Dermabolt IPL Hair Removal Review | Your Go-To Hair Removal Device?

How many of you remember your first experience with waxing. We’re sure if you remember, the pain and tears shedding down your eyes will come as a throwback. These are outcomes of the first experience and every experience with waxing, although the intensity might differ. Waxing being such a painful process, the research and development have led to the innovation of many such technologies benefiting hair removal. They tend to be less painful and remove hair follicles from very beneath. But are these treatments and devices worth it? This article discusses the Dermabolt IPL Hair Removal. 

Dermabolt IPL Hair Removal

IPL stands for intense pulsed light used for hair removal, photo rejuvenation, and alleviating dermatologic diseases. This is a noncoherent and divergent light released in short bursts to remove the hair follicles from the roots. Since it is emitted with various wavelengths, the results might not be as long-lasting initially. Therefore, it’s said to get 6-7 IPL treatments to eradicate the hair. Is the Dermabolt IPL hair removal device effective in bringing long-lasting results? Let’s see.

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Dermabolt IPL Hair Removal | Effective Or Not?

Laser light treatment and IPL are recent technologies, and in the initial years, these were provided with the help of clinical devices only. They tend to be very expensive, and a pretty long period needs to be taken out of the schedules to get these treatments done. Today, in this ever-modernizing world, these treatments can be done in the comfort of our homes with easy-to-carry devices. Though every technology has pros and cons, certain myths attached to infused light treatment must be cleared.

Misconceptions Related To IPL

  • Intense pulsed light therapy is painful- This is one of the most common myths attached to this process. Though it is not painless, it is not as painful as portrayed. Moreover, the pain is way lesser as compared to waxing. It feels like warm tiny tingles on the skin depending upon the growth. Since these are short bursts of light, the skin gets time to get used to the process.
  • Not suitable for those with dark skin- IPL is ideal for all kinds of skin and hair types. The complexion and skin type don’t bar anyone from getting such treatment. The dermatologist suggests the treatment depending upon your hair growth and treatment. 

  • IPL hair removal causes skin cancer- IPL and laser light hair removal use a certain amount of radiation, but that is considered safe for the skin and is not harmful.
  • IPL causes skin burns- The chances of skin burns and discoloration are higher in waxing than in IPL and laser hair removal. They target only a specific area on the skin and destroy the hair follicles. Neither does it cause hyperpigmentation or burns.


Dermabolt is an in-home hair removal device that uses light pulses that destroy hair follicles from their roots without damaging the skin. Incorporated in 2022, Dermabolt aims to provide a less painful and affordable treatment for ripping the hair without any extra effort. Moreover, with the help of laser treatment, the regrowth process of the hair also slows down. Dermabolt claims to offer long-lasting power with an easy-to-use PLI epilator that removes the hair without being hard thereon.

It requires no water to remove any residue or moisturizer to cope with dehydration. Just use it, and you are done. It is clinically approved to work on all body parts, including sensitive ones, without causing harm thereon. With six intensity levels, Dermabolt claims to offer complete body treatment in just 30 minutes. Highly focused on better and non-irritated skin, Dermabolt provides a sleek and comparatively weigh-less design.


  • Six levels of intensity
  • Clinically approved
  • Complete body treatment in 30 minutes
  • Simple and lightweight design
  • Offers a 30-day money-back guarantee
  • Easy to use
  • It Doesn’t cause any burns
  • Offers smooth skin


  • Pretty pricey
  • It doesn’t offer any guarantee regarding the safety of the product
  • Fake ratings and customer reviews on the website 
  • Not many verified buyer reviews make it risky to use

Dermabolt IPL Hair Removal

Alternatives To Dermabolt IPL Hair Removal

Some users say that the product isn’t safe for the sensitive areas on the skin, while others aren’t happy with the price. Considering such duality in the authenticity of Dermabolt, there is a need to discuss some other IPL hair removal devices that have gained popularity with time and are popular among the masses. 

Braun IPL

Braun IPL is an FDA-cleared device with a venus swirl razor suitable for men and women. It offers up to 400,000 flashes and ten intensity levels. Braun IPL  is ideal for all body parts and is a build-up to last 22 years of treatment. The ability to test both the legs in just 5 minutes of its use doesn’t make any false affirmations and clearly states what skin tone and hair color are suitable for IPL treatment. It has three comfort modes and helps permanent hair reduction in just four weeks. Elle has awarded Braun IPL the best at-home overall IPL device. Such a long list of advantages makes us even more curious to give it a try. 

Smooth Skin

Smooth skin bare is a company that originated in the United Kingdom, offering ultrafast IPL laser permanent hair removal. It is an FDA-approved and clinically tested device leading to up to 92% hair reduction in an easy-to-use manner. It is entirely suitable for the face and other sensitive areas of the skin. With the ability to produce 100 flashes per minute, it offers an ultra-fast 10 minutes complete body treatment and is loved by its buyers. 


Cosbeauty IPL hair removal device is an exceptionally efficient and painless at-home permanent hair removal device claiming to give permanent hair removal smooth skin up to 8 weeks of its use. Offering up to 300,000 flashes and five intensity levels, the Cosbeauty IPL hair removal device works effectively on all kinds of skin. It is an FDA-cleared device having a higher UV filterability to ensure skin safety. Working in 2 modes, it offers a complete body treatment in just 10 minutes of its use. This lightweight, easy-to-carry device is recommended for those who prefer painless treatment and effective results.

Customer Reviews | Dermabolt IPL Reviews

Elisha says, “I was looking for a good laser hair removal device, and Dermabolt is one of the products I have reviewed. Although the website looked quite framed to me, I went through the details regarding when the company was established. I checked the website on 1st April 2022, and the website was registered on 8th March 2022. Therefore, I found that customer reviews on the website aren’t authentic. But still, I gave it a try, and after 1month of its use, I found that the product isn’t good enough and is highly priced.”

Dermabolt IPL Hair Removal before and after

Sasha says, “Dermabolt isn’t a device I would recommend. I used it for a month and found little burn marks on my skin. Neither has it slowed down my hair growth. After using the device, I thought my hair would grow back a little later, but all my expectations went in vain. Moreover, the quality of the product doesn’t match up with the price either. It is quite highly-priced as compared to the quality offered by them.”

FAQs | Dermabolt IPL Hair Removal

How effective is the Dermabolt IPL hair removal device?

The effectiveness of Dermabolt is under question after going through its verified user reviews. However, since everybody has different skin, how it will work on different skin types can’t be stated with 100% surety.

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Is Dermabolt worth buying? I am sure you have got an answer to this question after going through Dermabolt IPL hair removal reviews. To be specific, our answer is a bit dicey, considering its ineffectiveness. The product doesn’t offer any real customer experiences. Moreover, the website looks sketchy and framed with too much exaggeration about the product. 

Many more efficient alternatives are available in the pretty reasonable market and show awe-inspiring results. They have a practical and loyal customer base who are pretty impressed with the results. Therefore, in-home laser and IPL treatment is an excellent option. But the condition is that the device used must be equally good.

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