ZIIP VS Myolift | Your Best Microcurrent Friend Is?

We took the chance to figure out what should be in your bag this year so that your skin can feel healthier and glowyyy! After the ZIIP VS Myolift stirred up many minds on their effectiveness and which is the better one, we put out minds together and thankfully have got it all figured out. These cutting-edge treatments claim to reinvent your skin with magic loaded with special currants and intensities that can transform your present dullness into a plump, radiant one. But many controversies similar to ZIIP VS Nuface have put customers in a dilemma.

ZIIP VS Myolift

So does the Myolift Professional deserve to be your soulmate? Or are you attracted to the ZIIP Microcurrent? There is only one way to find out! We have the final and polished edit of ZIIP VS Myolift, which will prove if you beauty lovers should fall for the ZIIP Microcurrent or save your hearts for the Myolift Mini! So are you in for the ride?

ZIIP VS Myolift | Your Best Microcurrent Friend Is?

Product range 

ZIIP Beauty is all dolled up with its two mostly-searched-for microcurrent facial devices, the ZIIP Beauty GX Series and the ZIIP Beauty OX Series, to enhance your skin tone like never before. Apart from these, Ziip provides all users skincare in which you can get your hands on three exclusive gels, golden gel, crystal gel, and silver gel. These are specially dedicated to your at-home treatments. These recyclable bottles give your skin a refined glow that is hard to miss!

7E Wellness Myolift™ caters better to more needs of users as they offer an ocean of possibilities to restructure your skin from top to bottom. The brand offers much more than ZIIP in this case, as it has at-home devices, professional devices, conductive gels, masks, and other accessories. These accessories may be reusable silicone brushes, conductive gloves, etc. 


ZIIP Beauty utilizes the goodness of both particular nano currents and microcurrents, where their intensities combine to form a perfect blend of charge to stimulate your skin tissues and muscles and lead to contouring, firming, and tightening your skin tone. Neatly sculpting your features also helps unleash an illuminated brightness that often gets buried under our layers. The device also helps awaken your face and eye area. 

Myolift is a non-evasive and painless treatment to bring back your lost charm where it belongs. The high-tech currents pump up ATP production on your skin, leading to more supply of collagen, and elastin, which together help in firming your sagging skin. It also helps contour your features, and users of any age group can use the device!


Now we understand that only a few feel chirpy about the whole skincare regimen in their day, while the rest must drag themselves out of whatever they are doing and continue with it. Now, if you are a bit lazy like us, Myolift can be a better pick as it needs to be used only 1-2 times a week for 40 to 60 minutes. On the other hand, the ZIIP requires you to accentuate your beauty by using it 3-6 times a week to see good results. So it is up to you, whether you want to be done at one go giving 40 minutes, or do a little bit on all six days!

Power to last

If you are a religious user and never miss out on your ZIIP beauty facial treatments, a fully charged battery will effortlessly last up to three to four weeks. Whereas, Myolift takes pride in its microcurrent device, as it will last for whole s months, almost 90 days, or ten weeks without charging! So if you are always busy and can’t find time to charge your devices, you know what to pick!

ZIIP VS Myolift | Evaluation Of Pros And Cons


  • The device uses a combination of both nano currents and microcurrents 
  • The device has an inbuilt Energize treatment 
  • It helps in toning and restructuring your facial muscles
  • Contours your skin and adds more definition 
  • Lifts dullness and brightens the complexion 
  • Removes dynamic wrinkles, and fine lines
  • It has an acne and hyperpigmentation mode to choose from
  • Diminhies puffiness from the under eyes and lightens the area
  • You get a golden conductive gel along with it
  • Promotes a smoother skin tone
  • Tightens skin tissues and gives a lifted appearance 


  • It is way too expensive. 
  • It may not work for everyone. 
  • ZIIP Beaty GX remains unavailable most of the time.

Myolift Pros

  • It helps increase collagen and elastin 
  • It makes skin firmer and tighter 
  • The device delivers up to 400 microamps to fade your aging signs 
  • It gives professional-spa-like results 
  • The treatment doesn’t sting or pain 
  • It stimulates blood flow which helps rejuvenate your skin tone
  • There are many customization options with Myolift offers
  • Much cheaper than the ZIIP series
  • It can last three months without charging 
  • It increases cellular activity, pulling your skin up and giving it a sculpted look.
  • The increased ATP helps fight stubborn wrinkles. 
  • You can use Myolift much lesser than ZIIP in a week and still get results 


  • It may take longer to show noticeable changes in your skin. 

Customer Feedback | ZIIP VS Myolift 

Carrol said on ZIIP, “I have been a regular customer of ZIIP for the last four years, and it has been an amazing journey so far. My skin loves it, as I have never had any ugly episode with the microcurrent device. The wrinkles on my skin have completely faded, and now my skin looks fresh and lifted. My cheekbones are sharper and feel bouncy now. I wish I knew about this earlier!”

ZIIP VS Myolift

Maya pinned about Myolift, “My best friend introduced me to this for the first time. At first, I didn’t believe her that some device could change my skin texture and my fine lines. So I decided to give it a shot and see for myself. I am telling you, I began noticing a difference in just two months. I felt my skin looked more radiant, toned, and chiseled. I love this experience. You should go for it!”

ZIIP VS Myolift

Jenifer commented on ZIIP, “I am a beauty enthusiast, but coming from a middle-class background, it gets tough to purchase such pricey products with so many positive reviews. I honestly don’t think anyone should spend such a fortune on a device that may work for them or not. I would suggest going for cheaper alternatives instead.”

FAQs | ZIIP VS Myolift 

Is Nuface or ZIIP better?

It depends on many factors. Both brands’ devices strive to enhance your skin with their respective electrical current treatment. If you have the same goal but want something cheaper, then you may go with Myolift. Otherwise, you can choose ZIIP. On the other hand, if you want something extra, ZIIP may be your true match, for it uses both nano and micro currents, whereas Myolift uses only the latter. 

Is the ZIIP worth it?

Many users have shared that by using this device, they could see noticeable changes in their skin in the first two to three months, which is why the device gained so much popularity worldwide and now can hardly be traced to buy. It does not take much time like salon treatments do and gives you painless treatment in the comfort of your home. 

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Lips don’t lie, and when it comes to finding the best option for you, ours wouldn’t even dare! The ZIIP VS Myolift guide has unfolded many things about the two individually respected skincare brands, whose sole aim is to make your at-home beauty sessions even better and easier. If the figures in the bill have never mattered to you, ZIIP Beauty will serve perfectly, whereas if you have a budget to adhere to, we suggest you choose Myolift for your skin-revival journey! Also, if you wish to take both tonight, you should know we wouldn’t be the ones to stop you!

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