11 Best Drugstore Conditioner For Curly Hair (Review Included)

Believe it or not, managing curly hair, which is hugged with frizziness, is like a workout session for your arms. Especially if you have had a bike ride, they look like your hair has undergone shock therapy when you reach home and stand in front of the mirror. All thanks to moisturizing oils in the haircare market, fancy ingredients splurging on nourishment, tocopherol-rich elements, and other unique things, you can have a good hair day in seconds! If you have eyes to let your curls flourish, you must choose the Best Drugstore Conditioner For Curly Hair, and we just happen to have some of the best!

Best Drugstore Conditioner For Curly Hair

Do all your strands start a war in the air among themselves when you tie that scrunchie a bit tighter than usual? Or does your wild and wavy hair not agree with you when you try patting it down with serum? Every woman blessed with c-c-c-curly hair that grows like a weed wishes to have a good conditioner in her makeup vanity that will sprinkle volume to her curls and detangle them with flair. We have put together these velvety soft masks that will revive the lost glimmer from your strands, heal breakage, and keep your scalp calm! 

Best Drugstore Conditioner For Curly Hair | 11 Handpicks Units & Guide

Moroccanoil Curl Enhancing Conditioner

If only a genie can help revive your lustrous summer curls, then you should know we are talking about the ethereal magic of the Moroccanoil series, which helps bring out the best in your tresses. This rich conditioning treatment is something your locks deserve, as they expertise in boosting your hair’s natural shine and health. The Curl Enhancing Conditioner is rich in argan oil, vegetable proteins, and Abyssinian oil.

Moroccanoil Curl Enhancing Conditioner, 8.5 Fl Oz
  • A nourishing conditioner to bring out the best in all curl types
  • Helps weightlessly strengthen and protect curls
  • Features a blend of argan oil, Abyssinian oil, and vegetable proteins
  • English (Publication Language)

These one-of-a-kind ingredients help do wonders like providing ample nourishment, strengthening your follicles, and also help to prevent the mess of tangles! The finesse with which it smoothens your curls like silk is why many users can’t call it quits with this ecstatic beauty! 


  • It is a cruelty-free product. 
  • The conditioner delivers healthier-looking curls.
  • Softens and smoothens hair
  • The formula is rich in antioxidants which help provide sufficient hydration. 
  • Protects and promotes the growth of hair follicles
  • It infuses a glossy shine
  • It cuts down any chance of frizz
  • Argan oil helps moisturize your locks 
  • It enhances the volume of your curls 
  • It has been designed with unique ingredients 
  • Helps reverse the damage done

Best Drugstore Conditioner For Curly Hair


  • The scent is exotic but remains on your hair for quite some time. 

OGX Quenching + Coconut Curls Curling Hair Butter, Deep Moisture Leave-In Hair Mask & Treatment

If you are looking for a way to spice things up with your curl regimen, it’s time you notice the OGX Quenching + Coconut Curls Curling Hair conditioner! This conditioner will quench your curls’ thirst and help improve their definition and manageability. The leave-in hair mask is a blend of luxurious ingredients like coconuts, citrus oil, and honey and comes wrapped in a breathtaking scent of Coconut Milk, Tangerine, & Warm Vanilla. Exotic as it is, the sweet honey in the formula adds many potent humectant properties and helps revive your true lock spirit!

OGX Quenching + Coconut Curls Curling Hair Butter, Deep Moisture Leave-In Hair Mask & Treatment with Coconut Oil, Citrus Oil & Honey, Paraben-Free and Sulfated-Surfactants Free, 6.6 oz
  • Tame frizz and smooth curls with this deep moisture curly hair butter Blended with coconut oil, this leave-in hair mask and treatment detangles and hydrates for defined curls full of bounce and shine
  • ENHANCE YOUR CURLS: This 66-ounce tub of OGX Quenching, Coconut Curls Curling Hair Butter helps detangle and enhance definition for smooth curls that are full of bounce and shine
  • LUXURIOUS, DECADENT SPIRALS: Ideal for medium to coarse-textured hair and designed to enhance natural softness, this deep moisture curly hair treatment also quenches, hydrates and tames frizz
  • CURLY HAIR CARE INSPIRED BY NATURE: The nourishing blend contains coconut oil which helps add luster and softness to hair, citrus oil to help clarify and reveal shine, and sweet honey which has humectant properties that make it a great moisturizer

Tame your frizz with this baby because every other user we came across had good things to say about this conditioner. And BTW, is there anyone who does not love coconuts?


  • It helps elevate the volume of your locks.
  • The conditioner is high on hydration!
  • Free of sulfates and parabens 
  • Available at an easily affordable price 
  • The formula is ideally suited for your coarse spirals 
  • It helps add a noticeable shine to your locks 
  • Enhances softness of hair 
  • It helps keep your frizz in control 
  • It satisfies your hair’s hydration needs 

Best Drugstore Conditioner For Curly Hair


  • The hair may become greasy after some hours. 

Garnier Fructis Style Curl Nourish Butter Cream Leave-In Conditioner 

Rekindle your love affair with your precious locks with the Garnier Fructis Butter Cream Conditioner stuffed in your hair care essentials! The conditioner boasts of the moisturizing goodness of coconut oil, elasto protein, and other conditioning agents, which keep a watch on your unruly hair, and offer a vibrant bounce and movement so that you can let your curls loose.

This exclusive protein pack delivers your curls for 48 hours without frizz and nourishes every inch of your strand. According to experts, this conditioner may be the ultimate game-changing tool you have ever required to make heads turn your way! Paired with an anti-frizz serum, it can make your curls look smooth without tangles.  


  • Replenishes your locks with hydration 
  • It smoothens your frizz 
  • It contains jojoba seed oil, apple fruit extract, citrus lime, etc
  • Garnier does not believe in testing their products on animals, so this conditioner is a cruelty-free product. 
  • People can recycle the package.
  • The formula is entirely safe to use
  • It gives you softer and glossier curls!
  • The conditioning cream provides intense nourishment to your dehydrated locks.
  • The formula is devoid of sulfates, parabens, and DMDM hydantoin 
  • Vegan composition 

Best Drugstore Conditioner For Curly Hair


  • It does not give too much definition to your hair. 

SheaMoisture Curl Shine Silicone Free Conditioner 

The SheaMoisture Curl Shine Silicone Free Conditioner has become the fancy of many beauty experts who like to flaunt their glossy curls, which look like they have been freshly bathed with nourishment! A unique blend featuring crushed hibiscus flowers, hydration properties from coconut oil, and shea butter, make sure your hair looks nothing less than touched by the professionals themselves! Hibiscus is a popular herb that helps stimulate hair growth, deeply conditions your mane, and adds an undeniable shine to them.

SheaMoisture Curl & Shine Conditioner Coconut & Hibiscus, for Thick, Curly Hair to Moisturize & Soften, 13 oz
  • SheaMoisture Coconut & Hibiscus Conditioner is a rinse-out conditioner that transforms dry, brittle hair to vibrant, bouncy waves and curls.
  • For those with wavy, curly and coily hair, instantly hydrate and define your curls for healthier feeling hair after just one use.
  • Provides hydration that enhances the elasticity of your hair to help define your gorgeous natural curl pattern without weighing it down system vs non-conditioning shampoo.
  • Blended with Neem Oil, the Curl & Shine Shampoo & Conditioner repair hair, add shine, and leave curls feeling healthy with a show-stopping shine.
  • Pump up the hydration and say goodbye to lifeless curls with the nutrient rich Curl & Shine Shampoo and Conditioner to bring the bounce back to your curls.

Shea Moisture has a wide range of hair care products specially designed for curly hair that can be a boon for you. Your beautiful curls always deserve to look instagrammable, and this conditioner makes sure of it! Ohh, did we say your relationship with tangles is officially over?


  • It is packed with nourishing effects of shea butter
  • Super-affordable 
  • It promotes detangling and conditions from within 
  • The formula is rich in nurturing ingredients 
  • It helps redefine your curls 
  • Cruelty-free composition 
  • Free of silicones, sulfates, parabens, phthalates, mineral oil, petrol 


  • It may not work effectively on thicker hair. 
  • A little force needs to be applied to squeeze the cream of the bottle. 

Herbal Essences Totally Twisted Curly Hair Conditioner with Wild Berry Essences

If you thought berries were only a part of your breakfast, you are in for a surprise! These cuties are not restricted to your plates but also have a significant role in accentuating your hair’s appearance. The conditioner from Herbal Essences is fueled up with Wild berries like blueberries, Strawberries, Raspberries, Blackberries, and Goji berries to help provide food to the hair follicles and enhance the flow of blood on the scalp.

Herbal Essences Totally Twisted Curly Hair Conditioner with Wild Berry Essences, 10.1 fl oz
  • Herbal Essences Totally Twisted Curly Hair Conditioner has no parabens, gluten or mineral oil
  • Juicy notes of wild berry essences
  • Formulated to deliver 20 hours of humidity control
  • Fights frizz for defined curls
  • Gentle enough for daily use, color-safe and pH-balanced

These vitamin C-rich elements create the blueprint for shiny, soft curls that will wave with passion in the summer breeze! The formula prepares you to say no to frizz and let happiness unfold confidently!


  • It contains no parabens, gluten, or mineral oil
  • Infused with wild berry extracts 
  • It helps deliver 20 hours of humidity control
  • Many hydrating elements are present here
  • Adults can use the conditioner daily.
  • The formula is safe for colored hair and is pH balanced
  • It helps achieve smooth and defined curls
  • The creamy formula helps beat frizz


  • There are not many reviews to ascertain its disadvantages.  

Maui Moisture Heal & Hydrate + Shea Butter Hair Mask & Leave-In Conditioner Treatment 

If your mane has been ambushed, leading to split ends, the leave-in conditioner from Maui Moisture is the answer to all your prayers. Not only does it help repair the weak and damaged bonds, but it also helps undo the harsh effects of excessive shampooing and restores jawdropping curls! Crafted with pure aloe vera juice, coconut water, shea butter, coconut, and macadamia oil, the creme boasts a healthy packet of hydration, which your affected hair desperately needs.

Maui Moisture Heal & Hydrate + Shea Butter Hair Mask & Leave-In Conditioner Treatment to Deeply Nourish Curls & Help Repair Split Ends, Vegan, Silicone, Paraben & Sulfate-Free, 12 oz
  • Shea butter hair mask & leave-in treatment
  • DEEPLY QUENCH and REPAIR CURLS: This 12-ounce container of Maui Moisture Heal and Hydrate and Shea Butter Hair Mask deeply quenches and nourishes dry, damaged hair to help repair and soften curls and mend split ends
  • 2-IN-1 COARSE, CURLY HAIR CARE: Ideal for wavy to tight curls and medium to dry moisture levels, the in-shower hair mask doubles as a deeply hydrating leave-in conditioner that is suitable for daily use and safe on color-treated hair
  • UNIQUE BLEND WITH ALOE VERA: The rich blend of this restorative vegan hydrating mask treatment contains 100% aloe vera as the first ingredient along with nourishing shea butter, coconut oil and macadamia oil
  • NOT ALL MOISTURE IS THE SAME: The gentle and nourishing formula of this sulfated surfactant free haircare system is vegan, free from silicones, parabens and mineral oil, and contains no synthetic dyes

The formula does not contain any toxic element which questions your curls’ delicateness and allows their drama to come forth. The vegan mask brings double enjoyment as it also mends your broken strands and pampers them with butter-like replenishment. 


  • It nourishes your compromised strands heavily 
  • This conditioner is a cost-effective option
  • It reduces the coarse texture of your locks
  • It encourages healthy-looking hair by fighting frizz
  • No silicones, parabens, synthetic dyes, or sulfated surfactants
  • Entirely vegan
  • The formula is composed of organic ingredients 
  • It softens and smoothens your hair
  • It offers sufficient hydration by locking moisture in 
  • Safe for color-treated hair
  • It renews the appearance of your curls


  • It may not be a perfect option for detangling. 

Not Your Mother’s Naturals Tahitian Gardenia Flower Butter Curl Defining Conditioner

While chopping off your compromised locks may not always seem a good option for healthy-looking hair, we must care for them regularly and with the right things. When we asked haircare enthusiasts what the Best Drugstore Conditioner For Curly Hair was, they revealed it was the only Not Your Mother’s!

Not Your Mother's Naturals Tahitian Gardenia Flower Butter Curl Defining Conditioner, Basic, Mango, 16 Fl Oz
  • Restores Bounce to Enhance and Define Curls
  • 98% naturally derived ingredients
  • No sulfates surfactants, silicones, phthalates, or parabens
  • Gluten and Dye free

The conditioner has been infused with awe-inspiring ingredients like Tahitian Gardenia flower, mango seed butter, and glycerin to help enhance the look of your bland curls and breathe life into them. And besides all good things, always come with its twin! 


  • It deeply hydrates and moisturizes without weighing down your curls 
  • The formula does not contain any type of nasties and is sulfate surfactant-free, silicone-free, paraben-free, phthalate-free, gluten-free, and dye-free.
  • Cruelty-free composition, vegan 
  • The blend features unique ingredients like Tahitian gardenia flower and mango butter.
  • Moisturizes and revamps the look of your curls 
  • An affordable option as you get two at once!
  • A safe option for natural hair, as well as for color-treated hair
  • It conditions your strands gently 


  • The consistency of the conditioner is too thin. 

Ouidad Curl Quencher Moisturizing Conditioner

We are sure you have encountered this beauty name at least once while digging out the best option for your hair. The formula does not care whether you have over-processed hair or color-treated curls; it wraps your strands in a blanket of utmost nourishment, which restores them to their healthy and bouncy state.

Ouidad Curl Quencher Moisturizing Conditioner, 8.5 Fl Oz
  • Conditioner that infuses every strand with moisturizing extracts to replenish hydration, soften, and strengthen
  • Encourages defined, uniform curl formation
  • Helps to detangle and improve softness
  • Free from: Non-Water Soluble Silicones, Parabens, Sulfates, Mineral Oil, Phthalates, Petroleum
  • Cruelty-free

Ouidad is a typical fan favorite because its formula doesn’t pull your curls down and helps redefine their structure. If you want to put some life, hydration, and freshness back into your strands, this could help.


  • It offers a therapy of rich payoff of nourishment to your locks
  • The conditioner does not weigh down your hair 
  • It helps deliver uniform curls
  • Enhances and boosts natural-volume
  • It makes it easy to handle your wild tresses by improving frizziness
  • The formula elevates smoothness
  • The composition is prepared from algae fruit extract, chamomile fruit extract, and keratin amino acids. 
  • The product has never been tested on animals 


  • The conditioner does not add too much shine. 
  • It may dry your hair to some extent. 

Aussie 3 Minute Miracle Curls Conditioner Pump

All your hair woes can vanish into thin hair if you incorporate the miracle bottle of Aussie 3 Minute Miracle Curls Conditioner Pump in your pampering sesh! Aloe leaf extract. Jojoba and coconut oil are present in the formulation, which helps build a healthy scalp free of irritation, dryness, or uninvited frizz.

Aussie 3 Minute Miracle Curls Detangling Deep Conditioner Treatment with Coconut Oil, 16 Fl Oz, Paraben and Sulfate Free
  • PERFECT FOR all types of curls and coils
  • USE IT TO deeply moisturize, detangle, and prime your curls for styling
  • FORMULATED WITH coconut oil and moisturizing agents
  • NO sulfates, parabens, or dyes
  • FRAGRANCE of light citrus and fresh florals

The conditioner lets your curls enjoy the spotlight with its thirst-quenching formula that saves them from falling prey to dullness and moisture-stolen locks. The creamy-lightweight formula of the conditioner gives off a sweet and refreshing citrus scent, like a cherry on the cake!


  • The formula is prepared with naturally-derived ingredients
  • It comes with an exotic smell
  • The formula has been specially designed with coconut and Australian jojoba oil.
  • Free of synthetic dye and sulfate
  • Pumps up softness in your locks
  • It adds an enlivening shine to revive the look of your hair
  • It helps provide ultra-smooth curls


  • It may not work on highly thick hair. 

Mixed Chicks Curl Defining & Frizz Eliminating Leave-In Conditioner

Say a permanent goodbye to unruliness with the Mixed Chicks Curl Defining & Frizz Eliminating Leave-In Conditioner tucked up on the top shelf of your beauty cabinet. Your hair care regimen dermatitis condition order to soften, smoothen, and promote your curls. Many premium ingredients like jojoba oil, evening primrose oil, and silk amino acids are combined in a breathtaking blend, offering multifold benefits to your hair.

Mixed Chicks Curl Defining & Frizz Eliminating Leave-In Conditioner, 10 fl.oz
  • Mixed Chicks Leave in conditioner will hydrate and condition your curls
  • Hair is continuously exposed to conditions and substances that dry it out and make it more susceptible to damage
  • Coloring, chemical treatments, styling tools, sun exposure open up hair cuticles to make way for damage
  • Jojoba oil adds shine, conditions the hair and scalp and helps maintain color; evening primrose oil nourishes and strengthens hair and scalp
  • Leave in will keep the hair sealed and set the stage for styling; think of it as your frizz-hero, the detangler of your dreams

While evening primrose in the formula helps maintain a healthy scalp, at the same time, jojoba adds anti-bacterial qualities to your hair. The silk amino acent there comes together with the kerathealingheal of the damaged strands. This not only adds luster but also revamps your whole appearance. 


  • It helps in the effective control of frizz
  • The conditioner adds softness
  • It helps replenish hair with a dazzling shine
  • The formula heals and repairs hair from damages like hair color, cuticle damage, styling tools, and low humidity. 
  • Anti-inflammatory benefits help promote their growth 
  • Jojoba oil and silk amino acids nourish hair completely 
  • It helps strengthen hair roots 
  • Supplies plenty of hydration benefits 
  • Alcohol-free, paraben-free, sulfate-free, phthalate-free 
  • Never tested on animals 


  • It may not precisely improve your hair’s health. 

Curly Hair Products by Carol’s Daughter, Hair Milk Sulfate-Free Cleansing Conditioner For Curls

Almost every one of us has had to suffer from bleaching, coloring, over-styling, or harmful environmental factors. This station leaves us with only one option: let your locks undergo therapy to help provide the lost nourishment and compensate for the damage done.

Carol’s Daughter Hair Milk Sulfate Free Cleansing Conditioner for Curls, Coils and Waves, with Agave and Shea Butter, Sulfate Free Co Wash, 12 fl oz
  • Cleansing And Detangling: Hair Milk Cleansing Conditioner rinses away impurities as it deeply moisturizes from root to tip and quickly detangles curls, coils, kinks, and waves
  • Deep Moisture For Curly Hair: Use Carol's Daughter Hair Milk Cleansing Conditioner, Leave-In Conditioner, and Styling Pudding to help prevent frizz, softly define curls, and hydrate hair without crunch or residue
  • Sulfate-Free Shampoo and Conditioner are ideal for curly hair, hair prone to dryness, and any hair type that needs a little extra moisture protection; Use sulfate-free conditioner and shampoo together for best results
  • Carol's Daughter Curly Hair Products: Whether your curls are coiled, kinky, or loose, we make products for curly hair of all kinds, including curl custard, gel for curly hair, shampoo, conditioner, and hair oils for natural hair growth
  • Made With Love: Carol's Daughter was born in a Brooklyn kitchen in 1993 and made with a mother's love and encouragement; Today we carry a full line of hair care products and body and skin care products

The Curly Hair Products by Carol’s Daughter, Hair Milk Sulfate-Free Cleansing Conditioner For Curls, has been specially designed to amplify the beauty of your curls without inviting any harmful elements. If you wish to see visible smoothness and frizz-free hair, you are looking right at it!


  • It is perfect for curly, coiled, kinky, and wavy hair
  • The conditioner profoundly moisturizes from roots to tips
  • No SLS, SLES, parabens, petrolatum, mineral oil, and artificial colors
  • It contains skin-pampering ingredients like agave, shea butter, and vitamin B5
  • Eliminates unwanted frizz and dryness
  • It helps add a healthy bounce to your curls
  • It offers ample hydration without oiling or leaving behind residue 
  • Detangles instantly 
  • It gives you shinier hair 


  • It may become a bit greasy. 

FAQs | Best Drugstore Conditioner For Curly Hair

Does conditioner make hair less curly?

The primary objective of conditioners is to nurture your hair strands with moisture, enhance shine, elevate your strand’s softness, and repair any damage from conditioners. This helps add extra definition to your curls by making them bouncy without separating them.  

Which conditioner is best for curly hair?

The Tresemme Keratin Smooth, SheaMoisture Curl Shine Conditioner, and Maui Moisture Heal & Hydrate Conditioner are some of the best drugstore conditioners for curly hair. 

Is leave-in conditioner good for curly hair?

Leave-in conditioners act like a catalyst in amping up the overall condition of your curly locks. This benefits your tresses a lot as it elevates moisture content by keeping them sealed in. sufficient supply of hydration improves the condition of hair follicles and strengthens them from within. This gifts them with added shine and reinvigorates them with softness. 

Does SheaMoisture Curl and Shine have protein?

The SheaMoisture Curl Shine Silicone Free Conditioner complements your tresses beautifully and has been prepared from coconut oil and neem. A unique silk protein is also a part of this exotic mixture which nourishes your curls and lets them fall softly in perfectly coiled waves. No harsh chemicals like mineral oil, phthalates, propylene glycol, parabens, or sulfates make it a soft choice for curly hair.  

Is OGX Coconut Curls Conditioner sulfate-free?

The conditioner does not contain any parabens or sulfate surfactants. However, the formula consists of many moisturizing ingredients like coconut, shea butter, and DMDM hydantoin, which has been the topic of discussion for many rumors regarding its sensitivity, and that it may compromise the health of your hair. 

Is DMDM hydantoin bad for your hair?

DMDM Hydantoin has made its presence known in the skincare industry as it is a type of formaldehyde, an allergen, and a carcinogen. Many people have filed lawsuits against this ingredient which says that it causes hair loss or involves other risks like scalp irritation, allergic contact dermatitis, and different reactions like eczema. However, no scientific research has been able to back this theory with solid evidence.  

Closure | Best Drugstore Conditioner For Curly Hair

Loads of moisture are something we all want to tame our curly hair so that it behaves appropriately without embarrassing us! Add back life into your locks with these formulas containing out-of-the-world ingredients like evening primrose, shea butter, mango seed butter, vitamin E, aloe vera, wild berries, argan oil, jojoba, and so much more. Best Drugstore Conditioner For Curly Hair Reddit reviews claim that these 11 fantastic ideas for your hair can entirely revamp it from head to toe or roots to tip and spoil them with extra softness, smoothness, and silky shine. Are you already taken with these beauties? We are too!

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