8 Ideal Glossier Boy Brow Dupes to Try in 2023

Your eyebrows are an integral part of your face, and just like your eyelashes, they need to be taken care of. We’ve been blessed with many eyebrows and eyelash serums, which aid in their growth. How do you feel about grooming your eyebrows? Wouldn’t you love perfectly shaped eyebrows every time you go out? Have you heard about Glossier Boy Brow? It is one of the most popular eyebrow grooming products and raises eyebrows. But Glossier Boy Brow is an expensive product, and we have been getting many comments trying to find a Glossier Boy Brow Dupe. 

Glossier Boy Brow Dupe

What is appealing about the Glossier Boy Brow, though? How should we determine an ideal Glossier Boy Brow Dupe? Do you wish to take better care of your eyebrows? Well, no need to look more. You’ve found yourself a puddle of knowledge about it. 

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Glossier Boy Brow Dupe | Ideal Matches

The Boy Brow is the best-selling product made by Glossier. The old-fashioned men’s mustache wax has inspired the brow shaper. It was created to condition, groom, and fluff your eyebrows for a more polished and flexible hold. One of the most intriguing qualities of the product is that it catches all your little brow hair without sticking to your skin or clumping it. Glossier describes it as a ‘brushable creamy wax that visibly thickens, shapes and grooms brows into place. The wax is suitable for conditioning, thickening, flexibility, and cruelty-free. It comes in five shades: clear, black, brown, auburn, and blonde. 

Glossier Brow ingredients are beeswax and carnauba wax, responsible for holding the hair in place without any stiffness. Oleic acid keeps your hair moisturized and soft. Atelocollagen is a water-soluble version of collagen which can strengthen and condition your hair. It is not thick enough to spoil your eyebrow shape if you need to correct it later. The spoolie is minor and easy to apply to your eyebrows. You can notice an immediate difference in your eyebrows after using it. It is also the best eyebrow gel and the ideal Glossier Boy Brow Dupe. 

Top Affordable Glossier Boy Brow Dupes 

Benefit Cosmetics Gimme Brow 

The Gimme Brow is not just a shaping or grooming gel, but it also works like a volumizing gel. It helps fill your eyebrows and lay them down to stay in place. The application of the eyebrow gel is pretty straightforward, but you need to keep a few things in mind. It has a tiny brush, and the gel is pretty thick. While applying the gel, wipe off the excess gel as it can clump. If you do get excess on your brow, then you’ll need to wipe it off to keep it from smudging. It would be best to start by applying this gel from the tail of your eyebrow to ensure you get gel on all your hair. 

You will know you have achieved results when your eyebrows look thicker and fuller. They also stay intact all day, and you don’t need any touch-ups. A little goes a long way which ensures extended-lasting use. There are ten color options: brown, black, and blonde shades. 

Benefit Cosmetics Gimme Brow

Ingredients include mica and titanium dioxide. The most considerable ability of mica is to produce a shimmery, glossy finish to your face. Titanium dioxide is also a whitener, opacity, and UV protector in sunscreens. Apart from these, glycerin and panthenol are smooth and calming agents. 


  • Quick-drying formula 
  • It comes in attractive packaging 
  • It gives a natural finish 
  • Natural-looking glow
  • It is water-resistant too 
  • The eyebrow gel has ten shades which make it easier for us to choose 
  • Easy to use and smooth application 
  • Lasts all-day 
  • Volumizes eyebrows 
  • Tames eyebrows and gives them a definite shape


  • The eyebrow gel can be thick on application
  • Its size is smaller than its competitors 
  • Your eyebrow is difficult to comb through when the gel dries 

NYX Control Freak Eyebrow Gel 

The eyebrow is made to tame each eyebrow hair. It might be a better option for you if you want a lighter hold on your eyebrows. Control Freak formula is a non-sticky formula that is comfortable for all-day wear. It enhances the look of your eyebrows naturally. The eyebrow gel betters the shape of your eyebrows and makes them look sharp. It prevents clumps from forming in your eyebrows and holds them in place for the entire day making it an ideal Glossier Boy Brow Dupe. 

Ingredients in the mixture are acrylate copolymers, emulsifiers, and conditioners. Propylene glycol is a humectant and an emollient. It has wide usage in cosmetics, adds moisture to your skin, and soothes your skin. It can also control the viscosity of the solvent, which means it can control the thickness of the gel and have better absorption abilities. Caprylyl glycol increases moisturization and improves the application of the product. 

NYX Control Freak Eyebrow Gel


  • Eyebrow gel made to tame your eyebrows
  • The clear finish which the one shade that it has 
  • Unique and non-sticky formula 
  • It can also double as a mascara that defines, separates, and enhances the natural curls of your lashes
  • Vegan formula 
  • Cruelty-free
  • Great holding power 
  • It does not hold your eyebrows down 
  • One of the best qualities is that it separates every individual hair strand 
  • Does not clump
  • Affordable and long-lasting
  • Easy to apply and hassle-free


  • It is not the ideal eyebrow gel for coarse hair 
  • The consistency is fragile 
  • It is available in only one shade 

Essence Make Me Brow 

The Essence Make Me Brow is a multitasker that acts as a 3 in one mascara. It is a tinted mascara for color, volume, and shape. The applicator has tiny bristles that fill unwanted gaps for well-defined eyebrows. Also, it has thin fibers that give you fuller and thicker eyebrows.

The formula is appropriately thick and easy to apply to your eyebrows. It glides over your eyebrows and makes the application hassle-free. The eyebrow gel stays up to 7 hours without smudging. It is long-lasting and does not go away quickly. The formula is solely to groom and tint your eyebrows. This makes your eyebrows look more defined without leaving any greasy residue. Titanium dioxide, mica, caprylyl glycol, and glycerin are the main ingredients present in the formula. They are not exceptional, but they get the job done. 


  • The formula contains tiny fibers which can give us fuller and thicker eyebrows 
  • Eyebrows are well defined and in shape 
  • Perfectly sized brush 
  • Tames and grooms your eyebrows to perfection
  • The eyebrow gel is available in 5 shades 
  • Cruelty-free 
  • Compact and portable packing 
  • It provides medium coverage
  • Applied smoothly around your eyebrow contours
  • Formulated without parabens, fragrances, or any animal byproducts 


  • The spoolie design could be better, and they can improve that
  • The fibers look patchy when they are applied in a hurry or layered too much 

ColourPop Brow Boss Gel 

Colourpop says their eyebrow gel is “perfect for taming and grooming eyebrows of all types.” You can wear the gel all day as it is flexible. The formula is lightweight, which tames your eyebrows without getting flaky. The eyebrow gel adds more definition and dimension to your eyebrows. Apply the gel in upward strokes for better results and application. It is a gel-cream hybrid that is more pigmented. The formula is thicker in consistency and has a lovely color to it. It again comes in 5 shades. It leaves your eyebrows feeling soft and long-lasting. Thus, it can be regarded as the best Glossier Boy Brow Dupe.

Ingredients like carnauba wax, glycerin, jojoba seed oil, aloe vera juice, and xanthan gum are the primary ingredients in the formula. Glycerin and jojoba oil are moisturizers that make your eyebrow hair softer. It improves water retention and moisture in your hair. Aloe vera juice is soothing and calming for your eyebrow hair. Carnauba wax helps your eyebrows stay in shape and stay that way for a long time. 


  • Vegan product 
  • Cruelty-free 
  • Comes in five different colors 
  • It comes in a thick and gel-cream consistency 
  • It gives your eyebrows a good shape and definition 
  • Natural and lightweight formula
  • Provides intense pigmentation
  • Fluffs up eyebrows and polishes them 
  • Long-lasting eyebrow hold  
  • Fill in your eyebrow gaps


  • It has just an average holding power 
  • A few users complained that the formula has clumps 

e.l.f Cosmetics Wow Brow Gel 

As we all know, e.l.f cosmetics is considered the king of producing new and affordable dupes. They have repeatedly proved that they can compete with well-established brands with a more significant price range. Their Brow Gel is a buildable and fiber-infused formula that can naturally make your brows look fuller. It is a buildable wax formula, as mentioned above. You can apply it with a brush that comes with it. 

The eyebrow gel is successful in giving you fuller and well-defined eyebrows. If you are sick of thin and misshapen eyebrows, this eyebrow gel will provide you with bushy and voluminous-looking eyebrows. The eyebrow gel comes in five different shades in the brown shade range. Ingredients such as Kaolin clay have hair-like fibers that resemble your hair. It instantly makes your eyebrows fuller and naturally filled in. 


  • Fuller and voluminous eyebrows
  • Wax gel formula 
  • Vegan product 
  • Cruelty-free product 
  • Free from parabens, sulfates, and other harmful ingredients 
  • Tinted eyebrow gel
  • Buildable formula 
  • High-quality gel 
  • Easy to apply and hassle-free applicator 
  • Inexpensive and affordable 
  • Instant results 


  • It has a fading and smudging issue 
  • There’s a lot of excess deposit of the product from the wand
  • It can create lumps at times 

Rimmel London Brow This Way Eyebrow Gel 

This eyebrow gel is formulated with argan oil to smoothen conditions and soften your eyebrows. Argan oil is the star ingredient in the eyebrow gel. It is a lightweight formula that does not smudge or fade. The eyebrow gel is made for long-term usage and does not weigh down your eyebrows. It comes in clear, medium brown, dark brown, and blonde shades. 

The eyebrow gel has a fantastic gel texture that shapes and defines eyebrows. The gel does not make your eyebrows look thick or cakey. It makes your eyebrows look polished and compliment your face. The other ingredient is the hydrolyzed wheat protein, conditioning and nourishing your eyebrows. 


  • Easy and hassle-free application 
  • Ideal for long wear 
  • Fade and smudge-proof 
  • Precise tapered brush for even application 
  • Sculpted and defined eyebrows for everyday 
  • Lightweight formula 
  • Gel texture
  • It does leave behind a residue 


  • The formula is clumpy and watery 
  • Not water resistant 
  • It gets too thick and messy 
  • Not long-lasting at all

Milk Makeup Kush Fiber Brow Gel 

One of the best Glossier Boy Brow Dupe, Milk Makeup Kush Fiber is a plant-derived oil instead of beeswax that other eyebrow gels use. The gel claims to hydrate and condition your eyebrow hair while setting them in place. The small spoolie uses fibers and conditioners to fill, shape, and define your eyebrows. There is a minor issue where the spoolie deposits excess formula on your skin. 

You can remove it with a cotton swab. You get fluffy and voluminous eyebrows just instantly. It has a good range of shades for you to choose from. The formula is long-lasting, and the removal process is more accessible. The main ingredient here is hemp-derived cannabis seed oil; it is an organic product, unlike other eyebrow gels. 


  • Voluminous and tinted eyebrows
  • Hides white and grey hair in your eyebrows
  • Variety of shades 
  • Long-lasting eyebrow gel
  • Easy application process
  • Good quality formula
  • Hassle-free removal
  • Soft, smooth, and natural-looking eyebrows


  • You need several coats of the product to fill your eyebrows.
  • The applicator is scratchy and not convenient
  • The packaging is also cheap and not attractive

Anastasia Beverly Hills Brow Gel 

It is a clear gel that can define, set, and hold your eyebrows in place all day. The eyebrow gel is a long-wearing clear gel that successfully shapes and defines your eyebrows well. It does not make your eyebrows stiff or sticky after application. The formula is lightweight, which gives your eyebrows a fuller and thicker appearance. Beverly Hills brow gel has a flexible hold on your eyebrows that lasts for a long time. 

You can control the amount of product deposited on your eyebrow with the help of the applicator. Ingredients like chamomile condition your hair, and hyaluronic acid plumps your skin. It is also effective in hydrating your eyebrows and plumping them. 


  • The wand is long, and you can cover your eyebrows with a straightforward brush
  • It also works effectively on baby hairs on your head
  • It has only one clear color 
  • Gives more freedom for the application 
  • Easy to use and hassle-free application
  • Lightweight formula 
  • It has a flexible hold on your eyebrows 
  • We can apply the gel with control 
  • Holds your eyebrows without a stiff feel
  • The gel dries down entirely without leaving a residue 
  • Cruelty-free product 
  • Vegan 
  • Paraben and gluten-free 


  • The applicator is bad and messy 
  • Not all the colors would suit you 
  • The new brush is horrible
  • The gel is clumpy and uneven 

FAQs | Glossier Boy Brow Dupe 

How is the Glossier Boy Brow Review?

The Glossier Boy Brow is a commendable eyebrow gel that can sculpt and define your eyebrows. It can create natural-looking fluffy brows with easy application and hassle-free removal. It can be lightweight and easy for everyday use. 

What is similar to Boy Brow?

Almost all dupes mentioned above are similar to the Glossier Boy Brow. 

Glossier Boy Brow Dupe 

Does Glossier Boy Brow have fibers?

Yes, the star ingredient of the Glossier Boy Brow does contain Kaolin Clay which has fibers that resemble your natural hair. This makes the eyebrow fillings look more natural and lets you have voluminous eyebrows in no time. 

How good is the Benefit Gimme Brow?

The Benefit Gimme Brow is as good as the original product and works similarly. It is voluminous and polishes your eyebrows, and can define and shape your eyebrows for a daily look. 

Final Verdict 

The search for a Glossier Boy Brow dupe was not a long one. We found many eyebrow gels which work closely with the original product. The only drawback to some of these products was the color choices. Most products are not tinted and prefer to have a precise formula. The efficacy of the eyebrow gel depends on the applicator wand, and we found many efficient applicators in the list above. Choose wisely, and we hope you get well-defined eyebrows quickly. 

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