Epoch Body Butter Reviews | Baby-Soft Skin In Seconds?

You had almost recovered from dry months and have made it through summer yet, only when the woes of monsoon began knocking at your door! Especially those beauties with dry or combination skin would know the constant need to keep your delicate skin under the nourishing watch of good body butters so they don’t lose their bounce. Many Epoch Body Butter reviews have expressed that this thick cream is a royal treatment for your chapped skin and promises to get back the magical suppleness of your skin. But will it suffice your needs?

Epoch Body Butter Reviews

Good body butter has a perfect consistency, keeps dryness from cropping in, and ensures a loaded packet of moisture is tucked in your dermal layers! But while all body butters give the golden promise of keeping dryness at bay, how many of them succeed in doing so? And when was the last time your skin felt alive and nourished? Epoch Body Butter claims to melt away all such worries with its formula rich in potent humectants and emollients. But is it something that you can entirely trust? Let us dig deep to find out the truth!

Epoch Body Butter Reviews | Welcome Baby-Soft Skin In Seconds?

You should be smart enough to understand that not everybody’s butter swimming in the drugstore can quench your skin’s thirst on today’s date. Especially with the environment around us changing every nanosecond, new and toxic elements keep entering. Upon coming in contact with your sin, they steal its softness away, leaving it dry like a drought in the desert! Epoch Body Butter Benefits claim that this cream can save you from this trouble so that you sleep with all the goodness masking your skin at night!

Epoch Body Butter Ingredients feature a wide array of potential elements that sync with your skin’s needs and help fill up the deficiency. These are macadamia nut oil, baobab fruit pulp extract, and shea butter. The goodness of all three elements comes together to form an irresistible combination that spoils your skin in nourishing therapy and removes all dryness. The composition contains toxic ingredients like parabens, gluten, lanolin, nickel, etc., which can hamper your skin’s fragile texture.

Nu Skin Epoch Baobab Body Butter
  • Contains high levels of emollients to soften skin and enhance the resiliency of skin over time
  • Delivers important moisture for supple, healthy-looking skin
  • Contains Macadamia Nut Oil, which is easily absorbed to help maintain skin's natural water barrier functions
  • Delivers all-day moisturisation for supple, healthy-looking skin; Contains beneficial antioxidants; Smoothes dry skin; Helps promote softer, smoother and more toned-looking skin; Helps enhance the resiliency of skin over time; Conditions naturally with skin-beneficial ethnobotanicals

Epoch Body Butter claims to offer heavy-duty moisturization, which will strengthen your lipid barrier by reaching out to every nook and corner of your cells. So if you want to enjoy smelling good all day and feeling soft, we suggest you offer all eyes this way! 

How to use Epoch Body Butter?

  • Take a refreshing shower! This opens up your pores and allows the moisture to settle in quicker!
  • Take a generous amount of the Epoch Body Buttercream and gently apply it all over the body.
  • Make sure to give extra attention to areas like elbows, knees, ankles, or other body areas that demand intense hydration.
  • Follow this regularly to see softer and smoother skin! 


  • It gives you skin that is softer to touch 
  • The formula cuts down on roughness and makes your skin smooth
  • It is infused with high-quality emollients 
  • Enhances skin’s protective barrier
  • The cream keeps the moisture locked in for a long time.
  • It helps you achieve toned-looking skin.
  • The cream elevates the supply of moisture in your skin tissues
  • It prevents dryness, chapped skin, rough texture, and itchiness 
  • It offers an intense boost of nourishment 
  • Made with premium ingredients
  • Increases skin’s resiliency 
  • Safe for all skin types and all age groups 
  • Free of any kind of nasties


  • In rare cases, it may cause breakouts in acne-prone skin. 

Epoch Body Butter Ingredients

Unless your body butter consists of breathtaking elements high on hydration, we fear your chapped skin will remain chapped throughout the clock! Now you may love winter, but if you don’t have the right skincare ingredients to rely upon, the moisturizing your skin needs may go unfulfilled. You must set your eyes on these three key elements, as they promise to give your skin ample nourishment and play their role. 

Baobab Fruit Pulp Extract

This ethnobotanical plant is unique in many African myths because it can heal and revamp your skin tone. Baobab offers an ocean of benefits like healing the dry cuticles that often lead to irritation, boosting antioxidant content to shield baby skin against free radical damage, enhancing skin barrier, and ensuring the moisture is locked beneath your cells for long, to give a warm, fuzzy feeling. 

Shea Butter

If you are looking for a moisturizing ingredient to add to your beauty arsenal, shea butter is a must-have! Luckily, incorporated into the Epoch Body Butter, it serves as a primary ingredient where it caters to issues like soothing signs of irritation and increasing moisture levels. This fantastic skin hydrator comprises five essential fatty acids, which help plump up your appearance and help you get through all months of the year!

Macadamia Nut Oil

One of makeup enthusiasts’ favorite oils is macadamia, but oil is magic in reviving your skin’s glow from within. It is hypoallergenic so that it won’t clog your pores. It possesses squalane and oleic acid, which helps add moisture to every skin tissue from all corners. 

Customer Feedback | Epoch Body Butter Before And After Reviews

Camilla said, “My skin used to feel very dry all the time. I generally have sensitive skin, so I am always skeptical about putting lotions or creams on my body. However, I got this anyway, and thank god it worked so well on my skin. The consistency is very thick and creamy, perfect for my chapped skin. I don’t feel any roughness anymore. Glad to have bought this product.”

Stacy mentioned, “After reading a flood of positive reviews from friends and online, I thought this butter would help me get rid of my overly dry and rough skin, so I purchased it. Sadly, I shouldn’t have. I am shocked to see the results as it makes my skin too oily, and I feel very irritated throughout the day. I would suggest doing a patch test first before buying.”

Janine commented, “I love how moisturizing this butter feels after applying it onto my skin. I have always wanted something like this to help soothe my skin’s patchy texture and calm it down with the goodness of nourishing oils. I am pleased that I finally stumbled upon it like this. Now I use it every day without fail after my bathing routine.”

Teressa pinned, “This was a terrible idea. After four days of continuously applying the body butter, I could see slight rashes on my skin. I have acne-prone skin, so I was pretty sure something like this would happen. But I thought the ingredients were non-comedogenic so it won’t harm me. That’s not the case. I wish it would have worked for me, though.”

Epoch Body Butter before and after

Vesper expressed, “Absolutely love the replenishing formula of this cream. My skin feels softer and remains moist for hours, and my daughter loves it. I praised this product so much that my sisters decided to buy it themselves. Luckily they loved it too, and we all love it now even more! Can’t express enough happiness for this little tube of magic!”

FAQs | Epoch Body Butter Reviews

What is Epoch Body Butter?

The Epoch Body Butter is a rich and skin-loving cream that aims to heal your dry and chapped skin by providing extra moisturization. It keeps dryness at bay and helps promote even-toned skin. Prepared with essential ingredients, it offers a conditioning effect to your dermal layers and helps elevate your skin’s resiliency.  

Is Epoch Baobab Body Butter gluten free?

All users will be happy to know that the Epoch Body Butter has been reviewed by SkinSAFE, where it got a nod of approval for being safe for skin types. The butter’s composition is 91% allergen-free, gluten, and nickel. It also does not contain added preservatives that may cause allergies like lanolin, paraben, topical antibiotic, MCI/MI, soy extracts, propylene glycol, dye, and other irritants or acids. 

Epoch Body Butter Reviews

Where to buy Epoch Body Butter?

You can buy the Epoch Body Butter from retailer sites like Amazon or Walmart. They are available at good deals which you can avail easily. If you wish to know more about the product, you can directly visit the brand’s original website and place your order there. 

Does Epoch Body Butter repel mosquitoes?

The body butter formula works hard and gives your skin a satisfying layer of moisturization. Many users reveal that the butter also works as a mosquito repellant. The primary reason for this is one of the ingredients of the butter is baobab, which serves potent benefits as an insect repellent for ages. 

What are the Epoch Body Butter ingredients?

Baobab, shea butter, and macadamia nut oil are the three key ingredients in body butter. This replenishing blend of emollients and moisturizing oil help improve the skin’s overall appearance. Apart from this, hydrogenated coconut oil, panthenol, carrot seed oil, aqua, adansonia pulp extract, and other ingredients are also present in the formula. 

Is Epoch Body Butter good for sunburn?

The Epoch Body Butter cream offers the goodness of many antioxidants through its formula, ensuring that your skin is protected at all times against compromises like sun damage, pollution, or other environmental aggressors. Prepared from the pulp of the Baobab tree in Africa, it has made its presence known for shielding your skin against sunburn. 

What are the benefits of Epoch Body Butter?

According to many Epoch Body Butter Before And After reviews, it has been found that the butter is not anything like your regular boring formulas, which promise to deliver something but don’t. It not only pampers your skin cells with ample moisture but also helps nurture its protective barrier. The moisturizing fruit extracts help keep the skin sponge-soft and increase the span of your softness!

Is Epoch Body Butter good for stretch marks?

The body butter helps heal your skin in multiple ways, freeing it from the hold of numerous problems like stretch marks, eczema, and psoriasis. It is dedicated to maintaining supple and moisturized skin throughout the day!

Is Epoch Body Butter safe for babies?

The best part about the Epoch Body Butter Benefits is that the cream is entirely safe to use for babies. Even pregnant women and lactating moms have the liberty to use this tub of nourishment!


Have you noticed that whenever your skin feels smoother, you just can’t keep yourself from touching it repeatedly? Because we too! Being it summer or winter, the best body skin care calls for introducing yourself to the best body butters to remove any chances of patchy skin and invite the ultimate pleasure of velvety softness. According to many Epoch Body Butter Reviews, the rich cream does not disappoint in providing your body with the luxurious pampering it deserves. It sinks deep without making your skin too much greasy so that you can feel protected under that blanket of nourishment!

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