Tanned AF Reviews | A Quick Path To Darkest Tan?

Endless summer is all about getting into a gorgeous deep faux tan. But what about when the light goes into hibernation? Do we still have a chance at getting that ethereal seasoned glow? Or do we need to start picking up secret beauty tips to bake ourselves a perfect synchronized tan, which covers every inch of our skin ravishingly hot!  Tanned AF claims that the self-tanner is something you can board without worrying about blotching. So is this true? Let’s see what Tanned AF reviews have to say about it. 

Tanned AF reviews

Streaks only seem good as long as it’s Snapchat. In tanning, we don’t think so! A good self-tanner doesn’t make your body and face look like two different continents. The best fake tans lend an even and natural-looking glow that will be with you for days without inviting staunch smell or streaks onto the plate. If you want to achieve that Australian glow, maybe we can help you out. But will it really be effective? Can we trust it? Let us dig deep to find out. 

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Tanned AF Reviews | A Quick Path To That Darkest Tan?

Do you know how certain things are always why you start doing something in the first place? Tanned AF is one of the good guys and is the sole reason many sun-kissed lovers come to grab this beauty. Many Tanned AF Before And After reviews from users suggest that the tan is blessed with a natural formula that boasts of well-tolerated DHA to give your dull skin a boost of perennial glow. Also, did we mention that it has no gross smell?

While indulging in many at-home tanning options, you must realize what suits your skin and what doesn’t. Tanned AF claims to use pure 100% pure DHA, which pampers your skin in hours of nutritional therapy, forming an effortless, dark tan that will help elevate your beauty. It is free of nasties, palm oil, and parabens, making it entirely safe for your delicate skin.

b.tan Dark Self Tanner | Get Tanned - Fast, 1 Hour Sunless Tanner Mousse, No Fake Tan Smell, No Added Nasties, Vegan, Cruelty Free, 6.7 Fl Oz
  • DARKEST RESULTS. i'm perfect for anyone looking for the darkest, darkest tan possible
  • EASY TANNING. no gimmicks, no fake tan smell just the most awesome, darkest tan on the planet
  • 1 HOUR CURE TIME. 1 hour development time, leave on for 4+ hours for darker results
  • PRO TIP: apply a moisturizer to elbows, knees + ankles before application. apply evenly (but not too thick) + blend thoroughly for the perfect bronzed glow. use with a mitt for ultra smooth results.
  • VEGAN FRIENDLY. i love animals so im 100% cruelty free, vegan friendly, and free of nasties like parabens

Tanned AF features a lovely mousse and mitt method to give a rejuvenating boost to your appearance. So does it meet all the qualities to come with us home today? 

How To Use Tanned AF?

  • Make sure to exfoliate your skin well. 
  • Pat dry with a neat towel.
  • Wear the mitt and take a generous amount of the lotion out. 
  • Apply all over your body in gentle circular motions. 
  • Use less on elbows, knees, hands, feet, and wrist, as they are, in general, a bit darker than the rest of our body.
  • Allow your tan to develop by leaving it undisturbed for one to eight hours.
  • Rinse off with lukewarm water, avoiding the use of soaps. 
  • Welcome your new sun-kissed tan!


  • It claims to give you the most amazing darkest tan on the whole planet!
  • It takes only 1 hour to develop 
  • Darker results in just 4+ hours
  • No foul odor, which is generally associated with self-tanners
  • 100% vegan composition 
  • It offers an irresistible glow up
  • Free of parabens and other nasties
  • Fast-drying formula 
  • It doesn’t form streaks 
  • Free of palm oil
  • Never tested on animals 
  • It can be used on the face as well
  • Creamy formula that glides smoothly on skin
  • Made of 100% natural and organic DHA
  • Features recyclable materials 

Tanned AF Reviews


  • It may turn green if left exposed to heat for a long time.
  • It may take more than 1 hour to develop.
  • The tanner may turn skin dry, so it is advised to keep moisturizing your skin. 

Why Choose Tanned AF?


Now imagine the tanning lotion layered all over your body and gulping down the disgusting, foul smell these self-tanners bring. Ew, isn’t it? Moreover, keep your temper down for the next couple of hours while waiting for the black beauty to emerge; think about all that patience! Many B Tan reviews have shown that this tanner is not like the rest. It does not give away any gross smell, so that you can indulge in your self-care heartily!

No to nasties

This tanning baby is all about using natural products like 100% DHA to get you that just-back-from-vacation glow! There are no parabens or other chemicals which may tamper with your skin’s delicate beauty. B Tan reviews prove that the brand is all about hygiene, recyclable material, and sustainably sourced to be a part of your glammed-up regime!

Tanned AF Reviews

Darkest tan 

If you are someone who finds that exotic faux tan way too tempting, turning to Tanned AF might give you some relief. The tanning lotion runs along your skin affectionately to create a sizzling, dark polished, and beachy tan without going to the beach itself! The chocolate-coffee glow looks fresh without leading to blotches and streaks. 


The best things in life are not tested on animals! Tanned AF is one of those humble goodies that do not hurt any of your furry friends and are therefore cruelty-free. 

Customer Feedback | Tanned AF Reviews Before And After

Aspen commented, “I always thought that all fake tans in the world gave a terrible odor, so I am somewhat reluctant when trying new options. Luckily, this was very different from the rest of them. There is no gross smell in this one, and it leaves a very crispy tan all over my body evenly. I love this purchase.” 

Ronnie pinned, “I was pretty positive about this tan when I applied it all over my body. I made sure that I followed all the necessary steps and made no mistakes. After a few hours, I could finally see the dark color forming uniform all over my skin. I was excited. I was shocked when I hit the shower, and all of it went away at once. I think my skin is also feeling very dry after using it. I don’t think this is a suitable option for my skin.”

Barbara expressed, “Tanning to me is always good news. I heard about this from a classmate and was excited to try it out. When I knew that it could be used on the face, I was sure I needed to bring it home. It’s also free of anything harsh and has a 100% vegan composition like a cherry on the cake!”

Tanned AF before and after

Jennifer said, “Wanted to love this but couldn’t. I don’t know why but it made my skin completely green, and I looked like a clown. This was the last attempt at buying tanning lotions. I cannot believe I spent my money on this. Have to be honest, I wouldn’t suggest going for these anymore.”

Manny mentioned, “Completely in love with this formula. It glides on my skin like skin and doesn’t feel irritating at all, like other lotions I have tried in the past. All my sisters rely on this beauty to get a lovely dark tan without much effort. We are repurchasing this!”

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FAQs | Tanned AF Reviews

Does Tanned AF develop after the shower?

It is important to remember that some tans develop beautifully after taking a shower. Just make sure you don’t use any soap and just lukewarm water when you shower. Also, a quick rinse of 45 seconds is more than enough as you don’t want to risk losing the tanning actives, as they enable your tan to reach its darkest potential. 

Is Tanned AF a good self-tanner?

Many B Tan before and after reviews suggest that the tanning lotion has succeeded in giving promising results to many users who love to get a dark tan that accentuates their beauty. Besides, the tanner does not involve any nasties, making it a safer bet for your skin. 

Is Tanned AF supposed to be green?

Tan Tanned AF Mousse features a brown color with undertones of green. Usually, all self fake tans, upon coming in contact with the dead skin cells in our skin, react with amino acids and form a bronze color, just temporarily. If the tan is left exposed to oxygen and heat for a long time, the original color of the tan may turn into a greenish shade. 

How long does Tanned AF last?

The tanning mousse claims that the tan will last on your body for three to four days.

Who sells Tanned AF?

You can place an order for the Tanned AF from many sites like Amazon, Walmart, and Ulta. Apart from this, you can also visit the official website b.tan and make your purchase. 

Is Tanned AF vegan?

Yes, Tanned AF is 100% vegan and does not contain any harmful substance that may mess with the normal pH of your skin. 

Is Tanned AF safe during pregnancy?

Tanned AF is entirely safe to use during pregnancy as it doesn’t contain any toxic elements. Apart from this, tanning lotions are just like dyes, which stay on the surface of your dermal layer to give you a glow up, and don’t harm anything inside the body. DHA, usually found in self-tanners, involves no risk of absorption, so it’s safe for you and your baby. 

Can Tanned AF go on your face?

Yes, you can use the Tanned AF on your face to get an even glow throughout your body. 

Can Tanned AF go bad?

Yes, self-tanners do come with an expiration date. Although they don’t have any side effects, using them after expiry would be a waste of time as they wouldn’t give such effective results. So it’s advised not to hoard them. 


Before you get lost in the maze of seemingly-good self-tanning options, it’s time you go into the flashback of Tanned AF reviews, which assure all its clients of following a hygienic way to get that lovely tan. The brand believes in customer satisfaction, so it strives to provide you with the best formula that better understands your skin. You no more have to set foot in the sun, especially with all the UV rays on the watch to steal away your skin’s health. Besides, why use any other tan when you have Tanned AF!

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