Tripollar VS Nuface | Which One’s Better?

Do you know that 2022 is big on microcurrent facials and that these supercharging skin-awakening therapies are trending? If these words should ignite anything, it’s just two words, Tripollar VS Nuface. Users all around the globe have been going ga-ga over its benefits as the innovative treatments offered by these brands claim to drain out the excess sagginess and de-puff your skin, illuminating your complexion from within. But which is the one suitable for your skin? Can one outweigh the other in terms of full advantages? Which one will it be? 

Tripollar VS Nuface

This guide has broken down all the essential things you need to know about Tripollar VS Nuface. We hope you choose wisely because apart from time & tide, the natural beauty of your skin may not come back with one wrong step!

Tripollar VS Nuface | The Better Choice Is?

Product range

Tripollar offers a definitive series of trailblazing microcurrent therapies which specialize in accentuating different parts of your body and help make them more perfect and younger. The thermal mapping, multi-RF, and DMA technology are featured in other devices for your face and eyes. It also has appliances that renew your body, rejuvenate lip areas, and offer certain gels to prep your body for the process. 

Nuface is a bit more forward than Tripollar when it comes to amping up the appearance of your being. The brand takes pride in its flexible formulas, which are available as skin activators and boosters. They also have many starter kits for your skin and complete body kits to give you a reinvigorating experience. Nuface also offers body toning devices, lip and eye treatments, all-in-one kits, petite facial kits, and more. You also benefit from buying different attachments and accessories like the wrinkle reducer, facial trainer, and more.  


Both Tripollar and Nuface possess gold-standard treatments when it comes to microcurrent facials to amplify your skin. The former works on a unique multi-Rf technology, or 3rd generation radio frequency with advanced level, which heats the deep layer of your skin and helps reduce stubborn wrinkles, and fine lines. It as targets loose skin and helps tighten it.

This anti-aging device is mostly preferred by professionals who like to give their skin a reviving boost at home. Nuface features electrical currents which re-energize your skin and add hydration to it. This helps you achieve more refined and firmer facial muscles which look sleek. Nuface also helps polish your body and brighten your face in just five minutes!

Price point 

Tripollar will cost you quite a fortune. Some of the bestsellers of the brands, like the Tripollar Stop Vx Gold, has priced at a whopping amount. This may not cater to everyone’s budget, and users might feel hesitant before investing in this brand’s beauty treatments. At the same time, Nuface microcurrent therapy products are a tad bit less expensive to buy.

These have reasonable prices, which users may be inclined towards. However, it is totally up to the nature of the consumer. If money is not the issue for you, you may choose to opt for Tripollar, whereas if you are a girl on a budget, Nuface can play up your game!

Tripollar VS Nuface | Evaluation of Pros And Cons

Tripollar Pros 

  • Enhances your skin’s elasticity 
  • The device boosts collagen content 
  • It makes your skin firmer with the help of DMA, which lifts skin muscles 
  • Tones your jawline making it chiseled 
  • Reduces aging signs like wrinkles, and fine lines
  • It offers instantly visible results 
  • Helps improve your skin texture 
  • It also assists in contouring the whole body 
  • The multi-RF technology allows pumping up elastin 
  • An easy-to-use treatment at home 
  • It helps correct sagging skin
  • Completely painless 
  • Reshapes your facial features by plumping it


  • Tripollar possesses a way to the expensive price tag. 

Nuface pros 

  • Blurs the look of your wrinkles, and fine lines in seconds 
  • Nuface has bagged many awards
  • FDA approved and cleared by aestheticians
  • It also tones and lifts your skin in just 5 minutes 
  • It helps in creating voluminous lips
  • Effectively contours your facial muscles 
  • Targets all your wrinkles and wards them off
  • The microcurrent creates heat waves in your layers 
  • Pumps up collagen and elasticity 
  • Red light therapy helps brighten your existing complexion

NuFACE Trinity Starter Kit – Microcurrent Facial Toning Device with Hydrating Leave-On Gel Primer, 2 Fl Oz
  • NuFACE Trinity Starter Kit. Enjoy a 5-Minute Facial-Lift with our pro-level microcurrent facial toning device. The Trinity reduces the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles when used.
  • Microcurrent is a low-level electrical current that sends gentle waves down to the facial muscles. It mimics and re-energizes the body’s own natural current helping to tone, lift, and contour when used as directed.
  • The Trinity stimulates your face and neck with microcurrent to help tighten skin and improve the look of fine lines and wrinkles. 5 minutes a day, 5 days a week is all you need.
  • Cleanse and dry your face and neck. Then, apply a mask-like layer of the Hydrating Leave-On Gel Primer onto the face and neck, and perform glides and holds using the device across targeted zones.
  • NuFACE is the leader in at-home beauty devices helping every client look and feel more beautiful. Products are clinically shown to provide instant results and cumulative benefits in the treated areas.


  • Sometimes it may take longer to show noticeable improvements depending on your skin tone. 

Customer Feedback | Tripollar VS Nuface

Marina commented on Tripollar, “I have to be honest, this is by far the best microcurrent treatment I have ever bought for my skin. The best part about using this is the device’s DMA and multi-RF technique which boosts collagen growth in your skin and promotes younger-looking skin. I highly depend upon this because I am in my early thirties, and my face is covered with wrinkles. It has worked beautifully for me, so you should try this one!”

Tripollar VS Nuface

Kresha said about Nuface, “Having sensitive skin, I was sure there is no way I can use any skincare product as it would cause my skin to itch or break out. Sadly, this device was no different. I bought it after hearing so many positive reviews, but nothing happened when I used it on my skin. But I felt slightly tingling after some time, so I stopped immediately. I guess it’s not for everyone after all.”

Tripollar VS Nuface

Laurel pinned on Nuface, “This is a real blessing in disguise for me. At first, I thought the reviews weren’t true, but when I tried it myself, I could feel the difference already! It has been one whole year, and I have regularly used this. This has greatly improved my skin texture and faded my puffiness and fine lines. I wish I had gotten something like this sooner! Pleased with this purchase.”

FAQs | Tripollar VS Nuface

Can I use Tripollar every day?

You should remember that it has not been recommended to use Tripollar on your skin every day. While dealing with microcurrents, and radiofrequency treatments, you should note that the Tripollar Stop X can be used for 10-15 minutes. You can follow this ritual three times a week. Make sure you don’t use back to back on consecutive days and track your regimen for about eight to twelve weeks to get promising results. 

Does Nuface help sagging jowls?

Microcurrent therapy is a great option to eliminate your jowls. The painless treatment helps sharpen your jawbones, which lifts the skin slinging to them and gives your entire face a lifted look. Apart from improvement in jowls, Nuface also helps remedy your aging signs like wrinkles and adds a plumping effect to your skin.  

Can Tripollar Pose be used on the face?

The Tripollar Pose Vx consists of powerful radio frequency waves combined with an advanced DMA to target the dermal layers of your skin. It helps break down the fat cells and prevents them from sagging. It helps tone and counts your body’s muscles, like the abdomen, thighs, or even hips. It is advised strongly not to use it on your face, breasts, neck, thyroid area, groins, genitals, or even your armpits. 


We know you like everything high-maintenance, so we have served you all there is to know about Tripollar VS Nuface which you need to decide. While Tripollar Stop Vx requires thirty minutes to revitalize your face with a new radiance, Nuface Trinity, at the same time, does its wonder in five to twenty minutes. You can recharge Nuface, but the Tripollar Stop Vx is not rechargeable. So if you are always traveling and need something more substantial by your side, Nuface may do the trick for you! In all, both will help get you a new avatar of yourself! So which brand is going to take away the prize tonight? 

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