Tweaked By Nature Reviews | Is It 100% Authentic?

A good hair day is equal to a good mood day. But can every day be a good hair day? It depends on how we treat our hair. Managing hair is complex; we are not satisfied with how our hair looks every day. The formulation is the king; a product’s effectiveness depends on its formulation. Although many hair care brands are in the market, only a few stand the test of time. Today, we aim to uncover the truth about a famous brand and know what we have in store; keep reading the Tweaked By Nature Reviews.

Studies suggest that proper intake of vitamins and minerals can lead to healthy hair growth. But, we are not always able to have a healthy meal due to lack of time. This is why we should at least use products with natural formulations to compensate for it. Let’s find out if Tweaked By Nature is natural or not.

Tweaked By Nature Reviews | Living Up To Its Name?

Tweak’d By Nature was born out of the love and dedication of a son for his mother. Denis Simion is a passionate traveler who loves visiting places and knowing about its specialties. When Denis returned home from a long trip, he came to know that his mother had been diagnosed with breast cancer for the second time. This time, cancer took a heavy toll on her mental and physical health.

She started to see a tremendous hair fall to the point that she thought she would become bald. Mrs. Simioni asked his son to formulate an effective hair treatment for her. After spending countless nights studying ingredients, Denis made a hair treatment based on Dhatelo Seed Oil, which he discovered during his last trip to Nepal.

Tweak'd By Nature products

With subsequent use, his mother started to notice changes. Her hair fell, and the quality of her hair improved. His mother asked him to share this magical potion with the world, and thus, Tweak’d By Nature was born. Tweak’d By Nature is one of the USA’s most loved haircare brands. It has tremendously developed and has a huge turnover.

The formulation is entirely clean and contains no parabens. The products are categorized into four collections: Restore Collection, Rise & Shine Collection, Ultra Nourishing Collection, and Nature’s Style Collection. The formulation is based on wild-crafted and wild-harvested ingredients. Let’s have a look at some of them.

Tweak-d By Nature Rise & Shine Hair Volumizing Shampoo and Conditioner

Whenever we face any hair problem, the first thing we do is change our shampoo and conditioner. Tweak-d By Nature Rise & Shine Hair Volumizing Shampoo helps clean the scalp and hair thoroughly. The shampoo adds shine to the dull, lifeless hair without over-drying the hair. Rise & Shine Hair Volumizing Conditioner makes the hair smooth and gives it a silky feel.

The shampoo and conditioner formula is enriched in vitamins that strengthen the hair from the roots. The shampoo prevents the hair from becoming sticky and reduces inflammation on the scalp. It does not make the scalp dry.  By nourishing the roots, Rise & Shine Hair Volumizing Shampoo prevents hair fall.

It thickens the hair and adds volume. Rise & Shine Hair Volumizing Conditioner rejuvenates dull hair and makes the hair more manageable. It reduces frizz tangle and does not weigh down the hair. The conditioner creates a layer on the hair strand to prevent moisture loss. The entire formulation of Rise & Shine Hair Volumizing Shampoo and Conditioner is clean and safe.

Moroccan Lava Clay is a natural shampoo used by tribals for ages. Its cleansing protein cleans the scalp without disturbing its natural pH balance. Moroccan Lava Clay removes all the impurities, excess oil, and dirt from the scalp and hair. Moroccan Lava Clay not only cleans the hair but also makes it soft and healthy.

It acts as a natural conditioner and keeps the hair nourished and tangle-free. The shampoo and conditioner use a blend of White Tea Extract, Black Tea Extract, and Green Tea Extract. These Tea Extracts have many antioxidants which revive the dead hair strands. Also, Tea Extracts promote hair growth by improving blood circulation. Coconut Oil is so far the best-proven ingredient to promote hair health. It has several benefits.

It helps to enrich the color of the hair; it helps to thicken the hair and make it stronger from the roots, prevent hair fall, and promote hair growth. Also, Coconut Oil’s benefits are not limited to the hair; it is beneficial for the scalp. Coconut Oil moisturizes the scalp and treats flakiness, itchiness, inflammation, and dandruff.

Perks Of Using This Duo

  • Full of botanical extracts
  • Budget-friendly
  • Cruelty-free
  • Refreshing scent
  • Cleanses and moisturizes the scalp
  • Conditions and nourishes the hair
  • Prevents hair fall
  • Promotes hai-regrowth
  • Adds volume to the hair
  • Makes the hair thicker and stronger
  • Adds shine to the hair
  • Suitable for dull, limp hair

Drawbacks Of Using This Duo

  • Alcohol may cause the hair to become dry and rough

Tweak’d 2XL Fiber Lift Dry Volumizing Spray

No one loves flat hair, and Tweak’d 2XL Fiber Lift Dry Volumizing Spray gives the hair an incredible volume. The spray particles tightly hold the hair strand, making it appear fuller and thicker. The lightweight formula of Tweak’d 2XL Fiber Lift Dry Volumizing Spray does not weigh the hair and gives it a bounce. It lifts individual hair strands. The spray has a fast-drying formula that does not make the hair appear sticky.

It also defends the hair from environmental damage and heat damage. Tweak’d 2XL Fiber Lift Dry Volumizing Spray does not leave any powdery residue and has an addictive scent of Vanilla bean. It has a conditioning effect that makes the hair feel smooth and soft. The spray hydrates the hair, improves its texture, and looks super voluminous.

Tweak'd 2XL Fiber Lift Dry Volumizing Spray

Kauri Amber Resin, found in New Zealand’s northlands, helps seal the hair cuticle and seal moisture inside the hair strands. It moisturizes the hair without making them stick to each other. It lifts every individual strand and keeps them nourished. Cermadies are natural oils found inside the hair cuticle. But, due to many reasons, the amount of Ceramides depletes. This is why the hair starts to break and become rough in texture.

Ceramides provide strength to the hair shaft. It acts as a natural conditioner and keeps the hair strands moisturized and nourished. It prevents the hair from becoming dry and brittle. Silk Amino Acids prevent moisture loss and protect the smoothness of the hair. Silk Amino Acids support collagen production and reduce skin cell buildup.

Perks Of Using This Volumizing Spray

  • Adds instant volume to hair
  • Has a sweet smell of Vanilla
  • Improves hair texture
  • Cruelty-free
  • Lightweight, fast-absorbing formula
  • Makes the hair soft, shiny, and silky
  • Defines individual hair strands
  • Suitable for all hair type
  • Natural finish
  • Makes the hair bouncy and glossy
  • Protects the hair
  • Reasonable price
  • Removes buildup and impurities
  • Prevents moisture loss
  • Nourishes the hair

Drawbacks Of Using This Volumizing Spray

  • Customers complain about the spray’s nozzle not working properly

Tweak-d By Nature Restore Rejuvenating Treatment Oil

Hair Oil is the best remedy for damaged hair. Tweak-d By Nature Restore Rejuvenating Treatment Oil is an intensive treatment formulated especially for damaged hair. The oil does not work for hair, but skin also. Tweak-d By Nature Restore Rejuvenating Treatment Oil is enriched in several essential oils with medicinal properties.

This is the founding product of the brand. The Restore Rejuvenating Treatment Oil helps to stop hair fall. Its nutrient content delivers essential vitamins to the hair roots to strengthen them. It also creates a protective layer on the hair, stopping hair fall and breakage. The oil provides extreme hydration and rejuvenation and is clinically proven effective for all hair types.

Tweak-d By Nature Restore Rejuvenating Treatment Oil improves elasticity production and boosts the speed of healthy hair production. It makes the hair thicker, longer, and stronger. The extra-moisture locking properties of this treatment oil are non-greasy and leave a shine on the hair.

Tweak-d By Nature Restore Rejuvenating Treatment Review

Tweak-d By Nature Restore Rejuvenating Treatment Oil features the power of Dhatelo Seed Oil. Found in the Himalayas, Dhatelo Seed Oil is a medicinal herb used for hair treatment. It’s enriched in Omega fatty acids and is a good moisturizer. It moisturizes the scalp and prevents inflammation on it. It allows the hair to retain its moisture without weighing it. Chiuri Butter is a featherweight, ultra-light creme that helps to thicken the hair.

It acts as a sealant and keeps moisture in the hair to increase its softness. It restores the moisture and nourishes the scalp and hair. Banana Extracts help in strengthening the hair roots. The potassium content of Banana Extract helps to soften the rough strands. Its antimicrobial properties help eliminate the scalp’s dryness, itchiness, flakiness, and dandruff.

Palm Kernel Oil helps in the process of hair growth. It helps to reduce hair fall by making the hair stronger. Palm Kernel Oil acts as a natural conditioner for the hair and provides long-lasting moisturization.

Perks Of Using This Treatment Oil

  • Suitable for hair and skin
  • Non-greasy, lightweight formula
  • Cruelty-free
  • Contains no paraben
  • Helps in exclusive hair treatment
  • Stops hair fall
  • Clinically-tested
  • Accelerates hair growth
  • Makes the hair thicker, stronger, and longer
  • Treats dry and damaged hair
  • Reduces frizziness
  • Helps with balding and receding hairline
  • Increases hair’s elasticity

Drawbacks Of Using This Treatment Oil

  • Pricey
  • Grainy texture

Tweaked By Nature Before And After | Customer Reviews

Rita says, “As I have wavy hair, managing my hair every day before going to work is a hell of a task that consumes a lot of time. I was in search of something that could make my work easy. A colleague of mine suggested using Tweak-d By Nature Revitalizing Hair Treatment Mist. It adds a luster to the hair and nourishes it. The hair mist acts as a detangler and adds incredible volume.”

Elle says, “I have used several Tweak’d By Nature products. It’s one of my favorite brands. The formulation of the products is chemical-free and safe for hair. Especially, I love the volumizing spray. The spray has a sweet and addictive fragrance of raw vanilla. As I’ve fine hair, the spray is hugely beneficial for me. It instantly pumps my hair and gives a volume to it. It does not make the hair look artificial; the spray improves hair’s rough texture and adds a shine.”

Tweak'd volumizing spray before and after

Jody says, “As I have blood cancer, it requires me to consume a lot of medicines every day. Due to the ill effects of those medicines, I witnessed excessive hair fall. I would comb my hair daily, and more than a hundred strands would gather in my brush. This made me panic. I learned about Tweak-d By Nature and started using its Restore Rejuvenating Treatment Oil. It’s a great oil. Although I’ve not noticed great hair growth, my hair fall has reduced to a great extent. My hair looks better now and is thicker and stronger.”

FAQs | Tweaked By Nature Reviews

Is Tweaked By Nature good?

Tweaked By Nature is a clean hair and body care brand famous for its wild-harvested core ingredients. It’s clean and natural without any parabens. All the ingredients are sustainably harvested, certified organic, and certified wild-harvested. Tweak’d By Nature is based on learning the ancient science of Ayurveda, making it excellent and effective.

Does Tweaked By Nature cause hair loss?

Tweaked By Nature is a clean beauty brand certified to be safe and sustainable. Its formulation work to reduce hair fall and promote hair growth. Although there’s no proven evidence that the brand causes hair fall, anyone allergic to any ingredients or with serious medical problems can see some side effects, including hair fall.

Where can I buy Tweaked By Nature?

You can buy all the products of Tweaked By Nature from any e-commerce store. We would suggest using Amazon as it is the most authentic source. You can also visit the brand’s official website to buy the products.

Final Thoughts | Tweaked By Nature Reviews

Finally, we are at the end of Tweaked By Nature Reviews. Not every day do you come across a natural brand; Tweak’d by Nature is undoubtedly one. Although the brand was created to solve the founder’s mother’s hair issue, now that brand is a solution to a million women’s hair concerns. Tweak’d by Nature reflects its name and is made with love.

The brand is totally clean and is certified cruelty-free. The products are categorized into five types according to their core ingredient. The core ingredient of every product is sustainably harvested with medicinal properties. Tweak’d by Nature’s hair care products mainly aim to stop hair fall and promote hair growth. 

However, as hair concerns are complex, no guaranteed results exist that Tweak’d by Nature will work equally for everyone. Many customer reviews sing praises of the brand. But you can’t know the brand’s effectiveness until you personally try the products. Tweak’d by Nature is a budget-friendly brand, so you can purchase and try the products.

We hope it turns out beneficial for you. That’s it for today; we hope this review was helpful. Although we tried to cover every minute detail about the brand, please drop your questions in the comment box if you need more information. We will get back to you pretty soon.

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