Jan Marini VS Obagi | Which One Is The Right Brand For You?

Skincare can be frustrating, especially if breakouts and acne are your skin’s best friends. Not only do they scar your face, but they make sure to leave their impact till days later so that you can have a good struggle. Thankfully, we crossed paths with two leading skincare brands that promise to vanish your skin problems with their effective range of products designed for different skin concerns. The secret is finally spilled, and today we have Jan Marini VS Obagi, so which one can turn your skin upside down with their splurge of skin-loving ingredients?

Jan Marini VS Obagi

Both skincare brands play on the same ground rules, like active elements and some botanical extracts, which replenish the skin by waking it up from its lackluster. Although they promise many nourishing things for your skin, some drawbacks are also present. Excited to find out which one will win the bet? Let’s get right on it!

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Jan Marini VS Obagi | The Right Brand For You Is?


The sunscreen talk has brought both brands to the front and got users talking about their goodness. Obagi has a wide range of sunscreen options, depending upon the skin type you belong to. They are enriched with high-level broad-spectrum, which shields your skin against free radical damage. 

If your skin is too sensitive, there is a good chance some ingredients might react adversely. Go for physical components of sunscreen, fueled with elements like zinc oxide, titanium dioxide, and green tea extract that feel calming. On the other hand, if your skin can withstand sensitivity, a sunscreen with high-performance chemical ingredients like that Obagi’s will trick you. 


Glycolic acid in Jan Marini is the most important because of its AHA aspect. It travels into the dermal layers faster than other ingredients and gets to work. Jan Marini ingredients bring many benefits to the skin with their anti-inflammatory, antioxidants, keratolytic, moisturizing, and exfoliating properties that help your skin remain healthy and bright! Obagi is rich in antioxidants specially incorporated to maintain youthful-looking skin. 

These nourish your skin by supplying moisture and keeping it supple. Obagi is a fine blend of active chemicals and botanical extracts like zinc oxide, oats, retinol, salicylic acid, glycolic, witch hazel, and aloe, which penetrate your skin, fight dehydration, remove dullness, and promote elasticity. 


Every ingredient in Obagi has a specific purpose that it fulfills to make your skin better and flawless. Obagi helps fight the aging process of the skin and helps control acne and breakouts, remedies pigmented skin tone, and revive dull skin from its misery. Ingredients like squalane increase moisture content which keeps the skin supple and glowy. 

At the same time, Obagi’s sunscreen may feel a bit oily sometimes. Jan Marini offers an oil-free and non-greasy composition that is water-resistant and doesn’t cause your skin to be too glossy. 


While Obagi has emerged into the beauty world with its easy-peasy formulas that can be applied with convenience, the sunscreen of Jan Marini can be exhausting. While the former comes in a lotion consistency, it must be used once every 2-3 hours. 

Jan Marini VS Obagi

On the other hand, the water-resistant solution of the latter comes in a creamy texture that needs to be applied every 80 minutes to soak maximum benefits. If you tend to get wet, be it sweating or swimming, ensure your replication process as it will protect you against toxic sun damage. 

Jan Marini VS Obagi | Evaulation of Pros and Cons

Jan Marini Pros 

  • Deeply infuse skin with hydration
  • Soothing effect 
  • It helps reverse sun-damage
  • Transforms skin by making it firm with collagen production
  • Enhances a smoother texture
  • Reduces fine lines, wrinkles, and other aging signs
  • A rich blend of peptides and antioxidants are present, which nurture skin altogether
  • Exfoliates skin by cleansing impurities
  • Stimulates cell regeneration
  • Promotes radiant and youthful skin
  • Medical grade skincare
  • Cruelty-free composition 
  • Vegan 
  • Salicylic acid fights dullness 

Jan Marini VS Obagi


  • It may seem very taxing on the budget, as Jan Marini is expensive. 
  • Many products from this brand have added fragrances, which may irritate sensitive skin or users in general. 

Obagi Pros 

  • An extremely forgiving formula that sits gently on the skin
  • Increases cell turnover, which helps rebuild your damaged skin
  • No synthetic fragrance is present here as compared to Jan Marini
  • Lightweight texture which quickly absorbs onto the skin
  • Fights discoloration 
  • Tightens skin and lifts it up
  • Diminishes signs like wrinkles, blemishes, fine lines, etc
  • It doesn’t clog pores
  • Improves skin health with peptide complex
  • Rejuvenates sun-stressed skin
  • Repairs cells from environmental aggressors

Jan Marini VS Obagi


  • Some products consist of chemical ingredients which may cause potential risks to the skin
  • Obagi Sunfader SPF15 consists of 4% hydroquinone, which requires getting a prescription 
  • Side effects may be itchiness or a tingling sensation. 
  • On the pricey side 
  • A lot of confusion is present regarding the presence of hydroquinone in the Nu-derm version, which drives away many users. 

Customer Feedback | Jan Marini VS Obagi 

Malone commented on Obagi, “My family has always relied upon Obagi for its effective service, giving us good results. I love most their sunscreen range, which comes with a high level of the broad spectrum. It protects my skin against harmful UV rays.”

Kesha pinned about Jan Marini, “I am always a little hesitant while buying Jan Marini products, as they are so expensive. Apart from this, I am delighted with the formula, which has many active ingredients and feels very soothing on the skin.”

Nina mentioned on Obagi, “Very tiring to get the Nu-derm Cream, as I always have to get a prescription from a doctor to use it. It has hydroquinone which helps fight hyperpigmentation and corrects it. I wish the brand would make it available for everyone without going through such efforts.”

FAQs | Jan Marini VS Obagi 

What are the best Jan Marini products?

Transformation Face Cream, Bioglycolic Face Cleanser, Bioclear Face Lotion, C Esta Face Serum, and the Physical Protectant Tinted SPF 45 from Jan Marini, are some of the most popular selling products of the skincare brand. 

What does Obagi Nu-derm Clear do?

The Obagi Nu-derm Clear is solely dedicated to reducing the appearance of your dark spots and acne scars and promoting a clarifying and smoother skin tone. It treats melasma by fighting the imperfections and making them smooth. 

Is Jan Marini medical grade?

Yes, this revolutionary skincare brand has received approval from many dermatologists and is indeed an efficient medical grade. The brand provides solutions and formulas for treating different issues like breakouts, wrinkles, rough and dull skin, etc. 

Can Obagi damage your skin?

Obagi products may damage your skin at first, and users may feel that their skin is getting worse. But in reality, it is a way to treat your skin problems from the root. Side effects like irritation, rashes, overdrying, and blotchiness may occur but will get remedied with time. The brand assures that your skin may go through ups and downs but eventually look better. 

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We can finally breathe an air of satisfaction as we have successfully decoded the pros and cons present in this faceoff of Jan Marini VS Obagi. You must be aware of the tiny things which concern your skin, as these products can either make miracles happen or make things worse. Obagi is an excellent deal for sunscreen because if it’s a high-broad spectrum, you have to reapply it every two to three hours. Jan Marini, in this case, can seem a bit behind, as it involves a lot of effort for the reapplication must be made every 80 minutes. So it’s totally up to you and the time you are willing to invest!

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