Truly Beauty Reviews | Channels You Inner Beauty?

Fashionistas have been going all Avante Garde to achieve that head-turning glow. Be it gold standard products or not, your skin deserves to bask in radiance, washed with handpicked emolients to reach that impeccable divine look. After digging out this treasure, we found this brand is all set to rewrite the rules of makeup ensembles. From the courtesy of many Truly Beauty reviews, the brand claims that they provide a stunning range of wellness therapy for your skin, which is the ultimate secret to looking insanely good!

Truly Beauty Reviews

Truly Beauty has different clean products lined up to remedy your tired and stressed-out skin with their healthy and checks off every box in the beauty trend. The brand has devoted itself to formulating clean formulations that give you a top-to-toe reinvigorating session. Aloe Vera Leaf Juice, Bitter Orange Flower Extract, CBD, Glycerin, Retinol, Shea Butter, and Witch Hazel are star ingredients present in the boosting formula. Designed to deliver maximum fullness, their exquisite collection can be found in every beauty cart now!

But are we to believe this right away? Let us find out. 

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Truly Beauty Reviews | Channels You Inner Beauty?

We all have gone through severe skincare blunders, the memories of which will last a lifetime! Therefore, finding the right solution has become the real deal. If you like having aromatic options and exotic scents in your beauty bag, you and Truly Beauty are a pair made in heaven! It’s time you bathe yourself with their silky smooth formula to reveal that hidden resplendent shine. 

The wellness products are coveted for giving you an excellent blend of conditioning oils, botanical ingredients, and many unfound elements that travel deep into your dermal layers and give your skin an ultra-cleanse time! Laced with floral and woody scents which engulf your senses, Truly Beauty melts into your skin and transforms it with its high-end vegan-based products. Be it concealing your breakouts or masking your cellulite, the brand does it with seamless perfection. 

Truly Beauty before and after reviews show that the brand has become a makeup staple in many people’s regimens. So if you haven’t gotten your glossiest skin yet, now would be the time to brace yourself for this rejuvenating ride!

Here are the nine best Truly Beauty products, which we swear you cant stay without!

Unicorn Fruit Whipped Body Butter

Beauty experts have been raving about a new product on the fashion plate, the boundary-pushing Unicorn Fruit Whipped Body Butter from Truly Butter. The scrub appears like a dollop of ice cream Sundae filled in a tub, Laced with rainbow colors! Infused with matcha, rose, and collagen, the buttery moisturizer repairs every parched cell of your skin and leaves you with a bombshell glow.

There are acai berries mixed with Vitamin E and other nourishing emollients that restore your elasticity, so you look plump and supple. Adding saturation to the skin creates an illuminating effect that pampers every inch of yoru body and has a breathtaking aroma that is hard to resist!

The velvety body butter also has potent anti-aging properties that climb onto your skin and work effortlessly in making it youthful and firm. We have to say, a true beauty like you deserves their true bestseller!


  • Increases moisture content 
  • Supple and soft skin all-day
  • Adds a hydrating barrier 
  • Collagen restores elasticity and firms skin
  • Matcha helps freshen up your skin
  • Rich in antioxidants 
  • Fights signs of aging


  • Many users had complaints that they received the jar half empty.

Acai Your Boobies Polish

Breast and bum treatments have a lot of sway in the cosmetic industry. With more and more dimpled skin emerging every day, people often tend to find products that will take care of them effectively y. But frequent names can also confuse people, so the Acai Your Boobies Polish has been recognized as one of the best truly beauty products in this field.

The scrub helps in retexturing, as it assists in perking up your breasts and smoothens them. Retinol, the hero ingredient of this formula, targets increasing cell turnover, which gets rid of stretch marks, and discoloration. Acai berry fills in the gap of essential nutrients with its packet of antioxidants that soothe your skin nourishingly. 


  • Combats discoloration 
  • Lifts up breasts 
  • Removes stretch marks 
  • Rich in antioxidants that prevent inflammation 
  • Amps up cell turnover
  • Forms a protective barrier
  • Reduces discoloration 


  • It may take longer to show noticeable results. 

Buns Of Glowry Smoothing Butt Polish

People seem to have been taken by the Buns Of Glowry Smoothing Butt Polish from Truly Beauty. With this butt polish, you can give your tush a rejuvenating boost. Designed with wheat protein and watermelon extract helps diminish the appearance of fine lines and cellulite. Watermelon vehemently assists in fading blemishes and pumps up the skin with ample moisture. It promises to get that firm, smooth derriere you have dreamed of!

The flavones speed up circulation, which clarifies the skin. This retexturizing booty scrub delivers what it promises. So if you want something to tighten, brighten, and moisturize your bum, this is a good call!


  • Skin attracts moisture because of wheat protein
  • Reverse sun-damaged skin
  • Gentle exfoliation 
  • Scrubs out impurities build-up
  • Tighten loose skin
  • Vegan 
  • Cruelty-free 
  • Removes irritating cellulite marks 


  • Many users said they had issues with the product as it came half full and mostly unsealed. 

Coco Cloud Whipped Luxury Shave Butter

Loaded with the moisturizing magic of coconut milk, this Luxury Shave Butter will leave you wanting more while you enjoy the silkiest shave of your life. The butter promises to lubricate your skin with the benefit of essential amino acids that enhance your skin barrier and encourage a luminous glow.

Your razor can now glide smoothly without being disturbed, so no more nasty nicks and cuts. Mango seed butter and argan oil are infused into this fluffy consistency which flatters your skin by fighting ingrown and allows a healthy skin tone. 


  • It gives the ultimate close-shave
  • Maintains skin hydration 
  • Argan oil nourishes the skin
  • It prevents redness and razor cuts
  • Brightens skin complexion 
  • Fluffy texture 


  • It gets over very fast.

Buns Of Glowry Glow & Tighten Butt Serum

Truly Beauty before and after reviews showed that the best-selling product had given positive results to many users. Perfect for your after-shower routine, the serum provides intense moisturization to your peach. The serum has been prepared with a citrus base containing methoxylated flavones, which tighten the skin by dealing with tissue drainage. 

The serum provides deep moisturization without stripping the skin off its natural oils. The goodness of Watermelon extracts helps weaken the effect of hyperpigmentation which leaves you with a cleansed version of yourself! Anyone who desires to get replenished skin can depend on the serum, as it goes well with all skin types. 


  • It suits all skin types
  • Gives ultra-nourishment 
  • Vitamin E revives damaged skin
  • Absorbs quickly onto the skin
  • Speeds up circulation 
  • Rich in topical extracts 


  • Many users complained that their product came half full and the nozzle didn’t work nicely.

Goodnight Moon Chest/Neck Sleep Mask

The Goodnight Moon Chest Mask is committed to your skin like no other and promises to deliver a lullaby-like peaceful sleep. Blended in a bewitching composition of super adaptogenic herbs, hyaluronic acid, and collagen, the sleep mask coats your skin with its multifold benefits. These benefits fulfill many areas like increasing your skin’s elasticity and amping up collagen production, leading to a flattering decolletage!

Hyaluronic acid ensures your skin stays refreshed and light all day long, reuniting it with the lost bounce. This clean beauty is an excellent choice if you want to give your skin an at-home relaxing spa, away from all the stress of the environment. 


  • It lifts your skin up
  • It dulls the appearance of wrinkles and creases
  • Ginseng extracts enhance circulation 
  • Eliminates sagging skin
  • Protest skin from environmental aggressors 
  • Reduces fine lines 
  • Increases capacity to absorb water
  • Ginseng helps pump up collagen 


  • Some users may be uncomfortable with the strong fragrance that lingers for a long time.

Unicorn Lip Plumping Balm

Miracle locked in a bit of space, the Unicorn Lip Plumping Balm is quite the handy salve for getting those whimsical and dramatic lips! The brand takes pride in creating this nutritious lip-plumping duo to get that fuller-looking smooch. Laced with peppermint oil, the balm encouraged blood flow to the lips, taking away all the chapped and dry look. 

Peppermint helps add a “swelling effect” illusion, which makes those gorgeous lips extra hawt! Shea butter has also been infused in this formula, giving them a satisfying plush look by preventing them from drying out. 


  • Remedies dry and cracked lips
  • Adds sufficient moisture
  • Softer lips
  • Pleasing smell
  • Protects skin’s natural oils
  • Enhances circulation 
  • Silky smooth finish 


  • Users said this was a hyped-up product for them. 

CBD Jelly Anti-Blemish Facial Cleanser

You know that introducing aloe vera to your skincare routine can solve half your skin problems! Many Truly Beauty skincare reviews show that the brand’s CBD Jelly Anti-Blemish Facial Cleanser brings much-needed restoring properties that reset the damage in your skin and unleash the hidden glow within. A true relief to all those acne-prone people, this hemp-infused formula detoxifies your skin like no other thing.

Truly Beauty reviews

It settles gently on the skin and purifies all the dust and grime sitting on it. We want it even more because it contains a salicylic acid in itself. Beauty enthusiasts adore salicylic acid for its ability to exfoliate. It penetrates deep into the skin and pushes clogged impurities that dull our skin. 


  • It offers a soothing effect
  • Fights and removes blemishes 
  • Purifies skin
  • Eliminates dirt and bacteria
  • Revives natural glow 
  • Gentle exfoliation  
  • Combats aging process


  • It’s minimal stock, so it isn’t easy to get your hands on this product.

Mary Jane Glow Serum

While the buzz for CBD is taking the beauty world with its charm, a wide range of products are popping up with its composition. Be it moisturizer or chapstick, CBD has left its presence everywhere. Truly Beauty’s Mary Jane Glow Serum is yet another enlivening formula that gives your skin a raw brush up of everlasting glam. Glycolic acid boost increases the cell turnover, which lets your skin repair itself without needing salon touch-ups.

This high-performance formula has a hint of caffeine that relieve the skin from inflammation and delivers calmness. The serum combats acne with antioxidants and is also reputed for putting a pause on signs of premature aging. 

Truly Beauty reviews

Glycolic acid forces collagen production, which is responsible for making a smooth canvas. It efficiently treats issues like dullness, oily skin, and uneven texture. The serum is known for giving your skin the ultimate makeover with a garden-fresh dewy look! 


  • Resurfacing formula 
  • Reinvents and repairs with great precision 
  • Fights radical free damage 
  • A botanical blend of honeysuckle, aspen bark extract, aloe vera
  • Increases hydration 
  • Locks in moisture 


  • A little pricey 

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Customer Feedback | Truly Beauty Before And After Reviews

Anastasia commented, “Never thought I would find such an amazing body butter for myself. It’s been two years now, and I have tried at least seven body butter, but I was never satisfied. This makes my skin feel like butter and has a great fragrance.”

Pamela said, “I received a spoilt package after which I tried contacting their customer service. To my shock, it’s been a week, and I still can’t get in touch with them. I am distraught with their poor service.“

Lavender expressed, “I am a big fan of their super cute packaging. It gives me great vibes whenever I purchase something from here. I recently brought the acne patches, and they are doing wonders for me!”

Truly Beauty before and after

Stacy pinned, “I remember wanting it for an important event I had in my college. I waited a lot, but the products were shipped extremely late. I was very disappointed with this policy. I wish I had ordered from somewhere else.”

Luna mentioned, “I don’t like switching different brands for different products, so I only looked for something like this. They have things for everything. My sister and I ordered a bunch of skincare stuff, and we love it.”

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FAQs | Truly Beauty Reviews

Are Truly Beauty products worth it?

Truly Beauty is one of the leading beauty brands globally and has attracted a lot of clients with its sensational set of skincare. Some of its best products are the Truly Beauty Acai Your Boobies Polish, Truly Beauty Buns of Glowry Smoothing Butt Polish, Truly Beauty Unicorn Fruit Whipped Body Butter, Truly Beauty Coco Cloud Whipped Luxury Shave Butter, and the Truly Beauty Buns of Glowry Smoothing Butt Serum.

Are Truly Beauty products safe during pregnancy?

Truly Beauty takes pride in crafting all its products that are entirely safe for pregnant or breastfeeding women. The brand follows a unique goal of improving its clients’ health and beauty with their ultimate range of self-care. 

Is Truly Beauty worth it?

The brand has faced some challenges in the past but has successfully garnered a lot of attention from users lately because of its powerfully innovative formula. The products claim that they help reverse signs of aging, smoothen your skin, add deep radiance, and make it look youthful. It is worth it when it comes to your skin. 


After confronting many Truly Beauty reviews, you can think of these products as an upgrade to your regular bland treatments. Thanks to their nourishing formula, your wrinkles fade away with ease, as does your uneven skin tone. Building a smooth base, the brand helps you reconnect with your skin in the most romantic way. Confused about what to choose and what to not? It is only fair you take them all home. We know we are!

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