Ziip VS Nuface | Which One Drives Better Results? (Unbiased)

Microcurrent, nanocurrent, or galvanic current are electrical current facial treatments that emit wavelengths that penetrate deep down the skin, rejuvenating the skin from very beneath. They might appear threatening if gone with words, but actually, these treatments are pretty helpful in nourishing the skin and bringing back that radiant glow. Considering such devices, we tend to go with the device or brand most excited about most of the time, even if it’s not worth it. In this comparison article on Ziip VS Nuface, let’s unfold most about these brands and see whether they are worth it.

Nuface VS Ziip

Ziip and Nuface are renowned brands providing skincare facilities using electric current wavelengths. But which brand is more suited for our skin can only be understood through each brand’s objectives and their product’s ingredients. Which brand has more experience and knowledge about the technology and its proper utilization? The answers to these questions will help us choose the brand suitable for us.

Ziip VS Nuface | Finding The Better Choice

Nuface came as a brand that understood their clients’ needs for regular microcurrent treatments, but they couldn’t afford to travel regularly. Therefore, Carol and her daughters formed a brand named Nuface that provided specific specialized devices that facilitate the process of microcurrent at home’s comfort.

Moreover, along with such devices, it came up with a range of skincare products that supports operations and reduces theirs after effects. Since everybody has a different facial structure and skin type, they have made their products and devices suitable for all skin types. Moreover, all kinds of professional videos are available expressing the correct usage of all devices.

Melanie Simon, an electrical esthetician, formed Ziip, and David Mason, a tech wizard, to take skincare beyond boundaries. They came up with the first-ever app-connected microcurrent and nanocurrent device and got it patented after a lot of struggle. Their appliances offer the facility of nanocurrent along with microcurrent. Nanocurrent is primarily similar to microcurrent.

The only difference is that it has smaller electrical wavelengths deep down to the skin cells instead of remaining on the surface. Ziip launched two devices that come along with the gel. Along with machines, it has a range of three conductive gels with their respective functions. Moreover, an in-depth brochure about every treatment area is available on their website and app.

Product Ranges 


Nuface offers a variety of products ranging from microcurrent devices, attachments, and skincare products. The objective behind these devices is to lift the facial muscles. Moreover, it helps tone out and contour the face. The microcurrent device has several attachments like effective lip and eye attachment, wrinkle reducer, etc. Microcurrent devices offered by Nuface come in a big mini pack.

They have another microcurrent device under their brand whose primary focus is to reduce the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles and make the skin plumper. Nubody is a significant part of microcurrent devices offered by Nuface. They are specially designed to work on the areas under the neck and produce the desired results.

NuFACE Trinity Complete - Facial Toning Kit
  • FITNESS FOR YOUR FACE: Skincare is your nutrition, microcurrent is your exercise Just as exercise sculpts and tones the body, our microcurrent devices contour and tone the face Microcurrent benefits are visible and long-lasting with continued use
  • 5 MINUTE FACIAL-LIFT: The NuFACE Trinity Device with the Facial Trainer Attachments gently stimulates your face and neck with microcurrents to help improve contour, dull skin, improve sagging skin and reduce the look of fine lines and wrinkles.Oil, alcohol, paraben, sulfate, gluten and fragrance-free
  • LIP & EYE ATTACHMENT: The NuFACE Effective Lip & Eye (ELE) Attachment has focused dual wands that deliver gentle microcurrent to help lift, tone and reduce the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles around the lips, eyes and brows with precision
  • WRINKLE REDUCER ATTACHMENT: The brilliance of the Wrinkle Reducer Attachment helps minimize the look of full-face wrinkles with targeted amber, infrared, and red light therapy Use around facial contours including the eye area, mouth, and forehead

For Skincare

Along with microcurrent devices, it offers a suitable range of oil-free cleansers and gels that boost up the results of microcurrent. Moreover, they tend to provide hydration to the skin. The range of products with Nuface are many that have their respective functions. The exclusive peptide and antioxidant serum range help add radiance to the skin and make it more tight and firm. The optimizing mist quenches the skin’s thirst for hydration. All comprehensive product ranges of Nuface have a sole objective to uplift the skin and make it brighter.

nuface vs ziip

Key Ingredients In Nuface Skincare 

  • Sea silk extract- sea silk extract combines all the essential vitamins and minerals needed by the skin, which helps soothe it out and refines its texture. Since its cells are somewhat similar to skin cells, it helps reduce irritation and redness.
  • Hyaluronic acid- hyaluronic acid helps add moisture to the skin and prevents bacterial reactions. Moreover, it helps make the skin plumper smooth and helps reduce the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles.
  • Aloe barbadensis leaf juice- aloe vera has antibacterial properties and helps control any irritation and redness on the skin. Moreover, it also helps add nourishment and moisturizes the skin from the very core.

nuface gel ingredieents


  • Uplifts the facial and body muscles
  • It helps add contour and tones the skin.
  • Adds firmness to the muscles
  • Brightens up the complexion
  • Offers a wide range of products
  • Cleansers have an oil-free formula.
  • FDA approved products
  • Installment services available 
  • Most of the products are cruelty-free
  • Long battery life


  • Products and devices are pretty pricey. 
  • Fails to offer nano current and galvanic current services.
  • Some ingredients are prone to cause irritation and redness on the skin.
  • Regularity is required to get better results.
  • Beeps after every 5 seconds indicating device movement.


Ziip has a limited and highly specialized range of devices offering microcurrent and nanocurrent services. It has two devices, namely the OX series and the GX series. Ziip in the OX series provides a device and a bottle of crystal gel whose main target is to lift the facial muscles. Moreover, it works towards providing firmness to the skin and bringing back its radiant glow.

Ziip GX series comprises a device along with a golden gel. Its main objective is to contour and tighten up the skin. With all these, Ziip has done exceptionally well in providing app-linked facials. The only thing you need to do is connect the device with the specific facial on the app you want, and the rest will work on their own.

ZIIP Beauty GX Series Microcurrent Facial Device + Golden Conductive Gel | Professional at-Home Tool Plus Rejuvenating Skin Care to Contour, Firm & Tighten Skin
  • ZIIP utilizes nano-current and microcurrent to deliver skin that gets better every time you use it. Using the ZIIP App and our sophisticated waveform combinations, you choose the results you want for your skin on any given day. Your ZIIP GX comes pre-loaded with the Energize treatment, an all-encompassing rejuvenating and preventative program is for all skin types.

For Skincare

Under skincare, Ziip offers three conductive gels, namely golden, crystal and silver. Every gel is specifically made to conquer different problem areas. The golden gel is a suitable option for those who want to add extra firmness to their skin. It comes with a combination of peptides, hematite, and a few other ingredients that smooths out the skin tone and reduces the appearance of specific aging effects. Crystal gel proves to be an excellent solution for delivering extra radiance to the skin and repairing the skin cells. The silver gel is infused with finely-crushed pearls, cucumber, etc., to soothe the skin texture and nourish.

Ingredients In Ziip Skincare 

  • Aloe barbadensis- Also known as aloe Vera, aloe barbadensis has various medicinal properties and has been used as a therapeutic product for decades. It acts as a natural toner, tightens up the skin pores, and reduces any symptoms of redness and irritation. Moreover, it helps reduce aging effects and helps treat stretch marks. 
  • Xanthan gum- xanthan gum is a natural and organic ingredient mainly used in a passive form in most skincare products. It helps in the skin’s hydration and nourishes it from the very beneath.


  • Boosts up the collagen production
  • Reduces the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles
  • Adds firmness and texture to the skin
  • Penetration of nanocurrent wavelengths makes the skin nourishes from very beneath
  • Stimulate facial muscles
  • Gels are paraben-free and silicone-free
  • Increased battery life
  • Lifts hooded eyes
  • Devices offer an in-app connection
  • No beeping after every 5 seconds
  • It hardly gives any zapping 


  • Products and devices are costlier
  • Vibration is felt when the appliance indicates movement
  • No microcurrent device for other body parts except for the face
  • Regularity is required to get good results.
  • Limited products as compared to Nuface

Customer Reviews | Ziip VS Nuface Before And After

Carolina says, “Ziip devices and products have done incredibly well on my face. They have lifted my facial muscles. The sagging and droopy eyes, which used to fret me out, are now done away with to a large extent. Although the products might appear quite pricey as they are, if you can afford them, go for them. After the price, the only disadvantage I felt is that its charging doesn’t last long. The charging capacity was superb for the first three months, but it started to drop down quickly.”

nuface vs ziip before and after

Ana says, “I have found amazing results after using the Nuface trinity device on my face. My skin appears firmer and smoother. Moreover, it leads to the reduction of fine lines around my eyes. But what annoys me is the beep sound produced by the device after every 5 seconds indicating a shift. Moreover, the charging capacity of the device is quite low. Otherwise, the products and devices are well and fulfill its claims.”

FAQs | Ziip VS Nuface

What’s better, Ziip or Nuface?

Both brands’ products and devices have their advantages and disadvantages. The objective of both brands is almost the same, but their technology to fulfill those objectives differs to some extent. Both have their unique selling proposition (USP) and are suitable devices to satisfy their claims. 


Which brand is credible and trustworthy? Whose devices and products are more suitable? We’re sure you must have got an answer to these questions after going through this article on Ziip VS Nuface. Both the brands have done exceptionally well in their fields and have put 100% effort into utilizing the technology to fulfill the needs of their customers. Although their USP differs from one another, the ultimate objective is almost the same. 

The products are pretty pricey as offered by both the brands, but the installment services have relieved that stress. Moreover, one needs to be vigilant about the ingredients list of the products and their skin type to see whether the products are suitable for the skin and whether the device is meant for their skin.

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