Vi Peel Review | True to its claims? 

Is there a way to fix your skin issues soon? People say there’s no quick way to do anything, but we often think it might be temporary or fake when we get something done quickly. Chemical peels are very popular nowadays. They are often confused with being harmful to your skin, and most dermatologists do not recommend them. Chemical peels are found to be very aggressive to your skin. They are often made for solving specific problems, and they tend to solve them. Some women have had terrible reactions to the chemical peels. 

Vi Peel Reviews

Are you scared of using a chemical peel if you have sensitive skin? There are many chemical peels by big brand companies that can solve all your issues sometimes. They may seem very strong and aggressive on your skin. Vi Peel is another famous chemical peel; we need to know more; thus, we have some genuine Vi Peel Reviews. 

Vi Peel Reviews | Does it work efficiently? 

Vi Peel is manufactured by the Vitality Institute situated in Los Angeles. A chemical peel removes layers of your skin to solve specific issues: acne scars and pigmentation. Fine lines and wrinkles are some of the problems that a chemical peel is supposed to target. The Vi Peel is another chemical peel that can target issues like fine lines, wrinkles, acne scars, hyperpigmentation, sun damage, and melasma. 

This is not the only thing it does; it can also improve the texture of your skin and make it feel more healthy. The peel can also help control some factors contributing to skin issues. You do not feel any discomfort while using the peel. Most women who heard about using a chemical peel thought it would be harsh on their skin. 

The word chemical seems so aggressive that we instead do not use it on our faces. Although when it comes to chemical peels, we need to know what it contains. One must never mess with chemicals, and you should be sure of what you’re applying to your skin. 

Vi Peel Ingredients 

Trichloroacetic Acid: TCA is generally added to all the chemical peels. It is mainly responsible for improving your overall skin appearance. The primary role of this ingredient is to remove the layers of the skin and stimulate more skin growth. It is not too strong on your skin. It can be very beneficial for certain conditions like acne scarring or melasma. Since the functions are aggressive, there can be specific mild side effects like burning and discomfort. 

Phenol: Phenol is entirely responsible for killing skin cells. It is added for exfoliating skin cells and permeating deep in your skin. It is very effective when it is used for treating acne, scarring, skin discoloration, and wrinkling.

Salicylic Acid: The primary reason for using salicylic acid in your chemical peel is to treat acne. It contains chemicals that can cause your skin to break down and shed. It can easily clean away all the dead skin cells and hair follicles. The acid can be helpful as it also reduces any inflammation due to acne. If you have oily skin, it can give you reasonable control of the oil production in your skin. 

Retinoic Acid: Retinol in any product can benefit your skin. It can also help in removing dead skin cells from your face. It also promotes the growth of skin cells for having healthy and smooth skin. Retinol has anti-aging benefits and can make serious amends. It can work for fine lines, wrinkles, roughness, and saggy skin. 

Vitamin C: Vitamin C also works as an exfoliator, as by removing the dead skin cells from your face, you force your body to produce new cells. It cleanses your pores and also controls oil production. Vitamin C also has anti-bacterial property to it. It also improves the texture of your skin and makes it softer. 

Hydroquinone: Hydroquinone has a unique job to do in the chemical peel. It can reduce breakouts and hyperpigmentation. This can prevent any reactions or adverse effects of the peel. It reduces any chances of having side effects and contains. 

Kojic Acid: Kojic acid is a skin-lightening agent and anti-fungal in nature. It is suitable for all skin types and is generally applied to the hands and face. It also has an anti-aging effect on your skin. 

Benzoyl Peroxide: This is another ingredient that has effective results for acne. It works by killing bacteria and helping clean your pores thoroughly. It also helps your skin shed excess oil. 


Acne Scarring: The chemical peel can reduce the acne scars that acne can leave behind. It cannot make the scars disappear, but they are diminished and will disappear after some use. Other scars that can be fixed are boxcar scars, ice-pick scars, and rolling scars. They can all be treated and reduced. 

Sun Damage: Sunspots and any UV-related damage reduce. It can be done with the help of a chemical peel. It works on it and slowly reduces the impact that it has had on the skin. 

Hyperpigmentation: It can quickly reduce any coloring or hyperpigmentation that has occurred. It can brighten dark areas with the help of its brightening agents. Another side effect of the peel can be hyperpigmentation, but it can also protect you from the side effects. 

Fine Lines and Wrinkles: The peel also has anti-aging effects. It can reduce the look of fine lines and wrinkles. Due to the removal of the skin layer, the abnormalities are reduced, and there is a fresh breeding ground for healthy skin. Most of the abnormalities are removed, and skin cell production is pumped. 

Skin Texture: It improves the texture of your skin and makes it smoother. This is due to the aggressive exfoliation of the skin layers. Your skin feels more soft and healthy. There is a bright and radiant glow to your skin. Your complexion looks fantastic, and you can notice the new skin growth on your face. 

Pores and Oil Production: Another benefit of using the peel is that it cleanses your pores well. It can reduce or control oil production in a way. This can exfoliate your pores and avoid the chances of sebum forming. 

Collagen Production: Along with cleansing away dead skin cells, the peel can also stimulate the growth of new skin cells. This makes your skin produce new cells which are tighter and make your skin look very healthy. Collagen production can make your skin look very bright and radiant. 

Skin Firming: The peel’s skin firming abilities result from forming new skin cells. It can make your skin tighter and prevent it from falling. 

Keratosis Pilaris: Keratosis pilaris is also a condition where chemical peels can significantly help. The small bumps seem to have reduced, which can improve your skin’s condition. 


  • Most women say that it is not comfortable for dark skin. Somehow it does not work the same way for black skin. The reason behind this is still not known. 
  • As they are many exfoliants in the chemical peel, you may experience some burning, itching, swelling, or even blistering. If it is too much, then you should get it off and consult a dermatologist. 
  • The chemical peel can have specific side effects, including skin discoloration and hyperpigmentation. 
  • If you have sensitive skin or any allergies, you can also experience an allergic reaction. 
  • Some reviews say it strips away the skin’s natural moisture and makes it very dry. 
  • It also has skin inflammation as a side effect. 
  • The effects of the chemical peel are not immediate, and you can only notice it after a few days.
  • The process is costly, and you should generally not do it at home. 

How to use Vi Peel? 

The process of using the peel is straightforward. 

  • It takes 30 minutes for the whole process. It would be best if you always got a practitioner to do the procedure. 
  • They will cleanse your skin to remove any dirt and oil. 
  • They will apply the chemical peel in two layers. 
  • There can be tingling and discomfort when you feel the chemical peel for the first time. 
  • Once they use the second layer, it will turn white. 
  • You need to keep it for 4-6 hours, as told by the practitioner and then wash it off. 
  • Your skin will peel about 3 days after you complete the procedure. 

Vi Peel Reviews

Vi Peel Reviews | Customer Insights

Annie says, “There are many chemical peels in the market, and it gets difficult to choose from them. I chose the Vi Peel, which looks like a pretty good choice. I generally struggle with acne scars and have tried everything. Unlike others, I did the process all by myself at home. It was effortless to apply the layers. I did not feel much of a tingling that other people reported. My skin started 2 days after the process, and my face had a bright glow.

I got a beautiful facial texture, which was a great experience. Some of my acne scars have greatly reduced, and some needed another session. I did the process at home as I had my daughter to help me, but otherwise, you should get it done from someone.” 

Vi Peel Reviews

Synthia says, “Using chemical peels has been the worst experience of my life. I have susceptible skin which is loaded with acne. I tried everything, but nothing seemed to calm my acne down. One of my friends suggested this chemical peel, and I regret trying it. There was a huge acne breakout 2 days after I used the peel. It was not very pleasant, and I couldn’t touch my skin. It became overly sensitive for a while, and I had to go to the dermatologist. However, some of my acne scars had cleared up but were not worth the experience.” 

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FAQs | Vi Peel Reviews 

Is the VI peel worth it? 

Vi peel could be the ideal acne treatment, but due to the extremely high price, not everyone can or want to afford it. It has seen many women love the product and have had satisfying results. It is too costly to afford, but the results are excellent for most people. 

How long do Vi peel results last? 

Generally, the Vi peel results last for about 3-4 months. It is not permanent; you need to get it done again, which can cause a hole in your pocket. 

Is Vi peel better than chemical peel? 

Vi peel can be considered better than chemical peel as you can see the results in 3 days, which stays for a long time. 

What should I expect after a chemical peel? 

You can expect your skin to start peeling after 2-3 days. Do not be alarmed and treat it gently. 


The Vi Peel Reviews were not as positive as we were hoping them to be. They are costly, and the results are temporary. There can be many side effects for normal skin too. People with sensitive skin should not opt for it before consulting their dermatologist. This does not seem worth it as it is costly and does not have very long-lasting results. 

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