Can You Wear Makeup After a Chemical Peel? What To Avoid?

A chemical peel or ‘chemexfoliation’ is a procedure that improves your skin and appearance. This is done by using a solution that contains alcohol or some acids that clean your skin by removing dead skin cells from its surface. The topmost layer of your skin is shredded off, and a new brighter layer comes to the rescue!

Can You Wear Makeup After a Chemical Peel?

The newly revealed skin is much smoother and has fewer wrinkles or fine lines. But here is a question that worries almost every person who gets a chemical peel done, can you wear makeup after a chemical peel? If yes, how long do you have to wait before applying makeup? If these questions bother you, this article will solve them all!

Can You Wear Makeup After a Chemical Peel?

The accurate answer to this question can exclusively be given by your skin care professional or your dermatologist. The reason behind this is that there are several degrees of chemical peels. It all depends on how strong and deep your chemical peel is. Your skin peels to the required degrees according to this strength and quality. 

However, waiting for a day or two is always advised since this procedure makes your skin peel, and the new skin is completely exposed. So it is always better to let it heal and prevent it from any contamination or infections caused due to makeup products. While some people visit a professional, some prefer doing it at home, and some brands allow it with their at-home peel products

Can You Wear Makeup After a Chemical Peel?

Since chemical peels are of different degrees, so are the treatment and after-care. However, it is best always to ask your doctor regarding it.

Light Peel

Light peels, also called ‘Lunchtime’ peels, are mild ones that clear and unclog pores and give smooth skin. They contain low-strength glycolic acid and may need only a day’s break for the skin to heal. If you tend to apply makeup soon after your chemical peel procedure, you may experience skin flaking; hence, your makeup comes in pieces. Therefore, it is advisable to use makeup after 24 hours if you get a light peel. 

Medium Peel

The medium peel is more potent and works more profoundly than the light peel since it contains higher percentages of glycolic acid. Since these are stronger, it is evident that they require more care for proper healing. The appropriate treatment working may require more than a week for recovery. So you will need to take a break from any makeup products for about a week as your skin is healing. During this period, you wouldn’t want to obstruct the effectiveness of the new layer of your skin by applying any makeup products. 

Can You Wear Makeup After a Chemical Peel

Makeup products contain certain ingredients that will react with your healing skin, cause unnecessary irritation, and hinder the entire process.

Deep Peel

Deep peels are more toward the aggressive side. It means deep peels will act more rigid and penetrate through the layers of your skin. They usually contain a mixture of different acids or phenol-based formulas. So, logically, they require super-extra care! That would mean using no kind of makeup for more than a week. Some suggest going for a bare-face look for about 7-10 days. This wait will work in your favor as you give your skin more time to heal. 

Since different people have different skin types and degrees of sensitivity, the healing process can also differ. Some people can have their skin healed within hours of a light peel, while some may take more than a day. Hence, it is best to consult your dermatologist to check your skin and know if it is safe to apply makeup.

What To Avoid After a Chemical Peel?

Since the entire procedure of chemical peeling is sensitive, you may need extra caution to protect your skin.

  • Sunlight has its benefits and can cause specific problems in certain circumstances. Exposing yourself during the healing process post your chemical peel treatment can pose a severe problem. To avoid inflammation or burning sensations, staying away from sunlight for about two weeks is always advised, especially if you get a deep peel.
  • Though you have a good skincare routine, you should give it a break and not apply any serums or continue acne treatments for more than a week. Let your skin heal naturally without being exposed to any chemicalized products. 

Final Words

The answer to ‘can you wear makeup after a chemical peel’ is quite simple. Yes, you can. But not right after you get one. Fix your schedule in such a way that you get enough time to heal. And you can embrace some of your days without makeup as well. So make sure you follow your doctor’s recommendations and adhere to them. The more you wait, the better it is for your skin. Hence, we think it is best to conclude this by saying-” Good things come to those who wait!”

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