Tanceuticals VS Loving Tan | The Right Glow For Your Body Is?

Sunny days or not, self-tanning has got beauty enthusiasts obsessed with its whole vibe, and now everyone in eh makeup town craves to have an unignorable post-holiday glow. We talked to chemists and experts who seemed to have interesting theories. Yes, your tanner can, too, have potential healing abilities, thereby rendering your skin soft and plushy from a load of dehydration and roughness. 

But if you want that ultimate tan, you must put off enemies like flakiness and streaks. This is only possible if you have top-notch formulas—the recent affair of Tanceuticals VS Loving Tan has got everyone’s attention, so you must listen! If you are in the pursuit of forming a non-messy tan that looks and smells brilliant, this is your chance! But you need to make a choice!

Tanceuticals VS Loving Tan

You might feel like clouding your judgment upon seeing something luxurious and posh, so we have mentioned all the crucial factors you need to take into your beauty account to shine uniformly! Before you replace all your tanning products with these two lotions, hear us out! If you are new to sunless tanning, we hope this definitive guide jump-starts your routine! So which one do you think will win all rounds? We are placing bets!

Tanceuticals VS Loving Tan | The Right Glow For Your Body Is?

Everyone needs advice in life. Whether they are on the questionable choice of boyfriends or even skincare products does not matter! Luckily, we are all about finding things that suit and soothe your skin best. This is why we have classified different sectors under which you will get a thorough idea of what you are dealing. 

Product range 

Tanceuticals is an allrounder if we are to discuss what it offers you and your body in terms of beauty. The brand stands with pride; it features many options to pamper your body and face. These include body lotion, mousse, serum, and spray in different shades to compliment your skin tone. The brand also brings you a bunch of Prep & Aftercare stuff, kits, and the essential thing – sunscreen.

The SPF Drops Peptide Sunscreen is a new introduction in the brand’s collection and claims to repair your skin against the sun in the right ways. The aftercare range consists of a tanning mitt, pre-tan exfoliator, tan extender, back applicator, etc., and all you would require to ready your skin for that ultimate glow-up. The brand’s bestseller is the CC Self Tanning Face Lotion, in the shade Dark, which has hooked tan lovers. 

Tanceutiacals may be the crush of many, but Loving Tan leaves you at the convenient disposal of a product range that is much wider and claims to make your job easier. This brand offers you different mousses in different colors like deluxe, express, and platinum. It also gives you gradual tans in different ranges for your face and body. You can try bronze shimmer cream here if you want a flawless airbrush finish all over your skin.

Every brand focuses on giving you the perfect tan, but Loving Tan ensures you don’t have a hard time removing it. For that reason, it provides tan removal solutions and accessories. You can get your hands on the Deluxe Applicator Mitt, Tan Removing & Skin Polishing Glove, and an Easy To Reach Back Applicator, along with the different cosmetic bags and gift sets that would make for the perfect present for any occasion. The 2 HR Express Mousse is the best-selling product from the brand and is on the wishlist of many. 


Nourishing ingredients can be a game changer for preparing for tanning finals, especially if your goal is to flaunt skin that feels as smooth as butter and looks as replenished as a shot of tea! Tanceuticals deserve the spotlight because of this healthy choice of ingredients. Acai Berries, Mango Butter, and Vitamin E are elements that healthify your skin from within and encourage a youthful appearance. The brand also has formulations whose composition takes refuge under potent ingredients like green tea and carrot extract that are filled with nutritional benefits.

Tanceuticals VS Loving Tan

This brand’s secret ingredient, primarily responsible for infusing your skin with an irresistible color, is because of DHA (dihydroxyacetone). Your wish may be to look like golden hour, pale cinnamon, hazelnut brown, hot cocoa, or even coffee beans like the dark. The brand makes it easily accessible without visiting the hot tanning beds! 

Do you want to know about the tan which everyone loves? We have got it right before you! 

Loving Tan ensures its formula sits on your skin like a breeze, without agitation any part of it. For this, it mainly depends upon an element. You’ll find this ingredient in the gardens of almost everyone’s house in your lane. Aloe vera! Hydrating as it is, it nourishes your skin in the most advanced way and keeps away the creasing or breaking of your tan. Most self-tanners claim to offer the same formulation but we have it all sorted. 

Tanceuticals VS Loving Tan

By fulfilling the skin’s need for moisture, there are other ingredients, like naturally derived DHA, rich aloe vera base, green tea, pomegranate, and acai extracts. Aloe vera also absorbs excess oil, often preventing the tan formula from forming on your skin. 


You can expect 6 to 8 complete body applications if you try the mousse solutions from Tanceuticals. Trusted by over 300,000 self-tanners, the best-selling formula for the brand enhances the longevity of your tan by making your bronze glow last for 6-7 days. So nourish and pamper yourself without running the fear of ruining your bedsheets!

On the other hand, the tanning express mousse from Loving Tan promises all its users around 5 plus applications. The brand also helps you find your exact shade by offering you a quiz to take up. Tanceuticals also gives you an idea and lays down everything you know before you pick the right shade for your skin tone. 

Effectiveness & Results 

Tanceuticals offer you many options to be tanned. There are shades like light, dark, serum dark, ultra dark, and extremely dark. Depending upon your skin complexion, you can use these to pamper and revitalize your skin’s beauty. Be it pale, fair, medium skin tone, natural tan, or dark, there is something for everyone. The brand’s formula is organic and ensures your skin gets its conditioning and nourishment.

Tanceuticals VS Loving Tan

It prevents your tan from flaking up or causing streaks by making it softer and supple. You need not worry about looking beautiful, for this revives your confidence and manages to rock your appearance for the next six to seven days at a stretch! The brand is also about to launch its intense dark shade, perfect for all searching to create the most tarnished and polished tan humanly possible. 

Choosing the right formula for your skin is a big task, especially if you will be outside wearing that formula for days! After all, if your tan fails to do the magic, you can’t step out looking like an orangutan, right? Medium, dark, ultra dark, and maximum are all the shades you can pamper your skin in when it comes to Loving Tan. The brand offers you Professional strength formula designed with the most high-quality ingredients.

The recipe ensures your tan looks nothing like chemicals but like you have gotten it from the sun itself! This is one of the significant reasons tan lovers are always raving about this brand. It takes just 60 seconds to dry up and smoothens your canvas with the help of the plumping effects of Glycerine, Juglans Nigra (Black Walnut Extract),  and Aloe Barbadensis Leaf Juice (Aloe Vera). 

Safety & Side effects 

Hundreds of thousands of women and men worldwide have relied upon Tanceuticals because of the brand and its love for everything authentic. Global associations like Mayo Clinic, Skin Cancer Foundation and the American Academy of Dermatology have consented to this brand, saying this method of self-tanning is safer than sun exposure or tanning beds.

This is because the brand does not use any ingredient which has been tested on animals. Tanceuticals was successfully certified cruelty-free by PETA in 2013, and all formulations are pure and vegan-friendly for your skin. To ensure the additional safety of your sensitive skin, the brand prevents irritants like parabens, mineral oil, and phthalates. Although there is no mention of side effects, common reactions from using self-tanners include rashes, cough, dizziness, and fainting. 

Safety is primary for everyone who introduces a new skincare routine to their body. Now it can either go the right way or south! Loving tan ensures you suffer from no such dissatisfaction by delivering the utmost security you are looking for. All the formulas swear by a unique concoction designed with certified organic DHA. This keeps the brand free of nasties so that they can’t affect your skin or compromise its health in any way.

Loving Tan depends upon high-quality ingredients that are naturally sourced and thereby give no place to alcohol, parabens, or other harsh chemicals which might strip your skin of its delicateness. Both brands do an excellent job of keeping your skin away from the irritating touch of reactions, so it is your choice. However, what has been nudging some users is that the tanners contain a delicious fragrance, which might be disturbing for users with highly susceptible skin. 

Price structure 

Comparing the same heads of both brands will give a better idea of what is more feasible. For example, the CC Self Tanning Body Mousse from Tanceuticals offers you 200 ml and costs **dollars. At the same time, the Deluxe Bronzing Mousse from Loving Tan might make you feel a bit insecure while shopping. This formula is available only at 120 ml and costs around **dollars.

On the plus, the mousses here are priced differently. The 2 HR Express Mousse costs **dollars and give you 120 ml, while the 200ml costs **dollars, almost double Tanceuticals. If you are a girl on a budget, Tanceluticals will be your best bet. Also, if you want to get more, Tanceutials makes for a better case at the exact cost. 

Evaluation of Pros and Cons 

Tanceuticals Pros 

  • Rated as the best self-tanner on many sites and authority blogs 
  • It makes your skin feel smooth, like silk 
  • Offers long-lasting benefits for up to 5-7 days 
  • It does not turn orange or cause streaks 
  • Infused with a fresh coconut scent, unlike the fouls chemicals 
  • It gives you a natural-looking tan without being exposed to the dangerous sun’s rays
  • It contains rich and healthy ingredients that nourish your skin to the core
  • Add moisturizing benefits to your canvas 
  • Shields skin and protects it against premature aging 
  • It does not feel sticky or greasy 
  • Diminishes the appearance of wrinkles 
  • Easily blendable formula and dries quickly 
  • Does not stain your clothes, furniture, towels, or bedsheets
  • Sun-kissed accentuates your complexion 
  • Used by men, women, and celebs all around the world 
  • Never been tested on animals 
  • Features a vegan composition 
  • Free of harmful ingredients like parabens, mineral oil, or phthalates 


  • It takes 6 to 8 hours for the color to develop, whereas Loving Tan does the same in just 2 hours. 

Loving Tan Pros 

  • Lightweight and gentle 
  • The formula ensures the application is streak-free
  • Infused with a color guide technology that gives you an instant color payoff
  • Waiting time is just 2 hours, after which you can wash off the formula 
  • Results will last from 7 to 10 days
  • It possesses a faster drying time of just 60 seconds 
  • Contains premium ingredients 
  • It gives your skin a darker tone in just one layer
  • It has high concentrations of active ingredients
  • Instant bronzer makes the process foolproof
  • It has a lot of products to assist your face and decolletage too 
  • Enriched with the goodness of antioxidants 
  • Enhances complexion by adding radiance  
  • Perfect for all types of skin, susceptible 
  • Free of nasties like parabens 
  • It offers an instant touch of color
  • Available in different shades 
  • It has an aromatic fragrance 


  • The Deluxe Bronzing Mousse is suitable for experienced tanners only and might not be an ideal option for beginners. 
  • The products come infused with fragrance, which might put off users with extra sensitive skin. 

Customer Feedback | Tanceuticals VS Loving Tan 

Your skin has the right to feel good, whether using luxurious, well-to-do stuff or any common cheaper drugstore dupe. At the same time, we would hate to see you struggle with the latter, the face-off of Tanceuuticals VS Loving Tan has revealed a lot of inside scoop about itself.

Things are finally becoming crystal clear on what you need to apply on your skin to get that revamping sunless tan, and these two brands claim to be the best at it. While some users believe in impeccable results, others are going for an affordable rate. So, which one on the table do you think will paint your skin tan correctly us see the truth about these claims from reliable sources? 

Daphne commented about Tanceuticals, “This tanner has been my favorite since day one, and with good reason. I watched a video online and then brought it to try. I put it all over me and went to sleep. I was scared it would stain my sheets when I woke up, but luckily it didn’t, and I am grateful for that.

This formula feels weightless compared to all the other ones I have used in the past. When I washed it off, I could see my entire skin looking radiant and alive from a luminous dusky glow running all over my body. Can’t wait to try other products from this range!”

Maria B. pinned on Loving Tan, “Never had a good experience with tanning lotions, but I was hoping using this formula would change that. However, I was wrong. First, when it washed off after the waiting period, most of the product got washed away, which was wasted because I applied a lot. When I dried myself, the color had developed into a faint shade, just a tone darker than my original skin tone, and I am very fair. I wish I had bought something else.”

Nerissa said about Tanceuticals, “I love the beaches, but hate to leave my skin unprotected in the sun for so many hours. I chose this to help amp up my skin’s appearance for a friend’s wedding. My skin started smelling like stale fruits, and it was so foul I could not sit through the entire process. The lotion smells like cookies which are even weirder, for I have very sensitive to strong smells.”

Bloom mentioned Loving Tan, “The best beauty predict in my entire makeup cabinet till now. This was indeed a good investment. I love how it makes me look like one of those hot Cuban girls! Excited to repurchase it!

FAQs | Tanceuticals VS Loving Tan 

Will Loving Tan make me orange?

No, the formula won’t evaporate your hopes of looking pretty and does not turn orange. The tanner’s composition is unique and works wonders on all skin types. 

Is Tanceuticals a good brand?

The brand has captured the attention and bagged numerous awards, number 1 by the SelfTanning authority blog, #1 by Vive Magazine, and is ranked in Marie Claire’s “10 Best No-Streak Self Tanners”. Countless major magazines, influential bloggers, beauty editors, top makeup artists, and celebrity stylists worldwide keep showering their love for this brand. 

How long does Tanceuticals tan last?

You can expect your Tanceuticals formula to last up to five to seven days in perfect condition. After that, the efficacy of the color will start to wear off, and it will go away faster if you scrub or exfoliate. 

What does Kim Kardashian use for self-tanner?

Kim Kardashian recently revealed on an episode of Keeping Up With the Kardashians that she primarily depends on the St. Tropez’s Jumbo Self Tan Express Mousse to infuse her skin with a subtle bronze radiance. The formula of this tanner is weightless and absorbs fast onto your skin. It also does an impressive job without making your skin feel greasy or flakey. 

Is Tanceuticals pregnancy safe?

Tanceuticals are safe to apply on your skin if you are pregnant. It is common knowledge that today, most fake self-tanning options are secure and need not be avoided unless they come with a statutory warning. The active ingredient in these tanning options is called dihydroxyacetone (DHA) and has been the cause of concern in many cases. However, it is a proven fact that it cannot go beyond the outer layer of your skin. Simply put, if your body cannot absorb this ingredient, it will cause no harm. 

What happens if you leave Loving Tan on too long?

The best part about using some tanning lotion is the longer you leave them hugging your body, the darker your tan gets. Now, this might not be ideal for you if you are extremely fair and have slept through the night, only to wake up later and not recognize yourself! Also, if you wish for a darker tone, leave it overnight. The active ingredients in the formula work their magic and darken the outer area of your skin without inviting the sun’s harsh UVA and UVB rays. 

Why is my Loving Tan green?

When you have not taken the proper steps to store your fake tanner correctly, it undergoes oxidation and may give you a green color. In this process, the formula reacts with the amino acids on the dead topmost layer of your skin and temporarily forms a different tone, like e olive. To prevent the breakdown of DHA, make sure to store your tanner in a cool, dark place that is away from direct sunlight. Loving tan has a natural olive color in itself and, upon oxidization, may turn your skin green if you have left it carelessly. 

Can you use Tanceuticals on your face?

Yes, you can very much use Tanceuticals on your face. The brand is very flexible in its product range and offers all its users different options like the CC Self Tanning Face Lotion in shades like dark, ultra, and light. Apart from these, you also get a Self Tanning Face Serum in the shadows, dark, and ultra-dark. Self Tanning Face Drops and the NEW! SPF Drops Peptide Sunscreen is the brand’s latest launch and has attracted much attention. 


In the hobnob of all things tanning, trust us, you don’t want to get lost in the maze of seemingly-good options that claim to hide tricks up their sleeves but deliver effects that fade away in a matter of time. After investigating, we found that these two brands are too good for your skin and deserve all the praise they are getting.

Both brands feature cure-all ingredients that will love your skin and give you the most seamless tan you have ever seen. At the same time, users have been going all out to get their hands on these beauties, the recent battle of Tanceuticals VS Loving Tan has got people thinking about which one they should choose so that it would feel less messy, smell lighter, develop faster, and cover every inch of their body in a faint warm glow. 

Users were confused when they were given a chance to choose between the two options. The good thing is we have got it all sorted out. If you want more because you can’t help but tan yourself often, go for the Tanceuticals. It offers way more quantity than Loving Tan at almost the same price.

However, if you are one of those impatient darlings that just want results faster, pick the Loving Tan, as you have to wait only 2 hours after application, and wash it off. Tanceuticals demands you to wait around eight hours for a breathtaking glow. And, honestly, who wants to wait that long? We know what we are getting for ourselves. Do you?

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