Tinashe Hair Reviews | Best Alternative To Damaging Heat-Styling?

Styling your hair every day and coloring them every other week may be more damaging than we think, and none of us wants that, but we also crave a new look. That’s when we go for a wig! Various brands are in the market that sells magnificent wigs. The brand we will be reviewing today is also a brand that manufactures different types of wigs, all according to what users demand. Let’s begin with Tinashe Hair Reviews to know every detail of what it has to offer.

Tinashe Hair Reviews 

We always look for easy solutions; wigs are usually quick to put on and make you ready for a new look within minutes. If you like someone’s hair and want the same, you can buy a wig instead of spending dollars on styling them. This way, you save money and protect your natural hair too. We do not want to spoil them with trendy things. But is Tinashe Hair the only feasible option you can rely on? What does it actually offer? Let’s find that out!

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Tinashe Hair Reviews | Best Alternative To Damaging Heat-Styling?

Tinashe is a Hair Wig brand that solely aims at selling the best quality human hair wigs. The brand comes from China but sells its unique products worldwide. They claim that many international consumers love their products and recommend them to their friends. Tinashe does not produce customized hair wigs, but the wide variety of products they offer will not let you go for customized products. Tinashe has its stores based in Guangzhou, China, where they promise to solve every minor problem that can come across along with the best superior quality of hair wigs.

Tinashe Hair

Since 2016, the brand has gone online and gained popularity. They have got everything covered wavy hair, curly hair, colored hair, etc. Below, we will detail some of their best-selling wigs for you to decide what your best option is. We hope we will make your decision-making more accessible and better.

Lace Front Wigs 13×4 Deep Curly Wigs 

You get natural-looking curly hair in no time with this wig from Tinashe. They look longer and frizz-free with a pre-plucked natural hairline with baby hair. It brings density to your hair and has netted cap inside, which is adjustable. You can comfortably adjust it according to your head size. It promises to provide you with great flexibility, sew in a more natural appearance, and allows the curly-haired wig to blend effortlessly into your scalp and skin. These hair wigs are 100% unprocessed human hair and have a deep wavy texture. 

The hair weighs relatively light. It depends on the place you live and the humidity the place carries. Tinashe’s natural-looking deep wavy wig can be dyed with your favorite color, so there is no harm to your natural hair. You can also bleach them, straighten them and restyle them how you need. It’s a glueless wig with a pre-plucked natural baby hairline and bleached knots that are tangle-free and pose minimal hair shedding. The capsize medium to 22.5 inches, with six adjustable straps and four combs. You can tie your hair up in a bun or a ponytail; the wig will not move and give you the natural-looking effect your want. While washing the wig, detangle it with the detangling comb, then with a mild shampoo, soak it. Be gentle while washing them. Do not rub them harshly. After rinsing off the shampoo, add conditioner to the warm water and leave it in the water. Rinse it again gently and let the wig dry. 

Lace Front Wigs 13x4 Deep Curly Wigs 

Pros of using Lace Front Wigs 13×4 Deep Curly Wigs

  • Looks like your natural hair
  • Pre-plucked natural hairline of baby hair
  • Brings density to hair
  • Netted cap inside 
  • Six adjustable straps 
  • Lightweight
  • You can dye, bleach, straighten or restyle them
  • Glueless 
  • Four combs for better adjustment
  • You can tie a bun or ponytail with it
  • Tangle-free and has less shedding

Most consumers love Tinashe for the promising results that it offers. This product has got quite a good review from users, except for some users claiming that the wig’s hair is thin and not as they expected. Some also had a problem with the length of the hair, which is confusing to predict while ordering it.

Tinashe 3×6 Lace Straight Piano Color Ombre Highlighted Bob Wigs 

Highlighting hair has always been a dream for most of us, not because it’s expensive, it’s because we are scared to damage our natural healthy hair. It is where Tinashe’s highlighted hair wig enters like a hero. The wig has a six-inch deep parting space with an elastic cap that has three combs attached to it to better adjust the cap on your head. It is made up of human hair, which looks completely natural when you put it on. It offers 150% of density along with high-quality hair. The product claims to be clean, soft, and easy to comb daily. This hair wig has highlighted ombre brown and blonde color that looks perfect on the bob wig. 

Tinashe’s ombre highlighted bob wig does not tangle, does not shed, and you can style it the way you want. You can bleach it, curl it, restyle it, anything you like. It’s a medium-sized cap with a circumference of 22.5 inches. You can wash it and reuse it again. If you take proper care of the wig, it will last longer. Could you wash it? Yes, apply shampoo gently, do not rub it. After rinsing the shampoo, soak it in water with conditioner in it. Rinse it again and let it dry. Here you have a new wig to kick in your gorgeous look. 

Pros of using Tinashe 3×6 Lace Straight Piano Color Ombre Highlighted Bob Wigs 

  • Gives natural hair look
  • Made with human hair
  • Soft and clean
  • Can be washed and reused
  • Saves natural hair from the cons of highlighting
  • Six-inch deep hair parting space
  • 150% hair density
  • Can be combed easily
  • Tangle free and has less shedding
  • Can be curled, bleached, or restyled
  • Gives a brown and blonde ombre effect 
  • Three combs for better adjustment of the wig

Each one of us comes with different preferences and sizes. And not everyone loves the product as per the brand’s wish. Some people complain that this ombre wig has got issues with its size. To avoid this problem, measure the size of your head as instructed by the brand and then purchase the wig.

Tinashe Halo Straight Hair Extensions with Invisible Wire Fish Line

Hair extensions might be your call if you have thin hair and want a volume simultaneously. This hair extension is bleached blonde with an ash brown color. It is very soft and silky and will blend easily with your natural hair without anyone noticing. The hair will considerably improve your hair volume and suit everyday use. This hair extension has a strong net weft that will avoid the shedding of the hair. The hair attached to this extension is natural human hair that is well maintained. It also gives you a similar look at the end of hair extensions; it does not have cut ends. 

Tinashe Halo Straight Hair Extensions with Invisible Wire Fish Line

This extension has silicon inserted over its clip to hold a proper grip over your hair. It becomes invisible as you put on the extension. The brand gifts you two more clips just in case any of the existing clips break or have a problem. This extension is entirely breathable, and the brand claims it to be comfortable. It has a curved design which is easy to style according to your needs. This extension has a fish wire which you can adjust according to the circumference of your head. You are provided with one extra fish wire, three clips, and three micro rings. The wire is 22.5 inches long. It’s a lightweight extension, and the brand offers 14 to 20 inches of hair length extension. It’s a tangle and shedding free and will last up to three months if you take proper care of the product. It can be curled or dyed a darker shade, anything you wish for. 

Tinashe Wire Hair Extensions Human Hair Invisible Clip in Hair Extensions Chocolate Brown to Ash Brown and Honey Blonde Secret Headband Wire in Hair Extensions Invisible Hair Wire 14Inch 80g
  • Hair Material: The Wire Hair Extensions is made from real human hair. The cuticle of the hair is intact and faces the same direction. This will reduce the number of knots and knots in your hair extensions and give you more freedom to design your extensions.
  • Lace Weft and Fish Line: With an adjustable invisible transparent wire and a clip on the lace weft, The Tinashe Wire Hair extensions blend perfectly with your hair. the 10inch weft is the best distance for most people and will keep your ears from rubbing against the weft.
  • Hair Advantage:This hair fits nicely to your head size by adjusting the length of the wire, and it has two clips sewn onto the weft to help you hold it in place.
  • Thick Clip In Hair Extensions: Our hair extensions have thick ends. No shedding, no entanglement. Keep it straight, don't cut it like your own ends. We increased the length of the extensions to make sure each strand was more even, with the bottom half almost as thick as the top.
  • Comfortable and Natural:Tinashe traditional hair extensions, Tinashe the new fishline hair extensions use soft handmade lace, it's so comfortable and natural. Also, it is no tape, no glue, hidden transparent wires, no one will find out your secrets.

Perks of using Tinashe Halo Straight Hair Extensions with Invisible Wire Fish Line

  • Increases hair volume
  • Protects natural hair
  • Can be dyed or curled
  • Blends easily with your natural hair
  • Solid net weft
  • Free of tangles and shedding
  • Made up of natural human hair 
  • Soft and silky
  • No cut ends and looks completely natural
  • Silicon inserted clips for better grip 
  • Invisible and durable clips
  • Comfortable and breathable extension
  • Curved design
  • Adjustable fish wire 
  • One extra fish wire, three extra clips, and three micro rings in the pack
  • Lightweight

The product has got measurably good reviews from the users except for some. They claimed that the extensions had thin hair, but they liked its quality. A few users had the same opinion; the rest were quite happy with their packages.

Red Lace Front Wig Body Wave Virgin Human Hair Wigs

Let’s admit it, once in a lifetime, we all must have wanted to get red hair even if it does not suit our look. The dyes and pre-lightening of hair are a bit too scary than it look. And the dye lasts for a month or two. Once your hair starts growing, it fades away. Tinashe’s Red-haired wig eliminates that. The wig looks so natural; no one could guess there is a wig behind the scenes of the gorgeous look you will get. This red-haired wig comes in different lengths, from 16 inches to 28 inches. You can choose the one you want along with density. There are two density percentages; one is 150% and the 180% that the brand offers. It depends on the existing volume of your hair.

The color is a vibrant red wine color that will look flawless with every outfit. You can dye the hair again or change the color, anything you wish for. It has a pre-plucked nature hairline that will give you a natural look. Four combs are attracted to the wig that will keep you comfortable and your hair breathable. It’s a glueless technology and will consume less time while putting it on. It comes with adjustable straps with a circumference of 22.5 inches. You can gently wash and reuse the wig again as instructed by the brand.

Perks of using Red Lace Front Wig Body Wave Virgin Human Hair Wigs

  • Less expensive than dying your hair
  • Protects natural hair 
  • Adjustable straps 
  • Comes with four combs 
  • Comfortable and breathable
  • Comes in different lengths
  • Offers different density levels
  • Comes with a pre-plucked hairline 
  • Gives a natural hair effects

This wig from Tinashe is one of those products that users love the most. It’s vibrant and looks perfect for people who want the vibrant shade. Some users turned their back due to the same reason. They did not want the color to be too vibrant but liked its quality and the texture.

Headband Body Wave Human Hair Wigs

This is something new that Tinashe has got. The wig comes with a headband. Different types of wigs come with a headband. It has a density of 150%, which will bring good volume to your hair. For a vacation look or a beach look, these headbands claim to be the best choice for all. The wig has black-colored virgin human hair, excellent texture, and quality. If you wish to change the color, you can dye them with any color you need without harming your natural hair. It comes in different lengths, from 14 inches to 26 inches. The hair type of body wave is not entirely curly or entirely straight.

Headband Body Wave Human Hair Wigs

The wig has four combs fitted in its cap to deliver comfort when you put it on. Inside the cap, it has adjustable straps that grip your hair, providing a natural look. It has a circumference of 22.5 inches. You can gently wash the wig and the headband whenever you want. Do not rub the band or the wig harshly. It might lead to shedding and breaking of the hair. The wig is tangled and shedding free. Dry the wig thoroughly before using it again.

Perks of using Headband Body Wave Human Hair Wigs

  • 150% density
  • Can be washed and reused
  • Tangle-free and shedding free hair wig
  • Comes with a headband 
  • Comes in different lengths
  • Made up of virgin human hair
  • Soft and silky texture 
  • Manufactured with high-quality maintenance
  • Can be restyled, curled, straightened or dyed

This Headband Body Wave Human Hair Wig is innovative and something new that Tinashe has impressed its consumers. 150% of density is usually suitable for users, but some asked for 180% density from the brand, which is unavailable.



Customer Feedback | Tinashe Hair Reviews 

Victoria J. added about Tinashe Red Lace Front Wig Body Wave Virgin Human Hair Wigs,  “I loved the texture and volume this red hair gave me. I rock every outfit, and it naturally p made me confident. The color is vibrant, just the way I needed. I hide my natural hair under them because I don’t want to harm them. It stays in place with the help of its clips.” 

Julian added about Tinashe 3×6 Lace Straight Piano Color Ombre Highlighted Bob Wigs, “Cutting my hair into a bob get me anxiety. Still, this wig fulfilled my wish by getting an ombre highlighted bob. I should say they look like my natural hair. I dyed them again, and this time, it was pink. It’s harmless and perfect.” 

Tinashe 3×6 Lace Straight Piano Color Ombre Highlighted Bob Wigs

Jessica Brown commented about Tinashe Lace Front Wigs 13×4 Deep Curly Wigs, “They look like my natural curls and are tangle less. It saves a lot of time, especially in the early morning. I like its baby hairline, and it looks so natural and perfect. Over time I saw that the hair was thinner than I expected. Other than this, I loved it.” 

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FAQs | Tinashe Hair Reviews

Are Tinashe Headband wigs available on Amazon?

Currently, Amazon has not yet stocked the new Headband wigs. They are newly launched products and may take time to get on Amazon. You can still buy them from Tinashe’s official site. They have got everything detailed and covered.

How long does Tinashe Hair last?

Tinashe manufactures its products with natural human hair, so the wigs they produce last for about 6-12 months. But if you take proper care of the wigs as instructed by the brand, they will last up to two years.

Where is Tinashe Hair based? 

The brand is based in Xuchang, Henan, China, that focuses only on producing the best quality wigs. They ship worldwide through Amazon and other eCommerce sites. They have Tinashe’s official website too.

Final Words | Tinashe Hair Reviews 

We all love hair care, and to safeguard it, Tinashe has got its user’s different styles and colored wigs. This way, your natural hair is harmed less, and your wishes to have styles and colored hair are also fulfilled. Finally, we have come to the end of this report – Tinashe Hair Reviews. Their consumers love the hair quality of the wigs they sell, and most users seem happy with the products they buy. We have seen this from the reviews they post online, which are honest and unbiased. Some were disappointed too, but the reason for their disappointment did not weigh enough to pull down Tinashe’s sales. Colored hair, wavy hair, curly hair, straight hair, blonde hair, etc., the brand has covered every inch of the need that their consumers demand. 

Most users liked that they could dye their wigs and change their looks anytime. Tinashe made this easy for people around the world with affordable rates. Lastly, we hope we have covered everything you were looking for about Tinashe Hair. You need to know something that we might have missed unknowingly; drop it in our comment section. Our team will respond to every query with the best solutions.

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