Originpro Anti-Hair Loss Rice Shampoo Bar Reviews | Real Or Fake? 

No matter your skin crisis, they say your true beauty lies in your hair. Unlike skincare, haircare does not have many products to maintain them. It’s just a healthy diet and few products that can do the job. If you are the ‘social bird’ and watch Tiktok, you must have come across the famous trend of washing your hair with rice water. It’s storming all over the Internet on how rice can benefit hair. The product we will talk about today claims to be as beneficial as rice water. But will this soap bar fulfill the expectations people are holding? Let’s find out with the review based on Originpro Anti-hair Loss Rice Shampoo Bar.

Originpro Anti-Hair Loss Rice Shampoo Bar

Hair loss is the most common hair problem that most of us go through. No matter what country you live in, anyone can go through hair loss. Women go through hair fall more often. Pregnancy and hormones can be the main reasons behind this. It’s not always women suffering from hair fall; men go through the same problem. It can be hereditary issues or harsh products they used in the past in men.

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Originpro Anti-hair Loss Rice Shampoo Bar | Real Or Fake? 

Wholly based on the rice water technique, this soap bar will lather up on your wet hair and work to lessen your hair loss. A proper blood flow can always be beneficial, and so it is for healthy hair growth. According to research, molecules in rice can generate hair growth. They do this by increasing the growth phase cycle and shortening the resting phase. Rice molecules will manage your blood circulation and increase the blood flow to the hair follicle. It will allow them to grow better and healthier. This formula also claims to grow back hair on the balding spots on your head. Originpro Anti-hair Loss Rice Shampoo Bar will make your hair softer, just like rice water does. By avoiding the extra work, this soap bar makes it easy to wash and prevent hair loss at the same time.

Originpro Anti-Hair Loss Rice Shampoo Bar

Originpro Anti-hair Loss Rice Shampoo Bar is gentle on the scalp, cleanses it deeply, and fertilizes hair all in one step. The results will be thicker hair and a healthy scalp. If you find your scalp getting oil too often, this bar will balance that and increase the volume of your hair. Future hair losses and breakage of hair are reduced with this. This bar is vegan friendly, free of plastic, and unscented. Within about four weeks, you will see small hair growth, and around eight weeks, you will have healthy grown hair.

Unfortunately, the product is not yet available on many e-commerce websites. It may differ according to your location and the brand’s popularity. Here are some alternatives to Originpro Anti-hair Loss Rice Shampoo Bar, which have similar qualities to the shampoo bar. 

Originpro Anti-hair Loss Rice Shampoo Bar Ingredients

Ingredients in Originpro Anti-hair Loss Rice Shampoo Bar are 100% natural, as said by the brand. They also have biodegradable packaging made up of sugar cane paper. Here are some key ingredients in the shampoo bar that makes it unique and compelling.

Rice Powder: Rice Powder furnishes your hair like no other. Your fizzy hair will be gone, and the ingredient will deliver silky and smooth hair. It will repair damaged and broken hair by nourishing the scalp and each hair follicle. Rice powder will also boost elasticity in your scalp, which will lead to less breakage and looks of hair. It also provides strength to your hair and conditions them.

Rice Powder

Rice Protein: This potent ingredient will also enhance elasticity in your hair, make them healthier, and add shine to them naturally. Rice Protein has an excellent ability to bind moisture to the scalp, eventually eliminating dryness and boosting volume in your hair.

Angelica extract: Angelica extract is an essential ingredient known for hair loss treatment used by the Chinese for centuries. It has Vitamin E in it, which helps to stimulate the circulation of oxygen in the scalp. It will help in the hair growth process.

Wheat germ: This ingredient will strengthen your scalp and hair by making them healthy. Wheat Germ boosts scalp elasticity, avoiding hair loss and breaking of hair. It also has Vitamin E, which further strengthens hair roots and follicles. It naturally thickens hair which makes your hair look fuller and voluminous.

Wheat Germ

Perks of using Originpro Anti-hair Loss Rice Shampoo Bar

  • Conditions hair Originpro Anti-hair Loss Rice Shampoo Bar
  • Cleanses scalp and hair
  • Strengthens scalp and hair follicle
  • Prevents hair loss
  • Thickens hair 
  • Full of natural ingredients
  • Provides volume to the hair
  • Gives full-grown hair within eight weeks
  • Delivers shiny hair
  • Vegan-friendly, plastic-free, and unscented product
  • Prevents future hair loss and breakage 
  • Controls oil levels on the scalp
  • Improves blood flow
  • Gentle on the scalp 
  • Fertilizes the scalp
  • Delivers soft hair

Drawbacks of using Originpro Anti-hair Loss Rice Shampoo Bar

  • Keep it dry to increase its shelf life
  • Difficult to carry once opened for the use

Customer Insight | Originpro Anti-hair Loss Rice Shampoo Bar

Originpro Anti-hair Loss Rice Shampoo Bar received quite a several reviews online. We have plugged a few of them down below for your reference. 

Amber commented, “I was looking for something natural for my hair when I got this soap bar. It was at a lower price, and there was less to no damage that my hair had to go through. It smelled nice and was gentle on my sensitive scalp. I have been using it for four months now, and my hair loss has decreased a lot.”

Janice added,“My hair has become thick, and my bald spot is also recovering. It works just like rice water and makes my hair softer than before. I wouldn’t say I liked that I had kept it dry in a soapbox in one corner of the bathroom because it kept getting wet, which would have lessened its shelf life. But that’s worth it if this shampoo bar works fine on my hair loss.”

Jacob added, “My bald spots are finally growing some hair! My wife got me this soap bar, and I had to post a review. Within four or five weeks, my hair started to grow, and this time, they were thicker and better than before. It’s vegan-friendly and smells lovely, and I use it almost every day.”

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FAQs | Originpro Anti-hair Loss Rice Shampoo Bar

Down below are some common questions asked by existing and new users online. If you have any such queries, we have already answered them below for your reference. 

Where can I find Originpro Anti-hair Loss Rice Shampoo Bar?

Originpro Anti-hair Loss Rice Shampoo Bar is not a famous brand, but the brand has made sure that its product is readily available on most online platforms. Unfortunately, the product is not available on many e-commerce platforms, but we have mentioned some alternatives similar to the product are also available on Amazon.

Originpro Anti-hair Loss Rice Shampoo Bar does it work? 

According to the sources online, the product has gained a bunch of positive reviews from the existing users. The shampoo bar is claimed to be 100% natural and has fewer chances of any side effects. There is thick hair growth and less hair loss among the product users. 

Does Originpro Anti-hair Loss Rice Shampoo Bar make hair shiny and voluminous?

Yes, according to the brand, their formula promises to not only prevent hair loss and promote healthy hair growth but also give your shiny hair full of volume.

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Final Words | Originpro Anti-hair Loss Rice Shampoo Bar

Originpro Anti-hair Loss Rice Shampoo Bar is a natural shampoo bar that aims at giving users the hair care they need by preventing hair loss. Current users are impressed by how it has lessened their hair loss and backed them with healthy, thick hair growth. Being a natural shampoo bar has dragged in many consumers who have saved them from spending their money on surgeries and toxic serums that are not safe for the scalp and hair. It prevents hair loss, but it also takes care of the hair naturally. For both men and women, this shampoo has proven to be effective by making it shiny and voluminous at the same time.

Shampoo bars are not quite famous in the market yet; it can be due to the popularity and various liquid shampoos. The shampoo bar has to be kept in a dry place so that it does not wash off after getting wet. It can be the only drawback that people worry about. Apart from this, the shampoo bar has not yet had enough things to bring its sales down. Finally, we have come to the end of this review. We hope you found everything you were looking for about Originpro Anti-hair Loss Rice Shampoo Bar. If we have missed anything about this product or if you wish to know more about any particular part, let us know in the comment section below. 

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