Tweaked By Nature VS Wen | Determining The Best!

We devote most of our time to taking care of our skin. But do we even consider dedicating half of that time to our hair? The answer is negative. But ironically, we expect a lot from our hair. It’s time for you to invest in a good hair care regime. The crucial part is that competition exists everywhere, even in the hair care industry. Many brands are in a war, not literally but figuratively, to secure the top position. Today, we will analyze two competing brands and determine which is the best. Let’s get started with Tweaked By Nature VS Wen.

There’s much buzz going on now about Tweak’d By Nature and Wen Hair Care. People are obsessing about these brands. Both are remarkable hair care brands with positive outputs, but the question remains: who surpasses the other? So what’s the wait for? Let’s find out!

Tweaked By Nature VS Wen | Putting An End To The Debate

Tweak’d By Nature is a brand made with love. Denis Simion is an ardent traveling lover who loves to go to various places. After a while, when Denis returned home, he came to know that his mother had been diagnosed with breast cancer for the second time. Due to cancer, his mother was experiencing a lot of hair fall. Mrs. Simion feared becoming bald and asked her son to find a cure.

Denis, who loved his mother, spends nights researching Dhatelo Seed Oil, something he had heard about during his trip to Nepal. He made a treatment using the medicinal properties of Dhatelo Seed Oil, and it worked. His mother noticed several changes with frequent use, like improved hair texture, less hair fall, strong hair roots, thick hair, hair regrowth, etc. Mrs. Simion asked her son to share this secret with the world so that others could also benefit from it.

Denis agreed, and he started a natural hair care brand and named it Tweak’d By Nature. Tweak’d By Nature is a clean brand based on wild-crafted ingredients. There are many products categorized into four types according to the core ingredient. The brand focuses on stopping hair loss and promoting hair growth.

Similarly, Wen Hair Care was founded by celebrity hairstylist Chaz Dean in August 2005. Chaz Dean started his photography career and gradually developed his passion for beauty. He started to work in a salon, and within no time, was a famous hairstylist and relocated to Hollywood, where celebrities loved him.

Chaz Dean purchased a salon, and while successfully running it, he realized the need to create products that can reduce hair fall without hampering hair health. About a decade after the brand’s foundation day, i.e., in 2015, Wen became the number one beauty brand on QVC, and its products were selling like fire.

One thing unique about Wen is that as an experienced hairstylist formulates it, it works on all hair types. Wen Hair Care is backed by several years of clinical research. There are no reported harmful chemicals in the formulation. Chaz Dean knows what type of hair requires what type of treatment. Wen Hair Care is a unisex brand and is categorized into different types. Wen Hair Care heals damaged hair and works on color-treated hair. The hair products Wen work to increase hair health and make it stronger, thicker, longer, smoother, and glossier.

wen hair care products

Finding The Better Formulation

Tweak’d By Nature

Dhatelo Seed Oil: Dhatelo Seed Oil is found in the Himalayas, native to Nepal. Nepalis have used Dhatelo Seed Oil for many ages as a medicinal herb for various purposes, especially hair treatment. It’s enriched in Omega fatty acids and is a good moisturizer. It helps to moisturize the scalp and prevents it from becoming dry. Also, Dhatelo Seed Oil reduces inflammation on the scalp and calms the inflamed area, skin redness, etc. It helps to provide essential nutrients to the hair follicle required for healthy hair growth.

Moroccan Lava Clay: Moroccan Lava Clay, native to Atlas Mountain of Morocco, is a natural cleanser. It is a mineral-rich clay that removes all the dirt, impurities, product buildup, excess oil, etc., from the scalp. It does not irritate the scalp. Moroccan Lava Clay also acts as a natural conditioner and protects the hair from getting dry. It keeps the hair nourished, soft, and shiny. Also, Moroccan Lava Clay helps maintain detangled and frizz-free hair.

Moroccan Lava Clay

Coconut Oil: In South- Asian households, Coconut Oil is used daily to maintain healthy hair. The benefits of Coconut Oil are many. Coconut has high Omega-3 fatty acids, and Vitamin E. Both are excellent moisturizers. Without weighing down the hair or feeling greasy, Coconut Oil moisturizes the scalp and hair. Coconut Oil increases the shine, color, and thickness of the hair. It promotes faster hair growth.

Kauri Amber Resin: Kauri Amber Resin is found in the northlands of New Zealand. It is extracted from the Kauri Tree and is excellent in sealing the hair cuticle. This naturally occurring resin has a lightweight, non-sticky formula that helps retain the hair’s moisture. It locks moisture inside the hair strands and does not fade away. Kauri Amber Resin protects the smoothness of the hair and individually lifts every hair strand. 

Kauri Amber Resin

Chiuri Butter: Chiuri Butter is ultra-lightweight butter found in the Himalayan region of Nepal. It adds volume and definition to the hair. It does not weigh down the hair and is excellent in taming it. Chiuri butter regenerates the damaged hair type and restores moisture from the scalp and hair. Its antioxidants protect the hair from thermal damage, sun damage, and other environmental aggressors.

Tweak’d By Nature is a clean brand with no parabens in its formulation. It suits people of all ages, genders, and hair types. The brand is cruelty-free and uses organic, wild-harvested ingredients.

Wen Hair Care

Sweet Almond Oil: Sweet Almond Oil contains essential vitamins such as Vitamin B7, Vitamin E, and SPF 5. Vitamin B7 is keratin and is responsible for healthy hair production. Keratin makes the hair stronger and thicker. Vitamin E is a natural antioxidant that provides all-around protection to the hair. SPF 5 in this oil protects the hair from sun radiation. Sweet Almond Oil increases blood flow on the scalp and prevents premature graying of the hair. It holds all the hair together, acting as a lubricant and making the hair feel lightweight.

Sweet Almond Oil

Pomegranate Extract: Pomegranate Extract is the storehouse of potent antioxidants that help to protect the hair and scalp from harmful UV rays. The vitamins present in it can help in cell turnover. Pomegranate Extract is a natural conditioner that helps deliver intense nourishment to the scalp and hair strands.

It reduces frizz, tangle, and split ends from the hair and protects the color of the hair without lightening it. Also, Pomegranate Extract helps in the thorough cleansing of the scalp. It eliminates any dandruff accumulation from the scalp.

Lavender Extract: The significant hair-promoting qualities of Lavender Extract are quite popular. The antibacterial properties of Lavender Extract helps to prevent dandruff on the scalp. It also helps to soothe the scalp and hydrate the dry scalp. The anti-inflammatory properties of Lavender Extract curb inflamed scalp. Also, it is said that LAvender Extract has significant hair-stimulating effects. It aids in the healthy production of the hair.

Lavender Extract

Bamboo Extract: Bamboo Extract has a high silica content that helps increase hair’s elasticity. Bamboo Extract is an excellent hair volumizing agent. The nutrients in Bamboo Extract help strengthen hair roots, making them stronger. It also helps to soften the hair and keep it moisturized. Bamboo Extract adds shine to the dull hair strands to make them look healthy. The antioxidants in bamboo extract improve blood circulation on the scalp and help reduce inflammation. 

Green Tea Extract: The antioxidants present in the Green Tea Extract help detoxify the scalp. Green Tea Extract strengthens the hair follicles and reduces hair breakage. It helps in increasing hair elasticity and makes the hair lustrous. Studies indicate that Green Tea Extract can help stimulate hair re-growth in areas where hair has stopped growing for numerous reasons. Green Tea Extract can improve the quality of the hair and make it relatively better.

Green Tea Extract

Reportedly, there are no harmful chemicals in the formulation of Wen Hair Care, and it is safe to be used on damaged hair, color-treated hair, etc.

Comparing The Pros And Cons

Tweak’d By Nature Pros

  • Cruelty-free
  • Increases hair’s elasticity
  • Wild-harvested ingredientsTweak'd 2XL Fiber Lift Dry Volumizing Spray
  • Clinically tested
  • Unisex products
  • Suitable for all hair types
  • Can be used on color-treated hair
  • Helps with balding and receding hairline
  • Makes the hair thicker, stronger, and longer
  • Increases scalp health
  • Stops hair loss
  • Strengthens the hair
  • Makes the hair bouncy and glossy
  • Reasonable price
  • Protects colored hair
  • Adds volume to hair
  • Every product has its unique scent

Popular Tweaked By Nature Products:

Tweak’d By Nature Cons

  • Some products contain alcohol
  • Relatively requires more time to show results

Wen Hair Care Pros

  • Contains organic extracts
  • Prevents hair fall
  • Suitable for all hair types
  • Helps reduce dandruff
  • Treats split-ends
  • Promotes hair growth
  • Makes the hair silky and glossy
  • Improves hair health and texture
  • Nourishes the hair
  • Protects hair from environmental damage
  • Easy-to-use products
  • Conditions the scalp
  • Thickens and strengthens the hair
  • Reduces frizz and de-tangles
  • Enhances and add bounce to the curls
  • Protects colored hair

Popular Wen Hair Care Products:

Wen Hair Care Cons

  • Relatively expensive
  • Some products may not work on extremely curled hair

Tweaked By Nature And Wen Before And After | Customer Reviews

Brianna says, “I have used quite a few products from Wen, like Hydrating Mask, Mousse, and Styling Cream. I really like the consistency of the mousse. It’s very creamy and nourishes the hair. It eliminates frizz and makes the hair manageable. And about the styling cream, the thing I admire about it is its incredible fragrance. Wen is a good hair care brand, and people who want to try something new should go for it.”

Wen Hair Mousse before and after

Eva says, “I love the addictive scent of Tweaked By Nature Volumizing Spray. I always use the spray when my hair feels limp and damp. Within a few seconds of spraying, the spray adds instant volume to the hair, which lasts for most of the hair. I have read the ingredient list, and there’s no chemical in it, and I use it without worry. It does not make the hair look rough or anything like that; it adds a shine and makes it look natural”.

Tweaked By Nature Volumizing Spray before and after

FAQs | Tweaked By Nature VS Wen

Is Wen bad for your hair?

Wen is a celebrity-developed hair care brand famous for its effective products. However, a few years back, many women filed a lawsuit against Wen, stating that using the brand’s products has caused their hair to fall. However, after investigation, it was found that there was nothing wrong with Wen. So, Wen isn’t bad for health, but some products contain the scalp-irritating ingredient. Wen is a good brand, but overuse can harm your hair.

Does Tweak’d By Nature cause hair loss?

Tweak’d By Nature is a natural hair care brand with wild-crafted ingredients. The products of the said brand do not cause hair loss but work to reduce hair loss and promote hair growth. Tweak’d By Nature increases hair vitality and improves hair texture and health.

Where can I purchase the products of Tweak’d By Nature and Wen?

You can easily buy the products of Tweak’d By Nature and Wen from any online platform; in our view, the best is amazon. Similarly, you can also buy the products from the respective brand’s official webpage.

Final Thoughts | Tweaked By Nature VS Wen

It’s now time to end the debate of Tweaked By Nature VS Wen. Both of them seem remarkable brands, yielding positive outputs. While Tweak’d By Nature was born due to personal results, it has gone far beyond that and is now a globally loved brand. Tweak’d By Nature is formulated with wild-crafted ingredients without chemicals or harmful components.

One thing to remember, the brand is cruelty-free. Its products stop hair fall, promote new hair growth, and improve the hair’s overall texture. The brand categorizes its ingredients into four types based on the core ingredients. Another important thing is that all the brand’s products have an amazing fragrance. The best part, all the products are reasonably priced.

Meanwhile, Wen Hair Care is a celebrity-developed haircare brand. The products have undergone several clinical trials and are suitable for all hair types, including colored hair. The products of Wen are for men and women. It is free of any harmful chemicals. We primarily work to improve hair texture by reducing split ends, frizz, tangles, etc. Wen adds shine and a silky feeling to the hair.

All its products are exclusive and high-priced but effective. There was speculation in the past on the ineffectiveness of the brand, but it’s all solved now. So, that’s it for today, and it entirely depends on you to determine the winner. We hope you found this article unbiased and helpful. If you have any queries, drop them below. We promise to get back to you as soon as possible.

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