Viviscal VS Rogaine | An Unbiased Comparison

Hair loss is becoming a significant problem in our lives and is common in both men and women. While we are battling poor hair quality every day, we are looking for a treatment that will work like a miracle. With companies all around the globe empathizing with us, they work hard to research on preparing formulas that ideally work towards the cause of promoting hair growth. Today, there are many options available to us, with each brand promising to bring forward a change in our hair length and quality. This report will focus on Viviscal VS Rogaine to help you understand which out of the two will cater to stimulating hair growth at a faster rate and will have a long-lasting effect. 

Viviscal VS Rogaine

We often consider our hair to be our greatest beauty asset for several reasons. Hence, we spend a lot of time getting familiar with different hair care products to purchase the ones that will bring forward results that everyone around us will admire. Our team hopes to assist you in the best possible way in understanding where Viviscal and Rogaine stand and how they work towards getting powerful results for their users. Let us help you understand that.

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Viviscal VS Rogaine | Which One Makes The Hair Grow Best? 

Founded in 1990, Viviscal has made its place in the hair beauty industry for over two decades now. The brand is owned by Lifes2good Inc. and has been designed after thorough research and clinical trials that have shown positive results in keeping the hair damage-free and improving its overall quality. The award-winning brand has gained the recognition of experts globally for being an excellent drug-free solution for healthier and potent hair. 

On the other hand, Rogaine was developed in 1988 and is the first topical FDA-approved brand that works towards hair growth in men and women. In 2006, Johnson and Johnson acquired the company and, to date, it is committed to developing the brand’s innovative hair products. The brand’s history goes back to the scientific discovery of minoxidil detection for those who experience hereditary hair loss. Over the years, Rogaine has evolved to rejuvenate hair follicles and give way to thicker and fuller hair. 


Let us look at what both the hair brands have to offer so that you get closer to choosing the best between them. 

Contemplating The Ingredients 

What makes these two haircare brands so unique? Let us understand more about the components used to formulate them specifically to meet the needs of longer, thicker, and healthier hair.

Viviscal: The different products by Viviscal formulated with elements that make them unique work towards making hair longer, thicker, and in good shape. The hair care products are made with the best ingredients that have been supported by research by the world’s most outstanding hair growth researchers. For instance, the active ingredient in hair supplements is the marine complex AminoMar, which has been clinically proven to nourish hair well and boost hair growth. Other elements commonly found in all Viviscal products are biotin, vitamin C, keratin, iron, and zinc. All these elements blend well to decrease hair thinning and treat hair fall problems. 


Rogaine: Rogaine is famous all across because of the vital element minoxidil, which is believed to be the only topical ingredient that is FDA approved. Minoxidil is the active ingredient found in hair products by Rogaine and brings several benefits for the regrowth of hair on the scalp. A few other critical elements used in making the products include botanical extracts and alpha-hydroxy acid. They aid in keeping the scalp conditioned and healthy, providing an environment where hair growth is possible. They help to increase protein production, which makes it feasible to grow new hair. Made specially with Tricho-Prime Technology, the formula is excellent for hair regrowth. 

Product Range

Understanding what each brand has to offer in terms of its products and features is vital in the final decision. For that very reason, we have summarised what products have been designed by both the companies so that you can get a clear picture of the different hair products to choose from.

Viviscal: The company offers a wide variety of hair products for its customers, including hair supplements, shampoo, condition, exofilir, and newly launched hair therapy products for women. The brand has primarily focused on designing hair supplements and densifying shampoo, fortifying conditioner, and hair fillers for men. All the products by Viviscal are suitable for everyday use and have been designed to suit all types of hair. The unique dual-action system of Viviscal emphasizes overall hair health with their supplements on the inside and deep cleaning and nourishing hair through their other hair products on the outside. 

Popular Viviscal Products

Rogaine: There are primarily four products that are available on the official website of the brand. These products are categorized into 5% minoxidil unscented foam and 5% minoxidil solution for men and on the other hand, 5% minoxidil unscented foam, and 2% minoxidil solution for women. Rogaine strongly conforms to bringing thicker and longer hair with just a few drops of the solution every day. The products have been backed up by effective results from many studies that show it helps treat hair thinning. 

Popular Rogaine Products

However, some of the possible side effects after using Rogaine products include increased heartbeat, dizziness, chest pain, change in hair color, or even scalp irritation. But none of these cause permanent damage. 

Overall, the hair care products by both brands bring forward results within three to six months and have to be used indefinitely for prolonged effects. 

Customer Insights

The fight between Viviscal and Rogaine is not over until you get an insight into how previous customers have felt after using the products by these bands. This will help to know the advantages and downfalls of the brand. So let us have a brief look at what customers have experienced with these haircare brands. 

Viviscal: Viviscal has received positive customer reviews for the overall consistent results. The easy-to-use products have brought forward quick results for men and women who have been faithful to the brand for several years now. Customers have appreciated the boost in confidence after using Viviscal products because they make hair shinier, thicker and reduces the overall damage caused to the hair. 


While there is a lot of praise about the effects that this hair brand brings forward, some users have not had a very satisfying experience. Many have experienced side-effects such as nausea and skin allergy that did not last long but did cause inconvenience for the first few days or weeks of applying the product. As the hair supplement by this brand is not vegan-friendly, it is not quite popular among those who are conscious about what products they use on their hair and skin. 

Rogaine: E-commerce websites show that Rogaine has won the trust of most of its users who have been faithfully using Rogaine for a while now. Many experts recommend Rogaine for the long-lasting results and the visible differences the brand brings to its users. The products dry quickly on the hair, which does not make the hair feel greasy or sticky. Suitable for users aged between 18-65 years, it has made life simple and made individuals fall in love with their hair all over again. 

Rogaine before and after

Despite all the positive reviews, customers have been irritated with the total duration taken to bring forward results, as it can take as long as four months. It is imperative to use the solutions with care as it can give way to harmful effects, especially if it goes into the eyes. 

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Cessation | Viviscal VS Rogaine

To conclude Viviscal VS Rogaine, various studies show that Viviscal and Rogaine have been proven to work well to improve hair growth and quality. Viviscal contains nutrients that promote hair growth, while Rogaine works on circulating the blood flow on the scalp. However, our team strongly believes that Rogaine is more beneficial than Viviscal. Even though both of them are at par in bringing forward results that improve hair condition, Rogaine has been approved by the Health Department for being an ideal treatment for hair loss. All in all, with the help of its key ingredient, minoxidil, it can restore the natural growth of the hair and improve blood flow. 

Rogaine is a few drops of solution that need to be applied every day, while Viviscal is available in the form of a pill that one can take daily or through hair products like shampoo and conditioner used on the hair. Either way, the fight between Viviscal and Rogaine can be terminated only when you can grasp what each offers and what they fail at achieving. While we hope to have cleared all the doubts on your mind through this review, you can drop a message below if you want to ask us anything more. Our team would be delighted to help you out further to make a wise choice.

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