10 Best Dr. Jart Color Correcting Treatment Dupes (2023)

Some of the common issues that most women are battling with or will combat at least once in their life are acne, acne scars, redness, uneven skin tone, and hyperpigmentation. How do you suggest we fight these issues daily? Is your answer a good face wash or a new night cream? Does using makeup make your skin condition worse? We came across these amazing Dr. Jart Color Correcting Treatment Dupes, which were better than the original. Thus, we believe that a  Dr. Jart Color Correcting Treatment Dupe is something that can surely amaze you.

Why the dupes, you must be thinking? Dr. Jart Color Correcting Treatment is a viral TikTok trend that everyone wants to try out. What is it, though? It is a color-correcting cream with several other benefits like eradicating redness, acne, acne scars, and uneven skin tone. 

Dr. Jart Color Correction Treatment Dupe

We’ve all wanted to try it since we saw viral videos of people getting astonishing results after using it. Makeup is a part of our daily life, and some women substantially cannot live without it. It is challenging putting on makeup with skin issues. How do you plan on combating it? Is Dr. Jart Color Correcting Treatment Dupe the solution? Will that be enough? There were many negative reviews about the treatment, and people wanted to know about dupes that could perform better. That’s when we started digging, and there were a bunch of better alternatives we found. 

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Dr. Jart Color Correcting Dupe | Better Than The Original?

Before looking at the dupes, let’s know more about the Dr. Jart Color Correcting Treatment. The primary active ingredients in the formula are titanium dioxide and zinc oxide. Titanium dioxide works as a UV filtering ingredient in most sunscreen lotions. Since this formula has SPF 30, this is with the help of titanium dioxide in the blend. It also aids in hiding blemishes and helps in brightening skin. Zinc oxide is also an ingredient widely used in sunscreen but has many benefits. 

Also, it can protect your skin and promote wound/scar healing. Reports say that a zinc deficiency may cause slower healing. It dries out excess oil from the face and shrinks large pores too. Tightens and scales skin for a chiseled look. Effective for acne treatments and skin irritation. Dr. Jart Color Correcting Treatment treats acne, scars, redness, evens out skin tone, and hyperpigmentation.

Nonetheless, it also protects your skin from the sun’s UV rays with SPF 30. The formula looks green in color, much like other color correcting formulas. When applying it, it is supposed to turn to beige. It blends in your skin quickly and works perfectly as a makeup base. This cream does dry out the skin, as some users report. Some negative reviews also say their acne scars did not look any better. These are some better and cheaper dupes for this cream.

Innisfree Cica Balm with Bija Seed Oil 

This Dr. Jart Color Correcting Treatment Dupe is cheaper and has better results than the original. The Cica Balm is not an oil. It is a gel to balm formula which is easy to apply. It is a multi-use treatment that can help shield your skin’s barrier. Works on your skin’s uneven texture and improves the overall face texture. Corrects uneven skin tone and promotes a more even tone throughout your face. The balm is for troubled skin and also works for sensitive skin. 

Innisfree cica balm Dr. Jart Color Correction Treatment Dupe

This balm combats’ main concerns are blemishes, redness, and uneven texture. It is ideal for daily use to replace your moisturizer or targeted areas. The gel/balm works on all skin types: normal, combination, and dry. You need to apply an even layer of lotion on your entire face for combination and oily skin. You do not need to follow up with a moisturizer. You need to target dry and sensitive skin areas and follow up with a moisturizer for extra moisture. 


  • Ingredients: The primary ingredient is bija seed oil which helps nourish and enhance the skin. It is known for its effectiveness in protecting your skin’s moisture barrier. It soothes and improves the look of your imperfections. Centella Asiatica is another ingredient that helps soothe the skin and reduces visible signs of irritation. Panthenol is another strengthening ingredient that helps build a strong barrier in our skin. 
  • Targeted areas are taken care of
  • Better coverage
  • Suitable for all skin types
  • Moisturizing for your skin
  • Affordable 
  • It does not cause a reaction on sensitive skin.
  • Eradicates blemishes and redness
  • Improved appearance of imperfections
  • Corrects uneven skin tone 
  • It does not contain animal-oriented ingredients, mineral oils, polyacrylamides, parabens, fragrances, synthetic colorants, and triethanolamine.
  • Using it as a moisturizer is easy. Just apply an even layer to your entire face. You can also use it as a spot treatment for acne spots. Apply it to the areas of concern and follow up with a moisturizer later. 


  • It does not treat acne scarring or heal other scars on your face. 
  • Not cruelty-free 

YourGoodSkin Cica Repair Sleep Paste 

This sleep paste is the Winner of the Cosmopolitan Beauty Award “Best Sleep Treatment” 2019. Unlike another moisturizing and regenerative cream, this is an overnight sleep paste. It is made for rebuilding skin barriers. Skin looks bright and gives a calm feeling to your skin. The paste/cream has been dermatologically tested to suit all skin types effectively. It is considered as the one best Dr. Jart Color Correcting Treatment Dupe.

Your Good Skin Cica Repair Paste Dr. Jart Color Correction Treatment Dupe

The brand is more of a low-profile brand, and not everyone has not heard of it. The sleep paste mask is one of their bestsellers. As we have gathered, some of the primary ingredients are cica, green tea, and Vitamin C. Cica is a soothing ingredient. It can repair and heal dried patches on your skin. Vitamin C has regenerative and hydrating abilities for your skin. It is vital for brightening and acts against acne. Another promising ingredient is zinc oxide. Zinc oxide has healing powers for your skin and avoids scarring too. 


  • Overnight treatment
  • Skin feels bright and camera from the sleep
  • Suitable for all skin types, including sensitive skin
  • Quick absorption in skin
  • You can notice the results after the first use 
  • Deeply moisturizing 
  • It leaves a radiant and bright glow on your face 
  • Cruelty-free
  • Budget-friendly


  • It could be a little irritating for those with sensitive skin. We can use this maximum of once a week. 
  • Your face might feel too greasy or oily if you use too much. 

Laneige Hypoallergenic Cica Sleeping Mask

Enough with the creams and absorption, we should also look forward to overnight sleep masks. Using the cream as a makeup base is pretty standard, but a sleeping mask could be better. The mask is effective for redness and dry skin. It provides hydration and a soothing effect on the skin. Termed as a hypoallergenic cream, it does not have any reactions and breakouts on your skin. It works like an overnight mask which reduces redness in your complexion. 

Strengthens skin’s barrier and treats stressed skin. Increases hydration levels of your skin and keeps moisture locked in your skin. This makes skin look healthy and an even complexion on your face. Instead of using the traditional cica plant, there is another magic maker in this blend. Fermented Forest Yeast Extract is the name of this secret ingredient. It provides better effectiveness and results than the cica plant. Also, it has better skin benefits and can treat your skin with better care. This works like an overnight mask that provides deep nourishment and hydration to your skin. These are the hours when your skin is the most vulnerable to dryness. 


  • Retains moisture in the skin
  • Easy to apply 
  • Unique blend due to the neglection of using traditional cica plant 
  • Active ingredients like forest yeast extract, shea butter, and panthenol are highly effective in nourishing the skin.
  • Deep hydration and moisture retention 
  • Strengthens your skin’s barrier 
  • Heals and repairs skin at the most vulnerable time 
  • Improves the look and skin brightness 
  • Corrects complexion and makes redness goes away
  • Hypoallergenic and does not cause any breakouts. 
  • Works well for dry and exhausted skin 
  • Paraben-free 
  • Fragrance-free 


  • Clogs pores for some users 
  • It feels too greasy on the face 
  • It makes skin dry and flaky for some users 
  • Not hydrating enough 

BiteCoCo Redness Color Correcting Cream 

The Color Correcting Cream is a newer and cheaper version of the Dr. Jart Color Correcting Dupe. The cream is primarily used for reducing redness, wrinkles, blemishes, and other imperfections in your skin. The functions are similar to the Dr. Jart cream as this cream can be the makeup base you apply before applying the foundation. They work as a primer and moisturizer for your skin. What does this color corrector do? Primarily it can correct your skin tone. 

That means the cream can even out your skin tone and texture. It is incredibly effective in eradicating redness and acne from your face. The star ingredient used in this cream is tiger grass again. You might be wondering why all these creams contain tiger grass? The answer is pretty simple, for being a good enough dupe for Dr. Jart Color Correcting Cream, we need a similar and cheaper blend of ingredients.

Cica or tiger grass is the original cream’s magic maker and is impossible to replace. That is why search for it in other combinations with better results. The active ingredients are cica, Centella Asiatica, and acetyl hexapeptide-8. The ingredients are well formulated and work in harmony with each other. 


  • All skin types can use the cream—oily, dry, and combination skin. Sensitive and normal skin can use it too. 
  • It won’t cause a reaction to your skin.
  • It is an anti-redness cream, but the disappearance of redness from your face varies from person to person. 
  • A green-colored cream that will turn to beige after application. 
  • It can cover redness for a long time. 
  • Anti-aging properties which reduce the appearance of wrinkles and fine lines
  • Your face may appear shiny and bright after application. 
  • The cream combines basic and color-correcting features. 
  • You need to apply a moderate amount after your moisturizer. 
  • Apply the cream in a circular motion, and when the formula changes its color from green to beige, it will cover all your redness and imperfections. 
  • Affordable 
  • It is not tested on animals.
  • Forms a coating film that makes your makeup last longer 
  • Maximizes adhesion  


  • It takes a very long time to show visible results 
  • It leaves a greasy residue if you apply too much of it
  • Smells bad 

No7 Laboratories Cica Rescue Skin Paste 

This is regarded as one of the best moisturizers for sensitive skin. It comes in an opaque tube and is fragrance-free. The opaque tube is for light-sensitive ingredients that should not break down. The paste is a lotion and has a thick texture labeled as syrupy. The thickness of the lotion can be questioned because of the absorption power, but you need not worry; a thin layer of the cream gets absorbed in the skin, not making the rest of it oily or greasy. The paste is excellent for skin that is prone to acne and redness. 

It does a commendable job trying to correct it. Works on your complexion and evens out untextured skin. The primary ingredients in the formula are Centella extract, which gets the name Cica Rescue. Bisabolol, glycerin, petrolatum, silicone, and cocoa butter. These ingredients are soothing as well as deeply moisturizing for your skin. Tried and tested hydrating ingredients which do not go wrong. Japonicus root extract is also present, which is a great anti-inflammatory ingredient. The cream feels soothing and protective if your skin feels irritated and potentially red. 


  • Soothing paste
  • Nourishes and smoothen skin 
  • It contains proven moisturizing agents 
  • Packaged well for protecting its light-sensitive ingredients 
  • Fragrance-free 
  • Strengthens skin’s barrier 
  • Build and promotes regenerative tissue 
  • It feels calming on your skin 
  • Quick results 
  • Cruelty-free 
  • Budget-friendly
  • For all skin types 
  • Works well with sensitive skin 
  • It does not cause allergic reactions or acne breakouts
  • Dispense the cream from the tube and start massaging it in your face
  • Massage it for 5 mins until the cream is fully absorbed 


  • Leaves behind a sticky residue 
  • Challenging to spread across your face 
  • Avoid contact with eyes
  • The applicator is useless because the tube can dispense the cream, and you need to blend it in with your fingers.

Elemis Superfood Cica Calm Booster

Elemis is a luxury skincare brand. Fortunately, it has products that fall in the middle price range. The superior quality of the products makes them worth it and must be tried. Unlike other creams pastes, this is a serum-like formula and overnight masks. Cica or the tiger grass plant is present in the blend. It helps to strengthen the skin and form a protective barrier on your skin.

Agave is also present in the mixture, which hydrates and improves your skin’s overall complexion. It works effectively while battling the visible signs of aging. It is recommended more to people with mature skin due to its effects. Suitable for all skin types and works well with any kind of skin.  


  • Provides quick results 
  • Anti-aging benefits and repair 
  • Deeply nourishes and hydrates skin
  • Suitable for all skin types 
  • The product is made without sulfites 
  • Corrects overall complexion 
  • Evens out texture 
  • Strengthens skin’s barrier
  • Regenerates skin and stimulates collagen production 
  • Brightens skin and brings back radiance 
  • Great for mature skin 
  • Locks in moisture in the skin 


  • It does not absorb quickly in the skin 
  • Not completely cruelty-free 

IT Cosmetics Bye Bye Redness (Best Cicapair Tiger Grass Color Correcting Treatment Dupe)

Bye Bye Redness is a pure red disappearing cream. It is made and designed for the sole purpose of redness on your face. Works like a hydrating moisturizer and a skin-soothing formula. Reduces the redness on your face while delivering long-wearing and color-correcting coverage. It contains anti-aging peptides and hydrolyzed collagen, which repair and rebuild your skin. Aloe vera and avocado in the blend. It is soothing and calming for your skin with the addition of aloe vera.

They are hydrating and nourishing for your skin. You can provide coverage to your skin and color to correct your redness areas. It can combat rosacea, broken capillaries, blemishes, skin irritations, sun damage, scars, age spots, and more with the cream. It is a hydrating and easily blendable cream that gives your skin good coverage. It Evens out skin tone and makes your skin look younger. Brings back radiance and a better complexion. 


  • Tinted neutralizing cream 
  • Reduces redness and calms your skin 
  • Full-coverage formula 
  • Camouflages rosacea and other irritations of your skin 
  • You can wear it alone 
  • You can also use it as a makeup base
  • Anti-aging benefits 
  • It contains skin-loving colloidal oatmeal 
  • Peptides stimulate collagen production and skin repair 
  • Aloe vera is soothing and calming for your skin.


  • Very cakey and gives your face a yellow tint 
  • Runs out quickly 

Rael Cica Spot Corrector Cream 

Another Cica product works as a spot treatment for acne spots. A targeting acne fading treatment. It contains cica plants and also willow bark extract. The cream can exfoliate the skin’s texture and speeds up cell turnover. Also, it can improve the look of your skin’s clarity and skin tone. Hyaluronic acid is hugely hydrating and increases moisture in your skin. Recovery is most uncomplicated when your skin remains hydrated.

The cream is gentle enough for everyday use, and people with sensitive skin can use it without any hesitation. Penetrates the skin and provides deep moisturization. Do not irritate or inflame your skin. Also, do not strip away your skin’s protective barrier. Apply a thin layer in the desired areas and use it after cleansing. 


  • Spot treatment for acne 
  • Active and mild ingredients which are highly effective 
  • Naturally derived ingredients 
  • Hydrating and moisturizing 
  • Increases cell turnover 
  • Improves skin’s look and tone 
  • Corrects targeted areas 
  • Locks in moisture in the skin and promotes repair 
  • Gentle cream for everyday use 
  • It penetrates the skin and does not irritate the skin 
  • Easy to apply 


  • Caused whiteheads and greasy skin 
  • It takes a long time to show results 

Soko Glam Madecera Cream 

Solo Glam is a Koren skincare brand that is lesser-known to many people. The packaging is pink and looks very pastel. It doesn’t look too girly or childish, but just right. The cream is a powerful combination of naturally fermented ceramide and an ancient herbal remedy called madecassoside. Ceramides are said to stimulate cell regeneration and increase collagen production. Ceramides help your skin to heal and repair itself. Its inclusion in anti-aging and nourishing creams is pretty standard. 

It is now moving on to the new word in the ingredients, madecassoside. Surprisingly, it means tiger grass too. Other names are Gotu kola which is the primary ingredient in cica creams. The component has antioxidant benefits, which increase hydration on the skin. Anti-inflammatory and valuable for inflamed skin. It also treats acne-prone skin and photodamaged skin. The element is mild and gentle enough to be used twice every day.

It’s found in Centella Asiatica, which comprises its components. Ceramides help your skin rebuild and enhance the ability to repair itself. The cream is dermatologically tested in Korea to treat heat damage and increase your skin’s moisture levels. 


  • It contains the anti-aging ingredient adenosine
  • Moisturizing and hydrating
  • A good fragrance that is not overpowering 
  • Healing and repairing for the skin 
  • Calms down inflamed and acne-prone skin 
  • Unique and strong blend 
  • Stimulates collagen production
  • Has anti-aging benefits
  • Tested for treating skin damage 
  • Locks in moisture in your skin 
  • Strengthens skin barrier 
  • Soothes irritating skin 
  • Paraben-free
  • Made without surfactants or mineral oil
  • It helps the appearance of large pores and all the visible signs of aging 
  • Calms sensitivity and retains moisture in the skin


  • Keep away from your eyes. Flush your eyes with water if contact occurs 
  • Discontinue the usage if any redness or rashes appear. 
  • The aluminum tube packaging may become a little annoying when almost empty. 

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Revolution Skincare Cica Balm 

Circa is the word we are coming across a lot in this article. What is Cica? Circa is a tiger grass plant in Asia. What is the ability of this plant? This plant is very famous as tigers tend to rub their wounds on the tiger grass plant when wounded. What does this plant do? The plant calms and soothes their wounds. Also, the plant is known for regenerating skin and calming down inflamed areas. This ingredient is a crowd favorite and is specially used in Korean skincare. 

The Revolution Skincare Cica Balm has a unique blend where the coca plant is the primary ingredient. Makeup Revolution as a brand wants to produce affordable and efficient products globally. Their products are known for their high quality, texture, and pigmentation formulas. So the Cica Balm is a multipurpose cream that works for soothing and nourishing dry patches of skin. It works as a regenerative skin treatment and leaves your skin feeling smooth and soft. This is a favorite crowd cream for dry skin and potentially wounded skin. The balm has major soothing powers for your skin and can work wonders in a limited amount of time. 


  • Soothes and nourishes dry skin 
  • Budget-friendly 
  • Suitable for all skin types ranging from super oily to super dry
  • Works for sensitive and acne-prone skin 
  • 100% cruelty-free
  • Extremely moisturizing 
  • Feels soothing and calming on the skin
  • Provides quick results 
  • Ingredients: Aloe Vera is another soothing ingredient profoundly hydrating and moisturizing your skin. It helps your skin to feel moist and plump. Shea butter is another moisturizing addition to the lovely blend. Shea butter enables your skin to be moisturized and feel softer than ever. It also gives the cream a thick consistency. 
  • Active ingredients play an excellent role. 
  • Therapeutic effects on skin
  • Smooth and soft skin
  • Vegan cream 
  • Fragrance-free 
  • Use the cream on dry patches and cuticles for a soothing and moisturizing effect. 


  • One of the major drawbacks is that the cream does not get absorbed quickly. Some amount of the cream lingers on your skin, making you uncomfortable. 
  • The simple solution to this is to apply it in a small amount. 
  • Keep the cream out of your eyes. 
  • Discontinue use if irritation and redness occur. 

Closure | Cicapair Tiger Grass Color Correcting Treatment Dupe

We found many dupes which work similarly to the Dr. Jart Color Correcting Treatment. The main ingredient was the coca plant. There are various ways to modify and use them as an alternative. A worthy Dr. Jart Color Correcting Treatment Dupe should be affordable and similar to the original product in terms of the formula. Choose your product wisely and always do a patch test before using it full time. Color-correcting creams can work on targeted areas and your face as a whole. 

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