How To Get Vaseline Out Of Hair? Quick and Easy Solutions

Think about the way you would have to wash your hair if you accidentally got vaseline in it. Eww. We know! Vaseline is swooned over by many makeup divas for its moisture-locking properties and also because it tames your unruly and wild flyaways, giving them a rhythmic bounce. This styling assistant has won over many celebs for turning them into memorable showstopper inspirations and giving your locks a refreshing boost. While using vaseline to do your hair can get them excited to see your new look, it can also ruin that perfect baked Christmas pie and you’ll be wondering how to get vaseline out of hair! Yes, although the versatile ingredients serve multifold benefits, it has a downside. 

how to get vaseline out of hair

Were you aware that your favorite best friend, petroleum jelly, which you wear almost daily, is insoluble in water? We think not! So while beautifying your hair, you may want to be sure you are not overusing it because, trust us, it is not a good look! You don’t want to go around with your hair like it walked out sweaty from a pilates session! Thanks to our research, we know how to bring this greasy culprit down!

How To Get Vaseline Out Of Hair?

Here’s presenting you easy-breezy ways to keep that greasiness under control!

  • It’s time to use Clarifying shampoo.

We don’t want to know the what’s and why’s of the situation; we are here to help you without judging! Before that AM ZOOM call, you can get rid of that grimy greasiness if you use a deep-cleansing or clarifying shampoo, which helps cut through all the debris!

Things you need:- A good clarifying shampoo, warm water, and a conditioner 


  • Wash your hair as per your usual haircare routine. Make sure all your strands are properly wet. 
  • Take the clarifying shampoo and apply it as per the mentioned instructions. 
  • After you have waited for some time, rinse off the shampoo. Make sure all the product is out of your hair as any left behind residue can cause buildup.
  • Wash your hair with hot water and not cold, as the latter can cause the lump of vaseline to clog and lead to more greasiness. 
  • The clarifying shampoo may make your tresses look frizzier, so use an anti-frizz or nourishing conditioner to calm your flyaways. 
  • Make sure the products you choose work for you well, as you don’t want to invite more trouble!
  • Corn it up a bit

Have you ever seen a packet of cornmeal or cornstarch sitting in your pantry? Because you are going to need them now! Cornmeal is a finely milled powder grounded from dried corn. It has an enhanced absorption property, quickly soaking up any greasiness, oily stuff, or gooey consistency, just like vaseline. 

Cornstarch To Get Vaseline Out Of Hair

  • Use a tissue or paper towel to remove any clumps of vaseline present. This helps leave behind only some oiliness you can quickly put to bed. 
  • Take some cornmeal and apply it to your hair where you want. 
  • Leave it undisturbed for a few minutes, as it will soak up the oil and start to form clumps. 
  • Remove the dried cornmeal and repeat the application. You may want to do this a few times to remove all the vaseline nicely. 
  • Rinse off the product from your hair with a good shower using the help of a clarifying shampoo afterward. 
  • Make sure you use warm water as cold water will have a cooling effect on the petroleum jelly and cause it to lump. 

How to get Vaseline Out Of Hair Without Washing?

  • An apple a day keeps the grease away!

Imagine you are styling your hair to get that sleek look and accidentally put a lot of vaseline to suffice until the next leap year! Crazy, right? You are already late to RSVP at that party, and having to wash your hair won’t do any good. It is because of this you can take the help of vinegar to clean your hair without cleaning it! And note, you can always choose any type of vinegar, but Apple Cider Vinegar has been considered a surefire way to show that greases out of the door in no time! The beauty community believes a good ACV rinse can clarify, detangle, and healthify your hair in minutes!

Things you need:- Just some ACV!

Apple Cider Vinegar To Remove Vaseline From Hair

  • Make sure to remove any extra clumps of vaseline stuck to your hair.
  • Take some vinegar in a spray bottle as it helps cover more area effectively. 
  • Spray on areas you want, and wipe your hair gently downwards. 
  • Make sure to take a clean paper towel every time you clean or wipe. 
  • Do this until you can’t sense the sight of Vaseline anymore! 
  • No dishwashing utensils this time

When it comes to hair, the heart knows no boundaries! And many beauty experts have come up with the idea of using a dishwasher liquid or soap to tackle the gloominess in your locks efficiently. Usually, these detergents have more vital chemical compounds that are put together to ward off stubborn stains from clothes, making them a perfect remedy for the sticky petroleum jelly stuck in your hair. Especially Dawn dishwashing liquid claims to fix your hair situation effortlessly. 


  • Spritz a few drops of the Dawn dishwashing liquid into your palms and massage it gently on your greasy hair. Do this as you generally do with your shampoo. 
  • Wait for some time and wash it off with warm water until you can no longer see any bubbles. 
  • The chemicals present in the dishwasher may be a bit harsh so use regular shampoo after this.
  • Condition your hair as the liquid soap often strips off the natural oils from your locks. A conditioner is essential as it helps combat dryness, and frizzy texture, giving you sleek and velvety smooth hair to flaunt!
  • Bake, bake 

We often miss out on the simpler things in life and spend buckets of dollars to get fancy products. But did you know this household staple is a golden way to vanish your Vaseline In Hair Removal worries? Still can’t take a hint? All eyes on Baking Soda, please! Sodium Bicarbonate or baking soda is a natural exfoliator and helps reset the appearance of your hair back from oily to awe-mazing! Make sure not to concoct it with any essential oils or mix it with Apple Cider Vinegar when your hair is concerned, and you will be good to go!

Baking Soda To Get Vaseline Out Of Hair

  • Squeeze out all the excess Vaseline clinging onto your strands.
  • Apply a generous amount of baking soda to the affected area, and work it solely into your hair using your fingertips. Make sure to cover all parts of the hair adequately.
  • You can apply more if you think it is required. 
  • Leave it undisturbed for five to ten minutes, during which it will suck all the extra oil.
  • After this, you can remove the applied baking soda and reapply if you feel necessary.

Pro tip: Take one teaspoon of baking soda, mix it with baby shampoo, and wash your hair. This will help eliminate any clogged or remnants of vaseline, along with baking soda. Using baby shampoo as compared to regular shampoo is gentler and polishes your hair seamlessly. 

If you have 4c hair, removing vaseline can also damage your hair in the process. Thus, using an ideal edge control can also hydrate the scalp and help in taming the hair.

FAQs | How To Get Vaseline Out Of Hair

How To Get Vaseline Out of Baby Hair?

In the case of newborns or babies, you have to strictly adhere to using baby shampoos like Johnson’s, Shea Moisture, and Babyganics. All these brands have earned their place in the cosmetic industry and are completely hygienic. 

Will Vaseline Eventually Come Out Of Hair?

Yes, but you don’t have to wait until the magic happens. You have to put in efforts to remove the greasiness because if it stays for long, it can invite problems like hair fall. You should take help from these techniques to remove vaseline from hair. You can also take help from eggs, glycerin, and flour to make your strands non-greasy. Ensure you moisturize your hair properly after using stronger shampoos, as it may leave the strands prone to dryness. 

How to Use an Egg To Remove Vaseline From Hair?

Take two or three eggs in a bowl and whisk them. Apply the mixture all over your hair and allow it to settle for fifteen to twenty minutes. Rinse off with warm water, and follow your regular shampoo routine. 

What are the ways to remove vaseline from hair?

You can use adhesive remover, whisked eggs, cornstarch, clarifying shampoo, essential oils, liquid dish soap, paper towels, peanut butter, and vinegar. These are common ways to get rid of greasiness from your hair quickly. 

Closure | How To Get Vaseline Out Of Hair?

According to many Reddit users, the mentioned hair-saving hacks can save your time on the lock and make up for fuss-free methods. You can easily find these household items on your shelves so that you don’t have to spend an extra penny to revive your locks! Give your hair the ultimate cleansing session so that vaseline or not, they are always squeaky clean!

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