Voloom Review | Voluminous Hair In 5 Mins? (Unbiased)

What do all women of this planet pray for every day? Voluminous, healthy, and bouncy hair. Any answer apart from this is rejected! While a recent survey finally revealed that women may live without men, what they can’t do without is luxurious-looking locks that stay 24/7 healthy, without taking a holiday from its gorgeousness. Thankfully many Voloom Reviews have brought some respite for all you pretty ladies here. The brand claims that its revolutionary range of hair volumizing iron is godsent to tame all those tousled waves so that you can look sublime and beautiful in whichever room you set foot in! So can this be your secret recipe for healthier-looking hair? 

Voloom Reviews

Thinking about your life’s best hair moments, but nothing comes to mind? You are not alone, my friend! After a constant brush-up with the toxic environment, our hair loses its natural shine, let alone its volume. We shed like autumn throughout the year and end up at events with our heads wrapped up in silk scarfs. Because who wants to show that thin mane? Luckily, Voloom has entered the beauty world to sweep you off your feet with its famous line of irons. So are you ready to unravel the whole truth? Or have you already made up your mind about bringing this home? 

Voloom Reviews | Voluminous Hair In 5 Mins?

Your life may not be perfect, but your hair should be at least! Having an extra lift in your hair at all times not only puts essence into your personality but also has an irresistible charm that people may find extraordinarily enticing. But sadly, our improper knowledge seals our fate otherwise. We are constantly putting heavy conditioners that weigh down any chance of a volume or other factors like environmental aggressors. Voloom Petite reviews assure you that it has every trick in the book and provides the ultimate solution to add some layers of an undeniable volume to your worn-out locks. 

If you ask us between Voloom vs. Crimper, we will say the former’s name! The brand says that these irons have been carefully devised with ionic technology, which minimizes any chance of hampering your hair’s health and plumps up its look in seconds. Unlike crimpers which add a strange curling effect to your fragile strands by sandwiching them against heat, Voloom features optimal temperature conditions to ward off this heat woe. It helps revive your everyday strands and turn them into a lush garden! So, according to reliable sources, if you decide on investing in this, there is a good chance you might never regret this decision! 

Coming straight from the beauty editor’s vanity, Voloom has made a place for itself in this haircare business. It assists actively in battling unruly hair and gives you a sophisticated look. But is this a deal to steal? Is there no downside you need to consider? Let us keep looking!


  • It heats your locks uniformly. 
  • The device comes with an LED display to monitor heat temperature 
  • Plumps up the volume of your tresses
  • It adds a lustrous shine and a smoothening effect
  • There are three different kinds of plates depending upon your hair length 
  • The device possesses a feature of automatic shutoff 
  • Coated with ceramic to prevent tugging of strands 
  • 360-degree swivel cord to ease application 
  • Reduces breakage and hair fall 
  • It helps seal cuticles which prevent them from splitting 
  • It does not touch the scalp or hamper roots
  • The device features an optimal temperature 
  • It does not contain any chemicals like gels and mousses


  • It is expensive for just an iron.
  • The iron may not provide lasting volume in humid seasons. 

Why Should You Buy Voloom?

So much talk of this styler demands that you get a proper breakdown of all the good things Voloom offers to make your hair look like a breath of fresh air! 


If you want to save a trip from blowdrying your hair, Voloom is made just for you! We asked a lot of users, and they shared that Voloom helped them get a bouncy texture they hadn’t had in a long time. The iron adds a pleasing effect to your lifeless locks by teasing the dull look and making them silkier, heavier, and voluminous. Voloom takes pride in this, for it claims to vanish all your bad hair days, which even expensive sprays can’t fix!

Smooth like ceramic!

The plates of the hair iron have been painted with a humble layer of ceramic, which ensures that they don’t pull or pinch your delicate strands. This enables the plates to get a good grip on your locks and cling to them smoothly to give your top layers a flirtatious touch of volume. You can call it a perfect Dyson Airwrap dupe.

For you, me, and they

Voloom has excellent consideration for all its clients, so they have specially crafted the professional hair volumizing iron in three different styles to boost your hair’s appearance. These are named Voloom Classic, which is made to amp up long, or denser hair; Voloom Petite made for medium-length hair; and Voloom Rootie, a perfect beauty weapon for those with shorter hair. 

Temperature control

The temperature in Voloom is between 220°F to 395°F, which makes it possible to style your hair in just 5 minutes. This ensures lesser damage and prevents their breakage. The patented checkerboard plates have been carefully designed to glam up your locks by sealing your cuticles, and there’s even a digital LED plate to check the temperature at all times. 

No chemicals 

When you hit the drugstores and buy those pricey branded gels and mousses, do you realize how much product stays on your hair for so long to make it look presentable? No more! This iron does not involve any drama and is safe for your tresses’ health. It can tame your frizzy hair and can be a pretty good hair straightener for frizzy hair

Customer Feedback | Voloom Before And After Reviews 

Vanessa mentioned, “If I were given an option to choose any one styling irons from the ocean of choices available, I would choose this one without flinching. What I love the most about this is the device’s design. It comes with a ceramic-coated plate that boosts my original locks and creates an unbeatable, long-lasting thickness. I have to be honest and am a big fan of this product.”

Nigel said, “I would never choose to buy a heating iron for my hair spying such a huge amount of money. I prefer blow drying every day, giving my hair a good bounce. From my experience, using irons on my hair has caused them to shed more, so I refrain from using them. I don’t think it is worth putting your precious money on.”

Voloom reviews

Casey B. commented, “If this isn’t the perfect thing in the world, I don’t know what is! Earlier my hair always used to look very thin and sleek. I have secretly wanted it to be thicker, denser, and healthy-looking. Thanks to this iron, all my troubles have gone away. I use it whenever I want to add some volume to my hair. I don’t know bout others, but it has worked beautifully for me.”

Morena pinned, “After many positive things about this styler from my friend circle, I decided to give this a shot. I have straight hair, and after applying serum, it looks like a stick, so I wanted to pump it up a bit. I religiously used the styler for a week and enjoyed how it made my hair look. But my hair suddenly started splitting more and breaking. So I stopped using the iron. I don’t think it’s for me.”

Voloom reviews

Candice expressed, “Loving this new styling tool! My sisters even asked me what product I used on my hair to add so much volume. They were shocked when I told them it was iron. Now all of us are using it! I already have thicker hair, and this adds a lustrous effect on top of that. Glad to have brought this.”

FAQs | Voloom Reviews

Voloom where to buy?

There are several online platforms where you can get your hands on Voloom. These are Amazon, Walmart, and eBay. Apart from this, you can visit the brand’s official website and make your purchase there easily. 

Which Voloom is best for me?

You might want to go with the Classic version of the range if you have longer, denser, or thicker hair. On the other hand, Petite will compliment you perfectly if you have middle-length hair. Users will short-length hair that goes up to the chin can depend on the Rootie version to get an incredible volume. 

Does Voloom damage hair?

Voloom has been solely created to minimize hair damage by giving your tresses a nourishing boost of volume. The iron is used away from the hair shaft, so there is no chance of pulling or tugging your strands. This area contains natural oils, which naturally protect your hair from heat damage. It is not used at the roots like usual irons are and comes coated in ceramic. This ionic technology claims to protect your cuticles by reducing the chances of breakage. 

Voloom before and after reviews

What is Voloom Rootie?

Voloom Rootie is the smallest of the three sizes Voloom offers in its hair volumizing range. This iron is just ¾ inches wide and will do justice to those with shorter hair. 

What do Voloom Hair Crimper Reviews say?

Voloom is far different than crimpers. The latter creates texture and a certain kind of pattern in your hair which may not be very attractive. In contrast, Voloom naturally infuses accurate volume into your locks without hurting. 

Is Voloom safe to use?

Yes, Voloom is safe to use. It does not meddle with your hair roots, so there is no doubt of damage. Besides, the plates have been coated in ceramic, which lessens the falling of hair and repairs the hair follicles. 

Will Voloom work in climates with extreme heat and humidity?

The brand shows that there are specific thighs you must be careful of while using Voloom in different seasons or climatic conditions. If there’s too much humidity, you must make sure your hair is dehydrated, as the volume won’t hold for long otherwise. Apart from this, you may also need to add humidity blockers or protective sprays so that your book remains uncompromised. 


Are you tired of trying those hydrating mists and creams that still have no progress in getting that photogenic hair? Voloom reviews have expressed that the brand can make all the difference in giving your brittle hair a revitalizing, buoyant, and adventurous fluff! There are three different styles you can choose from depending upon your hair length, which ensures your hair, does not have to sit flat again. Don’t believe us? Many Voloom Before And After Reviews have proved that the brand celebrates the beauty of your hair so that it always looks like a statement!

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