How to Remove Individual Eyelash Extensions at Home? (Easy)

Using falsies has become very common, and almost everyone uses them. We use them all the time, and they have actually become a fashion statement. Having long and thick eyelashes is challenging to have in reality. We can use too much mascara and really exhaust our eyelashes at times. Extensions have been selling out like crazy, and there are all kinds of lashes that you can buy. Some of them are more user-friendly and have certain restrictions than others. 

how to remove individual eyelash extensions at home

Sometimes the prettiest extensions can be difficult to apply and remove. You need to go through the removal and application process. They are steps that can improve the duration of the falsies. You can always get extensions applied and removed at the salon, but what if you do it at home? So we have a commonly asked question: how to remove individual eyelash extensions at home? Let’s understand everything about the topic. 

How to Remove Individual Eyelash Extensions at Home? (Difficult?)

Generally, the life of eye extensions is almost 6-8 weeks. We should first understand how they come out. Eyelash extensions are applied to your original lashes. They are meant to come out as your eyelashes grow; they will come out when there’s some growth in your lashes. Some women say you can expect your eyelashes to get halved in almost 3-4 weeks. After that, most of them will start falling out.

Most women gain an appointment to fill in more eyelashes or get them out. However, you can get them out at home as well. Here are some steps to get your eyelash extensions out at home. Whereas, some people also ask questions such as can we use hair glue on lashes? But that’s why extensions have made our lives much easier. 

There are more reasons to remove your eyelashes apart from them falling off. Sometimes the eyelashes start feeling very heavy on your eyes, and you think getting them off is better than keeping them. Although there are women who suggest that you always get your extensions removed by a salon professional, you can still remove them at home. One reason for not visiting the salon is that they charge you heavily just for pulling the extensions. Here are different methods. 

What can you do? 

For removing eyelash extensions, you should use natural products to get them out. Using natural oils might be a good lubricant. Coconut oil, castor oil, olive oil, vaseline, and baby oil can remove your eyelash extensions. 

Which oil is better? 

Olive oil is the best oil that can be used for removing eyelashes. If you want it to be more effective, go for extra virgin olive oil and warm it up a little before applying it. You need to keep olive oil longer on your skin as it is not a very fast adhesive remover. 

Coconut oil can also be an excellent lubricant for removing eyelash extensions. It can be the most effective when you use cotton pads for applying them. 

Castor oil can be your last option because it takes time to remove the adhesive. You may need to repeat the process several times before your extensions actually come off. You may have to reapply the oil sometimes as it may dry out after some time. So the most effective oil that you will want for removing your lashes is olive oil. 


  • Wash your face and get out all your makeup. You can use micellar water or makeup remover wipes. 
  • It would be best if you had some steam to loosen up the lashes. You need to take some steam and a towel over your head to make it better for you to take steam. 
  • Please do it for about 10 minutes. 
  • Use a cotton ball and dip it in any oil or natural lubricant you have chosen. 
  • Take the cotton ball over your lashes from the root to your tips. 
  • This process may start loosening some of the lashes. If some lashes have not come off, you can keep the oil for some time to dissolve the glue. 
  • After all the lashes have come off, you need to rub some oil again on your lashes. 
  • All your lashes won’t come off at once, and you might need to repeat the process. 
  • Do it gently. 
  • You need to remove the oil, which can be done with the help of micellar water.
  • Clean your face again and wash everything off. 
  • One thing to remember about this process is that you must repeat the procedure slowly without tugging your lashes. 

how to remove individual eyelash extensions at home

You can also get a Professional Eyelash Extension Remover, but can you use it? Yes, you’ll get the remover, but you should not use it at home. Professionals understand that the remover is powerful, and you cannot get it inside your eyes. There are gel and cream extension removers that are effective and strong for removing eyelash extensions. 


Here are some tips to remember when you are attempting to remove your eyelash extensions at home 

  • You should avoid pulling and tugging on your eyelashes. It would be best if you didn’t do anything which could potentially damage your lashes. 
  • Using a snag-free mascara can also help you with the removal process. 
  • Cleanse your face after removing your eyelash extensions so that there’s no deposit of the glue left. 
  • Another tip for people using falsies is to never think of or reuse your eyelash extensions. This is not advisable and not good for your eyelashes. 

Frequently Asked Questions 

Can I remove my eyelash extensions myself? 

Yes, absolutely. You can remove your eyelash extensions at home as the process is not very difficult. You will probably take longer to do it at home, but you can get it done. 

How long will it take to remove eyelash extensions? 

It might take longer than usual to remove your eyelash extensions at home. This cannot be easy to do as this is one of these things that professionals do. You can expect it to be done in 30-60 minutes. Also, you need to accept that your extensions won’t come off at once; you need to repeat the process several times. After using a water-proof mascara, it becomes a mess but a good oil can be a great rescue. 


We successfully got the answer as to how to remove individual eyelash extensions at home. There are certain natural products you can use to do so, and they will not harm you. It is a fact that professionals can remove the lashes faster and more effectively. Still, if you cannot go to a professional for specific reasons, you can always get the extensions out yourself. We have mentioned many steps that can help you get this task done. 

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