Veet Sugar Wax Reviews | Smooth Skin Guaranteed?

Hair today, gone tomorrow, is just the thing we want when it comes to waxing! Waxing helps a lot, whether prepping up for your big day or feeling confident in that sleek pencil skirt! Veet Sugar Wax claims to spruce your waxing experience by removing all the fuss and pain you would have otherwise encountered in bland waxing treatments. So can we believe it yet? Let’s dig in with some genuine Veet Sugar Wax reviews.

Veet Sugar Wax Reviews


All of us love to get rid of that peach fuzz. But hair removal can be challenging at times, especially if this is your first time in this field. On top of that, if your growth grows wild like that of a creeper, you might end up with tears; blame it on your ingrown hair! Therefore we all look for quick guides to show us the way to an affordable, painless, and chilling experience for waxing. Veet Sugar Wax reviews claim to do all that with their organic blend that pampers your skin and makes it baby-smooth! Don’t believe us? There’s only one way to find out! 

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Veet Sugar Wax Reviews | Bring Ultra-Smooth Skin Home?

Sugaring is an ancient Egyptian method of mixing lemon, water, and sugar that gets a stronghold on the hair so that you can get that salon smoothness at home! Sugar Wax can make you ditch all your never-ending list of waxing techniques with its natural blend of essential oils, which soak up on your dehydrated skin and nurture it from within. Being incredibly gentle, it is suited to cater to all your body parts like the chin, arms, underarms, upper lips, bikini line, and legs. 

Having a unique gel texture, the heated wax promises to remove your hair in just one go, be it soft or rough. There is no risk of cutting yourself or any pain from razors. This wax truly lets you revel in days of silkiness, so much that you would want to touch your skin and again! Cedarwood oil is fueled with many anti-inflammatory and anti-microbial properties that don’t involve any chances of rashness or itchiness. 

VEET Sugar Wax Hair Remover - Perfect for First Time Waxers - Contains 12 Fabric Strips & 1 Spatula with a Temperature Indicator 8.45 Ounce (Pack of 1)
  • [Perfect for 1st time Waxers]: Veet Sugar wax is perfect for 1st time Waxers and effectively removes hair, which is at least 5mm
  • [Water rinsable formula]: The sugar wax for Women containing essential oils and floral vanilla fragrance, can be rinsed off easily with water
  • [Naturally Sourced ingredients]: enriched with 99% naturally derived ingredients to give you long - lasting results and leave your skin feeling moisturized and touchably smooth
  • [Temperature indicator]: Veet Sugar wax can be microwaved or heated in boiling water prior to using. Includes spatula with temperature indicator to apply the wax and remove hair
  • [Dermatologist tested]: tested hair removal wax, designed to use for legs, arms, underarms, bikini hair removal, upper lip, cheeks and chin

Affordable as it is, Veet Sugar Wax lets your skin breathe by lacing it with its moisturizing properties, which make your skin look plump and straight out of the shower! All these make you a significantly sweeter way of getting your hair removed instead of unkind ways of tweezing. 

How To Use Veet Sugar Wax? 

  • Take the Veet Wax, and heat it in the microwave for 40 seconds. You can also choose to heat it for 10 minutes in boiling water. 
  • When it has melted into a creamy consistency, stir it, and check the temperature.
  • If it suits your temperature, spread a thick layer of wax on your skin.
  • Apply in the direction of your hair growth as it will ensure maximum removal. 
  • Take the strip, and place it gently over the skin.
  • Make sure to smoothen it by pressing the strip against your skin.
  • Pull the strip quickly against the hair growth and repeat this until you have removed it effectively.
  • Use water to wash off skin and eliminate any remaining residue. 
  • Welcome soft and smooth skin!

Veet Sugar Wax Ingredients 

The critical ingredients of Veet Sugar Wax consist of 3 essential oils and a sweet floral scent of vanilla. Let us take a look at them. 

Cedrus Atlantica Bark Oil – Highly used in cosmetics, cedarwood oil, has a lot of therapeutic properties for the skin. The woody smell helps relieve stress and comforts your skin by soothing inflammation. It keeps all irritation at bay and prevents skin from cracking, chapping, and peeling. The oil also comes with many anti-bacterial properties that fight aging signs and lessen your wrinkles. Cedarwood oil tightens your follicles, making it easy to remove them from roots without splitting from the middle. 

Veet Sugar Wax Ingredients

Orange Peel Oil – Orange peel oil improves the circulation of blood, which helps clarify skin tone. It also fights acne by soaking up excessive oil. Apart from anti-aging benefits and reducing nasty spots, the essential oil helps correct your enlarged pores. 

Mucrocarpus Fastigiatus Oil – Also called Cabreuva Essential Oil, this ingredient works as an antiseptic on your skin. The oil treats wounds and helps in eliminating scars. This makes your waxed legs a delight to watch! 


  • Easily affordable 
  • Convenient application 
  • Perfect for first-time waxers 
  • Rinses off effortlessly with water
  • It saves time and money from going to salons
  • Enriched with natural ingredients 
  • Leaves skin moisturized 
  • Promotes a butter-like smooth skin
  • Long-lasting results 
  • It gives an aromatic fragrance of vanilla
  • Works for upper lips, arms, legs, cheeks, underarms, bikini area, chin


  • If you end up overheating the wax, it may lead to burns on your skin. 

Claims By Veet Sugar Wax


Tested by dermatologists, this Veet Sugar wax has been crafted with precision, taking naturally-derived ingredients that love your skin as you do. Many essential oils like myrocarpus fastigiatus oil, Cedrus Atlantica oil, and orange peel oil are present in this healthy blend, giving your skin a nutritious boost by waking it up from within. Accompanied by a sweet floral scent of vanilla, it fills your senses bewitchingly. 

Piece of cake 

It’s time you get over the pain of all your previous painful waxing experiences and come off to a fresh start! The wax claims to have exfoliating properties that sit effortlessly on your skin and remove dead unwanted layers. It effectively eliminates hair which is 5 mm, and gives you a neat shave, but without a razor!

Silky skin 

The oils present in the wax penetrate deep and add a nourishing effect to your skin. This makes the skin very soft and velvety, allowing you to indulge in a more delicate- and nourished version of yourself. In its aftermath, your skin feels very moisturized.  

Temperature indicator 

Did you know that Veet sugar wax can be microwaved? Probably not! This wax can be heated in boiling water, too, to have a pleasant shaving experience. The wax comes with a spatula too!

Customer Feedback | Veet Sugar Wax Before And After Reviews 

Anastasia commented, “For some reason, I always thought getting waxed at salons is way above my budget, so I have relied upon wax treatments at home. I have tried many brands, but nothing works best like this one. It leaves a smooth finish on my legs, and they don’t even feel itchy. Grateful to have found such an effortless option.”

Natasha said, “I bought this after being recommended by my best friend. I have to say that I was highly disappointed in this wax. I have very coarse body hair, so I thought this would be a good idea, but it did not work for me at all. I kept coating and let the wax harden, but it didn’t peel my hair off.”

Naomi expressed, “Being a first-time waxer, I thought this would be an efficient option for me as many of my friends have used this before. I feel glad to say that this wax came up to my expectations. My skin doesn’t feel bumpy anymore, and I always want to glide my hands on it!” 

Kirsty mentioned, “I tried this sugar wax on my upper lips, as I have terrible hair growth. To my bad luck, the wax did not remove any facial hair, and I saw some red bumps on that area after some time. It is maybe because I have susceptible skin.”

Hailey pinned, “What I love the most about this is that it washes off easily with water, unlike other waxes, which turn messy and give you a hard time. Finally, after all these years, I have managed to find the perfect wax for me. I would give this a 5-star rating. I couldn’t get any happier!”

FAQs | Veet Sugar Wax Reviews

Why aren’t my Veet wax strips working?

There are many reasons your wax may not agree with you. One of the primary reasons is that you have applied the wax against your hair growth, and this doesn’t allow a swift movement of stripping your hair due to the wax used in the wrong direction. This leaves your hair in patches and may also lead to some redness due to repeated trials of getting that hair out. 

Where to buy Veet sugar wax? 

Veet sugar wax has received love from the masses and can be found in multiple places. You can buy the wax from Amazon, Walmart, etc. you can also choose to visit the official website of Veet and place your order there.

Does Veet sugar wax hurt?

While Veet sugar wax is known to be painless, then again, it may vary from individual to individual. If you are using the wax properly, you may not experience any harm after following all required instructions during the process. 

Does Veet sugar wax work?

The Veet sugar wax has garnered much attention from beauty experts for its easy application that leaves you with silky smooth skin. It’s prepared from natural products and gently exfoliates your skin, allowing the hair to come off with ease. Unlike other hot waxes, this doesn’t harm your skin. 

Does Sugar wax remove hair?

Yes, sugar wax effectively assists in removing hair. It is similar to waxing and pulls off hair strands from the roots themselves. This gel paste is usually made of sugar, lemon, and water, and the term sugaring knows the process. 

Can I use Veet Sugar Wax without strips?

Yes, sugar wax can be used without strips as you can apply the hax with your hands, along with the growth of your hair, and later scrub them off. This usually requires the expertise of trained professionals. 

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Life may not be perfect, but your waxing experience can be! Many Veet Sugar Wax reviews will agree with this statement, for the brand beliefs in providing its customers with an easy-peasy hair removal therapy that will leave you drooling over your skin! Be it any skin type, the wax promises that it can be your go-to for all those important events. So if you decided to set your eyes on this, we would understand you think only the best for your skin!

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