Can You Use Mascara After A Lash Lift? (Consequences)

Truthfully speaking, eyelashes are like a defense mechanism against dust, dirt, and other scrap materials. They catch these and prevent this dirty stuff from entering your eyes. So it’s just your natural duty to take good care of these! This is not only because they do this fantastic job but also because they highlight your eyes and make them look super pretty! Wearing mascara is a fantastic way to beautify your eyelashes. But constant use of excess mascara on your eyelashes can, to a certain extent, damage them. Though serums help you regain your lashes, why not try a lash lift?

Can You Use Mascara After A Lash Lift

Sometimes, having long and dense lashes could work better. This can be because the lashes are too straight. Mascaras and eyelash curlers can give them an impressive amount of lash lift, but they only last for a while. Moreover, a person can be super-busy and need more time to apply lash glues, wait for it to dry, apply false lashes, and so on. Hence, lash lifts can be the right option for this! Lash lifts are like the low-maintenance alterations made to your lashes in a specific shape or lift. 

Lash lifts are now becoming the new obsession. You would not have to worry about curling your lashes for almost 7-8 weeks. But here comes the main question that is asked by most of the people who do lash lifts- Can you use mascara after a lash lift? Well, no worries, we have got you covered!

Can You Use Mascara After a Lash Lift?

This is one question that can keep you concerned. The answer to this is Yes! You can use mascara after getting a lash lift. But there’s a ‘but’ to this as well! If you have wondered how long after a lash lift I can wear mascara, here’s what you need to know. The key to a successful lash lift is taking care of your lashes after the procedure is done.

This means you have to take good care of your lashes for the next 24 hours. This includes preventing water from getting on your eyes or eyelashes, avoiding scratching or rubbing your eyes, and, most importantly, avoiding using any mascara or cosmetic products. 

Can You Use Mascara After A Lash Lift

This would mean you must go easy on your lashes and avoid getting anything, literally anything, on them, not even serums. You can still use good-quality mascara or other serums even after a day or two. This extra care is only for 24 hours, primarily because the initial hours are crucial as the curling effect takes a little time. Any external application of products can weaken the adhesive hold, thereby reducing the curling impact. 

Which Mascara Can You Use After a Lash Lift?

The main criterion before applying mascara after a lash lift is to check whether it is water-proof. Make sure the mascara you use does not contain a waterproof formula. The prime reason is that water-resistant mascaras are removable without much hustle. They have oil-based formulas that help break down the strong chemicals in them. And so, if you apply this, as stated above, you will weaken the adhesive hold, which decreases the curling effect.

Moreover, considering the idea behind the waterproof mascaras, removing it will make you unnecessarily touch and rub your lashes to get rid of the product. So the best option is to use water-based mascaras. Water-based mascaras are oil-free and maintain a neutral pH. Hence, this makes them perfect as well as safe for eyelash extensions or lash lifts. 

Some of the best water-based mascaras that you can use are:

How to Remove Mascara After a Lash Lift?

After applying mascara following a lash lift, the primary concern is how to remove it safely. It is vital to be gentle with the removal so that you do not damage the lash lift or your eyelashes. Follow the below-mentioned steps to remove your mascara without causing any damage to the lift.

  1. Soak a cotton pad in your water-based cleaner or oil-free makeup remover to clean your lash line. 
  2. Wipe your eyelashes gently in an upward motion. Ensure you don’t rub the cotton pad, which can weaken your lashes.
  3. Continue to swipe the cotton pad from the base of your lashes to the tips till there is no residue left.

Final Verdict

To conclude this article, after getting a lash lift, the critical part is the proper maintenance and care you require to enjoy about 6-8 weeks of the lift. So ensure you keep your lashes free of any product for the first 24 hours. After that, you can enjoy wearing mascaras but only water-based ones to prevent damage. 

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