Why Is My Curly Hair Going Straight? | Is this Normal? 

Do you like curly hair better or straight? We don’t get to choose the kind of hair we have; it entirely depends on our genes. However, many women get hair treatments done for either curling hair or straightening hair. We often find that women are uncomfortable and find curly hair challenging to manage. Having curly hair is bliss, and if you have been facing trouble managing them, then you might be doing something wrong.

Why is my curly hair going straight

You need to be taking good care of your curly hair. Good quality products for your curls are essential; you need to use products for curly hair. Although we came across the question, “ Why is my curly hair going straight?” This has become an issue with many women. Why is this happening? Can curly hair go straight? What can we do to make our hair normal? We need to know what to do when this keeps happening. 

Why Is My Curly Hair Going Straight?| Is this normal? 

Straight hair is easier to manage as it has enough moisture. Curly hair tends to dry out quickly and does not possess enough moisture to keep hair lively. Curly hair is also categorized in different ways. Your hair follicles can determine the kind of curls you have. The primary thing to care for your curly hair is adding more moisture to your hair. This can be done by changing your hair care routine. Using a decent amount of serum for hair to keep them moisturized can also help them reduce damage.

The primary concern for making your hair go straight or make them lose its shape. This can be avoided if you use shampoo and oil for curly hair. It would be best to use protein-enriched and moisturizing shampoos that add moisture to your skin. However, if your hair starts losing its shape, we need to know why it’s happening and what we can do about it. 

Reasons why your curly hair might be going straight 

Undoubtedly, some people have curly hair and try to straighten it out. Your hair might be curly, but it will start losing its shape if you try to straighten it out now and then. However, this is not the only reason this happens; there are other ways this can happen.

  • Protein: Our hair is made up of protein. Keratin and protein make up amino acids that form the essential protein of our hair. Depending on how these bonds are, this decides how your hair bends. The result can be straight hair when there is a lower chance of these bonds coming together. 
  • Hormones: Yes, hormones can also work as a determining factor in the straightness of hair. We often hear that women start losing more hair after their pregnancy or menopause. This is true for losing hair structure too. Puberty, pregnancy, and menopause can be considered significant milestones responsible for these changes. There are major hormonal shifts in your body during this time that can completely transform the structure of your hair. There are thyroid issues that can cause this. 
  • Sun Exposure: If your hair is exposed to UV rays and sun for an extended period, you need to be worried about your hair. It can make your hair brittle and weak. Too much sun exposure can also result in having flatter hair and losing its shape. They also become more susceptible to breakage. 

  • Medication and Age: In your forties and fifties, you undergo many changes and start taking some medicine. Specific kinds of medication can result in straighter, flatter hair. This can result in your hair losing its shape. We can also blame our age for this; aging can cause our hair follicles to lose shape. 
  • Product Buildup: Product buildup on your hair can be another reason your curly hair gets straight. This happens if you wash your hair regularly. It can also occur if you frequently use hair sprays, creams, and other products. They can settle in your hair and leave a residue. This can cause your hair to lose shape. 
  • Hair Growth: It is possible that if your hair has grown, it can weigh down. Longer hair can exert some pressure on the follicles, weighing them down.
  • Health Checkup: The issue of your hair structure changing can also point towards having abnormal health. Your diet can also affect the kind of hair structure you have. Significant changes in diet and not having enough protein can change the dynamic of your hair. Stress and other external factors can also affect your hair. You need to monitor your overall vitals, such as your sleep, diet, and nutrients. These factors can be narrowed down to the changing structure of your hair. They can make your curly hair turn straight. 

How to protect curls? 

There are different ways to protect curls and how you can stop your hair structure from changing. If your hair starts getting straighter, don’t feel there’s nothing you can do. These are the things that you can do if this happens to you.

  • Hair Tying: Curly hair is dry in its natural form. You can only comb it when you’re washing your hair. This way, you can avoid breakage and open all the knots. Use a wide tooth comb for less breakage. Comb your hair after applying conditioner so that it can coat all your strands. Be careful whenever you tie your hair. Do not tie your hair in a tight bun or ponytail. Give it space for opening up. Keep your hair open for some time, and avoid tying it in buns. 
  • Review Hair Products: There are various hair products that you might be using for your hair. Shampoo, conditioner, oil, and others, you need to review them and buy products that are specifically made for curly hair. There are creams and curling products available for highlighting your curls. 

  • Regular Trims: It always helps to get trimming done once in a while. This allows our hair not to weigh down and keeps them healthy. 
  • Health Checkup: If there has been a severe issue, you should consider going to the doctor and getting some routine tests done. This can point out any deficiency that you have. This information can help you choose the right products for your hair.
  • Supplements: After the reports, you can start taking supplements for the deficiencies that you might have. Supplements can help make up for the nutrition that you have lost. They can help your hair regain moisture and the nutrition that it has been looking out for. 
  • Hair Care: Good hair care, like not washing your hair too much, can be inadequate for your hair. Also, switching from a standard pillow case to a satin pillowcase can be a good option. Nourishing your hair in every inch can be considered good hair care. This can make your hair get back to normal. 
  • Reduce Heat: If you use to heat and other styling methods on your hair, then it is essential to stop using heat for some time. Using heat can damage your hair, and this can change the structure of your hair or using a heat protectant crafted for curly hair can be beneficial and can help. 
  • Reduce Damage and Build Up: There can be damage and build-up over time in your hair. This has to be solved and cleaned. You need to choose the right products and respect your curls when you try to resolve them. 
  • Moisturize: Curly hair is always in need of more moisture. If there is increased moisture in your hair, it can make your curls look more lively. 

Why is my curly hair going straight

  • Washing Techniques: Co-washing is a technique for your curly hair. Co-Washing means that you wash your hair with conditioner rather than cleaning your hair with shampoo. Shampoos can be drying, and conditioners can be very moisturizing for your hair. 
  • Experiment: You must experiment with products whenever you want to switch your makeup products. No need to buy unnecessary products, but you need to purchase specific products for curly hair. You will soon get products that can make your hair feel normal again. 

Frequently Asked Questions 

Can curly hair naturally become straight? 

Yes, absolutely. Curly hair can become straight naturally. Various reasons like genetics, hormones, etc. can be a reason for naturally curly hair becoming straight. However, this is not the end. You can make your hair go back to normal. 

Can curly hair turn straight with age? 

Aging or getting older also has an impact on your hair. Age can be a deciding factor for your hair follicles. It can affect the shape and structure of your follicles. 

Is stress a reason for curly hair going straight? 

There is stress in our everyday life. We need to understand that stress can affect us physically and have consequences. Stress affects your hair structure and should be considered a reason for your curly hair going straight. 

Why does curly hair go straight when I sleep? 

Curly hair can turn back to straight when you’re sleeping. Our hair can get into knots, and then it can be pretty damaging for your hair. 

Final Thoughts

We got the answer to the question, “Why is my curly hair going straight?” and it is yes. Curly hair can get naturally straight due to many reasons. It can happen in various ways, and you can turn it around anytime. You might understand why it will happen and what you can do about it. This is entirely natural for it to happen, and you can control it. 

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