shade Nude is a perfect example of why you need to ditch your everyday boring options and switch to this fashion statement.

The liquid formula feels like molten chocolate dripping down your lips and is accompanied by a satin finish that looks breathtaking. The lipstick offers full coverage in just one coat, so you would not need to add more layers. The lasting power of the food-proof formula is 24 hours and also prevents any sort of transfer. Wear this as the last step of your glam-up routine, and feel a difference when you step out! 

loreal paris


  • It leaves a sultry satin finish 
  • The velvety formula feels super comfortable 
  • It gives you intense coverage in just one coat 
  • It doesn’t stain upon contact with food
  • It does not transfer 
  • It lasts till 24 hours
  • Weightless formula 
  • It has 12 shades in total 
  • It has over 7k reviews on Amazon


  • It fades slowly and leaves the color in a ring form outlining your lips.

L’Oreal Paris Cosmetics Infallible Pro Matte Les Chocolats Scented Liquid Lipstick, Box O Chocolate

Give in to the ultimate pleasure of a flirtatious nude brown by embracing the goodness of the L’Oreal Paris Cosmetics Infallible Pro Matte in the shade Box O Chocolate. This dusky mauve has rich hints of brown beneath it, which changes the game! The lipstick costs just a fraction of the amount of the Smashbox Stepping Out, which proves that all beautiful things need not be expensive!

The formula claims it contains heavily loaded pigmented, which does not fade or smudge away easily. The consistency is creamy and offers a quick drying formula without making your lips feel sticky. The pro-tip applicator makes it easy to apply the lipstick so that no corner of your Cupid’s Bow goes unmissed! 


  • Available at just a fraction of the cost of the original 
  • Does not bleed or transfer 
  • The formula is loaded with pigments 
  • It does not feel sticky on the lips 
  • Stays for 16 hours without budging 
  • It provides full coverage in one neat swipe 
  • It doesn’t dry out the lips 
  • It features a quick-drying formula  
  • It has a pro-tip applicator for easy application  


  • It comes off easily after eating. 

Peripera Ink the Velvet Lip Tint | High Pigment Color

Having amassed over 18k reviews alone on Amazon, many beauty enthusiasts are crushing on this high pigment color from Peripera Ink the Velvet Lip Tint. The good news about bringing this one home is that it has more than one shade, like Cocoa nude, Nutty nude, and Rosy nude, which give a similar feel to the ultimate Stepping Out and drench your lips in a definite splurge of tint. The composition of the velvety smooth formula uses a unique adhesive, which contains a double-layer elastomer.

This makes sure to settle in the pleasing curves and grooves of your lips and give them a touchably smooth emollient finish that almost feels like eating silk. The lightweight formula gives your lips a fresh and rejuvenated look and lasts all day. Unlike other sheer recipes that tend to fade away after your favorite bite of a burger, this one has loaded pigments of high intensity that will prevent you from doing touch-ups!


  • It has more than 18k reviews on Amazon
  • Feels extremely velvety on the skin
  • Claims to last throughout the day
  • The formula contains high-intensity color pigments. 
  • Does not clump or feel sticky 
  • It comes with a precision applicator 
  • Lightweight and blendable 
  • Features double layer elastomer 
  • It suits all skin tones beautifully 
  • Has 13 shades to choose from


  •  The color transfers easily without staying on for long. 

NYX PROFESSIONAL MAKEUP Powder Puff Lippie Lip Cream, Liquid Lipstick – Cool Intentions (Light Brown With Pink Undertones)

Designed with a cute powder puff that kisses your lips, giving them a glowing color, this lip cream from NYX Professional is all about entering into your full diva mode! After a tremendous period of searching, we found that the Lippie Lip Cream has the shade Cool Intentions in its possession, which can be the answer to your wishes of getting your hands on an ideal Smashbox Stepping Out Dupe; that is as good as the real thing!

Featuring a rich, latte shade of brown, the liquid lipstick gives you an irresistible pout with finesse! The puff applicator makes it seamless for the formula to cover your lips and is blendable. The matte-cream mousse feels ultra-rich and smooth so you can be relieved from all the flakiness in the world!


  • It gives your lips a powder-soft matte finish 
  • Pillow-like applicator 
  • The formula is loaded with pigments 
  • Melts quickly onto the skin
  • Never been tested on animals 
  • Long-lasting effect 
  • It provides you with fuller-looking lips 
  • The range has eight shades 
  • Matches all skin tones 


  • The color may bleed a bit if you don’t use a lip liner. 

Flower Beauty Miracle Matte Liquid Lip Color – (Rosewood)

Your search for the perfect Smashbox Stepping Out Dupe ends here, for the Flower Beauty Miracle Matte Liquid Lip Color in the shade Rosewood has entered the cosmetic sector with a dramatic bang! This brainchild of Drew Barrymore assures that you can throw kisses, sips, or bites in its way if you like, and it will still keep its high-satin look undisturbed without budging.

The shade Rosewood is a typical nude shade, with hints of brown and peach, that looks vivid and does not end up creasing. Users expressed their views on this lippie, saying it had softened effects on their ragged lips, and the stain lasted longer than expected. Just one plush coat of this, and your lips will look like they have been infused with an extra edge! 


  • It feels soft like a cushion
  • Comfortable to wear all-day 
  • It does not cake, dry, or flake your lips
  • Super-pigmented
  • Resistant to water
  • It gives full coverage in a single coat 
  • Does not smudge upon biting, kissing, or sipping
  • Available at a cost-effective price
  • Dries into an airy matte finish 
  • It keeps your lips looking fresh 
  • Does not cause transfer 


  • The colors may look different on different skin tones. 
  • It contains talc in its composition. 

Colourpop Ultra Matte Liquid Lipstick (Tulle)

If there’s anything we love, it is an excellent satisfying dose of nude lipstick, probably melted, and that feels velvety like cream. The Colourpop Ultra Matte Liquid Lipstick (Tulle) is here to meet your expectations, as it is one of the most wanted lip shades by makeup divas who run after a rich nude shade to spoil their lips in. It can be great lipstick for dark skin.

The lipstick is known for leaving behind a luxurious payoff that looks intense and dries into an expensive mattified look, resistant to any transfer. The shade features a deep dusty burgundy shade with undertones of warm brown and claims to amp up anyone’s appearance in seconds. Economically priced, the formula is lightweight and rolls on your arches with pride. 


  • Delivers intense payoff in one swipe 
  • Glides like silk on the skin
  • Weightless and ultra-matte 
  • 100% kiss-proof formula 
  • There is no transfer of color 
  • It comes in a portable tube 
  • Cruelty-free composition 
  • Suitable for all adults 
  • It goes with all kinds of skin complexions 


  • The lipstick feels very dry and chapped on the skin. 

COVERGIRL Melting Pout Matte Liquid Lipstick, Current Nude

According to Amazon users’ reports, the COVERGIRL Melting Pout Matte Liquid Lipstick, Current Nude, is worth spending your money on, for it not only has a possible price point but also does justice to getting you a step closer to a good Smashbox Stepping Out Dupe. The shade Current Nude is an exotic shade ranging between hints of brown and nude hues, making sure to match all skin complexions in a super glide of hands.

The Leaping Bunny-approved cruelty-free brand’s gel-cream formula is supplied with heavy pigments that are super flexible and do not feel sticky at all. It comes with a cushion-soft applicator so you can define your lips with all the softness you want!


  • Flexible gel-cream formula 
  • 100% vegan 
  • Available at an economical price point 
  • Heavily pigmented 
  • Lasting effect up to 24 hours 
  • Puffy cushion-like applicator 
  • Promotes seamless precision in application
  • It does not feel sticky or stiff 
  • Designed with nourishing ingredients 
  • Never been tested on animals 


  • You have to apply many layers to get a nice layer of color. 

Revlon Ultra HD Matte Lipcolor, Seduction (630)

Matte lip lovers will love having the Revlon Ultra HD Matte Lipcolor in the shade Seduction in their vanity, for the gentle, lightweight formula is all worth it. Enriched with a sensational scent of creamy mango and whipped vanilla essence, many users revealed that the liquid matte formula feels enchanting to put on.

The brand ensures that they do not take the help of any wax to incorporate in their composition, which makes it 100% free from this toxic substance. Overall it has a gentle outlook to it and helps keep your lips look plush. The glass cylinder in shape is super portable and can be carried easily. So whenever you are in the mood for some brown nude punch, don’t forget to swipe this gel right on!


  • It does not contain any kind of wax
  • It gives your lips a luscious feel
  • Offers mositurisation 
  • It comes with a doe-foot applicator 
  • Possess an aromatic scent 
  • High in pigmentation 
  • The collection has sixteen shades in all 
  • It has a sweet price point 
  • Adds more definition and volume to your pucker 
  • People of all skin types can wear it 


  • The gel formula smudges too much upon eating or drinking. 

Wet n wild Megalast Liquid Catsuit Lipstick, Give Me Mocha

With the reboot of the nude lippies trend, Wet N Wild has been creating many waves in the makeup business with its cashmere-like formulas that feel as soft as silk touching your skin with extra care. It possesses many subtle and down-to-earth shades like dusty rose and cinnamon crunch, which will add more definition to the outline of your lips.

The Give Me Mocha shade is a bit darker and chocolaty brown, which has the power to put an end to all your lipstick woes. Wear it to rock your day out with friends or hit the dancefloor; your lips will be in their A-game throughout. The richly pigmented formula has a glossy butter-like feel, is weightless, and does not cause your lips to feel crinkled. If you are searching for a lipstick with lasting power, users said this one should be your pick! 


  • Super economical 
  • The formula matches all skin types with flair 
  • Does not dry out the lips 
  • Lightweight and non-tacky 
  • it has some serious staying power
  • Forms into a highly-pigmented matte finish 
  • Comfortable to wear 
  • Cruelty-free certified by PETA 
  • A favorite of many beauty influencers 


  • A lot of the product clings onto the applicator, which makes it time-consuming. 

FAQs | Smashbox Stepping Out Dupes

What is Smashbox Stepping Out Lipstick?

The Smashbox Stepping Out lipstick is one of the most sought-after shades clients love for its ethereal soft nude tint, which the formula brings to your lips. The consistency is weightless and almost feels like a feather on your skin. It is an organic blend of moisturizing ingredients which offer your arches a plush feeling throughout their stay.  

Where to buy Smashbox Stepping Out?

You can easily purchase the trending Smashbox Stepping Out liquid matte lipstick from Amazon. Apart from this, users can also visit the official website of the revolutionary brand and place their orders without hassle. 

Where to get Smashbox Stepping Out Dupe India?

Customers who wish to get a similar Smashbox Stepping Out Dupe can depend on Maybelline New York Super Stay Matte Ink Liquid Lipstick in the shade Amazonian which is a subtle nude brown color and lasts as much as sixteen hours of the day. There are other shades too from NYX Cosmetics that one can try out. 

Smashbox Stepping Out Dupe

How long does Smashbox Stepping Out last?

The lipstick claims that the silky smooth formula layers on your lips lusciously and stays still without budging for as long as eight hours. You can expect to feel super comfortable in this duration, and the formula does not dry out your lips. Also, you can still enjoy your time sipping on your lemonade as the procedure is water-resistant and does not come off quickly. 

What is the Smashbox Always On Liquid swatches?

There are 29 shades in total and feature names like purple taffy, stay neutral, which is a light brown shade; role model, which exudes a warm berry-like charm, bang bang, which is a yellow, red matte, tar pit, which is an intense black, girl gang come sin a plum tone, big spender looks like a rose. There are other corals, nude brown, pink, and mauve shades. 

Is Smashbox Out Loud good?

The Always On Liquid collection from Smashbox features a sultry Out Loud shade with a vibrant and relaxed tone of deep orange. This shade is yet another brand bestseller and has got amny eyes on it by makeup enthusiasts all around the beauty industry. The color beautifully flatters all skin complexions without any fuss. 

Smashbox Stepping Out Dupe

What are the Smashbox Stepping Out ingredients?

The Smashbox Stepping Out lipstick features in the brand’s popular Always On Liquid collection. The formula is designed with nutritional elements like a rich primer oil complex, jojoba extracts, hints of apricot, and sunflower oils. This gives the weightless liquid a plush definition and makes your lips glide smooth like silk. 

Is Smashbox Stepping Out safe to use?

Yes, the lipstick is entirely safe to use on any skin type. This is because the brand ensures its formula does not contain toxic or harmful elements like parabens, sodium lauryl sulfate, phthalates, added synthetic fragrance, talc, or any other ingredient that may mess up the normal pH of your skin or cause any adverse reaction. 


We all love a classic cool brown nude, but only when it is budget! According to these Smashbox Stepping Out Dupe, your purse will never run out of its jingling sound or get a dent. The uber-cool alternatives to the original promise heavy pigmented coverage, which masks your lips with a plush-looking layer of a sensual color. They help infuse more glam to your wrinkle to look delightful, delicious, and divine! 

You can trust them not to fake, smudge, or transfer, for they have become the latest obsession of every lipstick lover out there. You can never go wrong with a nude shade; these alternatives understand the need of the hour effortlessly. Make them full and pouty as you please, for these are on the verge of running out! So it is up to you, are you ready to make their jaws drop?

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